tagBDSMNaked Embarrassed Tom Ch. 04: CMNM Bar

Naked Embarrassed Tom Ch. 04: CMNM Bar


Exposing Tom - CMNM Bar

It was almost 9:55pm when the boys finally made it to the bar, having hit every red light on their way there. The bar closed its doors at 10:00pm and the boys were relieved to have made it just in time. The boys made their way inside, checking their coats before coming upon a split in the hallway. The bouncer stood in the middle, and asked each boy if they were a 'C' or 'N'.

No one seemed to understand the question, but with the clock close to striking 10:00pm, they didn't have time to consider it, and split into two groups. Tom and Brendan had moved to the right side of the hallway and were given one coloured wristband while Kevin, Max, John, Zach, and Greg, moved left, receiving a different wristband. The boys were given waivers to fill out, and then allowed inside where they gathered around a table, and ordered their first round of drinks.

A cute young waiter brought their drinks over, and told Tom and Brendan that their drinks were on the house. Tom was confused, and asked the waiter why their drinks were free but no one else's were. The waiter simply replied, "don't worry, you'll earn them", and walked away. As Tom considered the waiter's response, the club's MC, a guy named Ryan, asked all of the boys with skin coloured wristbands to come to the stage.

Tom and Brendan were singled out of their group and made their way to the stage along with one other young man. Ryan introduced everyone on stage, and asked the boys if they had signed a waiver. Brendan and Marc quickly said yes, while Tom replied that he was starting to think that he shouldn't have.

Ryan laughed, and asked Tom if it was his first time at the bar. Tom said yes, and Ryan offered him the opportunity to leave, reminding everyone that if they stayed after the doors were closed, they would be locked in until 2:00am. Tom looked at Greg, who had encouraged him to come here tonight, and saw Greg mouth 'NET'. With this assurance Tom agreed to stay and the crowd cheered.

Ryan began to explain how the night would proceed. He started by explaining that CMNM stood for 'clothed male naked male', and that tonight, the three boys on stage would be the latter. The boys would drink for free, and if they made it to 2:00am, they'd be rewarded with clothes to wear home and $500 cash. At this point, Ryan started a countdown timer on the screen behind him.

After 60 minutes, the timer would go off, and the three boys would return to the stage and their shirts would be cut off of them. 60 minutes later their pants, and another 60 minutes later their underwear. Once they were naked, the boys would be bound and would be under the control of one of the clothed males for the remaining 60 minutes of the night. As this was being explained, Tom's cock grew, forcing him to adjust himself in front of the excited crowd.

Tom looked to Brendan who he'd only met that night and noticed that he seemed quite at ease. Ryan had finished his explanation, inviting the boys to head to the bar, where Marc and Brendan started catching up. Although it wasn't Tom's number one concern, he asked the other two boys how they knew each other, and was surprised when they explained that had met in this bar, at these seats, when they were the two naked males a few weeks back.

Brendan hadn't known what he had signed up for but Marc had gone in willingly. As Brendan explained his experience with Marc and Greg, he was interrupted by the timer sounding, leaving the three boys with hard cocks as they made their way to the stage. The three boys were blindfolded by Ryan and stood facing the crowd waiting for what was to come next. Ryan told the crowd to check their wristbands for the printed number and if it matched one of the two on the screen behind the stage they would get to strip one of the two veterans.

As the two lucky guys made their way to the stage, Ryan explained that one of the staff members was celebrating his 3rd year at the bar, so he would get to cut the first piece of clothing from their CMNM Bar virgin.

Tom heard footsteps approaching him, and a familiar voice said, "I told you you'd earn those drinks". Tom then heard scissors opening and closing beside his ear, before he was turned around, his back facing the crowd. The scissors cut Tom's collar, before his shirt was ripped from to bottom.

Tom's smooth, tanned skin was exposed as the back of his shirt was opened up revealing sagging shorts and a pair of thin white boxer-briefs that fell low on his hips exposing the top of his ass crack, but no tan line. Kevin and John knew why Tom's tan line didn't exist after he spent many hours on the local nude beach to rid himself of the tan line he developed at the all-inclusive.

The waiter pulled the rest of Tom's shirt off and turned him around to show his chest and abs to the crowd. The waiter ran his hands over every inch of Tom's skin, even sneaking his hands into Tom's boxer-briefs, tugging on his hard cock. Ryan jokingly slapped the waiter's hand, before also grabbing a handful of Tom's cock.

