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Naked Came The Ranger


This is my entry into the 2017 edition of Literotica's Nude Day story contest. Please do me the favor of rating the story when you're finished reading it.

All the characters, locales and situations in this story are entirely fictitious, and any similarity to actual persons either living or dead is entirely coincidental. All characters involved in sexual situations are intended to be over eighteen years of age.

Naked Came The Ranger - A frustrated academic's life takes a surprising turn when he encounters a lovely and free spirited forest ranger.

© Hugh Janard 2017


More than once I'd thought about just bagging the whole trip, but for better or worse the cabin was already paid for, and it wasn't possible to get a refund. So despite whatever negative associations it might hold, I decided I might as well make the best of it and enjoy a nice weekend getaway, even if it wasn't exactly the type I'd originally envisioned.

Zoe and I had been together for more than four years, and during that time I'd never had any doubt that our relationship was rock solid. So marriage just seemed like the next logical progression. We had set a date and made all the necessary arrangements, including picking an idyllic and romantic spot for our honeymoon. We'd chosen the cabin at Shady Pines State Park based on the recommendation of a friend who worked there as a ranger, not to mention an impressive number of positive online reviews.

When the trouble started between us, it happened unexpectedly and seemed to come out of nowhere. I was so utterly clueless that when I received the offer for a teaching position at a small liberal arts college in Oregon, I actually thought Zoe would by overjoyed. After all, it was an assistant professorship at a prestigious school, with a clear path to tenure. A solid stepping stone to something even bigger and better down the road. How could I not accept it?

The problem was, Zoe had no interest whatever in leaving the hustle and bustle of big city life in Los Angeles, certainly not for some one-horse town in Oregon. But hadn't she known that ultimately I would have to go where available career opportunities took me? Apparently not.

I had no great wish to give up either her or the teaching job, but in the end I began to resent how she'd misled me into believing she'd be supportive of whatever decision I felt obligated to make to advance my career. Perhaps that was self-serving. But at any rate, things began to go downhill rapidly, and after a blow-out argument three weeks before the wedding, we jointly agreed to end not just our engagement but our entire relationship.

So here I was, in the late morning of a bright Saturday in May, pulling my car into the parking lot of the Shady Pines lodge building, where I'd been directed to check in for the private bungalow Zoe and I had reserved several months earlier. I had to admit that Valerie, our ranger friend, had not oversold the quiet and serene beauty of this woodsy retreat. I was greeted by tall, stately trees, clear blue skies, a riot of colorful flowers and assorted greenery, and the overpowering smell of pine needles. As I carried my suitcase into the cabin from my car, I actually started to feel good about being there.


I'd left word for Valerie at the check-in desk - naturally she knew about my breakup with Zoe, and also that I'd decided to make the trip up without her. The three of us had been friends since college, although I knew Val only casually in those days, as she had been much more Zoe's friend than mine. But in the years since college I'd gotten to know Valerie a lot better, and she'd always impressed me as a warm, spontaneous and good-hearted woman. She'd been a lifeguard in Hermosa Beach for a couple of years prior to joining the forestry service, and had been working at Shady Pines for a little more than a year.

While I was unpacking Val texted me that she'd meet me at my cabin in a half hour, so I decided to use the time to go for a short walk and have a look around. There was a sign indicating a hiking trail not fifty feet away from the door of my cabin, and in short order my feet were crunching over pine needles along a heavily wooded path. I soon came to a narrow stream, sprinkled with large rocks through which passed fast running water.

There was a deep, still-water pool along the shore, in which I spied a fat, lazy trout. I couldn't help thinking that a fishing pole would be nice to have at that moment, and how much I would enjoy a nice fish supper. Then suddenly I was struck by the absurdity of such ruminations, considering that a pole of the fishing variety was definitely not the sort I'd been expecting to make generous use of this weekend. After a few minutes I bade the trout a regretful farewell and headed back to my cabin.

Valerie was waiting for me on the front porch when I returned. She was dressed in the uniform of a state park ranger, with a khaki-colored blouse and forest green shorts. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a neat pony tail, and she gave me a smile and wave as I approached.

