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Naive to Naughty


Amy hung up the phone and rushed upstairs to shower and dress for dinner. She was so excited that her husband Brad had asked her to go out for dinner at a fine restaurant. This was rare indeed, also Brad told Amy that he had a big surprise for her. The 23 year old housewife thought to herself how lucky she was to have such a wonderful husband as Brad. He was with a large marketing firm and had a good income so she was able to stay home and pursue her writing career.

Brad was pleased to see his beautiful wife dressed and ready to go when he got home. "Damn honey, you look like an angel; I'm going to have to fight off all the wolves tonight. They will all be lusting for your scrumptious body but who can blame them? Just look at you, 5'2", eyes of blue, long blond hair, 36D breasts, and the face of an angel. You are just too good to be true!"

Amy blushed and replied, "Oh stop it; are you trying to give me a big head?"

"No darling but it is the truth. I don't think you know just how beautiful you are. It amazes me how you can stay so modest; please don't ever change."

"What's the big surprise you were telling me about?"

"Not now Amy. I will tell you over dinner."

While enjoying dinner at one of Boston's finest supper clubs they gazed into each other's eyes and the 6' husband brushed back his light Brown hair, his brown eyes sparkled,he held her hands, and he exclaimed, "Darling the company is sending me to Thailand for a month and I don't want to be away from you for that long so they agreed to an all expenses paid trip for the two of us. We have been married for almost a year so we can have a second honeymoon. Well what do you think?"

The excited wife exclaimed, "Oh Brad that sounds marvelous. I have never been out of the country and Thailand sounds so exotic. Yes, when do we leave?"

"Next week baby, that will give us time to get passports and get ready. I love you so much. The company has set up an appointment for our passport photos tomorrow and they will expedite matters for us." After dinner the couple enjoyed the show and went home.

Before going to sleep they made love. The 24 year old husband wished that his lovely wife was more adventurous in bed; she would not perform oral sex and it was always the missionary position. He tried to spice things up and teach her new things but she always resisted trying new sexual positions. Brad had been around and had countless sexual partners while Amy had absolutely no sexual experience before marriage. Brad was content being single until he met Amy; she was such a beauty and a the most wonderful woman that he had ever met. If only he could awaken her repressed sexuality she would be perfect.

Amy felt that her husband wanted more from her in bed but she was afraid to let herself go and did not want to be considered a bad girl. She snuggled close to her husband and told him that she loved him and resolved to try to open up more to her man.

The rest of the week went by quickly as they packed and prepared for the trip. The long flight would have been boring if it were not for the thrilling anticipation of visiting a strange and exotic new land. The flight was uneventful and a limo drove them to a first rate hotel. The spacious lobby was teeming with international tourist and business people. They were delighted when they entered the plush room that would be their home for the next month. When Brad thanked and tipped the bellboy he was informed that his name was Budin and that he was available anytime they needed help. The young man winked at Brad and told him that he knew all of the places that offered adult entertainment.

On the third day in Bangkok they met a nice couple from California at the swimming pool. Brenda and Nick were in their late thirties, Brenda was 5'8", had red hair and green eyes, and possessed an abundant bosom. Nick was 5'11", had black hair and brown eyes, and was the only one of the four that was slightly overweight, mostly in the stomach area. They all got along fabulously, Amy loved their stories and sense of humor, she found them fun and exciting, but Amy could not help but stare at Brenda's tiny bikini that barely contained her huge breasts and the red pubic hair that stuck out of the skimpy thong caught her attention as well. Brenda smiled at Amy when she caught the younger girl eyeballing her goodies. Amy quickly looked away in embarrassment and was confused by the dampness she felt between her lovely legs.

The husbands returned from a swim and Amy gasped when she spotted the huge bulge in Nick's wet thong. The flow of moisture increased and caused her to become flushed as she tried to avert her eyes and think of something else. She wondered how a man could be that big down there and was confused by her own arousal. The men went to the bar to get them all drinks when Brenda observed, "You like my husband's big package don't you little girl?"

"No I.. I just couldn't help but notice it. I had no idea that a man's thing could be that large."