As all of this took place Brendan and Marc stood blindfolded on the stage waiting eagerly for their turn. Brendan was waiting in a pair of basketball shorts and a white tank top which tightly covered his body from his neck to just above the lowest point on the crotch of his shorts. Marc was better dressed, wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a t-shirt that was too small for him. Marc's t-shirt sat above the waistband of his shorts, exposing an inch of his tanned skin to the eager audience.

Marc's stripper was a young twink about his age named Joe, who appeared to be very excited to have been chosen to strip Marc. Marc was fondled, his shirt pulled over his head, before being cut into at least a dozen pieces and thrown into the crowd by Joe. No underwear waistband showed above Marc's shorts, leading Greg to hope that Marc had taken a page out of Brendan's playbook, and was going commando.

With Marc shirtless, and being groped, all attention turned to Brendan. Brendan's stripper was a 30 something professional with short hair and the body of a model. He started by cutting the shoulders on Brendan's tank top, causing it to fall just below Brendan's nipple, which his stripper quickly licked and bit. Brendan's stripper then pulled his shirt down, and down, until it fell off of his legs and sat in a bunch on the floor.

Brendan's basketball shorts were pulled down in the process resting just below the bottom of his lime green trunk boxers. Greg was surprised to see that Brendan was wearing underwear tonight, given all of the attention Brendan had received the last time he had gone commando in this bar.

The three boys were now shirtless with obvious tents in their shorts, so Ryan started the timer and took their blindfolds off, pushing them into the waiting crowd. Tom, being the newcomer, got the most attention with a large group quickly forming around him. This gave Kevin, Max, Zach, John, and Greg easy access to Marc and Brendan, who quickly found themselves inside a circle made by the other five boys.

Although they knew that in little more than an hour they'd have full access to Marc and Brendan, the boys pulled the two naked boys' shorts down tugging on their erect cocks. At this point they knew that Marc wore a pair of low cut bikini briefs with a jock back and that Brendan had been recently shaven smooth. As Marc and Brendan got the attention of the five boys, Tom had almost one hundred gay and bi men of all ages feeling up his legs and chest, wanting time to pass faster so his hard cock and ass would be fair game.

The timer went off and Ryan summoned the half naked boys back to the stage. Blindfolded once again, the boys waited for their turn to be stripped to their underwear. Three young guys made their way to the stage, dressed in matching pub crawl t-shirts. Marc was first, his stripper cutting cleanly through the back of his shorts, causing them to fall abruptly to the floor, leaving his low cut bikini briefs wrapped around his hard cock which pointed to his right hip.

Marc's stripper was pleased to see that his underwear had a jock style back, allowing the stripper's hands full access to his ass. Marc was turned around and bent over giving the crowd their first view of Marc's ass that night. Brendan played with Marc's ass while Brendan's stripper slowly pulled Brendan's shorts to the ground. The head of Brendan's cock poked out over the top of Brendan's waistband thanks to Kevin's last minute adjustment before Brendan has headed up to the stage for this round.

Brendan's stripper was pleased by the extra skin he had access to and quickly had Brendan's cock in his mouth. Brendan's trunks fit loosely around his waist allowing more of his cock to be exposed as his stripper sucked him off on stage. By now half of Brendan's cock was on display and he was very near cumming. In fact, had Ryan not forced Brendan's stripper back into the crowd, Brendan would have shot his load while Tom still had his shorts on.

Tom's stripper had started to pull the threading of Tom's shorts, pulling them apart from Tom's fly down. The stripper handed the long thread from Tom's fly through Tom's legs to the crowd who pulled on it as quickly as they could, pulling his shorts into two pieces which fell to the floor under the weight of Tom's wallet and cell phone. As Tom's stripper explored the newly exposed portions of Tom's body, namely his upper legs, the waiter jumped on stage, offering Tom some water which he gladly accepted.

However, Tom didn't expect the water to be poured on his body, turning his thin white boxer-briefs see through. The added weight of the water soaked fabric proved too much for the waistband of Tom's boxer-briefs, and they fell to the base of Tom's cock at the front, and halfway down his ass at the back. Tom's stripper quickly abandoned Tom's legs opting instead for the smooth skin between Tom's ass cheeks. With each of the boys in only their underwear, Ryan started the countdown and pushed the boys back into the crowd.