"Val! It's great to see you! Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long," I added, as I climbed on the porch and gave her a hug.

"Not at all," she assured me. "I just got here a little early is all."

I stood back to get a better look at her. Val's face was more pretty than beautiful, but she had wide, intelligent eyes and a truly dazzling smile. She was of medium height, slender but full-breasted. She was clearly in superb physical condition, with a figure that could easily belong to a swimsuit model. I couldn't help wondering why I'd never seemed to notice what a seriously foxy lady Valerie was before today.

In short, she looked wonderful, and I told her as much. "Val, you look terrific!" I enthused. "Life in the forest obviously agrees with you."

She smiled. "Thanks, Zach. I really do love it here. And you look pretty darn good yourself. How could Zoe not want to follow you to Oregon?"

I was greatly relieved that Valerie appeared to be taking a neutral stance regarding my breakup with Zoe. Losing Zoe was painful enough, but losing Val's friendship on top of it would have made the whole experience that much more traumatic and depressing.

"Do you have time to go for a walk?" I asked.

"Can't right now," she replied. "Hmmm... it's about 11:30 - how about if I came back around 2:00? Then I can give you a guided tour."

"That would be great!" I said, as we shared another brief embrace. "Maybe I'll try to catch a quick nap in the meantime."

"Don't oversleep, or else I might have to start throwing pebbles at your window." she said with a laugh.


The cabin was cool, cozy, and beautifully appointed, with varnished pine walls and rustic furniture. I tried stretching out on the comfortable double bed for awhile, but found I wasn't the least bit sleepy. I discovered that someone - obviously Valerie - had thoughtfully left a six-pack of beer for me in the fridge, and as I sat at the little dining table sipping a cold one I thought about how I had reacted to seeing her this afternoon.

During all the years Zoe and I were together, Val was someone I considered a dear friend, but without any hidden subtext of mutual attraction. She was involved with someone during nearly all that time anyway, but more than that there had never really seemed to be any romantic chemistry between us. But today, for me at least, there was. There was no use denying it - I was definitely turned on by Val. So of course I immediately began pondering exactly what were the chances that sometime this weekend my dick might be able to take up temporary residence inside her cooter.

I remembered Zoe telling me six months or so earlier that Valerie had broken up with her latest boyfriend - I didn't recall all the details, but it seemed to me that it involved him cheating on her with one of her close friends. It must have been quite traumatic for Val, and I wondered if she had gotten involved with someone new, or was still unattached. I had a feeling that she wasn't currently seeing anyone, but maybe it was a wish more than anything else.

When it got close to 4:00 I changed to shorts, a t-shirt, and hiking boots, and applied a liberal amount of sunscreen to exposed skin. I also grabbed a hat and a knapsack, in which I stashed a water bottle, a couple of energy bars, swim trunks and a towel. I didn't know if there was anywhere to swim, or whether the water would be too cold in any case, but it's always a good idea to be prepared for anything.

I heard the doorbell ring at about ten after, and found that Val had changed into her civvies. She had on a cute tank-top, cutoff bluejeans, a floppy hat and sunglasses. She also was carrying a small knapsack.

"Hi Zach! Ready to go?" This time she seriously surprised me by leaning forward and giving me a kiss on the cheek. I was encouraged to think that maybe what I was feeling towards her wasn't totally one-sided.

"Lead the way!" I said with a smile.

We walked for a ways down the same pathway I'd taken earlier, then branched off to the left. "There's a really beautiful waterfall I'd like to show you," she told me, gesturing vaguely in a northeastern direction.

"That sounds really cool," I said. "I love waterfalls!"

The trail we were walking on was mostly deserted - in twenty minutes or so we only passed one other couple going in the opposite direction. I started wondering if the place we were going to was private enough for engaging in some horizontal recreation, and then immediately felt guilty for having such base and ignoble thoughts.

But mostly I just tried to concentrate on enjoying the gorgeous scenery, as well as Valerie's company - both very easy to do. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable in her presence... it was as if Zoe's sudden absence from the equation had completely changed the dynamics of my relationship with Val. But how could I imagine anything would come of that when I was only here for the weekend?

