After dating my first long-term boyfriend for six weeks, I knew that he wasn't right for me. When I told him he wasn't my first, his whole attitude changed. Having had only two experiences with sex before, at 21 I was an anomaly. He wanted the proverbial 'Marry a good girl' type and after a year and a half of enjoying how much I liked sex, his insecurities became unbearable.

I was tired of his resentment when I wore make up and looked hot; the very assets that he was attracted to. We aren't from the same century and I saw the caution lights. I even watched while they turned to flashing red danger before I gave up trying to hold on to the fairy tale.

My girlfriends tried to tell me he was a player. Sure enough, soon after we split up, he was off fucking lots of girls while hoping to find a virgin. I heard he'd found a place at some rich guys' house that rented out his guest quarters. I gathered he was also employed there and probably was just part of the maintenance staff but had been given access to the main house.

So, now that I'm single again, I can do as I please. I'm not attracted to guys close to my own age; all three of my past lovers had been at least five years older. When word got out that I was fair game, my phone starting ringing. I dated several and had sex with four. They were older, but still guys, when I needed a man. I was back to how it was before my ex because I didn't go back for seconds with any of them.

I'd started going to a local country and western bar, called The Country Byrne. It was small and I felt safe with some familiar faces. I didn't sit home on Friday nights; if my girlfriends were busy I went anyway. I loved to dance and, after so many flops, didn't mind going home alone.

Two weeks before my 22st birthday I had to have my tonsils removed. I was out of the game for a while and my weight dropped from 120 pounds down to a hundred and ten soaking wet. Therefore, my small waistline was more striking the first night I went back to The Country Byrne.

It's a Friday; I know they'll have a live band and I have the week off. Besides, I was going stir crazy in my apartment. I wore a silk red shirt and tight jeans tucked inside my suede -fringed ankle boots.

Alone, again, I walked to the entrance with cover charge in hand. The band was loud and it was dark inside but I knew in a flash that the bouncer was not the starry eyed twenty- three year old guy I was use to. This man was, well, a Man for starters: with a capital M.

"Your cover is on me."

"Excuse me, do I know you?"

I was still trying to close my gaping mouth over this tall, thirty something year old stranger when he answered.

"The owner knows me well. He's been wondering where you've been."

"Well, I no longer have to worry about tonsillitis, not that it's any of his business."

"I don't mean to pry. I'm Matt."

He offered his hand for me to shake. I had never felt anything like what happened when we touched. My skin felt like it was burning all over, not just my hand. I couldn't stand the thought of letting go but had to; quick.

"My friends call me Calli, nice to meet you."

He actually bowed before he said,

"My pleasure, Calli, will you dance with me?"

The country band played five fast songs in a row; we danced to every one. The sixth song, however, was "Amarillo by Morning" and our bodies melted together. I'm just a couple inches past five feet so I snuggled underneath his chin and rested my head on his shoulder. Imagine my surprise when he bent down and, in a low vibrating voice, whispered

"Your ex is a fool. I knew you'd come around."

In the background I hear the band singing,

"I ain't rich, but lord I'm free."

Shocked out of my comfort zone, I look up into his green eyes and ask,

"How did you know?"

Followed by

"What else do you think you know about me?"

He tells me about the guy who currently rents his guesthouse; a lot of which I never knew. I was also amazed at how many details about my life this stranger has learned. By some bizarre act from the fate gods, his renter is my ex.

The song ended; sweet lonely sounds of the violin echoing between us. By then, I not only needed another drink, but was sure I had met a kindred spirit.

An hour later we arrived at his house, with a plan unfolding. We entered his bedroom and left the door open. A small lamp provided just enough light. I stood away from him and slowly unbuttoned my long- sleeved red blouse.

He undressed quickly and sat on the edge of the Quilt- covered bed. As I shed my boots, then jeans until I was naked as well; he watched and ravished me with his eyes.

