Naive Housewives Are Led Astray Ch. 04


Meanwhile, on Charles's face there was a look of absolute determination to get as mush pleasure out of this bitch's pussy as was humanly possible.

"Sandra, my dear, do you like being fucked by black men? Do you like the feel of their big black dicks in your little pussy?" It was now the turn of the softly spoken cameraman to speak.

Sandra, looking into the camera, licking her lips, screaming and panting like a dog, seemed like she would be unable to utter word so consumed was she by Charles's dick. However, she did manage to scream out, "Oh, y-yes, I am s-sorry, I like their dicks. I need their dicks. So big! So big! Oh! Oh! I am cumming... I am cumming, oh God..."

And, as Sandra on film experienced what would no doubt be the first of many earth shattering orgasms, back at the Victoria residence, Amos's hand had now slid up her legs to make contact with her wet pussy. Victoria automatically spread her legs even wider to provide better access. "Do you like watching a woman get fucked by a black man, Victoria?" Amos asked, as he gently massaged her cl!t.

"Oh yes, yes, your dicks are so big, and our pvssies are so small. They are built for black cocks. Black cocks.... But I don't know how she manages it, to take such a big black cock in. Oh, my so big, so big..."

"Do you think you will be able to manage it, Victoria? Do you think you will be able to take such a big black cock in you little pussy."

"I don't know. I-I hope so. Look at her. I can't believe the bishop's wife is allowing another man, a black man to fuck her. Just look at her, it looks so beautiful. A black man taking a white woman. Taking such a rich, classy woman... Oh my..."

Victoria was shaken by what she was watching. Victoria knew that some day soon, she too would be forced to fuck a black cock just like poor Sandra. Maybe she would even be forced to fuck in a men's room with a man she had never met. Victoria groaned at the prospect, knowing full well that she would have no choice but to obey. And Victoria had not once looked away from the screen as Amos started to manipulate her pussy as his manipulations started to have the desired affect on her. And as Amos played with her pussy, Jessie had, once more, started to maul her big tits. In response to this dual stimulation, Victoria was close to cumming.

On screen, the cameraman had changed his angle and had moved over to where Charles was pounding away into Sandra. The camera then hovered over her bottom and, for the first time, the audience got to see Charles's massive weapon slide in and out of poor Sandra's cunt. The contrast was stunning: pure, innocent, white bottom being pounded away by an ugly, evil, black cock.

The scene that Victoria was now looking at, and what it represented, was the very thing that white, conservative, bible thumping America abhorred. And it was happening to one of their principle cheerleaders.

The film changed angle again and it now focussed on Charles's face, which still had a look of steely determination about it, but it was now covered in sweat. Clearly the exertions were taking a toll on the poor chap. Fucking a whore that was so tight always did. "Do you want some?" He asked, clearly directing his question to the cameraman. "Take this bitch with me, she will love it..."

"Can I? Can I really?" The cameraman replied, coming across as genuinely surprised to be even asked this.

"Of course you can. Why don't you fuck her in her mouth. She won't mind, not that we care, hey? Ha ha... Go on, stand in front of her and force the whore to suck your cock.

"Bitch, lean forward, do as you're told... That's it.... Actually, why don't I take the camera and I will film you. You can then watch it again and again..."

"Really, that is so kind..."

As they spoke about poor Sandra, it immediately reminded Victoria of how the gardeners talked about her, as they too would not even bother to seek her consent when they wanted to do something to her. She was treated as if she was not even a human being, but merely a piece of property, to be abused at their will. Then she realised that that was exactly what she was to them. She was the property of her black Masters and whose sole purpose was to pleasure their black dicks. The thought made her almost cum.

The film shook about for a moment or two as the camera was exchanged between the two men. As Charles took it, he began to adjust the focus in order to get a better picture of Sandra sucking the cameraman.

The cameraman had moved over to Sandra's head so that his crotch was directly in front of her face, she had now bent down so she was standing at an almost a 90 degree angle. To support herself, she had one hand on the cameraman's hip and the other was unzipping the fly of his black pants. You could not see the cameraman's hands since they appeared to be under Sandra's body, presumably playing with her tits.

