I'm sure you've all met someone like Michelle. It wasn't that she was dumb or uneducated, it was just that she seemed to have trouble applying her worldly knowledge to herself. Then when something happened that did impact on her it always came as a surprise.

"But why did this happen to me?" seemed to be her bemused motto.

The first time, but definitely not the last, that life unexpectedly bit her was just after her eighteenth birthday. She had a bit of spending money in her pocket and she was intending to buy a new bikini for the coming season.

Wandering through the mall and trying various shops she finally found 'the bikini'. The one that she just had to have, and it was in her price range. She grabbed it and headed for the checkout.

Then her mobile rang and she stopped dead in her tracks and answered. Simone was on the line and Michelle forgot everything and started talking to her. Simone was in the mall as well? That's great. Where are you? We'll meet up.

Promptly forgetting everything but meeting Simone, Michelle turned and headed out of the shop. She ignored the greeter at the door who attempted to remind her that she was still carrying the bikini and hadn't paid for it. As Michelle would be only too willing to tell you, what happened next wasn't her fault.

There happened to be a store detective just inside the entrance, and when he saw Michelle duck past the greeter at the door, heading out with unpaid merchandise, he put out a hand to stop her. Michelle thought he was going to grope her, or at least, that's what she claimed, and she slapped him.

That's when things started going wrong for Michelle. She was escorted politely but firmly to the Security Manager's office, where he tried to sort out what had happened and whether he needed to have formal charges laid. Michelle was left sitting outside his office while he interviewed the greeter and the store detective who had been slugged.

Eventually Michelle was invited in to give her version of events. She explained that she had been intending to buy the bikini and had been heading to the checkout to do just that when she got sidetracked.

"If I had intended to steal it," she pointed out, "I wouldn't have waltzed past everyone with it draped over my arm, now would I?"

"That's what Miss Bander said," agreed the Security Director. "She said that she had seen you heading towards the checkouts and then you grabbed your phone. You started chatting away and seemed to forget what you were doing and started to leave the store. She tried to remind you but you were too busy talking to even notice her. Then Charlie stepped in front of you and you decked him."

"I thought he was going the grope," retorted Michelle indignantly. "I don't have to put up with that sort of thing."

"True, but he wasn't going the grope as you so eloquently put it. He was just bringing to your attention that you were departing with unpaid goods, and you slugged him."

Michelle sat back sulking. She knew she hadn't done anything wrong and anyone should be able to see that.

"I will concede that walking out with the bikini without paying was an honest mistake and we won't be pressing any charges with regard to that matter."

Michelle breathed a sigh of relief, just a moment too soon.

"However," continued the Security Manager, "the attack on one of our personnel is a much more serious matter. It's not something that we can just overlook. Charlie is furious and wants you arrested for assault."

"But it wasn't my fault," wailed Michelle. "I told you I thought he was grabbing me."

"Maybe you did and maybe you didn't. It doesn't really make much difference. You can't just go around punching people out. I'm sorry, but I really think that we'll have to pass this on to the police. I wouldn't worry too much, though. They'll probably just give you a warning."

Michelle felt like crying. She did not want to have to get involved with the police.

"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit him. He startled me. Can't I just apologise or something?"

The Security Manager looked at her and sighed. He reached for his phone and paged Charlie and the pair of them waited until Charlie picked up.

"Charlie, Ben here," said the Security Manager. "I've got the woman who slugged you here in the office. She seems truly sorry and wants to apologise. Do you really want to press charges?"

"Not really, sir, with all that paper work," came Charlie's voice over the speaker. "Just give the silly bitch a spank on the tail and kick her out of your office."

"Ah, Charlie. You're on speaker. Not quite the way to talk about a customer," advised Ben.

"Sorry, sir," came the reply, "but like I said, not worth the paperwork."

"OK. Thanks Charlie. I'll deliver said spank and chase her out."

Ben hung up and turned to Michelle who was staring at him with her eyes wide.

"You're not really going to spank me are you?" she asked, horrified.

Ben blinked, the idea of actually spanking Michelle never having crossed his mind. He grinned, temptation prodding him. How far could he go?

