tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked for Salena Ch. 02

Naked for Salena Ch. 02


Ch. 02: The Porch

After Salena left, and I'd run to my backyard and closed the gate, I was so excited that I couldn't breathe.

Standing just behind the gate, I stroked and pounded myself furiously, replaying what had just happened over in my mind.

I'd been sunbathing nude in my backyard and had fallen asleep. After a sex dream about Salena, I'd awakened with such an erection that I had no other choice but to take care of it right then and there.

But I was unaware that Salena was standing at my front door until she called my name.

Coming 'round the back, she'd pushed through the gate and all but caught me with cock in hand.

Now, however, with my naked back pressed against the rough wood of the gate, I turned the bottle of suntan oil upside down and poured all over my erection...and stroked myself fast.

In her short-shorts and cut-off tshirt, Salena had looked like some sort of gorgeous sex-angel as she stood there teasing me about "playing with myself." She'd caught me and she knew it, as I hunched over in the lounge, trying to hide myself with the ridiculously tiny towel.

Drawing me out into the front yard to take a look at her car, I'd fixed the problem...eventually losing my towel completely and standing naked and hard in front of her.

I'd never been naked in front of her or in my front yard before.

After Salena left, I was unable to stop myself from masturbating in the front yard in full view of the road, and was nearly caught by the woman across the street.

Now, in the backyard again, I finished what I'd originally started before Salena showed up...pounding my cock to orgasm and spilling it all over the grass.

A few days later, I was at home in the evening when the phone rang.

It was Salena.

I hadn't seen her since the incident in the front yard. She'd missed a few classes at the college.

Apparently, she'd decided to be "on" with Jess, and they'd left town for a couple of days. Now though, judging by the call, they were "off" again.

"Hey," I heard Salena's sweet voice over the line, "can you come over?"

"Sure dear," I said, pushing the picture of the front yard from my mind. "You okay?"

After a moment of silence, she sighed. "Yeah, I'm okay...but I'm really behind on homework. I was hoping you could help me."

"Of course hun," I said. "I'll be right there."

On the short, five-block walk to Salena's house, I thought about the other day in the front yard. She hadn't said anything about as of yet. I wondered when she would, or whether I should bring it up. As exciting as it had been, I was kind of embarrassed about it.

Salena lived in an old Victorian with a covered porch that faced the street.

Pushing through the picket gate, I walked up the path to find her sitting with her beautiful, dark legs tucked under her on a worn, green couch, sipping from a can of beer. There were several empties stacked carefully on the porch in front of her.

"Hey," I said, plopping down next to her.

"Hey," she returned, revealing her perfectly polished teeth in a smile that never failed to knock me off my feet.

She'd pulled her dark tresses back into a single ponytail that fell behind her, running the length of her back...leaving a few strands hanging around her face. As always, she was gorgeously disheveled.

"Wanna beer?" she said, reaching into the cooler next to her end of the couch.

Taking the cold beer, I popped the lid and sipped from it, tasting the bitter liquid as it went down.

"I thought we were here to do homework?" I joked, wiping my lips with the back of my hand, noticing the way her low-cut t-shirt hugged her breasts, and how the sweat on her skin beaded above her cleavage.

It was just after sunset, though not totally dark and still pretty warm. It was going to be a muggy night.

"Jess is such an ass," she said, out of nowhere, pulling from her own beer.

I frowned. I hated Jess.

"What happened?"

"Well, he promised this time that he was going to change...you know, stop drinking so much, spend more time with our daughter, and so on..."

"So, basically...same old story?" I said, already knowing that it was.

"Yeah, two days after that he got drunk, screamed at me, and our daughter, and took off. All over some stupid thing about car insurance...or something...hell, I don't' really know..."

Salena stared straight ahead, out into the evening as she dropped into silence.

"Fuck." I exhaled.

We sat quietly as I finished my beer.

Jess was an asshole...an immature young drunk who wouldn't know a good thing if it bit his fucking cock off.

I could not understand how he could treat someone like Salena so badly. She was beautiful and intelligent, and had a genuine heart of gold. She was so caring about everyone, and often went far out her way to help anyone who needed it.

Such a gentle soul, Salena was one of the kindest people I'd ever known. She deserved so much better.

And I would have pulled the stars from the sky for her if she'd but said that she wanted them. I would have treated her like a goddess. I would have loved her the way she deserved to be loved. I would have done anything for her.

But that could never happen, and it killed me.

She loved Jess for some reason that I could not begin to fathom and refused to give him up.

Personally, I would have had no qualms about breaking every bone in his worthless body.

Suddenly, Salena turned her gorgeous gaze on me and smiled.

"So, that was pretty awesome the other day huh? Did you like it?"

She was talking about my nudity in the front yard. I nearly dropped my beer can.

"Uhm...I..." I stammered, caught off-guard. Salena had a way of doing that to me. I figured that the subject would come up again...I just hadn't expected it right there and then...so totally of the blue.

"Hey, you're blushing," she said. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed." Pulling at a strand of stray hair that had managed to escape her ponytail, she cocked her head slightly and grinned at me, twirling it through her fingers.