As Sandra unzipped him, Victoria fully expected her to pull out a black man's cock. After all, this was a black man's orgy and Sandra, like her, was a black man's toy. So it was with some considerable shock that out sprung not a big black cock, but a white cock!

"Oh my God!" Victoria screamed, completely taken aback by this sudden, unexpected turn of events. She had expected the man to be the black, a black janitor or some other menial labourer. Victoria was both surprised and disappointed at this for she wanted her friend to be forced to suck on another huge, black cock. A cock that society deemed to be too evil for respected, white women to have anything to do with. Instead, she was going to suck a respected 6 inches of white flesh and, having had more than a foot of black cock forced down her just few minutes before, Sandra was able to swallow it all in one easy motion.

"Oh yes!" Groaned the cameraman, clearly enjoying being sucked off. Victoria, however, had little time in watching someone suck off a white cock, she got enough of that at home. However she was curious to know who the owner of this cock was and how he had managed to gatecrash a black man's g@ngbang. It seemed as if Charles, the new cameraman, had the same idea since he spent little time filming Sandra blowing this man's cock for the film began to slowly pan upwards.

The film then zoomed in on an old white man's face and, although his features were rather wrinkled and weathered looking, he actually looked like a rather well to do gentleman. He had grey hair, which was slicked back and he was, for his age (must have been late 50s) quite a good looking man. He was looking down at Sandra, who was serving his cock, and grinning like the cat who had just got the cream.

If that had been it, it would have perhaps raised an eyebrow of interest by Victoria. She was not interested in white men, it was Charles and the others that consumed her interest. However, under the men's wrinkled face and around his neck was a white dog collar. A dog collar worn by priests and bishops. The man was a man of the church.

But this man was no ordinary priest, this man was Sandra's wife, the Bishop!

"Aggggghhhhhhhh, No! No! That's not possible!" Sandra screamed out in horror and disgust. For all the people that it could have been, not in a million years would Sandra have suspected that it could have been the Bishop. But that's exactly who it was, panting in utter delight and looking down at his wife as she sucked his cock whilst being fucked by a black man.

Victoria looked on with almost uncontrollable disgust and anger for here was a man of such supposed moral righteousness that, on a regular basis, he would preach to his congregation about the sanctity of marriage, the strict teachings of the bible and those betide anyone who deviated from the absolute word of the Lord.

And yet here he was, this same conservative, dogmatic, pious man, allowing, and filming his wife taking the cocks of other men. Many men. Many black men. And all in total breach of the nonsense that he would preach himself. And then, to cap it all off, he was now willing to participate in this orgy of filth by allowing his wife to suck him off whilst he luxuriated in her being fucked by a black man. It was disgusting. It was amoral.

However, it was now exactly the type of filth that Victoria revelled in. The very fact that a Bishop would allow his wife to come into this disgusting place, suck off two men without even knowing who they were, and then agree to get fucked by Charles, all with her husband's consent, whilst obviously being utterly abhorrent, had also riggered in poor Victoria that part of her that allowed two big black gardeners to become her Masters. "Oh, my God, this is so wrong. So wrong! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Was all she could utter as she watched the Bishop smile down at his poor whore of a wife.

"You recognise this man as her husband, don't you Victoria?" Asked Amos.

"Yes, yes I do. This is so wrong, so naughty... How could he do this? How could he allow his wife to behave like this?" She cried out, but still she could not take her eye off the screen.

"Because he recognised that, for his wife to experience true satisfaction, she had to do it with a black man. He could not satisfy her like she needed to be satisfied. And just think what a generous present that is. For a man, who loves his wife, to give her the present of big black dick so that she can feel like a true slut. Well, is there a greater gift a man can give the woman he loves?"

Amos was sounding almost as pious and as patronising as the Bishop did with one of his sermons, but that still could not prevent a true believer in black cock, like Victoria, from nodding her head in agreement. "Yes, there could be no greater gift a man could give his wife..." She automatically replied, believing every word.

"And would you like James to watch you fuck a black man?"

"Yes, yes I would" she again replied truthfully.

