tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked Corporate Duties

Naked Corporate Duties


Part 1 of 4: The Big Promotion

Lauren sat in the lobby after being summoned by the boss.

She was dressed professionally. The 34 year old financial analyst was unsure of what to expect. She had always been friendly with the boss, but she had never been called to his office before.

While the secretary looked busy, Lauren quickly checked her pocket mirror and made sure that her appearance was neat. She wanted to look her best for the impromptu meeting. She put the mirror away and tried to be calm.

"Mr. Rosenthal will see you now," the secretary smiled.

"Thank you."

Laura stood and entered the office, which was massive and elegant. It was truly the office of someone important. When she entered, they greeted each other with a handshake.

"Lauren, it's good to see you," he said happily, working his trademark charm.

"It's good to see you too, Mr. Rosenthal."

"Have a seat," he said. "So how are you? Everything okay? Anything I can get for you?"

"I'm fine, thank you."

They both sat down and got comfortable. Mr. Rosenthal sat behind his large brown desk. Lauren sat directly in front of him.

"Thank you for coming on short notice," he said. "I hope I'm not interfering with your work, am I?"

"Oh, of course not. My monthly report is practically done."

He smiled, "That's what I like about you. You're a diligent worker. Very smart. Dedicated. We could use more employees like you."

"Thank you, sir," she blushed.

"In fact, you've been making quite an impression on upper management lately. Your hard work and dedication are being noticed. The reason this company is so successful is because we have an eye for talent. And talent always gets rewarded around here."

Lauren tried to contain her excitement. Climbing the corporate ladder was her goal. She sensed a big promotion coming, even though she had only been with the company for a few years.

"Is that what you wanted to see me about?" she asked in a coy tone.

"We have many things to discuss. First, you've met the new CEO, haven't you?"

Lauren tried not to gush. She had met the new CEO, Mr. Price, only once. He had a powerful presence to him. In many ways, Mr. Price was the ideal man in Lauren's fantasies.

"Yes," she replied. "We shook hands once."

"Good. He's a great guy. Everyone has complete faith in him. With his leadership, this corporation could reach new heights. Do you agree?"

"Completely sir," Lauren nodded in agreement.

"So you trust the judgement of our new CEO, right?" Mr. Rosenthal asked again. "You have complete faith in his vision for our corporation."

"I do. Completely"

Mr. Rosenthal gave a wide smile, which made Lauren slightly nervous. It was the kind of smile which showed that there was a big surprise coming.

"As it turns out, Mr. Price remembers you," he said. "You've made quite an impression on him. He thinks you could be a future leader here."

Lauren's face beamed. "Really?"

"Yes, really. He recognizes your talents, and he wants to secure your future with this company before you get a better offer someplace else. You aren't thinking of leaving us, are you?"

"No, of course not," Lauren said defensively. "I would never leave this company. I love working here."

He nodded. "Good. Our CEO would like to offer you a promotion. It's a special position. You'll be reporting directly to me, and to upper management."

"That's wonderful," she replied, holding in her excitement. "I feel that I have so much to offer. I look forward to my expanded role with this company."

"I'll be sure to let Mr. Price know how you feel."

"Will I have my own office? Where will I work?"

Mr. Rosenthal thought for a moment. "We haven't quite figured that out yet. The promotion you'll be receiving is not officially part of our corporate structure. This position was created specifically for you."

"That sounds amazing," she replied. "I'm flattered. When can I thank Mr. Price personally?"

He smiled, "There will be plenty of time for you to express your gratitude."

Lauren was almost taken aback by Mr. Rosenthal's overly confident and suggestive demeanor. But regardless, she was overjoyed with the good news.

"I'm absolutely thrilled," she said. "When does this promotion start? What will this new job entail?"

"We'll get to that in the coming days. As I've mentioned, this is a new position created specifically for you."

"I'm honored."

"As you should be," he replied. "I'm sure you're also thinking about what kind of raise you'll be receiving."

"I'll be happy with anything."

"Don't be so modest. Living in this city is difficult. Of course you're thinking about money. Everyone in the corporate world thinks about money."