With so much exposed skin on Marc and Brendan, the crowd spread evenly between the three boys, finally allowing Kevin, Max, John, Zach, and Greg, to play with Tom. Tom was excited to see his five friends who wasted no time going after Tom's exposed skin. Tom's cock responded with a twitch adding to the precum that was staining his boxer-briefs. As the five boys took turns with their hands between Tom's ass cheeks, Brendan and Marc arrived at the group, and were similarly fondled.

Brendan's trunks were covered in saliva and precum from the constant attention his cock had been getting. Marc on the other hand had a bright red ass from the spankings he had been receiving. Marc had also met the young twink who had stripped him of his shirt who this time left a load of cum in his ass. Just as Greg considered having his own go at Marc's ass, the timer went, and the three boys returned to the stage.

As soon as they arrived on the stage the three boys were blindfolded and had their hands cuffed behind their backs. Ryan pumped up the crowd by reminding them that 3 lucky members of the crowd would be in charge of the soon to be naked boys. The crowd cheered and Ryan put the numbers of the 3 lucky boys who would remove the last bits of clothing from Tom, Marc, and Brendan.

Max was the only one of the boys chosen, and he looked forward to having his way with one of the boys. The other 2 boys chosen were Joe, and a boy that Kevin recognized as Jack, a PhD student at the local university who was often interviewed on TV. Marc's stripper was paired with Brendan and Max made his way to Marc, groping Marc's ass as soon as he could.

Jack made his way up to Tom, standing behind him, and pulling his jeans and purple boxer-briefs down until the head of his cock was exposed and rubbing against the exposed top half of Tom's ass. Ryan reminded everyone that the boys would remain handcuffed with their hands behind their backs, and under the control of their stripper. Tom felt the handcuffs click tighter around his wrists while his hands explored Jack's cock.

Jack wasted no time cutting Tom's boxer-briefs from his body, quickly thrusting his cock deep into Tom's ass. Jack continued fucking Tom while the rest of the room watched. Ryan eventually had to force the rest of the strippers to get on with it.

Joe took the scissors and cut two lines down the front of Brendan's trunks, fully exposing his hard cock, which he quickly took in his mouth as he ripped the rest of Brendan's boxer-briefs from his body.

Max took the scissors to Marc's jock style back, cutting both straps where they met between Marc's legs. Then Max turned the waistband of Marc's bikini-briefs, exposing Marc's cock before cutting his bikini-briefs off completely. With the three 'N' boys fully exposed, Ryan began the timer as Jack finally came all over Tom's back.

Jack was done with Tom so he removed Tom's blindfold and pushed him into the waiting crowd. Max held Marc on stage and jerked him off until Marc shot his load onto the first rows of onlookers. At the same time, Brendan was kept on stage as Greg was pulled onto the stage by Ryan.

Since Brendan had fucked Greg the last time they had been at CMNM, Ryan decided to reverse the roles. Greg was stood facing the crowd as Ryan pulled Greg's shirt over his head, exposing a very low cut pair of jeans, no waistband, and an obvious bulge. Greg's fly was unzipped, and his jeans pulled down, revealing neatly trimmed pubes, and his 5" cut cock.

Jack pulled Greg's jeans fully off and then pulled Greg by the cock to Brendan's ass. Brendan remained blindfolded, and didn't know who had just thrust their cock into his ass. That didn't stop his cock from twitching and starting a new flow of precum. Tom's hands remained cuffed behind his back but he still managed to make his way back to the stage his hard cock leading the way.

Tom got there just in time to lick the last drips of cum from Marc's cock before making his way to Matt taking his cock into his mouth. Matt pulled his cock over the waistband of his black compression shorts and khakis forcing it into Tom's waiting ass. A few minutes passed, and the crowd began counting down the last 15 seconds. As the crowd hit 3 seconds, Matt and Greg simultaneously pulled out, and shot their loads onto Brendan and Tom.

Ryan moved Tom, Marc, and Brendan back to the centre of the stage, while Greg made his way naked back to the group of boys, Matt in tow. Ryan explained that at this point of the night, the boys would usually be given the opportunity to earn extra cash by fucking or being fucked. Since each of the boys had been fucked at least once that night it seemed redundant. This announcement brought boos from the crowd, and Ryan was forced to find some way to salvage the evening. Ryan decided that the best option was to auction off each of the boys.

The highest bidder would have the opportunity to fuck or be fucked by the boys. At this point, Greg was pushed back up on stage and given an honorary skin coloured wristband. The auction began and within a few minutes, one young man had successfully won the bids for all 4 of the naked boys. As the young man made his way to the stage Tom recognized him as Frederick, the young man who had judged his tan line bet at the all inclusive.

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