Matt stretched out on his back, looking up at me. I stood in front of him and had never felt so full of sexual desire -- ever. This Man wanted me and was enjoying my show of freedom. I was proud to be naked in front of him and he made me feel wanted for the very first time.

He stilled when I moved onto the end of the bed between his feet. He then put both hands under his head, as I crouched on my knees. I rubbed my hands up and down his hairy thighs, caressing his skin and enjoying the power I felt in knowing how sexy I was to a Man.

I sat up and arched my breasts forward while running fingers through my long brown hair. Smiling, I grabbed a hold of him gently with both hands. Licking my lips, I looked straight at him and climbed upward.

After one knee was on each side of his waist, I leaned my upper body forward so I was straddling him with my openness perfectly aligned. As I sat down on top of him, he slid into me with relative ease and I was grateful for being so wet and turned on.

From the outer rooms I heard a sound and gave Matt the signal we had discussed. He'd heard it too; we were on the same page, and new that his tenant was watching.

Matt was long and hard so I stopped when I felt resistance. Only my ex had been this far before and he was about to witness my first taste of true depth.

I looked down at the handsome Man below me and he watched my face with approval. We laughed together and I started to move; enjoying my nakedness and knowing how erotic this scene must look from the doorway. (We'd left the open foil wrapper on the nightstand beside the lamp and remote.)

When the tightness from new depth took over, we were only aware of each others heat and response. I pushed down, and down, making the head stretch the area I'd only dreamed of. I gripped around him while suspending myself with my knees and enjoyed the feel of his shaft, snug below.

I rocked in and out like this for several minutes, smiling at him with open eyes. We were swept up in the passion, so I was startled when I heard the front door to the house slam with a bang. I'm sure half the neighborhood heard it too.

Next, we heard the sound of an engine rev up with anger, and tires squealed as the voyeur sped away.

I collapsed down on Matt's chest, both of us giggling over another bizarre act from the fate gods, and feeling none too guilty over giving someone what they deserved when choosing to be an unwelcome voyeur.

My arms went under his shoulders, while his wrapped under mine in unison. My knees gripped his sides as he sat us both upright, pushing himself deeper than before. I gasp at the sudden change and practically yelled,

"Oh, that feels incredible."

" Calli, you have no idea!"

"I need to reach over to the night stand and push the security button OK?"

"Yes, yes, and yes."

We never disconnected as he pushed a button on the remote; securing all the doors and windows to the main house. We stayed locked together as he centered us on the bed and turned me underneath his long body. His length glided deeper and he began a slow dance of pure ecstasy.

Our night progressed and I got to know this Man pretty well. After two hours I fell asleep as I heard him say,

"My name is Matthew Byrne, by the way."

"Mmm, Calliope."

"But you already know everything about me."

His alarm clock, set to country radio, started playing at six a.m. The DJ announced the next song and it was "I Love the Way You Love Me." Strong and wild, slow and easy we played again; and again.

By seven, as we lie in each others arms, he murmured,

"Happy Birthday, Calliope. It's your lucky day."

"Oh, is it the fourteenth already?"

"I barely remember the fourth; missed the fireworks and everything."

"Well baby, the fourteenths a national holiday you know! The owner of The Country Byrne allows all patrons to dance topless if they want."

"Is the, um owner, asking me for a second date, Mr. Byrne?" I whispered.

Matt's kiss was all the answer I needed.

I can see the headlines now,

"Calliope Maguire join's Mathew Byrne during National Nude Day Celebration."

I mumbled in between kisses.

For the holiday Matt hired a cross over band that played Country and Pop. After making a song request, he walked across the bar towards the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.

Calli stood amongst her friends, dressed in a black corset that swooped under her breasts. She'd chosen to wear a green, silk, long-sleeved shirt over it; but left it unbuttoned.

While ravishing his bare chest with her eyes, she gazed up at him when he offered her his hand.

Matt and Calli danced to "All I Ever Wanted" as they jumped in and didn't look back. Both had found what they were missing.

Together, they have the time of their lives and enjoy every day.

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