tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked For Freedom - Book 01 Ch. 03

Naked For Freedom - Book 01 Ch. 03


The next morning Amy was walking on the campus, looking for her classroom. The grounds had construction crews still on the campus and the school was preparing for the first semester. She walks in the F building and searches for her classroom. She opens the door to find a dozen students in their chairs and tall man was speaking to them.

"Ah, just in time. " He said.

Amy recognized his voice from the telephone call from last night.

"I was just finishing up the college's introduction for these potential students for our college. These students need to study for our acceptance exam. The coursework is on your desk. Good luck!" Steve said as he was walking out of the room.

"Thank you."

"I'll be down the hallway and around the corner if you need me."

Steve left the room. She was wondering why she was thrown all of this at her now. They didn't have a meeting or nothing yet.

Amy needed to focus now on this class. She had on a flimsy mini skirt that was mid-thigh length and a blouse on. She sat behind her desk and explored it. Amy looked up to see that her students were observing her. Her students were in their early twenties, with an even amount of genders. Amy decided to start the session in math.

After a few minutes, "Is any one hot in here?" Amy said.

The students replied back as a yes.

Amy walked over to the window and opened it. The breeze was so strong and blew her hair off her shoulders. When she turned and walked away from the window, her skirt was blown upward, a little. A few students saw her bushy pussy when her skirt was blown up. They smiled as they realized that their teacher wasn't wearing any panties. Amy didn't notice that her pussy was on display for a brief second. The two girls at the front of the classroom were giggling.

"What's so funny?" Amy asked them.

The students stopped and one of them said "Nothing. We were discussing that we want to greet you, as a class."

"Ok. That seems nice. Take the stand ... ahh"

"Kim. My name is Kim."

Kim stood from her chair and walked up next to Amy's desk and faced the class. She talked about how she was grateful that she has a chance to attend this school and how they are helping her achieve her educational goals.

"Ms. Amy, can you stand next to me?"

Amy walked to Kim and faced the class. Kim put her hand on Amy's waist.

"We want to thank you for helping us to gain attendance into this school. And I hope that we can be all family during this two day session." Kim said.

"Yes we can." Amy turned around to give Kim a hug. Amy didn't know that Kim used a paper clip to hold her shirt up above butt. Her entire butt was exposed to the class. The students laughed.

"I'm glad you are in a good mood guys. Kim you can have a seat now. Thank you."

"No, thank you."

Kim sits down and Amy starts her class again. Amy walks up the board and start putting problems on it. The class chuckles every few seconds.

"What is so funny? She said to the class.

"Nothing, we are still happy to be here." Someone said from the class.

"You guys need to focus, so you can pass this exam to enter this college."

She turns toward to the board again. The students were staring at her butt, flexing at every move she'd made. Walking back and forth, from the desk, to the board. An half of an hour went by and it was getting close to lunch time.

"Well, it's time for us to take a break for lunch." She sat behind her desk. Amy looked at her chair and leaned over to one side to feel her seat. She looked up with disgusting look on her face."Very funny. I guess you guys love seeing my butt, huh?"

"You got a wonderful butt, you need to show it." Some woman said.

Amy smirked. "Go to lunch." Amy couldn't believe that she was showing her butt for all that time and didn't know. Amy smiled as she thought it was exciting, knowing that she was exposed in public. Amy went to lunch.

Amy decided to go home and change her skirts, so it couldn't be pinned up again. She was in her bedroom, in front of her mirror. She finally chose a wrap around skirt that tied in the back. She needs to hurry up to return back to the campus. She couldn't find any panties that matched her outfit and it was too hot anyway to wear some. She dashed out of her condo.

She arrived at her classroom in time meet her students back in. As she welcomed them back in, she thought, happily, that they couldn't raise her skirt now and expose her again.

"Let's get started. We got a lot of work to do." Amy said as she started to instruct at the board again. An hour went by.

"Ms. Amy, can you help me with that problem?" Kim said.

"Sure Kim. Come to the board." Kim walked over to the board and Amy showed her how to solve that math problem.

"Now, I went through it with you and now let me see if you do it by yourself, by the steps."