"Well," he said, keeping his face stern. "It does get you out of any charges, doesn't it? Don't worry. It won't be too bad."

"You're joking," whispered Michelle, looking at his stern face. "Aren't you?"

Shaking his head, Ben stood up and moved around the desk.

"Why don't you just stand up and bend over the desk for a couple of minutes. This won't take long."

Not really believing this was happening, Michelle did as instructed, standing and bending over the desk, hands braced against it. Ben shook his head, surprised that she'd gone this far. Reaching over, he lifted her skirt up, showing of a pretty pair of lacy panties.

"I'm going to have to take these down," he murmured, starting to tug at the panties waist.

"You can't do that," gasped Michelle, shocked.

"And why not?"

"You just can't. I promised my mother not to let any boy pull down my panties until I'm married, so you just can't."

"Sorry, Michelle, but that doesn't apply to me. I'm fully grown and no longer a boy. I think you'll find before you're much older that men pull down women's panties quite frequently."

With that Ben slowly but deliberately pulled down Michelle's panties, while Michelle froze in place, blushing furiously. Ben looked at the pretty white bottom in front of him, admiring the gentle curves. It was irresistible, and he put his hand on her cheek and gently traced the curve around and down.

"You are really quite lovely, you know," said Ben. "Your bottom has a gentle curve that flows naturally to your mound. A friend of mine is an artist, and he would love to use you as a model."

While Ben was talking his hands kept tracing the curves he described. Gently tapping one ankle with his toe, he encouraged Michelle to move her legs further apart, giving him better access to her mound.

"You shouldn't be touching me like that," gasped Michelle, twisting slightly under his hand. "I thought you were just going to spank me a little."

"Why bother?" asked Ben. "Isn't this nicer than being spanked?"

His hand continued to rub gently over her mound, squeezing slightly and pressing firmly against her slit, encouraging it to open.

Michelle didn't know what to do. She had reluctantly decided that a short spanking was better than trying to explain to the police, but she hadn't dreamed that he would start touching her like this. She wanted to tell him to stop, but if she did, would he start spanking her? He was right when he said this was better than being spanked.

With Michelle lying quiescent beneath his touch, Ben grew bolder, spreading her lips slightly and slipping his finger into her. Massaging and rubbing, he explored deeper.

Michelle gave a small squeak when she found Ben pressing against her hymen. She found herself torn, wanting to both move away from that probing finger and to push herself firmer against it.

"You shouldn't be touching me like this," she protested weakly. "You should stop."

"Maybe I should, but I'm not going to. You're a virgin still. We'll have to correct that."

"What do you mean, correct it?" demanded Michelle suspiciously.

She was right to be suspicious. Ben had every intention of changing her virginal state.

"What I mean is that instead of spanking you, I'll pop your cherry for you. It might hurt a little when I do, so that will be the equivalent of getting your bottom smacked."

"But you can't do that," Michelle protested. "I don't want you to."

"Michelle, sweetheart," crooned Ben, "You've let me lower your panties and play with your pussy with hardly a peep of protest. What did you think was going to happen? That I'd pat your bottom and say run along?"

By this time Ben had unzipped and released his erection. Michelle could feel him moving her lips apart and the she gasped, eyes flaring wide as she felt him beginning to enter her.

"Stop it," she hissed, horrified. "Someone might come in. You were just going to spank. I didn't agree to this. Please don't."

In answer Ben pressed a little more firmly against her and Michelle could now feel his cock butting against her hymen.

"What are you doing?" she wailed, knowing damn well what and wishing she didn't.

"This may hurt a little," was all the answer she received, and she felt Ben pressing even more firmly against her, feeling her hymen tearing with a sudden sharp sting, and Michelle gasped again as she felt Ben surging confidently into her.

Michelle bit her lip, feeling this strange intruder moving inside her, feeling it stirring up sensations that she'd never felt before. If felt uncomfortable, but it also felt right for some reason, and she twisted slightly, trying to adjust to this new activity.

Ben paused, waiting for Michelle to adjust, then, feeling her steady herself, set to with a will. Michelle had had a point in her protests. It would be embarrassing if someone did come in. Having sex with a customer was definitely not in the security guidelines.