Victoria was now getting close. On screen the Bishop was getting close also. Clearly he did not have much in the way of stamina and just a few sucks from his wife was enough to bring him off. And when you heard Charles begin to scream out, clearly starting to take pleasure in this whore, it could not stop the Bishop from screaming out "Yes! Yes! Take my cum, my darling Sandra, take it all..."

And as he did, Victoria also screamed out, cumming like a true whore, overwhelmed with learning how dark life could really be. Overwhelmed that one of America's premier white couples, a couple that much of middle, white America looked up to, could be so dirty and so willing to submit to the all conquering power of big, black dick.

The gardeners then gave the bitch a few moments to recover as, on screen, Sandra was allowed to rise up. The camera was handed back to the Bishop who carried on filming.

But Amos & Jessie had had enough of Victoria watching the film. It was time she served them. That was why they were here, to be served by some white filth.

"Bitch, stand up and face me!" Ordered Amos. Victoria did not hesitate got up, took a few steps to her right and came to stand in front of Amos. Her tits were still lovingly hanging out of her black maid's apron, heaving up and down in anticipation for what was about to follow. "Do you know what I am going to order you to do next, bitch?"

It was of course a rhetorical question, for Victoria knew exactly what she would have to do next. "You are going to order me to suck your cock, Sir. Your big black cock, Sir."

"And you want to suck it, don't you Victoria."

Victoria looked down at Amos's massive cock, which he was happily rubbing. Licking her lips, she replied, "Yes, Sir, I want to suck your cock. I want to become your whore."

"Well, do it bitch!" He growled, eager for her to relieve him of his enormous hard on which had become quite painful.

Victoria dropped to her knees and knelt dutifully between his spread legs. She took hold of his dick, replacing his hand with her dainty left one, the one with the sparkling engagement and wedding rings, and started to rub him. At the same time she lovingly kissed the huge head, paying due homage to the beast that she would now in future serve. She continued to kiss the cock, making sure every bit of it received her sweet attention.

Amos leant back and looked down as his bitch served him. He had his hands clasped behind his head and was grinning insanely as, finally, she was being force to serve him in a way that any bitch should. In time he would have all of her holes, pussy and arse, but for today, her lovely young mouth would suffice. As he looked down at her, she was working her way back up towards the head of his cock, kissing it all the while. When she got to the top, he reached down and gently patted the top of her head, as one would do when congratulating a young child when they had performed a task well, and said, "Suck it bitch!"

Her mouth hovered over the top of his cock and she opened it as wide as possible. As she did, you could hear the jaws of her mouth crack and she wondered whether her mouth had ever been so open before, not for her husband at least. She then lowered her head over his mighty cock and, for the first time in her young life, she allowed a black cock to enter.

Finally, her destiny as a black cock loving whore was being realised.

However, the poor girl found that sucking a black man's cock was an entirely different proposition from sucking a white man's cock. For one thing, their cocks were so wide, there was little or no room left in her mouth to do anything but suck. But the most obvious difference was their length. She found that having quickly taken in 5 inches, she was already gagging and there was at least another seven inches of black meat to serve. And as she contemplated how she could manage to serve all of his cock in her young mouth, as she would no doubt be ordered to do, behind her she could hear what was now happening on film. It was still playing but now for the pure benefit of her Masters since she could not see a thing.

"No! No, not them. Please. Please, don't make me..." Screamed out Sandra, clearly something had alarmed her. You could hear shuffling, and movement.

"Don't be silly." Replied her husband. "You have spent the past few weeks flirting with them, now they will give you what so obviously want.

"No, please, please, this is wrong, this is wrong..."

Laughter could then be heard and more movement. Victoria carried on sucking, wondering what was going on on film. She then heard Amos's voice, but this time it was his voice on film. "Kneel over here, and suck my cock, you filthy whore." Clearly Amos and Jessie had emerged from behind the partition to reveal themselves. Clearly she was afraid by this terrible revelation. "Come on bitch, come and kneel by me, I know I am sitting on the toilet and the floor is disgusting, but your role is to serve..."

More movement. Clearly Sandra was obeying his order. She had no choice. "That's it, come and crawl over to me and suck on my big, black cock, just like you have wanted to do the first time we met... Oh yes, that's it... suck on it..."

