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Naked Embarrassment


I met my wife, Scarlett, at our local gym and it was the best thing that could happen to me. I was a southern, country boy with some bulky muscles and a bad dating history of women acting like they were the boss of me and dangling sex and affection over my head to manipulate me. She was a woman of a mixed Chinese and caucasian descent who was already married once and it came to a traumatic end when her husband assaulted her. We both caught onto each other quick. She appreciated that I was the dominant actor in the relationship and I appreciated her for her submissive personality. We got along very well and we found more attraction to each other when we found that we were sexually deviant individuals.

I'm into BDSM a moderate amount. I'm not one to bind down my girlfriend completely immobile and toy with her but I'll tie her up and spank her when I need to. She was a little kinky in her own way. She loves being forced into certain situations and has a thing for exhibitionism and public sex. It keeps things fun and the fact we can both enjoy our sexual fixations makes us go together really well.

We got married after only a year and a half together and it's been great ever since. We're a few years apart. I'm knocking on 30 and she's 26. It's fair to say we have a better marriage than most people just because we have a general respect for one another and intimacy is a routine event in the home.

A few months ago, Scarlett gave me a confession that made my heart flutter. She told me that she wanted to be publicly humiliated in front of other people as a punishment for an action she did wrong. I was excited but I knew I had to wait for the right opportunity and my idea would allow both of our sexual fantasies to combine.


It's a Friday in April. We had invited over about a dozen friends for a dinner we were hosting at our home in the backyard. It's later in the evening and I'm only getting home a few minutes beforehand from my work as a diesel technician so Scarlett has to cook for everyone. I get in the door, a little frustrated from work, strip, then take a shower. I dress back up quickly in clean jeans and a collared shirt. About 2 minutes after dressing and combing over my blonde hair, we start getting knocks on the door. One or by couple, people flock into the backyard at the big dinner table we put together in the backyard.

I serve drinks of beer, soda, and hard lemonade. Scarlett had cooked up a lot of chicken breast, a pot of vegetables, threw together some caesar salad, and a homemade pumpkin pie. Everyone's chatting with everybody as the sun goes down and I take my seat with my best friend, Hunter to my left and my wife, Scarlett to my right at the head of the table. People begin to pass food around as I chat with Hunter.

"How have things been, man?" He asks me.

"Not bad. Work's got me down though. Got a stupid, new boss that doesn't know a damn thing about repairing transmissions." I explain.

"Yeah. Sounds like a fuckin' douche." He stammers.

"Hell yeah, how's your sister doin'?" I question.

"The meth head one?" He asks.

"Yeah." I sip on my lemonade.

"She's getting clean but the damage is done for sure." He states.

"How bad?" I ask.

"Her legs are just destroyed. 'Got the pockmarks good." He answer in his accent.

"Damn." I state.

"Yeah." He agrees.

I begin chewing to the chicken after the salad and realize it's a little dry. I turn my head over to Scarlett where my mouth is right next to her ear.

"The chicken's dry." I whisper.

"Sorry, I must've left it in for too long." She states.

"You will be punished for this in front of everyone." I murmur to her.

I see her eyes with that mix of shock and lust. She's excited alright.

Everyone begins finishing their meals as I continue chit chatting with Hunter while I plan out the punishment strategy in my mind. About 20 minutes later, everyone seems to be genuinely finished or scraping up pie crumbs. I observe our guests. 5 couples and 2 singles. This will be interesting.

I stand up and address myself. "Did everyone enjoy the food?"

I hear a pretty resounding yes and compliments to Scarlett.

"By a chance, was the chicken a little dry?" I question our guests.

Most people say no probably mostly out of respect but a few do say it was somewhat.

"Okay, well." I then get Scarlett up on her feet by the hand. "My wife here cooked the meal and did not do it completely correct so for those of you gentlemen and curious ladies, I'm going to show you how to punish your spouse. Don't call the cops. This is all safe, sane, and consensual. If you have no interest then leave and have a good night. If you find this interesting then wait in the living room inside."

I look around to see some people with shocked and confused looks and others with a lustful stare. I grab firmly onto Scarlett's wrists and force her inside the back door. I guide her through the living room and into the master bedroom shutting the door.

"You know what's going on." I order her. "Undress."

She nods shyly and begins taking her dark blouse off, her jean shorts, and then her black panties. She now stands stark naked in front of me with her 28D breasts and her shaven camel toe.

I dig around in the dresser and find the nylon bicep restraint. I turn behind Scarlett and fasten her biceps to her sides with the straps around her back with a click and pulling on the free ends to tighten it to where she can't move them apart from her sides. I then go back into the closet and pull out the metal stocks with the locking keys.

"Let's go." I grab onto the main strap behind her back with my other hand holding up the stocks with ease from my muscular build.

"Okay." She accepts.

I push her out through the door and wiggle the stocks out from the door frame. We walk down the short hallway. We come out to 5 people I all recognize. There's my friend, Ethan and his wife, Dixie. There's Scarlett's single friend, Emma. There's my friend, Hunter and his girlfriend, Lisa. They all have interested and confused looks on their face as I bring my wife out in front of them completely nude. I set the bondage stock down in front of them.

"I'm going to show you all, tonight, how to punish your spouse when they didn't do something right." I explain. "Now, as most of you know, Scarlett cooked the chicken too much so this will only be a minor punishment but still a punishment. Only do this in a consensual manor. She is allowing this to take place."

I then walk over under the TV and get out the small horsewhip. I go back over to Scarlett and I release her of her bicep restraints but I keep her wrist in my grip.

