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Naked and Fruity


Georgina Knight is a woman who knows what she wants, and what she wants is new erotic experiences. The net-advert was quite clear: Tell Us What You've Done and We Guarantee to Give You a New Experience.

She thought, "There must be a catch. What do they want in return?"

Even so, the advert was such a draw on her imagination that she couldn't help herself but reply. By return of email, she got a questionnaire asking for her experiences to date, and she filled it in easily.

Group sex: done that with two men, twenty men, even more men and women together. Golden and other showers: done that, too. Bondage: yes and extreme bondage as well. Latex: yes. Heavy rubber with masks and tubes: yes. Breast bondage: yes. Sensory deprivation: yes. Fetish dressing: yes, including corseting her waist to half its normal measurement. Insertions and inflations and vibrations and stretching: yes to all of those. Anonymous sex: yes. Sex for payment: yes. Lesbian and bi: yes. Suspension and inversion: yes and yes. Dominance and submission: yes to both.

She really thought she'd done everything and that there would be nothing left for her to try, for extra gratification and unusual excitement. The questionnaire had been a disappointment because it didn't mention anything new to her, but she sent it off anyway, with no expectation of any good suggestion being made to her.

Two days later, the reply came as a surprise but still mysterious and not promising. The advertiser asked just five further questions and promised that a new experience was being constructed now, for her and her alone.

"1. On a typical day, what sort of underwear do you like to wear; are you into control or firm foundations?

2. What is your favourite fruit for a fruit salad?

3. Would you agree to an experience with

Two men

Six men

Ten men

Our choice of the number of men? State which.

4. Would you accept

Vaginal penetration

Anal penetration

Oral sex.

Combinations of these. State which.

5. When is your next period due?

6. Do you take contraceptive medication?"

Her answers seemed to her to make a difficult for anything these people could offer: She wrote:

1. I would like to wear bra, suspender belt, stockings, panties.

2. Oranges, kiwi, banana, grapes and nectarines.

3. Your choice.

4. Any combination of these.

5. 15th-20th this month [she knew it would start in two weeks' time].

6. Yes.

Off went her reply and, to her amazement, the reply came back in less than one hour. The advertiser said,

"We would like to meet you for an exceptional experience on 8th of this month, in one week's time. Please come in your normal daytime clothing, including the typical underwear you described. The address is Pollard Hotel, Cleveland Square Room 612 and we shall expect you at 12-noon for an afternoon experience. My name is Raymond and I will direct your experience. Ask for me at Reception."

There was no mention of a charge or a fee. She would be expected to give sex to a large number of men, of course, but that wasn't new to her and she was content to do it if the experience was as good as now seemed possible.

Pollard Hotel was a 5-star place. She'd never even seen inside the foyer, let alone been to a room. Now she was intrigued and began to hope for something new and exciting.


Room 612 was lit dimly and was comfortably warm, but not too hot. Raymond had met her at Reception and shaken hands. He was a man of about 30, or perhaps 45; it wasn't easy to tell. He had greying hair, was clean shaven and dressed in a very conservative dark grey suit. Georgina had been taken aback and felt torn between two opinions of him. First, he'd looked caring and fatherly, and that had helped her to feel confident in him, that he wouldn't let things get out of control. On the other hand, he seemed rather uncool and somehow unlikely to be able to give her anything new by way of new erotic sensations. She'd walked with him to the room, and he held her arm as an uncle might have done.

Now she was in the room and there were three other men, all about 30 years old. Her disappointment was deepening each minute.

"Only four of them," she thought to herself, "what kind of swinging is this? And old men."

Malcolm spoke gently, "Let me take your coat, dear. Would you like a drink? We've everything you can think of, here."

Under her coat, she wore a full length black cotton dress with buttons all the way up the front from hem to neckline and long sleeves. She was in her highest heels black court shoes and Barely Black nylon fully fashioned stockings. Now she felt she'd wasted too much time getting dressed nicely for these old men.

"May as well get drunk," she thought to herself but spoke to Malcolm, "Yes please, a big drink. Whisky or gin or Bacardi, or something."

Malcolm prepared her a long and strong Bacardi with watermelon juice, and she took a deep slurp at it.

