Naked Again


I was sitting in my flat, listening to the moans and grunts coming from Julie's bedroom; yes they were at it again.

It was Sunday afternoon and it had been going on all weekend, apart from meal and loo breaks that is. Four weekends in a row ever since they met, they just hit it off right from the start. Lucky cow.

I was of course happy for her, and Paul seemed a great bloke, but I was just so horny. I split up from Nick three weeks ago now and felt so lonely and unloved, not to mention randy as hell, and they didn't even bother putting anything on when they did come out of her room.

I don't mind nudity, don't get me wrong, I'm no prude, indeed I myself don't bother wearing anything in front of them now. Why should I, if they don't? It's just that to see his lovely body and amazing cock, I can't help myself getting horny, not that they have noticed, I am sure, even if I have left a wet patch on the kitchen chair as we all sit down to lunch together!

I keep thinking, "Does he like my body as much as I like his?" I know my tits are small, but they have a nice shape and not all men go for big tits, Julie hasn't got huge tits, either. Yesterday, I shaved all my pubic hair off. I never had the nerve to do it before, and it took ages, but it was worth it to see the look on their faces when they saw me. Paul couldn't take his eyes off me, I felt so proud and the centre of attention, then Julie pulled him away and whispered something in his ear. With that, they grabbed me and bent me over the kitchen table, not saying a word. Julie got the wooden mixing spoon from the drawer under the sink and started spanking my bottom with it, while Paul held me down.

Well I just let them get on with it and after ten slaps she stopped. My bum stung by then and was quite red, but I took it, I was not going to let them know how much it hurt, was I!

They were amazed that I kept so quiet. I thought I had shown them how I could take it. The strange thing is I was even hornier than before. It was when I got up from the table that my embarrassment came. The table was covered in my own juices, I was so wet, and I had leaked all over the place! Well, now my face was the same colour as my poor bottom was.

"You mucky cow, we've got to eat off that table, we don't want your slime all over it, I will get you for that later." Paul was beaming from ear to ear, and then he winked at me. My heart missed a few beats, I can tell you. They then went back into her bedroom and left me to think of my fate.

Everything went quiet, we all went to work as usual, and nothing was said about the matter. Then on the Friday I got home from work as usual, showered and shaved myself. I was now getting used to having no pubic hair and I even liked it! So I got a tea and went to lie on the sofa naked as usual. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was Julie and Old Tom the landlord, standing over my naked body, Old Tom must have thought it was Christmas and his birthday all at once, his eyes were bursting out of his head, I tried to cover myself with my hands then with the stare Julie gave me I knew she was up to something, but I still couldn't believe it.

She just came right out with it and she told Tom how I had shaved all my pussy hairs off and how I liked to show people, then she told me to take my hands away and open my legs wide so that Tom could get a good look at me.

I was about to complain when she said I was happy to show Paul at the weekend and as he was her boyfriend I must like to show myself off to men. Now was my chance. I had no choice; if I refused she would know I fancied Paul. So I did as she said. I opened my legs wide and put my hands behind my back and let him look at me.

After ten minutes he left without the rent he had come for no doubt to have a quick wank over what he had seen; namely my naked body!

When he returned, Julie told Old Tom that I had spent a lot of time making sure I shaved all my pussy hairs off and made myself look good when I got back from work, just so that he could see when he came round. She told him to touch me and feel how smooth I was, which of course he did, even sticking a finger up me and saying how wet I was.

After he had gone, I screamed at her, saying she was evil and how she had gone too far this time. I asked her how could she show me up in front of Old Tom, of all people. She just said if I hated it so much, how could I get so wet. I told her that was not the point, but left it at that. Even though there was no way that I fancied Old Tom, I was horny as hell showing myself to him. She told me later that he had let us off a month's rent, so not to feel too bad about it. But it didn't end there.

The next Tuesday, Julie's 18-year-old brother Scott came round, which he did at least once a week.

Now Scott being 18, liked to show off and wind me up if he could. He always goes on about how many girlfriends he has had, and what a stud he is! A lot of it is made up of course for my benefit, Julie says he has a crush on me, which always gets me going, he is so childish.

Anyway, this particular Tuesday when he was going on about his girlfriends, Julie suddenly asked if any of his girlfriends shaved their pussy hairs off. To our surprise he said no. "Would you like to see a shaved pussy?" she asked him. Well I didn't know what to do. Surely she wasn't going to tell him about me was she? But that's exactly what she did. He looked right at me with puppy dog eyes and said, "Please show me."

"Go on," said Julie "you know you want to, don't you?"

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