tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked for My Two Voyeurs

Naked for My Two Voyeurs


I am an exhibitionist and I love showing off my naked body especially while my voyeurs are clothed. Unfortunately, I also need to be extremely discrete so nudity in public places is out of the question. Just the thought of being caught by a cop or one of my neighbors is a huge turn off. Luckily for me, I travel for business quite a bit giving me several opportunities to show off for strangers and having my own hotel rooms in which to do this makes it feel safer. As you might imagine, I've stroked my hard cock in front of an open hotel window many times but I thought I'd relate this particular experience I had during a business trip that turned out to be extremely hot for me.

Wanting more contact from my voyeurs, I posted an add on craigslist explaining my interest in exhibitionism and desire to have two or more voyeurs come by my hotel room to watch me strip and jerk off. I added a description of me that included the basics; medium height, athletic build, considered attractive. I also noted that I am bi-sexual figuring that more guys than women would be on the site that night interested in responding to my ad and I really wanted to do this right away before I lost my nerve. It didn't take long for the responses to begin pouring in and I got pretty hard just responding. After a short time I was able to confirm two guys who would be willing to come over to watch and we set 8:30 as the meeting time.

The hotel room was typical containing a king bed along one wall and a couch just big enough to seat both of my voyeurs. There was an arm chair on the opposite wall next to a desk and dresser and there was one of those desk chairs with wheels and adjustable seat. I paced the room waiting and imagining how I would strip for them and It seemed to take forever. I kept going back to the desk chair thinking of devious ways someone could be tied naked to it and pushed around the hallways of the hotel, on display for all to see.

Just after 8:30 I heard a light knock and I opened the door to a middle aged man who was well built and attractive but very quiet. I had him come in and tried to engage in some initial small talk about the weather and local traffic but his responses were of the one word variety. He did spend quite a bit of time checking me out so once he took a seat on the couch I stood in front of him and began to tell him about my exhibitionist tendencies. I told him how much I enjoyed stripping while folks watched and was specific about a few situations where I was almost sure that I had been caught. My voice got softer as I told the stories and I realized how hot it was making me just verbally expressing my desires to this total stranger. My hand dropped to the front of my pants and I began to rub my cock while I spoke.

But another quiet knock on the front door demanded my attention and I went to answer it. A tall, muscular man stood in the doorway beaming a wide smile when he saw me.

"Hi, I'm Dave," he said as he walked through the door. "I hope I'm not too late but traffic was terrible."

"No, no, not at all. Name's Steve. Why don't you make yourself comfortable on the couch."

I followed as he walked across the room and found myself checking him out in my horny state. Good build with a tight ass and broad shoulders led me to believe that this guy was, at one time or another, an athlete. He seemed about 35 years old and quite pleasant.

"Hi, I'm Dave," he said to my first voyeur. "Sorry to have kept you waiting."

"I'm Jim. We were just getting started so no problem there."

"Well I hope I didn't miss anything but judging by the bulge in Steve's pants I'd say you guys were well on your way. Have you ever done anything like this before, Steve?"

I couldn't help but smile. This guy made me feel completely comfortable.

"Funny you should ask. I was just telling Jim about some of my prior experiences," I said with a quick wink at Jim which made us all chuckle just a bit.

"Well why don't you remove your shoes and socks and continue telling us your stories."

So, standing in front of them, I began removing my shoes and socks while telling them about my last business trip. I described how I had propped open the front door and placed my clothes in the bathroom so that I wouldn't be able to reach them quickly. I told them that I had then backed far away from the door so I wouldn't be able to close it without walking towards it first and I described the hallway noises I heard and the fact that anyone could have walked by at any time.

I found myself getting hot again just telling the story and my hand, once again, began rubbing my cock through my pants.

"Take off your shirt and continue," Dave said, the earlier humor gone from his voice.

I unbuttoned my shirt I told them how I began to masturbate with the door wide open and how I could hear people in the hallway. I removed my t-shirt and told them that I had closed my eyes so that I'd be less inclined to run for the bathroom if anyone stopped at the doorway to look in.

One hand found a nipple while the other continued rubbing my cock through my pants as I told the story. Jim was adjusting his pants as he listened and Dave was sitting forward, listening intently while starring at my clothed cock.

"Take off your pants," Dave said in a somewhat commanding tone.

I don't consider myself gay but Dave was really getting me turned on. He was bringing out the submissive side of me along with the exhibitionist and it was getting me excited.

