tagBDSMNaked Delhi Daredevilry Ch. 03

Naked Delhi Daredevilry Ch. 03


I woke up with a mild headache in the afternoon, my body still aching a bit after the eventful previous night. I had slept in the nude. I put my panties on, put on a long t-shirt, and walked out of my bedroom to make me some coffee, hoping that Ijaz would have left my now.

Anagha was sitting on the couch in a terrycloth robe watching TV with a cup of coffee in her hand. She looked at me with a very serious expression on her face for a few seconds. I looked back, puzzled and said,

"Hey Anagha. Good... afternoon. What's up?"

"Teju... I...." she paused as she picked up the remote and switched the TV off. "I need to talk to you."

"Yeah, sure. Just let me get some coffee." I said, stretching my arms lazily.

"OK. There is some black coffee in the pot. Help yourself."

I poured myself the coffee, put in some milk and sugar, and joined Anagha on the couch.

"OK sweetie, what do you wanna talk about?" I asked. Anagha looked into my eyes with a serious expression and said,

"Teju... I know all about last night."

My heart jumped up my throat. What did she mean exactly.

"You know about last night? What do you mean?" I asked.

"Come on, Teju. Don't play dumb with me. Ijaz told me everything. I know it all. Drop the act." she replied, raising her voice a little.

I stayed silent for a few seconds, wondering if I really should drop the act. But you know how it is. Some times, there is comfort in pretending to be ignorant, even if the pretense is about to be shattered.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Anagha." I said tentatively.

Anagha exhaled slowly. Kept her cup on the coffee table and got up. She took a couple of steps, stood in front of me and gently pried the cup from my hand and placed it on the coffee table on a coaster. Something that amuses me now as I think about it, because it showed what a cleanliness freak she was even when upset.

I looked at her puzzled, as she stood in front of me for a couple of seconds. What she did next absolutely shocked me.

"YOU SLUT!!!" she yelled, and slapped me across my face very hard. Before I could react, she slapped me hard again. Tears started streaming down my face involuntarily.

"Anagha, please....." I tried to say something, but that's when her third slap landed. I put put arms up in front of my face to shield it, as her next few slaps landed on my arms. But she was not done. She grabbed my hair and yanked hard, making me fall to the floor in a fetal position. She then started kicking me on my ass and my back really hard. I realized that unless I fought back, this crazy bitch could seriously hurt me.

I grabbed her kicking right foot and pulled it hard, and she fell, landing on her ass right next to me. But that only angered her more. In a flash she was on top of me, her knees on either side of my waist and started slapping me again. As I tried to grab her hands and wrestle back, she raised her butt a bit and brought it down hard on my stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I finally gave up resisting.

"YOU SLUT... YOU WHORE.... YOU BITCH..." she yelled as she kept slapping my face, and I kept crying. Finally after about a minute or so she stopped, and just sat there on top of me, breathing hard. "How could you do that to me, Teju? How could you fuck him even after you saw us doing it?" she said and started crying too.

"I am sorry, Anagha, I really really sorry" I said, sobbing.

Anagha bent down, with her face very close to mine and gently wiped my tears.

"I am sorry too, Teju. I should not have... I mean I just wanted to talk.... I don't know what came over me...." and started crying even harder. I put my hands around her back and pulled her closer, holding her in an embrace, her face next to mine.

"It's OK. I understand. I guess I deserved it." I said, running my hands up and down over the terrycloth robe covering her back.

We lay like that for a minute or so, me holding her in my embrace, as we both stopped crying. Anagha, still locked in my hug, raised her face until it was right on top of mine. We stared into each others eyes for a few seconds. I was just about to say something when she did something that completely caught me off guard.

She closed her eyes, put her lips on mine and started kissing me. I don't know if it was the anger or the passion in her kiss, but I could not help but kiss her back. If Anagha had been unsure about this, my response seemed to embolden her. She slid her right hand under the back of my head, pulled me upwards and continued her kiss even more intensely.

Stunned, I realized that I was getting very turned on. I had experimented with girls when in college, but whatever was happening was on a whole new level. This was hands down the best kissing I had ever experienced, with no guy even coming close. And hands down, it was, in more ways than one. Almost involuntarily, my right hand picked itself off Anagha's back and started advancing towards my crotch. On its way there, it bumped into Anagha's left hand, which clearly had the same plans.