"You should see it when it gets hard and by the way it is called a cock not a thing. I am not a jealous person and can arrange for you to get a closer look, touch it, and play with his big cock if you like. Do you want that little girl?"

"Oh no, I love my husband and never cheat on Brad. I couldn't do something like that and besides doesn't it hurt to accommodate such an enormous penis?"

"It is good that you don't cheat but if we all played together it wouldn't be cheating now would it? Sharing can be fun and Brad is extremely handsome, think about it Amy and maybe we can get together and have a good time and don't worry your little head about it hurting, the pleasure far outweighs the pain. The men brought back the drinks and the two couples chatted and got to know one another better. They parted and went to their separate rooms agreeing to meet later for dinner.

When they got back to their room Amy began fondling her husband and brought him to a quick erection. For the first time in her life Amy told Brad that he could give her oral sex. Brad did not question her sudden change of heart and dove right in and brought her to a screaming orgasm. While he was on a roll and she was in such a heated state Brad decided to push his good fortune and rubbed his 7" cock all over her pretty face and was both surprised and thrilled when his wife kissed his throbbing cock and wrapped her sweet lips around it! He pulled his stiff cock out of her sucking mouth before he shot his load and then he plowed into her sopping pussy. She was more animated and vocal then ever before, he was so hot that he did not last long and filled her purring pussy with a stream of sticky cum. He asked, "Wow, what got into you? What ever it was I am grateful; you were fantastic and now I love you even more than before, if that is possible. Is it the strange land that we are in? If I had known that it would do this to you then we would have traveled to Bangkok a long time ago."

"Well, the land is enchanting but our new friends have brought on this change in me. I couldn't help but stare at his big bulge and while you guys were getting our drinks Brenda told me that they were swingers and sometimes shared with other couples. I have never heard of such a thing and although I like them I'm not so sure we should see them tonight."

"Baby if just a little talk can have such an effect on you then we should spend as much time with them as we possible. Yes I did notice how well endowed he is, how could you not notice it? Maybe this is what we need in our lives a little variety to spice up our sex life. If today is any indication of what it will be like then I am all for it!"

"Brad, you can't be serious! Do you really expect me to sleep with another man? What about her; do you desire her? Is that what this is all about?"

"Amy it is all about the change in you. I will never trade you in for anyone else; you are the one, you are the best, and I will always love you but perhaps a little spice will light some more fires in us. Let's just play it by ear and see what happens."

After dinner the two couples entered the hotel lounge, got a table, drank, and enjoyed the music. Nick asked Amy to dance, she hesitated but Brad encouraged his wife to dance with their new friend. Once they got to the dance floor Brenda told Brad, "You are such a handsome young man and I find you so sexy; did Amy tell you about us? Did she confide in you that she was turned-on by my husband's body and mine as well? What do you think? Would you like to come to our room later? By the time they get back to the table your sweet little wife will be all hot and bothered from Nick's large love stick pressing into her and his whispers of sweet nothings in her ear."

"That would be nice but I don't believe Amy is ready for that. She is quite shy and naive. What do you mean she was turned-on looking at your body? She is not a lesbian, I have been her only lover, and she would never do anything like that, believe me I know her very well."

"I'm sure that you do darling but I saw the way she looked at me. All women have a desire to be with another female; it just takes a skilled lover to dig deep inside and pull that craving to the surface. That does not make her a lesbian it just means that she is bi sexual as most women are. Some never experience the joys of woman to woman love, that's all. Think about it, wouldn't it turn you on to watch the two of us making out? Most men dream about it all the time; then you could watch Nick stuff her pussy with his big cock while I fuck your brains out!" Brenda reached over and grabbed his stiff cock, laughed and said, "See, just talking about it is driving you wild. I know that you want to do it so let's make it happen."

"I...I just don't think that Amy is ready to do anything that wild, that's all."

"You just leave it to me darling; with my guidance your little wife will go from naive to naughty in no time at all. They have an aphrodisiac here in Thailand that is quite effective and don't worry it is not a drug but a mixture of herbs that will have her panting to play our little game. Mixed with the alcohol her inhibitions will be gone and her pussy will be leaking. Amy will be one hot little bitch that is ready for action." When Amy and Nick returned to the table her face was flush, the hairs on her arms were standing up, and her nipples were visible through the dress, they were pointing out as if they were trying to poke out of her dress. A wicked smile crossed Brenda's face when Brad's mouth dropped open as he observed his wife's obvious arousal.