"When you're ready, just tell me," Malcolm said, "and I'll organize a few things for your pleasure."

"Ready now," Georgina said and maybe her disappointment was apparent to the four men.

"Right, just stand over here nearer the bed," replied Malcolm, "and let me put this blindfold on you. I'll take it off in a few minutes when the time's right." He moved to help her put on a very close-fitting mask which stopped her from seeing anything at all; not even a chink of light got through the sides or around the bridge of her nose.

She stood there in the middle of the room, on a soft rug, with her feet together and heard strange movements around her in the room, and a door swinging on a noisy hinge. Malcolm spoke softly again.

"You'll feel hands on you but don't be alarmed if they go under your clothing. We know what we're doing and you soon see where it's all leading. OK?"

She nodded and thought, "He's not the sort to say OK. Not his style at all." She nodded a second time. Someone took her right hand and another her left hand and held them both out, away from her body.

She felt a hand take hold of her dress behind her neck, at the collar. At the same moment another took hold at her throat, at the front. Then four more hands touched her around her waist and grasped her dress, and at her wrists, at her elbows, at two or three placed down the front of the dress and the same down the back. She did a quick calculation and realized that there were more than four men with her in the room. They must have been in the other room and come in once she was blindfolded.

A hand crept under the dress at her left side and went up to her waist, and took hold of her panties and the suspender belt together at their top edges. Another hand did the same on her right side, and a third up the back of her legs to grasp her panties and the belt at the centre at the back. She wasn't surprised to feel a fourth hand do the same at the front, right up to her waist.

She realized that she was surrounded by silent men, holding onto almost every corner and flap of her clothing. The hands were warm and holding very firmly, and she liked the idea of having so many fingers close to her skin. Her mind wandered as she thought of so many hands and fingers close to her openings. What could so many hands do to her, she surmised, if they decided to invade her body and start rubbing and stimulating her?

Still the hands kept coming onto her skin. One followed under her dress and took hold of the bottom edge of her panties on her left thigh, and another on her right hip. Yet more hands crept under the dress and held her stocking tops on both legs. These hands were very close to her vagina and lips but made no attempt to get closer or even to touch her near there.

For a few seconds, nothing happened. No new hands. Only the existing twenty hands or maybe 24, she'd lost count. Then very slowly, starting at her feet, caressing her feet and her high heels, and then moving slowly up her calves, touching them both together came a hand that she imagined was Malcolm's. He continued past the back of her knees and up to the point where her thighs came together at her buttocks. Then it slowly began to circumnavigate her thighs until it was touching her pubic area, among all the other hands that were grasping at her clothing. This hand seemed different in its intention and soon that was clear. He forced the hand slowly between her legs and she found herself parting them to make room. She set her feet about a foot apart and the hand moved underneath to cup her labia and pubic region in its palm. She was beginning to get warm and could feel her juices starting to flow under the hand, and wondered what it would do next.

The hand moved gently to take the gusset of her panties in it grasp, with finger probing under to touch her skin and get a grip on the crotch of the garment. He pulled it gently a few time to see if it was firm, and then a finger disengaged itself from the rest of the fist. Slowly, ever so slowly, it moved into position opposite her opening and probed its way among her lips. She was so wet by this time; it slipped effortlessly inside her and stretched as far as it could. He moved it back and forth, and she started to feel the beginnings of her orgasm. Deep down in her groin, only an inch above the man's finger, she felt the familiar clutching and writhing of her uterus. She just hoped he would leave it there, and keep massaging inside her lips. He did, and she began to feel the cliff edge coming closer, when she'd drop over into an oblivion of pleasure for a few moments. She became even more aware of all the hands close to her skin, each pulling at her clothing just a little. Briefly, she wondered if they were holding her clothes so as to support her when the orgasm came fully.

The finger inside her was thrusting now and she could feel the knuckles bumping against her opening as if to follow the finger inside her. She wouldn't have minded if he'd forced his whole hand inside her although she'd never had that experience whilst standing. Her orgasm was coming and she became aware only of the hands and the vibrations between her legs. It was coming. It was coming. He also knew it was coming and she felt so glad that he didn't stop. Her breath was coming in short gulps as her climax approached. She had to make a noise.