Michelle found herself making little noises and pushing back against Ben as he thrust into her. Sex, she was discovering, wasn't slow and gentle as per the books she had read, but hard, demanding and exciting. She quickly found that she no longer cared if someone came into the office, just as long as Ben continued to do what he was doing.

Moving against Ben, Michelle ceased to care about how this had come about. All that mattered was that he was taking her and she was going with him, letting his body lead her to where hers wanted to go. Feeling him drive into her and rising to meet each thrust, Michelle accepted his dominance.

Ben moved eagerly against Michelle, enjoying her tightness and her heat. Knowing he couldn't draw the experience out too long, he increased the speed of his thrusting, reaching for a climax. Finally achieving one, he spent himself in Michelle, feeling her shuddering in response.

Easing down, Ben continued to move lazily within Michelle, letting the aftermaths of their climaxes slowly wind down. Finally coming to a halt, Ben withdrew and reached for some tissues on the desk to do a quick clean up of them both. Drawing Michelle's panties back up, Ben then took a step back.

"That, I'm sure you will agree, was preferable to a spanking," Ben said with a smile, "so we'll say honour is satisfied all round."

Michelle was lost for words. What did you say after something like that? She was fairly sure that it was rape, but she had let him take her panties down and touch her. Maybe that was considered agreement. One thing she was sure of, she'd keep her panties on next time, not that there'd be a next time of course.

"Before you go," said Ben. "That comment I made earlier about a friend of mind being an artist. Would it be all right with you if I gave him your name and number? I'm quite sure he would love to use you as a model. He does sculptures, and is really very good."

Michelle dithered, on one hand wanting to put the whole thing behind her, on the other hand, be a model? She finally nodded, and gave Ben her number. She could at least speak to the man. There was no harm in that.

"His name's Colin. If he's going to call it will be in the next day or so. If you haven't heard from him by then, just forget about it."

Michelle left, grabbing the bikini as she went. Outside the office door she paused for a second, and then jammed the bikini deep inside her bag. Then she stalked out of the store, giving the greeter and Charlie killing looks as she went. They made no effort to stop her and she went on her way, gloating. She hadn't had to pay for the bikini after all that.

- - -

It was the same evening that Colin rang her. He introduced himself and told her that Ben had suggested he call.

"I do clay sculpting," Colin told her, "and I'm starting to make a name for myself. Why don't you visit my studio and see the sort of thing I do and I can explain how I work. It doesn't commit you to anything. Like any good artist, I'm an egotist, and I love showing off my work."

Arriving at a mutually agreeable time, the next afternoon found Michelle knocking on Colin's door.

Colin greeted her and took her through to his studio. Just inside the studio was a large crystal cabinet containing some of his work. Michelle was delighted at his artistry. Not limiting himself to any one genre, Colin had various animals, mugs, vases and abstracts, and as far as Michelle could tell they all seemed to be of an excellent workmanship.

The one notable omission was people. Colin had no statues of people at all. On mentioning this to him, Colin grimaced.

"I've never really worked on people until recently," he said. "You get a lot of criticism when you do statues of people, so I've sort of been polishing up my act. I've recently done one statue. It's over here."

Colin took Michelle over to his workbench where he showed her an exquisite little statue of a nude woman.

Michelle marvelled at it. As far as she could see it was perfect, and she said so. Colin, apparently, disagreed. He promptly pointed out half a dozen flaws in the figurine, though Michelle couldn't see anything wrong, even when it was explicitly pointed out. Colin, it seemed, was a perfectionist where his work was concerned.

Drawing her over to a draughtsman's table, Colin opened up a large sketchbook.

"The way I work," he told Michelle, "is to take a number of different sketches of the model. I then use those sketches for the fine details when I'm doing the actual sculpting. These are the sketches I did for that female figurine."

Michelle glanced through the sketchbook, looking at the sketches. If pressed, she would have had to admit that she had no idea how Colin could convert these sketches into the little statue she had just seen, but she could tell that it was the same person. She blushed a little on one page, when she realised just how explicit some of the sketches were.