We talked easily - I tried to draw her out a little, and she told me a bit about her job, the local wildlife, and her leisure time interests, which included horseback riding and, surprisingly, writing poetry.

"Here I am, an aspiring English professor, and all these years I've known you I had no idea you had the soul of a poet!" I exclaimed.

"Well, I imagine even after all this time there's at least a few things you still don't know about me, Zach," she said with a mischievous smile.

After about twenty minutes of walking along a mildly inclining trail, we came upon what I was sure another section of the same stream I had viewed earlier. But here off to our left was a small, picturesque waterfall, with a wide pool of water directly underneath. Beyond that the stream narrowed rapidly and the water burbled and churned as it headed downhill.

"Gosh, it's a really gorgeous spot, Val! Is it warm enough to go for a swim?"

Valerie shook her head regretfully. "Nope, the water is still pretty frigid at this time of year. That's recently melted snow pack you're looking at right there."

I felt kind of deflated, as I'd very much hoped that taking off most (or maybe even all) of our clothes and sharing a swim might lead to even greater intimacies. But still I clung to the hope there might yet be other opportunities. Walking to the water's edge, I knelt and tentatively dipped my hand into the admittedly chilly water.

"Follow me, Zach, and I'll show you how we can climb up right to the very top of the waterfall." Val called out.

Inwardly I heaved a sigh, and fell into step behind her.

On a grassy bank next to the stream she spread out a blanket, and we shared a picnic lunch. She had even brought a thermos with some wine, and we drank a toast to a happy and productive future for both of us. I wanted to put my arms around her, to hold her close and kiss her, but something about Val's body language discouraged me from thinking that such behavior would be favorably received. So I did my best to be warm and friendly, while still keeping a respectful distance between us.

Back at my cabin, there was an awkward pause as Val prepared to take her leave of me - I was feeling a little desperate as I realized I was rapidly running out of options.

"So Valerie," I said, attempting to keep my voice casual, "would you like to get together later and catch a bite to eat?"

She shook her head regretfully. "Can't, Zach. I have something this evening I can't get out of... "

In response to my quizzical look, Val gave me an embarrassed smile and continued, "...I'm - I'm really sorry to have to tell you this, Zach, but it's a wedding rehearsal. My former roommate. I'm one of the bridesmaids, so I have to go."

Seeing the dismayed look on my face, she added quickly: "Of course, you're very welcome to come as my guest, but since you don't know anyone I thought..."

"No, no," I broke in, "it's okay. I'm sure I wouldn't be comfortable. Besides," I added with a weak laugh, "I'd probably bring bad luck."

Valerie gave me a pitying look, and didn't smile. "I'll see you tomorrow before you leave for sure."

"Okay, Val," I said, trying to put a brave face on. "Have a great evening, and thanks so much for the tour. I really had an enjoyable afternoon."

"I enjoyed it too, Zach. See you tomorrow, okay?" She gave me a quick hug, then turned and walked towards the parking lot.


There was a brochure in my cabin listing some local eateries. I chose one more or less at random, then passed an unhappy hour in which I seemed to be the only solo diner in a restaurant full of groups and couples. I was seated in an out of the way booth off in a corner, and there was an attractive couple at a table just a few feet away who were alternately cooing, laughing and flirting with each other, both seemingly having the time of their lives. I couldn't help wondering if they were on their honeymoon.

Back at the cabin, I grabbed another beer from the refrigerator, settled myself on the couch and began listlessly leafing through a magazine. I began wondering idly if there was anything worth watching on television. "Some frigging honeymoon weekend!" I thought to myself bitterly.

Just then I heard a faint buzzing, and looked up to see my cell phone moving ever so slightly on the coffee table. I'd put it on vibrate mode in the restaurant, and had forgotten to switch the ringer back on. "Who the hell would be calling me here?" I wondered.

I picked it up and glanced at the screen. There was a missed call from Val, and a couple moments later a text from her also appeared:

Hi Zach! The dinner let out early, and me and some friends are at the natural hot springs that are less than 200 yards from your cabin. Why don't you come join us?