I found myself wanting to please my two voyeurs so I did as I was told and slowly let my trousers drop to the floor. I turned and bent at the waist to pick them up giving my voyeurs a clear view of my underwear covered ass. Throwing the pants on my bed, I retook my position in front of them and waited.

"Got any more stories?" Dave asked

"There was a time when I was at the desk in a hotel room naked and surfing porn on my computer. The room was on the ground floor so I had decided to leave the curtains open wide and the lights on."

Both Dave and Jim were staring at my cock as I spoke and when I looked down I saw that my underwear was soaked with precum. The outline of my hard cock could clearly be seen. I reached down and began rubbing my cock through my underwear squeezing even more precum into the thin fabric. My other hand began pulling and twisting my nipple as I continued my story.

"I was getting into the porn and stroking my cock when a car pulled into the parking space just outside my room. I froze for a second not knowing what to do but I was too horny at that point to stop so I just continued stroking. I didn't look outside but I could tell that the car headlights remained on shinning directly into my room and I could hear the engine running."

"Take your underwear off," Dave said.

This what is what I was waiting for. My thumbs found the elastic and I slowly lowered my shorts over my hard cock and pushed them down to my ankles.

"Turn around."

I stepped out of them, turned and bent at the waist once again pausing before picking them up. I remained bent over with my ass on display as I heard Dave move the coffee table. I rose and turned back to find the coffee table very close and perpendicular to the couch.

"Now, I want you to straddle the coffe table and get as close to us as you can," Dave said very quietly.

Completely naked in front of these two strangers, I stepped over the coffee table which was just wide enough for me to straddle it. I locked my hands behind my head and worked my way forward to get as close as I could to Dave and Jim.

Dave reached out and ran his hand over my cock and balls, "now, continue your story."

As I told them about being on display for the car outside my window, Dave continued rubbing my cock and balls. Too lightly to get me off of course and the effect was driving me nuts. I could barely speak as I told them how I stroked my cock for the driver of that car. Jim reached out and took my nipples between his fingers, twisting and pulling them as I told them how I came bucking wildly while the driver looked on. Dave was running his hands between my legs now, fingering my asshole as my hard cock leaked precum, dripping onto the floor. My story was over but they didn't stop fondling and examining my naked body.

"Lay back on the coffee table," was all Dave said as his hands left my body.

Jim stopped as well allowing me to reposition myself on my back. Dave kneeled next to me and took each of my legs placing them on either side of the table keeping me wide open to their gaze. He placed my hands behind my head and had me lie back on them pinning them out of the way. His hands went back between my legs and his fingers traced a path from my cock and balls to my asshole and back again. Jim kneeled beside me as well and I closed my eyes as two sets of hands caressed my cock, balls and ass. I was lying naked and open for these two clothed voyeurs letting them explore my naked body. The feeling was amazing.

Dave looked at Jim and asked, "Are you ready to cum?"

Jim wasted no time standing and unbuckling his pants.

"Shoot your load on him. I want to see your hot cum all over his chest."

Jim dropped his pants and shorts to his ankles and began to stroke his hard cock wildly. It took no time at all for him to shoot streams of cum all over me. Dave began to rub Jim's cum into my nipples as Jim milked the last of it onto my belly. Dave now rose and undid his pants to expose his hard cock and huge balls. I couldn't help but reach up to cup and squeeze them as Dave began to pump his cock. He too came quickly all over my naked body shooting cum on my neck, chest, and legs.

Dave went to get some towels from the bathroom as I continued to lay on the coffee table. He tossed a towel to Jim.

"That was pretty good, huh Jim?"

Jim just nodded smiling as he zipped up his pants. Dave cleaned up and refastened his pants as well looking down on me as I rubbed my cock.

"Should we watch the end of the show," Dave said to Jim retaking his place on the couch.

Jim just sat down on the couch saying nothing but he continued to stare at my hand working its way back and forth over my cock. I continued stroking myself closer and closer to orgasm while they watched.

"Cum now," Dave demanded!

My body tensed as ropes of cum flew onto my chest and neck. Bucking my hips wildly and fucking my hand like a pussy, I continued to shoot cum all over myself. I was groaning loudly as I came and along with the sound of my ass slapping against the table I'm sure anyone close by could hear.

Exhausted and covered in cum, I just laid there. They said nothing, rising from the couch making their way across the room. They propped the door to the room wide open just before they left and I could feel my cock began to swell again as I heard their footsteps retreat down the hall.

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