Our hands bumping into each other made us both break the kiss and look downwards. I smiled at Anagha sheepishly. She didn't smile back, but the look she gave me instead was odd. Her eyes looked as if there was a fire inside them. Her lips were partially open and trembling. She stayed like that for a few seconds, as if mulling over a decision, and when she finally moved, it was with a sense of purpose.

She stood up, and gave me a hand to help me up the floor. I took her hand, and lifted myself up the ground. Still holding my hand, she looked downwards. I followed her gaze towards the crotch of my panties which was wet. Anagha then turned, and started walking towards her room, dragging me behind her.

"Anagha I...." I said as I tried to resist her pulling. She stopped, and hissed with a heavy breath,

"Shhhhh! No talking. Just shut the fuck up!" and started dragging me behind her.

In a few seconds, were were at her bed and she threw me on top of it. She then took her robe off and threw it on the floor, revealing that she was completely naked underneath. She then hitched her fingers into the waistband of my panties and pulled them down in one motion, throwing them on the floor, revealing my naked pussy to her. Next, she climbed on to the bed and pulled my t-shirt off, throwing it on the floor too.

She then lay down next to me and grabbed my left boob with her right hand.

"Hmmmm" she said as she bent down and gave the nipple a tantalizing lick. "They look even bigger naked than they seem to be clothed."

I felt a touch at my clit and noticed her left hand was there. Almost immediately, she found the right spot and started her magic.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh" I squealed.... no fingers, male or female, had ever pleasured my clit so well. Anagha kept playing with my clit and my boobs as I closed my eyes, threw my head back and just soaked in the pleasure. Within a couple of minutes, I was about to hit my orgasm when, sensing it from my breathing, Anagha withdrew her finger. I groaned in frustration, opened my eyes, looked at her and said,

"Damn! I was so close!"

Anagha had a very stern look on her face. She grabbed my hair, pulled it really hard, and said in a cold voice,

"You slut! I thought I told you no talking. How dare you disobey me?" and slapped me hard. I just lay there, my cheek stinging, confused about what exactly was happening here. One moment she was gentle, and the next she was stern. She continued, "Now listen, I don't care when you want to cum, or when you don't want to cum. From now on, I call the shots in this house, and you are my slave, understand?"

"What?" I said, surprised. And another hard slap landed on my face.


I nodded, not wanting another slap.

"Good, you catch on fast."

She started playing with my clit again. Once more, she got me very close to orgasm, and stopped just a few second short. I groaned once more, and she started laughing. She played with my boobs for a little bit, and then played with my clit again, once more stopping just short, almost driving me crazy.

"Please Anagha please.... let me cum.." I begged, forgetting her orders about not talking. Then I realized my error, and braced for some more slaps. But they didn't come. Anagha sat up and said,

"Disobeying me again by talking! You are quite the rebellious slave, aren't you? You need to be taught a lesson."

She got up off the bed and walked to her closet. As she did, I couldn't help but admire her perfect butt as it swayed. She came back to the bed with a big plastic bag. She took two velvet-covered handcuffs out of the bag. Before I could quite comprehend what was going on, she snapped one loop on my left hand and another on the bars of the headboard. In a flash, she took the other one and did the same with my right hand. I was now naked, with my hands cuffed to the bed above my head.

This wasn't too new for me. I had dated guys before who had a fetish for bondage. But what Anagha took out of the bag next was completely new to me. It looked like a g-string, but made of rubber cord. In its front, it had a small hole with some sort of a clip. Anagha got up with that thing in her hand, and said,

"Don't try to kick me or anything, or you'll regret it. Alright?"

I nodded. She went to my feet, put one foot each through the loops of the strange g-string, and pulled it up. The waistband was small, but flexible and it fit snugly around my waist. the cord in the back fit tightly in my asscrack, making me feel very uncomfortable. My crotch was covered with a small triangle of rubber with the hole in it.

"You're wondering what this is for, I suppose." Anagha said with a devilish grin on her face. I nodded. "I'll show you. This is a rubber g-string if you will. And the hole...."

She picked up the bag and took out what looked like a small vibrator,

"... the hole" she continued "is where this little fella goes."