There was a link to some kind of map, but I was unable to open it. I texted back:

Would love to, but I can't open your map. How do I get there?

A half minute later she responded:

Just head down the trail we were on this afternoon, then turn on the first path you see on your right. You can't miss it!

Then a few seconds later:

And don't bother with a bathing suit! We're all 'au natural' tonight!

This followed by a little blushing smiley-face emoticon.

"What the hell," I thought. "At the very least, I get to see Valerie naked!" So I texted back:

Cool! I'm on my way.

For a few moments I debated what, if anything to wear, and decided I distinctly did not like the idea of heading out into the night wearing only sandals. I had brought a knee-length terrycloth robe, so I put that on, grabbed a towel, put on my sandals and headed out. I felt vaguely excited - maybe this night wouldn't turn out to be a total loss after all!

There were clouds covering the moon, and despite a wealth of glittering stars, it was only just barely light enough to see a short distance ahead. I made my way tentatively down the now-darkened path, and after several minutes of traipsing along, became convinced that I had somehow managed to miss the right turn. Retracing my steps, I was so intent on looking for the elusive turnoff that I almost literally bumped right into Valerie. Both of us jumped.

"Sheesh, you startled me!" I exclaimed. She had take a couple of steps back, and I could barely see her. I took a step forward and peered at her, and my jaw literally dropped in astonishment. Except for a pair of rubber flip-flops on her feet, Val was completely naked.

"Don't look so surprised," she said with a laugh. "I told you it was sans bathing costumes, didn't I?"

"Anyway," she told me, "I was afraid you'd gotten lost, so I came to look for you. Follow me - it's not far!"

I fell into step behind her, as she headed back up the path at a brisk and confident clip. After about fifty yards she turned to her left, and we began walking down a mildly sloping hillside. Seeing her with no clothes on had been such a shock that I really hadn't taken in what the front of her looked like, but following along after her I had plenty of time to check out her trim and shapely ass, and decided it was something I'd definitely like to get better acquainted with.

The hot springs were at the bottom of the hill, slightly off to the left, an irregular shaped rectangular pool surrounded by flat stones. There were seven or eight people already there, all seemingly in their late 20's or early 30's. I counted three other women, one of them with truly enormous boobs, which I did my best not to stare at. Valerie kicked off her floppies and eased herself back into the dark water, then looked up at me expectantly.

"C'mon, Zach, don't be shy!" she teased. "I promise, the water won't dissolve you!"

That got a laugh from everyone, and under cover of the general amusement I set down my towel, shrugged out of my robe with elaborate nonchalance, and then stepped out of my sandals before lowering myself into the warm water alongside Val. She then made the introductions, which I barely heard:

"Hey, all, this is my good friend Zachary - Zach, this is Roger, Dave, Andy, Sylvia, Debbie, Megan..." There were mumbled greetings and waves from the assembled bathers, and I nodded and waved in response.

I seem to recall there were maybe three others who were also employed at the park - everyone else who was present was a friend of either the bride or the groom in some other capacity. But they all seemed like great pals and there was frequent boisterous laughter along with the continued buzz of multiple animated conversations. Someone produced a large bota wine bag that was passed around, followed shortly by a couple of fat joints.

"Zach, take it easy on that stuff," Val cautioned, "especially if you haven't gotten high for awhile. That is very potent weed."

I sensibly followed Valerie's advice, and took only a couple of shallow puffs, and waved away the second one that was proffered. I was pretty sure I'd be alone again with Val eventually, and wanted to keep a reasonably clear head.


The gathering began breaking up after I'd been there forty-five minutes or so, with people climbing out of the little pond in twos and threes, drying themselves off and getting into their clothes. One of the last to leave was Megan, one of Val's fellow rangers, a petite brunette with a boyish hairdo. She motioned Valerie to join her, and there ensued a whispered conversation between them that was just out of earshot.

Now that my eyes had adjusted to the dark I was seeing better, and I noticed that Megan had a shaved pussy topped by a narrow landing strip of dark pubic hair. When I caught sight of the vertical cleft of her vagina I immediately felt a tingling sensation in my crotch, and quickly turned away lest I become seriously aroused.

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