When Brad danced with his wife Brenda sprinkled a generous amount of the aphrodisiac in the young wife's drink. While they were dancing Brad asked his wife why she was so aroused. "Oh Brad, how could I not be aroused? He kept pressing that big thing into my tummy and licking my ear while whispering how pretty and sexy I was. I really think that we should call it a night and go back to our room."

"Nonsense Amy, it is early, the band is great, the company is good, and we don't have to drive anywhere so let's just have a good time." As the night progressed Amy was bewildered by the tingling sensation she felt between her legs. Her nipples were erect, her pussy was dripping love juice, she wondered if the people staring at her knew how hot she was and their attention only increased her arousal. After a night of merriment the two couples headed back to their rooms. The young couple agreed to go to Brenda and Nick's room for a nightcap. Tipsy is not the only thing that Amy felt; before the elevator got to their floor Nick pressed into her back and the naive little wife felt his huge cock digging into her buttocks. She looked to Brad for help but he was oblivious to her plight. Both of his hands were groping Brenda's boobs while the hot redhead was rubbing his erect cock through his pants.

Once in the room Nick served drinks, Brenda took Amy by the hand, led her to the center of the room and announced, "It's show time little girl, we are going to do a dance and strip for our men." Nick turned on some music and Brenda began swaying sensually to the exotic beat. She urged Amy on saying, "Come on move that ass and make the men happy!"

Amy felt too embarrassed to strip in front of the other couple but did start dancing. Before Amy could remove one stitch of clothing Brenda was down to just her stockings, garter, and high-heels. She urged, "Take it off little girl, let's see what you've got!"

Amy just stared wide-eyed at the alluring woman standing next to her, she marveled at how the huge breast did not sag, the long shapely legs, and the sparkle in her big green eyes. Amy shyly muttered, "I...I..um, aha, I ah can't."

The sultry redhead walked right up to her and said with authority, "Well then we will just have to help you. Nick pull down her zipper and help me get her dress off. Brad take a seat and watch the show, I will get to you later." Within minutes the shy blond wife stood naked before her seducers. Amy trembled when she felt Nick's lips kiss her cute little buttocks and Brenda inserted two fingers in Amy's hot hole as she sucked on each breast. The room started spinning and Amy lost control when Brenda dropped to her knees and licked her honey-pot while Nick worked his mouth and tongue on her rear end. The combination of both tongues lapping and probing her holes drove Amy to heights that she never knew existed. She screamed out in glorious ecstasy as Mount Saint Amy erupted it's smoldering lava of hot cum.

Her knees were weak and she could hardly speak as Amy was helped to the bed. The blond was placed on her knees. She cried out in agony as Nick's 11' cock entered her tight pussy from behind. Amy could feel her pussy stretching as the weapon of mass destruction filled her love tunnel to the hilt. Tears filled her blue eyes, it hurt so bad that it felt like a fist and arm were shoved up her aching pussy. Brenda was running her fingers through the long blond hair in an effort to comfort the terrified young woman.

Suddenly the pain subsided and it was replaced by a feeling of intense pleasure, Amy began to hump back at the huge cock and begged, Oh my god, it feels so good, please don't stop! Oh, oh, oh, ooh, shitttt. Yesssss fuck meeeee!!"

Brenda sat in front of Amy and spread her long legs far apart, played with her pussy, opened it wide, and then commanded, "Amy while you are fucking my husband I want you to eat my hot cunt!" The young wife could not think straight, she was overwhelmed by the sensations that the big fat cock was bringing to her inflamed pussy. The red pubic hair tickled her face as Brenda grabbed a fistful of blond hair and slammed Amy's face into the juicy clam. The sweet little blond emitted muffled groans of pleasure as Nick shot a hot load of sticky cum up her pussy while she continued to devour the nectar from Brenda's love flower.