"You're right," she admitted. "The extra money would be nice."

He smiled, "We haven't calculated the exact amount yet. It may not be a lot, but I can assure you that there will be extravagant bonuses. But that discussion is for another day. Now, if there's nothing else, I'd like to get back to work. I'll contact you once I have more information available."

Lauren thanked her boss profusely. Both of them stood and shook hands once again. They exchanged pleasantries and Lauren left the office with a big smile on her face.


Four days later. It was 6 am when Lauren awoke from her alarm. To her disappointment, there had been no official offer yet from the boss. Each passing day her excitement turned to frustration.

Lauren brushed her teeth and took a shower to start the day. She was always a morning person. As usual, she turned on her computer and brewed some coffee before drying her hair. After she dried herself, she put on a silk robe, poured a cup of coffee, and sat down to check the daily news, along with the slew of morning emails she would receive.

There were 9 new emails, which was the average for her morning. She skimmed through the senders, and her eyes widened when she saw an email from Mr. Rosenthal. The email was titled 'Your promotion'. She clicked it:

Good morning Lauren,

I hope you're doing well. Good news. Don't show up to the office today. I'm giving you the day off. At 10 am, meet me at the luxury apartment building directly across the street from our company. I'll be in room 1705. Don't be late. We'll be discussing the terms of your promotion.

- Rosenthal

It was the moment she had been waiting for. Lauren ignored the other emails and went straight to her dresser where she carefully applied her makeup. Then she went to the closet. She needed to look special. Her eyes sifted through all of the expensive clothes until she finally settled on her outfit.

Once the suit was on, she stood in front of a full length mirror to examine her appearance. It was just right, she thought. Not too sexy, not too formal.


Lauren waited in the lobby of the lavish apartment building at 9 am. She was an hour early. The last thing she wanted was to be late for a big promotion.

Half an hour passed and boredom sunk in. She was constantly checking the clock. Lauren was used to staying busy and productive during the workday.

With her eyes continuously looking down at her phone, footsteps approached her. She looked up and saw Mr. Rosenthal standing in front of her.

"You're early," he smiled, looking down at her.

She quickly put her phone away, stood up, and shook his hand.

"Good morning. I didn't want to keep you waiting."

"Well, I'm glad you're here. Let's go up to the apartment room, shall we? There are important documents to sign."


After a long elevator ride, they finally reached their floor and Mr. Rosenthal used his key to enter the room. When he turned the lights on, they saw the living area which was mostly empty except for a few pieces of furniture. The window had a spectacular view of the city. Lauren took a moment to walk around the room to admire its beauty, wishing she could live there someday.

"What a lovely place," she said, still looking around. "Your success has really paid off."

"Who said this is my place?"

She gave him a dumbfounded look. "Oh, I'm sorry. I assumed that this was your new apartment because you had the key."

"No. This isn't my apartment. I live in this building though, along with other executives and managers from our company."

"Then who's apartment is this? What are we doing here?"

Mr. Rosenthal smiled, dangled the apartment keys in his hand, and placed them on the countertop.

"This is your apartment," he said. "Only if you decide to take the promotion, of course. As I've mentioned days ago, your promotion will come with many notable perks and benefits. One of those benefits happens to be this apartment, with everything paid for by Mr. Price."

Lauren's jaw nearly dropped. "You can't be serious. This apartment must be worth..."

"It's very expensive. I can assure you that. Mr. Price is a very wealthy man, and he always rewards loyalty."

She took another look around the room, in complete awe that she could be living there soon. It was in stark contrast to her own small apartment.

"I don't know what to say. It sounds too good to be true."

Mr. Rosenthal opened a package that was on the table. He reached inside and spread several pages of documents.

"Here are the contracts," he said. "Obviously I don't expect you to sign everything now, but I expect you to think about them because they are binding legal agreements."

Lauren's suspicions were roused. Everything was too good to be true.

"What is all this?" she asked in a serious tone. "What do you want from me? What does Mr. Price want from me?"

He sat down on a chair, while Lauren remained standing.