Her blue eyes pierced me.

"Well, I uh," I continued to stammer like a blubbering idiot, "I mean,"

"Oh Rick," she said, chiding me, rolling her eyes, "you liked it...it was so obvious." As usual, Salena had come to my rescue, finishing with a giggle.

"It's just that you were in a hurry, and I didn't mean for my towel to come off...I would have put pants on or something...Salena..."

"Hey, it's okay honey," she laughed. "We're friends here. I liked it too. If I hadn't, I would have said something...." With that, she graced me with one of her heart-melting smiles.

I thought about it a moment, She was right. If she'd have had a problem with my nudity she would have said something. Salena was direct like that.

It was getting darker by then, and the mugginess was setting in as the crickets took up their songs.

"''Nother beer?" she said, already reaching into the cooler.

Grateful for the distraction, I took it from her, opening it and pulling from it in a single motion.

"So you like walking around naked outside then?" Salena prodded.

I was silent. I had no idea what to say.

"You don't have to be embarrassed Rick," Salena said, growing more serious. "It's normal you know."

"It is?"

"Heck yes," she explained, "lots of people like stuff like that. For example, I find doing it in places where you could get caught a turn on."

"You mean, like in public?" I said, genuinely curious. This wasn't the first time we'd talked about sex, but it was a more familiar subject; therefore, more comfortable ground for me.

Salena grinned again.

"Well, no not necessarily just in public," she said. "What I mean is that I find the possibility of getting caught a turn on. Like for example, when Jess and I first got together, we did it at his mom's house in the kitchen while she had company in the living room."

The idea of Jess touching her was angering...but the concept of what she was telling me was hot.

I felt a rise in my jeans, picturing it.

"Did you get caught?" I said, now fascinated.

"Almost," she laughed. "His mom got up to come in the kitchen just as we were about to finish, so we had to hurry...it was very exciting."

The word "exciting" hung in the air as Salena finished, smiling at me.

I thought about the incident in the front yard a few days before, and how the lady across the street could have...no, would have caught me...had she merely turned her head.

I understood.

"So, like the other day in the yard," I started, treading carefully. "I was standing there naked, and the lady across the street came home."

"Yes," Salena said simply.

I was silent.

"Exactly," she finished for me. "You were naked in your front yard where you could have been caught, then that lady came home and could have seen you...that was hot."

I remembered how Salena had pressed her bare thigh into mine at the front of the car, making me harder, causing my towel slip further. She'd done it on purpose. She had been trying to make me lose control in my front yard...hoping that'd I'd get caught.

It was all so clear now...I understood, and my cock stirred again.

"Wow," I said, kind of impressed.

"Yup." Salena smiled, as if reading my mind.

We fell silent again.

"Rick?" she said after a few moments, looking at me with an expression that was unfamiliar to me.


"Would you take off all of your clothes right now?"

Her question was like a brick in the face. I hadn't expected anything like that. It knocked me back...but then, Salena was so good at that.

"I, uhm...you mean like, right here? Now?" I said, kind of shocked, but toying with idea nevertheless.

"Yeah," she said as if it were nothing more than asking me to hand her a beer.

"It's getting dark and the street's empty," she smiled somewhat wickedly. "It's a lot safer than your front yard."

Glancing around, I took stock.

From the porch, it was unlikely that anyone would see me from the sidewalk. To the right of Salena's house was the rest of the neighborhood. I couldn't tell from where I was whether anyone was home next door or across the street.

To the left of her house was a carwash, and the corner that fed the main street through town. I could hear the occasional sound of cars passing on the main street...other than that, the neighborhood was quiet.

"C'mon," she laughed, egging me. "Don't be shy. You like being naked. You sure weren't very shy the other day."

The other day, I was already naked and in a state when she arrived. It had been easier I guess. But, standing, I found myself reaching for the hem of my shirt anyway.

As I said earlier, I would have done anything she asked of me.

Grasping it, I pulled my shirt up, over my head and off, tossing it on the couch.

Salena watched, smiling. "I like your tan," she said.

Placing the toe of one shoe at the heel of the other, I pressed, stepping out of it, then did the same with the other.

With a pull from her beer, Salena retrieved another one from the cooler. Popping it open, she drank from it. Her eyes never left me as I unbuckled my belt.

With my jeans open, I pushed at the waist, sliding them down, over my hips to my knees.

As she watched, Salena made no pretenses; rather, her eyes followed my movements. I was stripping naked for her right on the front porch, and she was openly enjoying it.

It was becoming harder to breathe.

"Are you sure?" I said, pausing.

"Just do it," she giggled, smiling at me.

Pushing my jeans down my legs to my ankles, I stepped out of them, leaving them on the porch.

Finally, I reached for the waistband of my underwear.

My cock was thickening; I was excited. I was about reveal myself to Salena again. But I was embarrassed by it too.

Pulling the waistband away from my sides, I slide my shorts down, over my slowly lengthening cock to my knees.