"Yes, oh yes," was all she could manage before it began to happen and to overwhelm her.

The orgasm came and shook her from her thighs to her shoulders, and her head bent backwards so that she would have looked at the ceiling but for the blindfold. Her arms were still held out sideways and she felt herself quivering. Her legs felt weak and she knew she would fall but hoped all those men would catch her.

Then it all happened at once. She felt her mind go blank with pleasure, her body was suffused with delicious sensations, her clitoris and her vagina were both pulsating, her mouth was dry, inside the blindfold her eyes were crushed close shut as the orgasm possessed her. And she felt gravity pulling her forward, towards the floor.

Through her ecstasy, she could feel the men holding her up with her clothing until she became aware or another set of sensations. The finger inside her had pulled out and was gripping her panties again and pulling forward and downward. The hands at her panties waist were pulling sideways, with the suspender belt as well. And her dress was being torn from her body down the back and the front. She could hear the front buttons popping and flying off, and the steady ripping of the dress back. All the way down, and her sleeves were being torn off her arms as they were held outwards. The hands at her waist on the dress were pulling steadily and strongly outwards, and the dress was coming apart at its seams.

Her stocking tops were pulling away from her flesh, like great balloons of nylon. The mystery hands were going to tear the stockings clean off her legs and she was waiting for it to happen.

Then, all at once, as if by a silent signal, all her clothing disintegrated and flew off her body. In a second, she was naked apart from bra, shoes and the wreckage of her stockings around her ankles. The panties and the suspender belt had broken first, with the suspender buttons breaking through the welts of her stockings. Then the dress and everything under it came apart together and sent pieces of fabric flying off across the room in all directions. Elastic items twanged and flew furthest. Suddenly, she had no support from those hands holding her clothing and she flopped forward onto her hands and knees. The remnants of her orgasm still rang around her head and she wanted it to continue as long as possible.

Before she could recover or even take a breath, someone was kneeling behind her and entered her smoothly but quickly, plunging his penis into her to its full length and gripping her hips. She was so wet and excited still from the orgasm, that there was no resistance to his plunging and tugging at her. He moved smoothly and speedily for only a few seconds, until he gave a groan and poured his sperms into her. She stayed there in all fours, not knowing what would happen next, but she didn't need to wait long.

Four of the men came and lifted her onto the double bed, whilst Malcolm took the blindfold from her eyes and her shoes from off her feet, with the trailing remains of her stockings. She felt the bed underneath her and sensed that there was a waterproof covering under the sheet on which she lay.

She thought, "They're going to use water on me or something like that," and she imagined golden showers, bukkake and soda siphons, all of which she'd experienced before and felt disappointment coming back. "Oh please, something new for me," she thought but didn't speak.

Then, for the first time, she saw that there were at least 20 men in the room with her, and there was wreckage of her clothing scattered all around the room. The men ranged in age from under 20 to Malcolm's age, whatever that was. Two of the younger ones came to her as she lay on her back, and lifted her legs, parting them slightly. A third man bent over her vagina and kissed her lips.

"No," she thought, "I'm too sensitive for any more stimulation right now." She arched her back as if to pull away from him, but she was wrong about his intention.

He gently probed her lips with his tongue, and then moved his lips very close to her and pushed a small object into her. She felt it go in but it was too small to be felt on the inside.

"Hmm?" she asked without speaking, as if to say, "What was that?"

In reply, another man came and did the same. She couldn't see what had been in his mouth before he gently pushed it into her. This happened eight times, and by then she could feel some fullness inside. She was still wondering what these objects were, when a very attractive younger man came and settled his body between her legs and entered her against the pressure of the objects. Whatever they were, they yielded before him and he shagged into her until he came, and flooded her with his juices. As he left her body, she felt a long trickle of juice, rather more than she would have expected. She was intrigued.

A similar sequence then seemed to be developing again. A man came and put his mouth to her lips and squeezed something into her. It was bigger than the first lot of objects, and another five men came and did the same with her. She felt full again, but a different man entered her and shagged until he was satisfied and flooded her again. This time a small torrent poured from her lips and she became more intrigued.