I still didn't quite get what the point of all this was. Instead of using her fingers to tease me, she was going to use a vibrator? Alright. Big deal. As I was thinking, Anagha took out a single AA battery from her drawer, and put it in the vibrator. She clicked it on, and it buzzed into life. She then turned it off and came close to me.

She inserted the vibrator in the hole, and with her fingers, made sure it was right on my clit. She then snapped the clip near the whole on to a hook in the vibrator and fixed it into a place.

"Hmm... now let's see if it is a perfect fit", Anagha said, grabbed hold of my hips and shook them vigorously, sideways and then up and down. The vibrator, sure enough, stayed in place, as if it had been nailed there. "Looks good."

Anagha then turned the vibrator on, and ah, at once, it started working on my clit. I started moaning and squirming in pleasure as Anagha watched with a smile on her face. I smiled back at her, and enjoyed the vibrations filling me with pleasure. Maybe it was Anagha's previous machinations on my clit, or maybe it was the vibrator's efficiency, but I started orgasming within a minute.

I bucked and thrashed and yelled as the vibrator sent me over the edge. The handcuffs restricted my movement, but still allowed enough for me to arch my back and take in the orgasm as it hit me and went on for well over 30 seconds. Finally, as the orgasm subsided, I fell back on the bed, relieved and breathing heavily in bliss. That's when I realized. The vibrator was still working on my clit. It was like an annoying tickle now.

"If you have something to say, you have permission to do so now, slave." Anagha said with her manic smile wider than ever.

"Umm... could you take this off please?" I said, breathing heavily, and squirming again.

"Actually..... No. I will not. You are a horny slut. You want orgasms. Well, you are gonna get as many orgasms as a brand new AA battery on this vibrator can give you. Non stop."

"What? No, come on AnaghaaaAAAAAAAAA" I said as another orgasm hit me and I started thrashing about again.

"Enjoy, my dear slave. I'll be back in a bit." She said, went to her closet and started picking out clothes. I watched, panicky and incoherent, as she put on underwear, a bra, a knee-length skirt and a tank top.

Meanwhile, I had been thrashing, bucking, bending my legs, doing anything I could to dislodge the vibrator from where it was. My heart was beating faster than it ever had. The succession of orgasms after orgasms was driving me crazy. I started yelling, hoping that some neighbor might hear me and come to my rescue, but Anagha was one step ahead.

Now fully dressed, she approached me, took out a gag-ball from her toy-bag and thrust it in my mouth. She then pulled its rubber cord over my head and around my face to keep it in place. Thus muffling my cries almost completely.

"OK, seeya soon, slave." Anagha said, and left the room, closing the door behind her.

I lay there as another orgasm hit me, and by now my body was too tired to thrash around too much. I started panicking and crying, convinced that Anagha wanted me to die of heart failure. I kept struggling and trying to fight back the orgasms. I don't know how long this continued, as I slowly felt a darkness enveloping me. I was convinced I was dying, as I passed out.

I woke up with a start. The clock on Anagha's dresser drawer indicated I had been passed out for about 45 minutes. I looked down towards my crotch and noted with relief that the g-string and the vibrator were gone. The gag was still in my mouth though.


I lay there, naked and handcuffed, and tried to analyze the situation. What had happened? Had Anagha raped me? I wasn't fully sure. I had been a willing participant for most of the time. I had enjoyed her kiss, and her fingering of my clit. I had loved the feel of her naked body against my skin. And I had been mesmerized at her naked body. But this hadn't been just two women making love. Anagha had clearly been dominant, in fact too dominant. And I, most of the time, had been submissive. And willingly so. I knew that if I wanted, I could have summoned up enough physical strength to fight off her advances. But I hadn't. My resistance to her had been almost cursory or token.

And what was all that about her calling me a slave and saying she would call the shots from now on? Why had I meekly gone along with it? I knew about the BDSM lifestyle and had even enjoyed being submissive to some dominant boyfriends. But those were BOY-friends. Anagha was a woman. Was I actually enjoying being so utterly dominated by a woman? Was I happy to be her slave? How would this work? We were roommates after all. She could not hope to.....

My train of thought was interrupted by the door opening and Anagha entering. She was still dressed in the skirt and the tank top, and had a wide smile on her face.

"You're finally up then. I kept checking every ten minutes. Took you a long time. Usually when I pass out after using that vibrator-g-string, I am back after 15 minutes." she said as she came and sat down next to me. She took out the gag-ball from my mouth. She then put her left hand on my left boob and started playing with it.