On hearing this, it inspired Victoria to take in a few more inches. She was not to be outdone by her friend, Sandra. So she moved her head down to allow more cock to be forced down her throat. Amos was now entering v!rgin territory and he kindly patted her head in acknowledgement of this. "Yes, suck it bitch" he growled at her.

On film, Victoria, could hear further movement. "I am going to fuck you now, bitch." This time it was the voice of Jessie. More sounds... Jessie was clearly kneeling behind the bitch.... then muffled groans from Sandra... he was probably entering her pussy and she was groaning as a result... more sounds of Jessie's groan slapping up against Sandra's arse... more muffled groans... more sounds... Spank! Spank! Spank!... Sandra's bottom was being punished, and by the sounds of things, punished hard.... then the sound of groans coming of all parties...

As Victoria imagined the scene taking place in the toilet, Amos sitting on the toilet, Sandra on all fours sucking his dick with Jessie pounding away from behind, spanking her, she felt inspired. Inspired to take in the remaining four inches of her Master's cock. So, with mush determination, she allowed it all to enter her mouth. Now she had a foot of black cock in her young, married mouth and her nose was pressed up against his balls.

Tears then began to stream down her face as the gagging sensation became overwhelming. Her big baby blue eyes looked up at Amos for some sort of recognition of this incredible feat. However none was forthcoming since Amis was cruelly looking at the film rather than looking at his bitch, who was desperately trying to please him.

"Remember how we fucked this broad?" Amos asked, turning to look at Jessie, still not even recognising the bitch who was serving him now.

"Yeah, some bitch, huh.

"How's this one doing, any good?" Jessie enquired. They could have been talking about a horse, so impersonal was the question.

Amos finally looked down and when he did he saw that Victoria was raising her head and then lowering it back on to his cock, making sure she again swallowed it all. He could see that she was eager to please, eager to fuck him with her mouth and eager for her Master's approval. And he was finally willing to bestow upon her some recognition for, so quickly, learning the art of cock sucking. "Oh yes, this bitch is learning well. Very well, in fact. That's it, such my cock, you fucking dirty whore. Suck a real cock. A black man's cock. Take it all, fuck me you bitch..."

He then grabbed hold of her head and roughly started to fuck her. "Oh, yes, this bitch is a good cock sucker. A real pro. We're sure gonna get good value outta her. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"

But just at that moment when Amos was getting into it and giving the bitch some much needed attention, his phone went. "Shit who the fuck could this be?" He screamed out. Victoria looked up at him, she knew better then to remove his cock from her mouth, but she still wanted directions as to what to do. "Keep sucking my cock, bitch." He ordered. "I had better take this, could be important, but don't stop sucking. That's a good girl, suck my big black cock..." Understandably he did not want this call to interrupt Victoria's good work.

Amos looked at the TV, on it Sandra was getting well served from both ends, she was happily taking both cocks and she was in a constant state of orgasmic bliss. He picked up the remote and pressed the mute button, took his phone out of his pocket and answered, trying to sound as professional as he could, despite the pleasure being administered to his great cock by this lovely young girl.


"Hi there, is that Amos?"

"Err, yes, yes it is, who's this?"

"This is James, James Carter, the owner of the house you are currently working in..." It was Victoria's husband! And he was calling him just at the moment his wife was, finally for the first time, sucking his big black cock. The timing could not have been more perfect, Amos thought.

With an evil grin, he looked down at his wife and replied, "Hello James, how are you doing?"

"I am doing fine, I need to discuss the progress of the work with you, it has slowed rather of late and I was wondering if there were any issues?"

Victoria looked up in horror at the mention of her husband's name. She was about to remove the cock from her mouth when Amos, grabbing hold of her head, yanked it back down. He then removed the phone from his mouth and whispered to her, "Keep sucking my cock, bitch. Keep sucking it whilst I talk to your pathetic husband, unless you want me to tell him what's going on?"

Victoria knew that Amos was being deliberately cruel in order to gain more perverse satisfaction for himself. She knew that having James's wife suck him off whilst he happily talked business to him would add to his evil enjoyment. And, if truth be told, it added to Victoria's for she too found the whole idea of having her unsuspecting husband part of the debauched proceedings a strange turn on.

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