Amy sat down and watched Kim. Kim was a slender young woman. She was about 24 years old and messed up before, in her studies, before in another college. She wanted to start fresh and get her degree. Kim's hair was shoulder length and she was confident about her body. Kim had a tank top with no bra on. You could see half of breast, through the sides of her shirt. Her areolas and nipple bumps were very visible through the whiteness of shirt that stopped just above her belly button. Her jean mini skirt just barely covered her butt checks, as she stood. Amy started admiring Kim's outgoingness. Amy was wondering if she even had panties on. When Kim reached high, at a good angle, Amy could see Kim's nipples and butt checks.

"What about this? Ms. Amy. Ms.Amy. What about this?"

Amy broke away from her stare at Kim's body, to see her smiling at her. Kim dropped her pencil and it rolled under Amy's chair.

"I'll get it. Don't move so I can reach for it Ms. Amy."

Amy looked over to see Kim's entire ass was in view, right below her. Amy was in shock to see her student's naked ass pointing towards her. It was lovely! It was so perfect. Amy quickly focused back on the answer, on the board, while Kim was on her knees reaching for pencil. Kim quickly untied Amy's dress, from the back and tied one of the strings to the chair.

"I got it. My knees hurt from reaching for the pencil." Kim said as she arose from the floor.

"You did well Kim."

Kim returned to her chair and started to rub her knees. She moved her chair away from the desk and crossed her leg over the other. She caressed one of her knees. Amy looked up to see Kim's skirt was so high on her that her pussy was in full view. Amy couldn't help but to stare at her bald pussy. It was so beautiful. Kim was so focused on her knees, which she didn't know that someone was looking at her pussy. Amy now admired Kim, for her freedom. It was too hot to wear a lot of clothes and Kim proved it. Amy wondered what a bald pussy felt like. Her juices was dripping on her chair. She folded her legs to help slow down the drips. Amy had always had pubic hair. She might trim it, most of the time, but never bald. Kim put her leg down and Amy went back to reality when her pussy disappeared.

Amy told the students to go over their lessons for today and she will sit here, if they have any questions. Hours went by and the end of the school's day approached.

"Ok, it's time to go home guys. You need to study these lessons. The exam is two days from now." She stood up to walk over to the door. Her skirt unraveled and was tied to the chair. There she stood bottomless. Everyone was looking at her hairy pussy. She sighed and crouched down to cover herself. She was too far away from desk to walk over there without being seen. They will see her again. Amy stayed still, closing her eyes, hoping it was all a dream. The students walked out of the class, saying goodbye to her with a smile on their faces. Kim walked up to her. Amy looked up.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed. You are beautiful! You look better without your clothes. The only thing I will be embarrassed about, if I was you, is your bird's nest down there. Nobody even have those any more. I'm bald, I can't stand having hair. You should try it. Well, see you tomorrow teach." Kim left the room.

Amy stood up and walked over to her chair to get her skirt. Amy puts her dress back on and then ponders about that embarrassing situation that just occurred for a minute. She grabs her briefcase and purse, and then storms out of the room.

That night, in her bedroom, Amy couldn't get that image of Kim being so relaxed. Amy thought it was getting hotter as the days goes by, so Kim wore just enough clothing to go to school. Amy started to take off her clothes. Amy usually wears underwear outside, but it since it is so hot outside here, she didn't wear no panties. It is even hotter in the classroom. They didn't install the heating and cooling to that building yet. She was wondering how she can even stay cooler in the classroom. She can cool of easier if more of her skin wasn't so covered up. Amy paused and walked to her closet. She rummaged through her dresses to find something to wear tomorrow. She'd remembered she bought a white thin and light dress for a really hot day. She thinks this will be a perfect dress for that hot classroom. Amy relaxed and thought tomorrow is a new day and everything will be better and no more embarrassing moments. Amy went to her bathroom and got in her shower.

She couldn't get that image of Kim's wonderful bald pussy, from her mind. She was thinking that Kim didn't mind if I saw it or not. She wasn't showing herself on purpose. But, she was comfortable with herself. Amy finished her shower dried off and then went to bed.

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Woderful story

You have bad grammer in a couple of places, get a friend to help you proof read.

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