"I pay twenty five dollars an hour for a sitting," Colin said, "and a sitting generally lasts about two hours. I'm a quick sketch, so I generally do all the sketches I need in a single sitting. If I'm not satisfied when I'm doing the actual sculpture, I may have to call you back for a second sitting. If I do, I still pay for a minimum of two hours.

So! Are you interested? If so, I have time available right now and we can do the sketches straightaway. If you want more time to think, I'll give you my phone number and you can call me when you've made up your mind, but don't be too long about it, or I'll have to hire someone else."

Michelle hesitated, wanting to sit for the statue but cautious.

"The poses. They're in the nude, aren't they?" she queried.

"Michelle," said Colin softly, "I'm sure you'll agree that it would be hard to do a nude statue unless the model is nude."

Michelle gave a self-conscious laugh and nodded.

"I know. Silly question really."

She considered, her teeth worrying her lip while she thought.

"It plain you're not sure," said Colin. "Why don't you go home and think about it and call me tomorrow."

"If I do," Michelle realised, "he's going to call up his earlier model and have her come back or hire a professional. I do it now or not at all, and it is an easy fifty dollars."

"No, that's OK," she decided. "I'll do it."

Colin smiled, delighted.

"OK. There is a changing room through that door," he said, indicating. "Undress and leave your clothes in there. You'll find a robe hanging on the door. You can wear that when you have to take a break."

For the next hour or so, except for a few short breaks, Michelle posed in front of Colin while he sketched her. She stood, she bent, she stretched, she decided that modelling was a lot harder than she'd realised. Through it all Colin sketched and measured.

The first time he ran his hands over her, she jumped, but stood still when an irritable voice told her to. Very soon Michelle became accustomed to Colin measuring her and tracing her body with his hands, transferring the images he conjured up with his eyes and touch to paper. A couple of those touches were rather personal she thought, but done in such an impersonal manner that she didn't feel it right to protest.

After an hour or so Colin seemed satisfied with his preliminary sketches. Michelle could see him leafing through what he'd done, glancing at the book and then at her and back again. Finally he nodded to himself, tucked his pencil behind his ear and returned to where Michelle was standing.

To Michelle's shock Colin started stroking her breasts and gently rubbing her nipples.

"What are you doing?" she demanded.

Colin looked startled.

"I'm exciting your breasts," he said. "I need to draw them while your nipples are erect, so I have to coax them to stand up. I thought you'd have realised that I need a proper set of sketches."

Michelle stood there, stunned as Colin continued to play with her breasts, shocked to see that they were responding to his gentle touch. She could also feel the blood stirring in her pussy, but thoughtfully shut up about that, not wanting to give Colin any ideas.

It turned out that she didn't need to worry about giving Colin any ideas. He had plenty of his own to choose from. No sooner did he stop playing with her breasts than he was getting her to kneel on all fours. At first he danced around her with his sketch book, apparently drawing her breasts as they dangled below her, occasionally reaching out to squeeze them or flick her nipple.

After a while Colin moved behind her, and she could feel his hand tracing over her bottom and down to her mound, reminiscent of the way that Ben had done the day before. She finally dared to ask why.

"What are you doing now, Colin?" she queried. "I'd rather you didn't touch me like that."

"Don't worry about it," Colin told her. "It's all part of my artists temperament. I have to feel my models and get close to them to get a real image of them in my mind."

"Maybe so, but I don't think you should have your hand there," Michelle said with a gasp, as a finger slid smoothly between her lips, stroking inside of her.

"True," said Colin. "This will be better."

To Michelle's shock Colin started pressing his erection smoothly into her.

"Wait. That's not in the agreement," squealed Michelle. "Stop that at once."

She found herself ignored as Colin continued to press his cock deep into her.

"Michelle, sweetheart," murmured Colin, "you're naked in front of a man. Why would you think that this wouldn't happen? Just relax and let it go. I find that this kind of closeness really helps my artistic temperament."

Michelle found Colin's hands come around and clasp her breasts, squeezing them in time to the gentle motion of his cock. Apparently she'd been wrong, she decided. It seemed that sex could be slow and gentle. Colin was definitely moving slowly and carefully, and those long slow thrusts were certainly getting to her.

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