"You're a savvy business woman, I can tell. I know the ambitious types when I see them. I knew the moment I saw you that you were special. You're determined and driven to succeed. That's the kind of attitude we like at our company. When Mr. Price saw you, he agreed. We had a long and thorough discussion about your future, and we both agreed that you are valuable to us."

"You still haven't answered my question," she replied. "What do you want from me?"

"Do you realize how important trust is for a company to be successful? Do you ever think about that? There are hundreds of millions of dollars which flow through our company every year. Think about all the secrets we have. Secrets which could ruin our business if they ever got out. Our competitors would love to get their hands on our secrets."

"I'm going to walk out that door unless you tell me what you want."

"No you won't," he replied confidently.

"And why not?"

"Because you haven't looked at the agreement yet," he said. "Take a look. The figures are right there."

Lauren apprehensively looked down at the contract on the table. For the first time, she saw the dollar value of the apartment, and it was staggering. The contract specifically stated that Mr. Price would pay for everything while she remained an employee of the corporation. She would be able to live there for free, along with all living expenses. The pay raise was modest, but Mr. Price was willing to pay large monthly bonuses for good performance.

"Is this offer really from Mr. Price?" she asked.

He nodded. "It is. I'm doing this on his behalf. Do those numbers interest you?"

"Yes," she said meekly.

"Good. Now remove your clothes. Show me how interested you are."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard correctly," he replied.

"I don't understand."

"This is part of the promotion."

"What does my job as a financial analyst have to do with my body?" she asked, utterly confused. "I know what my rights are, and I'm not afraid to sue."

"You wouldn't do that. We have some of the best lawyers on the east coast. Besides, I can tell how much this promotion means to you."

Lauren thought for a moment. "What exactly is my promotion? Stop being so vague. Either tell me, or I'll walk through that door and quit."

"You'll still be a financial analyst," he said calmly. "You'll report directly to me, and to the other members of the board, and to the CEO. But you'll also have other responsibilities. You'll be working on a new floor. When you're in the office, you're expected to be naked at all times."


"Yes," he nodded. "Naked. Our new CEO and several members of the board have a particular fetish for women like you. Office women who are smart, beautiful, and loyal."

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this," she replied softly.

"That's fine. This type of thing isn't for everyone."

"What happens if I refuse?"

"Then you'll go back to your desk job," he replied. "No hard feelings. There won't be any retaliation from upper management. Things will go back to normal. You'll simply be known as 'Lauren the financial analyst.' Nothing more, nothing less."

"And if I accept?" she asked. "I don't want my future to be tarnished."

"It won't. Strict confidentiality agreements are in place. Besides, do you think the upper management of our company wants the outside world to know what goes on inside of our building? Of course not."

Lauren slowly nodded. "Fair enough. That makes sense. But what about my reputation within the company? I don't want to be known as the woman who gets naked. I've worked so hard for my reputation and career."

"Have you ever wondered how so many young women were able to get promoted so fast? They were in the exact same position you're in now. Believe me, no one will lose respect for you. This is a fast track to the top."

Lauren's mind raced. It all made sense. She used to privately wonder how so many inexperienced women were able to climb the corporate ladder so fast.

"Will I have to perform any sex acts?" she asked bluntly.

He smiled, "We'll discuss that later. But as I've mentioned, you're not being forced to do anything. Everything is at your will. Plenty of corporate women have done this. So have the men. How do you think our handsome CEO was able to get his job so easily? He made friends with the right women."

"You mean Mr. Price..."

"He fucked his way to the top. Our previous CEO was a woman, and Mr. Price usually satisfied her every afternoon. She recommended him for the top job when she decided to retire."

"I'm having a tough time wrapping my head around all of this," Lauren replied in a confused state. "This seems unreal."

"But it is."

"Can I have a few days to think about this?"

"Of course," he nodded. "Please, take all the time you need. We want all of our employees to be happy and comfortable."

"Thank you."

Lauren was slowly beginning to turn her body so she could leave. Her head was still in a foggy state. She was almost becoming lightheaded from the details of the new job offer.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"Home. I need to think this over."

"Don't you want a chance to practice?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I want you to take your clothes off. If you can get naked in front of me, then you can do it for anyone. Consider this a test of your boundaries."