"Anagha, what the...OWWWWW" I started to speak, but cried out mid-sentence as she pinched my nipple really hard.

"Alright, first of all, what I said before still applies. You are not to speak unless I have given you explicit permission. Can you get that into your thick head, you stupid cunt?" she said in a menacing voice.

I nodded.

"Secondly," she continued, "you are not to refer to me as Anagha any more. If you do, I will treat it as an insult and an affront and punish you for it. From now on, you will only refer to me as Mistress. Get that?"

I nodded again.

"You can speak for the next few minutes now. So do you get what I am saying?" she said.

"Yes, I do."

"Yes, you do what?" she said, pinching my nipple again, making me wince.

"Yes, Mistress. I understand that from now on I am to refer to you only as Mistress." I said, surprised at my instant agreement. I could have argued, shouted, resisted, and even tried to fight. But yet, inexplicably, i just meekly obeyed her.

"Good, now that's spoken like a nice obedient slave. You understand that from now on you are my slave, right?"

"Yes, Mistress." I said, avoiding her gaze.

"Yes Mistress what?"

"Yes, Mistress. I realize that from now on I am your slave. I will follow your every order, and do whatever you command me to." I said, going above and beyond what she expected me to say. That clearly pleased her, because she beamed and said,

"Very very good, slave. You are learning fast."

She then took a key out of the plastic bag and unlocked my handcuffs. Freed from them, I stretched my arms a bit, and then sat there naked, wondering what I was supposed to do next. I could see my tshirt and panties strewn on the floor. Would it be alright if I put them back on? Anagha saw me look at my cothes, and reading my mind said,

"No, you can not put your clothes on yet. Here's what we do next."

Anagha walked to the closet and rummaged about a bit in there. She fished out a black bra and a tiny black skirt. Then she took out a trench coat and walked to me with them.

"Alright, wear this, slave." she said, dropping the garments on the bed next to me.

I picked up the bra. It was not actually a bra, but some sort of a skimpy top. It did not have shoulder straps, but just a loop at the top, like with halters. Furthermore, the loop was made of leather. The outline of the bra was leather too, with the cups made of some flimsy lace. As I examined it further, I realized that at the back, it did not have hooks, but a metallic push-button.

"Stop examining it like some inspector. Put it on, slave."

I put the loop around my neck. The cups barely covered a quarter of each breast. This top was clearly Anagha's size and since my boobs were a bit bigger, I wasn't sure if it would fit me. Sure enough when I reached behind my back and tried to button it, I couldn't. The button and the hole couldn't meet each other.

"Having trouble putting it on? That's understandable. It's my size, so a little small for your massive tits. Eventually we'll buy you stuff that's your own size. But for now, this will have to do. Here, I'll help you." Anagha said and stepped behind me. She pushed at my back with her knees and pulled my shoulders back with her hands. Then she stretched the side-straps of the top very hard, as I felt the leather press into my skin. I felt a little suffocated as she pulled harder and finally managed to push the button shut.

I felt very uncomfortable in this top which was clearly one size too small for me. The lace cups were stretched against my boobs and my nipples were poking hard through them. As I wiggled around a bit uncomfortably, Anagha picked up the skirt and handed it to me.

I got off the bed and put it on. It was a loose pleated cotton skirt with an elastic waistband that fit me well. But when I wore it, I realized it was even shorter than it had initially looked. It just about covered my pussy and my ass. I reached behind with my hands to make sure my ass crack wasn't on display.

"Now you look like the whore that you truly are. Actually, we need something else to show your whorishness." Anagha said and went to her dresser table. She took out a bright red lip-stick, came close to me, held my cheeks with her left hand making me pout, and then rubbed it liberally over my lips.

She then grabbed my hand and dragged me over to a mirror. As I saw my reflection, I was shocked at how trashy I looked. Lips smeared with bright red lip stick. Huge boobs that were partially exposed and clearly struggling to burst out of the top. The black skirt was showing a lot of my thighs. I then turned around to see how I looked from behind. Almost all of my back was on display, except for the tiny portion covered by the strap of the top, and my ponytailed hair. The shape of my round bubble butt was obvious even through that loose skirt, and a hint of my ass cheeks was visible.

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