"Up here." I tap on the stocks with the horsewhip.

Scarlett willingly obeys as she steps her feet up onto the pedestal. Her arms get in position and her neck for the stock. I set the top of the stock down and go over to the split side to lock it with 2 chrome padlocks. I set the keys off on the chair adjacent to the stocks; Scarlett being bound only able to move her feet so much. I look over at her and see the fear in her eyes.

"This will require audience participation so don't be shy." I announce.

I take the horse whip in my hand and strike Scarlett squarely on her back. She squirms at contact and groans.

"Did you overcook the chicken?" I ask her.

"Yes, sir." She confesses.

"That's right, you did." I move to her rear end and make contact with the whip on her ass cheek.

Her ass jiggles at the hit and she responds with an equal yelp.

"What did I instruct you to do?" I question her.

"Cook it in a timely and proper manner." She claims.

"Correct." I affirm.

I make a swift slap with the whip on her other ass cheek which sends the same reaction.

"Oww!" She shouts.

"What punishments should I give you?" I ask her.

"Please, not the lip clamps, sir." She confesses.

"No lip clamps?" I question.

"Yes, sir." She clarifies.

"Interesting. Well, there's other clamps to use." I state.

I walk back over to the drawer under the TV and pull out the weighted nipple clamps. I reach under her and place each one on her areolas trapping the nipple in.

"Ouch!" She says as I place each one on her hard, pink nipples.

I finish the second one and I look under to see them quickly turning red with the small weights pulling hard on them.

She just groans with them on.

"Where else?" I say as I walk around to her rear end; flaunting the whip.

I see her red and tight pussy already experiencing arousal.

I gently take the end of the whip and throw my wrist up making flush contact with her slit.

She yelps and bucks up and down but settles to her resting position.

I look up to see some of our guests shocked and some of them, excited.

"Guests' turn." I hold the whip out. "Who wants to get a few lashes in?"

For a few moments, most people stand quietly not knowing what to do. Finally, I see a hand raise. It's Emma, Scarlett's friend.

"Emma! Fantastic." I announce.

She smiles at me and takes the whip.

I go back to where she stood and watch. Emma trots over to Scarlett's side as she overlooks her. A few seconds later, she lands a few solid floggings on Scarlett's thighs then finishes the last two on her ass. I watch as Scarlett stares up at me in anticipation and surprise.

Emma finishes her strikes and ties her brunette hair up in a bun. "Slut." She mentions to Scarlett and hands me back the whip.

"I need to leave. Thanks for dinner. This was cool." She thanks.

"Your welcome, goodnight." I wish her.

She exits out the front door and shuts it behind her.

"Next?" I offer standing at everyone's attention.

I see Hunter and Lisa look at eachother. Lisa shrugs her shoulders and Hunter nods. They both walk up and Hunter takes over the whip.

Lisa surprises me when she pulls on Scarlett's hair getting her attention. Hunter moves over to her ass and lands a few painful strikes where it really hurts to be hit.

All Scarlett can do is whimper and yelp.

"Dirty whore." Hunter curses at Scarlett then walks over to me.

Lisa follows suit and he hands me the whip.

"Goodnight, Tyler." Lisa smiles.

"Bye. See ya, Hunter." I gesture to him.

"Anytime." They excuse themselves from the scene.

Last standing is Ethan and Dixie.

"You wanna go?" I hold the whip out to them.

"No, that's fine." Dixie turns the offer down.

"I appreciate it." Ethan claims.

"This was cool though. Definitely has me feeling frisky." Dixie turns to Ethan.

Ethan chuckles. "Goodnight, guys."

"Goodnight." I wish them goodbye.

Dixie waves while in Ethan's arms and they make their own way out the front door.

I turn now to Scarlett. The once chatter filled environment is now silent replaced by the A/C system running overhead and the fan spinning around in motion. I look over Scarlett to see her ass is red and her thighs likely going to bruise. Her pussy lips are full of blood and swollen.

"Get what you wanted?" I ask.

"A lot more than what I expected." She claims.

"Good." I smile.

"You know we just lost like half of our friends, right?" She asks.

"Yeah." I grin.

She laughs and I can't help but to giggle, too knowing she enjoyed this.

"We still have unfinished business, though." I explain.

"What's that, sir?" She asks.

I walk back into the master bedroom. I grab the open mouth gag out from the drawer on the bedside and unhook it. I walk back out to Scarlett bound on the stocks with the gag open.

"Open up." I demand.

She does so and I pry it open even more as I insert the funny looking, steel circle in her mouth and I tie it over the back of her head.

I unbuckle my jeans and throw my underwear down to the carpet as my cock springs out into action. I feel the horny desire in my mind and I move into position. I hold my head over her mouth and I insert it. I thrust my cock gently in and am greeted to a hot mouth and the presence of her wet, long tongue.

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by Anonymous08/12/18


Stupid story. It would be stupid in whatever category it was published.

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by Toymandave08/11/18

I liked it

A great short story scene of a loving couple with the same kinks. Quite enjoyable. Thank you!

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by Anonymous08/11/18

"I'm into BDSM"!

Then WHY are you posting this drivel in the loving wives section? How can you possibly not understand that this story belongs in BDSM? Complete and utter stupidity. Does Literotica NOT review these stories?more...

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by Anonymous08/11/18
by Anonymous08/11/18

I think I understand why your characters are the way they are

since you too seem to need to publicly humiliate yourself. Well with the mandatory 1 you have succeeded big time.

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