A part of her wanted to slap Mr. Rosenthal in the face. But that was out of the question. Another part of her was secretly becoming aroused. She wasn't a prude person, but she had always been modest with her body and sexuality.

Without thinking too deeply, Lauren unbuttoned her top and placed it on the table next to the various contracts. Next came her office skirt. The nice outfit she had carefully chosen was slowly being peeled away. Before long, she was standing wearing only a bra and panties.

Her body was average for a 34 year old career woman. She tried to exercise whenever possible. Her breasts were average sized, her arms & legs were toned, and her hips had a nice curve to them.

"How do you feel?" he asked, looking at her body.

"A number of things. Shy, humiliated, degraded, empowered, excited."

Mr. Rosenthal raised an eyebrow. "Aroused?"

"I wouldn't say that."

"Maybe things will change. Remove your bra and your panties."

Lauren reached back to unclasp her bra, revealing her pert breasts, with large brown nipples. She bent down to remove her panties, revealing her bare crotch, which hadn't been shaved in a while. She placed the bra & panties onto the table and stood completely naked for Mr. Rosenthal to observe.

"There," she said. "You've got what you wanted."

He smiled, "Get dressed. Take the documents with you. When you've finally made your decision, sign the papers and bring them to my office."

With that said, Mr. Rosenthal stood and walked passed Lauren while she was still naked. He left the apartment. Lauren quickly got dressed and took another look at the documents. She made her decision. She put the papers back inside of the package and left the apartment, locking the door on her way out.

Part 2 of 4: The Naked Responsibilities

Later that night. Lauren paced back and forth in her narrow apartment. She had reviewed every sentence of every page, the same way a lawyer would.

If she signed, her life would change dramatically. She would be working directly for upper management. It was a fast track to having a top job someday. But having to be naked would permanently alter her reputation forever. There would be no way to take it back.

As she continued to pace back & forth, she saw her reflection in a full length mirror by the living room door. She thought she looked fairly attractive. To her surprise, getting naked in front of Mr. Rosenthal earlier wasn't so bad.

Lauren stood in front of the mirror and examined herself further. She slipped off her night clothes and got naked. Her body was something to be proud of. It was something to be admired. It may have been the key to a fast promotion.

'Can I really do this?' she asked herself.

The answer became clear when she slipped her fingers between her legs and felt a slight wetness. Being naked in front of Mr. Rosenthal gave her a strange sensation. It was an unusual thrill. She continued touching herself, until she reached a much needed orgasm.


The next day. Lauren walked into the corporate building with a newfound purpose and confidence. She went directly to Mr. Rosenthal's office and asked the secretary to meet him immediately, even though she didn't have an appointment.

After the secretary contacted Mr. Rosenthal, the impromptu meeting was quickly approved.

Lauren entered the office holding the package of documents. She sat down and placed the package onto his desk, not caring that his desk was already cluttered with important papers.

"What's this?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"I've signed everything. The contracts, the non-disclosure agreements, everything."

"That was a quick decision. Women like you usually take a couple of days. Are you sure you want to do this?"

She nodded. "I've thought about everything carefully. I didn't move to this city so that I can be a financial analyst forever. I want to work at the top. If this is what it takes, then I'll do it."

Mr. Rosenthal ignored her words and examined the documents, making sure that everything was properly signed and agreed upon.

"Come with me," he said.


They entered the elevator and went several floors up. When the doors opened, Lauren was taken aback by the extravagance of the floor. Everything was brand new, elegant, and sophisticated. It looked like something out of the future. There was nobody around, which surprised her.

"What is this place?" she asked as they walked inside.

"This is where the big decisions are made."

"It's beautiful here..."

"Get used to it," he said. "You'll be working here now. But before I can show you around, you'll have to get undressed. One of the main rules of this floor is that all female personnel must be naked at all times."

It was the moment Lauren expected, and the moment she dreaded. Her face remained expressionless while she unbuttoned her clothes. Each article of clothing was handed to Mr. Rosenthal. She remained stoic while she got naked. After she handed him her clothes, Mr. Rosenthal placed the clothing on a nearby rack.

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