"Hmm?" she asked the same unspoken question.

In response, Malcolm came to her face and said softly, almost confidentially, "Watch what's happening."

One man came to her lips and smiled before going down on her, so that she could see he had a green grape in his mouth. He popped it into her. A second man came and grinned, so that she could see he had a slice of nectarine in his lips, which he slid into her. A third came and opened his mouth a little further to reveal a complete peeled kiwi fruit. He kneeled between her still raised legs and slowly, carefully pushed it into her. She certainly felt that entering her lips and into her dark vagina.

"What next?" she asked herself, but it was soon apparent.

Yet another man came to her and grinned so that she saw he had in his mouth the most part of a peeled banana, which he slid into her as if it were a cold penis. He started by blowing it in and ended by pushing with his tongue. It filled her up and she felt it pressing against her cervix.

The next man was the real surprise. When he smiled and opened his mouth a little, she could see a complete peeled Satsuma or Clementine or some other small orange. It filled his mouth and her keeled to present it to her lips, struggling to get it into her. It popped in and she was truly full. Full of fruit and sperms. She felt very erotic as well as full.

Then Malcolm came to her and rested himself between her legs and entered her very slowly against the resistance of her internal fruit salad. He smiled into her eyes, as he moved and plunged gently until his erection was at its hardest, and the fruit was disintegrating before his thrusting. He was turning her into a fruit puree machine and he came the biggest orgasm of all the men, lunging into the fruit and flooding her again. Her legs, her bottom, her tummy were soaked with fruit juices and man juices.

He lifted himself off her and she got lifted off the bed, into a sort of sitting position, with her back straight, her arms outstretched, and her knees bent as if on a stool. Someone behind her held a big glass jug under her vagina, reached round and pressed gently on her abdomen. With a sense of loss but also relief, she felt a quantity of fruit puree drop from her and into the jug. The man felt up between her lips and popped two fingers into her vagina, opened them slightly, and an even greater volume of fruit juice and pulp came from her. She realised that the juice on her legs and stomach was only a small fraction of what was retained inside herself. The man held up the jug for all to see, and she noticed it had a scale on the side, but she couldn't read it. The jug seemed about one-quarter filled.

She was carried in the sitting position to the bidet in the bathroom, seated down upon it and someone washed her with beautiful warm and scented water. She was dried, and she dried herself a little more on a nice fluffy towel, before being lifted back to the bed. There, the sheets had been changed and all seemed fresh and clean.

"Ready for my next adventure," she thought, and she was right.

A firm triangular pillow was brought; like the ones that get propped behind patients in hospital beds. Her hips were lifted and the pillow placed so that she was lying at a steep angle to the mattress, with her shoulders firmly on the bed and two men holding her legs in the air. From her time at school so many years before, she knew what her body would do. Sure enough, her vagina and uterus slipped back into her body, her labia opened and little and she felt the cooler bedroom air being sucked inside with a little farting noise. She closed her eyes and puckered her nose at the sound, as if she should feel embarrassed. One of the men smiled into her eyes at the very same moment, so others heard the sound also.

"Plenty room inside there," said Malcolm in a soft voice, "bring in the fruit."

From the corner of her eye, and when she turned her face to look, she saw a trolley laden with fresh fruit. Not just a banana or two, or a handful of grapes, or a couple of kiwi. There were five or six kilos of each fruit she's mentioned. Maybe 10 or 12 kilos of fruit altogether and she knew then that the fruity experiment was not over.

Into her inverted vagina was dropped a naked banana and a peeled kiwi. They dropped in because she was open and her body was almost sucking in anything pressed against her lips. These first two disappeared inside with hardly any resistance. Then two men came with hands full of fruit and started to feed them into her. After the eighth or tenth piece, they resorted to pressing down to get the fruit into her. By the time of the fifteenth piece, one of them was leaning on her to force fruit into her. By the twentieth, she was full to the brim. Fruit was visible between her labia, which were forced open by the pressure inside, and there was juice running backwards down her abdomen and also down the crack of her bottom and down her thighs.

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