Brad looked on with eyes wide open as his gaze fixed on his wife's gapping pussy that was dripping cum from the big cock, mixed with her own pussy juices, and traveled down her legs. Brenda beckoned Brad with her hand, he hurriedly disrobed and joined them in bed. The voluptuous redhead wrapped her sexy lips around his cock and expertly gave Brad head. The young husband was both stunned and fascinated as he watched his wife lovingly kiss and lick Nick's cock back to a stiff erection. The preceding events, the warm mouth on his cock, and the sight of Amy worshiping the monster cock with her mouth was too much for Brad and he could hold back no longer; a stream of hot cum shot in the redhead's warm mouth as he shook to a rousing climax.

Brenda swallowed every drop and continued sucking his cock never letting it get soft. She then straddled him and engulfed his cock with her sopping cunt. They fucked like dogs in heat and when they finished they both watched Amy on top of Nick moving up and down on his shaft and flailing about like a possessed rag doll. Brad couldn't get over how much he enjoyed watching his wife become a wanton slut. Brad got another hard-on and proceeded to fuck Brenda again; this time it lasted much longer and he was so engrossed with the wonderful feeling of his cock up Brenda's smoldering cavern that he was only vaguely aware of his wife screaming out as she reached orgasm once more. The exhausted young couple walked back to their own room totally sated.

The next morning Brad awoke to the sound of his wife sobbing. She walked out of the bathroom and was weeping uncontrollably. Brad asked, "What's wrong honey? What happened?"

"Last night happened and there is nothing I can do about it. You must be disgusted with me, I acted like such a whore. I am so ashamed, are you going to divorce me?"

"Don't be silly; you weren't the only one that got carried away. I am proud of you for being able to open up sexually like that. Speaking of opening up, how is your pussy? Is it sore? I thought that was why you were crying."

"Yes it is sore but I am more concerned with what you think of me. Do you still love me?"

"Hell yes! I love you more than ever so dry your eyes and let's order some breakfast and enjoy our last day together because I have to start going to sales meetings tomorrow." Later that day they decided to go into town and take in the sights of Bangkok. As they walked through the lobby they ran into Budin who told them about a club and winked as he suggested that they try it.

After strolling the streets of Bangkok and eating they came upon the club and decided to check it out. It was early evening but the place was packed. Amy and Brad sipped their drinks and looked about the club and were captivated with the young exotic dancers who wore little or no clothing. All the girls were young, dark, with brown or black hair, dark eyes, and danced provocatively. The club was filled with mostly tourist from around the world but some locals as well.

Two young girls approached their table, asked if they could join the couple, if they would buy the girls a drink, and wanted to know if they would like to have a good time. The girls slid in the booth, one sat beside Brad and the other plopped down next to Amy. The girls only wore thongs and introduced themselves as Choi and Kamla. When asked their age they both said that they were 18 years old. Kamla put her hand on Brad's lap and cooed, "Very nice cock Brad, do you want to fuck me for $20.00? We can go upstairs and do whatever you want." Brad was speechless and just looked at his wife for a response.

Choi cupped Amy's breasts and put the trembling hands of the wife on her own small, bare breasts and told her. "Let them have a good time and you and I can have some fun together. You are so beautiful and I adore your bit tits. Come on pretty lady I can make your cunt hum and cum like never before." Amy was impressed with their English and told them so. Choi revealed that it gave them a huge advantage over the girls that spoke little or no English as over half of the tourist spoke English.

The whole scene seemed so unreal to Amy and so unlike any of her life experiences. She found it both seamy and titillating, the lure of the forbidden was tempting, she felt excited, sweet surrender to lust beckoned her and she responded by saying, "Go have your fun Brad, I will do the same. I can't believe that we are doing this but after last night, what the hell!" Brad and his little Bangkok babe climbed the stairs for a trip to paradise while Choi took Amy by the arm and led her to a small elevator. Hand and hand they got of on the next floor and walked down a long hallway. Amy noticed that some of the doors to the rooms were closed while others were open. The open rooms were mostly empty but some of them were occupied by people engaged in all manner of sexual activity. As they entered a small room Choi noticed the puzzled look on the pretty blond's face and explained that there where those who preferred privacy while others liked to be observed and an open door was an invitation for others to join the party.

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