Finally, I let them fall to my ankles and stepped out of them, leaving them on the porch next to my pants.

"Don't forget your socks," Salena laughed, pointing at them.

Bending over, I stripped my socks off, tossing them on the arm of the couch.

I stood completely naked on the porch in front of her.

Salena smiled, taking me in with her eyes. With the fingers of one hand, she pulled at and twirled the loose strand of hair again.

"You have a nice body Rick," she said.

As a full-time student, with no need for a job, I hadn't had much else to do for the last year but spend my time between school and the gym.

Still, I blushed at her compliment.

I was gaining a serious erection though, and instinctively covered it with my hands.

"Don't do that," Salena laughed. "Let it be," she said. "Just allow it Rick...it's perfectly natural."

I dropped my hands.

Exposed to her and the street on the front porch, I felt an excitement in my belly as my cock finally reached full mast...standing out and straight away from my body.

I felt my nipples become erect.

It was really hard to breathe now.

"See?" Salena said. "Isn't it erotic? Just feel it...there's nothing wrong with it..."

She was right.

Normally, I would have used a word like "hot" or "exciting" to describe what I felt in that moment. But while it was those things...there was something else...something different.

Being naked in front of Salena, with an erection sticking out and pulling at me was hot, and exciting for sure. Still, there was a sexual energy, a tension, coursing through me. To be so nude and exposed to her, while she was clothed and so sexy; to be so close to sex...but yet so far from it...was...erotic.

It wasn't sex...it wasn't pornographic exactly...it was total eroticism.

"It is erotic," I said, breathing heavily.

"I know," Salena answered, looking me over and smiling. "I feel it too."

"You do?' I asked, surprised.

"Of course," she said. "I love seeing a man nude in where he shouldn't be, like outside or where he could be seen by other people...that's so erotic for me."

My cock throbbed.

In the fading light, I thought I saw Salena's nipples harden under her t-shirt. They must have. I hadn't noticed that beforehand.

Salena took another swig, and placed the empty can with the others. I counted six in all. She was feeling no pain and it was beginning to show.

Taking my seat next to her on the couch again, I half-turned towards her to face her with my erection sticking up from between my thighs. The couch felt strange, but exciting beneath my bare ass and balls.

"I should hook you up with 'Rodge," she said, turning to face me.


"Rodge" was Salena's nickname for one of best friends whom she'd gone to high school in town with. Her name was Jennifer...a short, platinum blonde with a reputation in town as a party girl. Jennifer was pretty, and while I knew of her, and had met her from time to time at the college and around town, we weren't actually friends so to speak.

Salena called her "Rodge" because her last name was Rodgers.

"Yeah," she laughed. "Did I ever tell you about the time that she went home naked from the Silver Dollar?"

"Uh..no..." I said slowly.

Salena laughed.

"What happened?" I said. Jennifer going home naked? My interest was piqued and I had to hear it.

Unfolding her luscious dark legs, Salena stretched them out in front of her and got comfortable. "Gimme a beer," she said, and I did.

"One time," she began, "last summer we were all at the Silver Dollar, Rodge, me, Jess and Kelly." The Silver Dollar was one of the three bars in town and I was familiar with it, but I knew nothing of Kelly.

"We were all pretty drunk. All of a sudden, this one guy dared Rodge to go home naked."

"Really..." I said, fascinated, picturing it in my mind. My cock, still hard, throbbed at the idea of Jennifer walking home totally naked.

"Yup. So Rodge said...You don't think I will?"

Jennifer's reputation well preceded her. It was also known that when drunk, she wasn't one to turn down a dare.

"Wow, go on," I said, resting my hand on my thigh next to my erection.

Salena's eyes followed my movement, but she said nothing about it.

"So, Rodge took off all of her clothes, right there in front of everyone and marched right out of the door...the look on the guy's face was priceless..." she laughed heartily at that.

In my mind's eye, I saw hot little Jennifer, strip naked in the bar. I imagined her taking of her shirt and bra, revealing her magnificent, firm tits to everyone. I saw her stepping out of her pants and dropping her panties to the floor.

I saw her standing completely nude in front of everyone.

My cock pulled and ached as Salena went on with the story. She was staring straight ahead, as I quietly placed my hand on my erection, unable to stop myself...barely daring to breathe.

"What then?" I said, lightly touching myself.

"We were all standing there like what-the-fuck? Finally, I picked up her clothes and went outside...but she was already across the street."

I saw Jennifer walking totally naked across the street, and squeezed myself.

"Oh..." I said.

Turning her head to face me, Salena dropped her eyes to my crotch. Looking up again, she smiled, her blue eyes boring into mine.

"So I crossed the street after her, carrying her clothes and laughing my ass off..." she went on.

Now that Salena knew what I was doing, I felt somewhat emboldened. It was hot and exciting: Sitting there naked next to her, playing with myself on her front porch while she told me the story of Jennifer's naked public adventure.

Turning, I faced the street and spread my feet wider apart. Taking my hard cock in hand, I stroked, very slowly, feeling the excitement and the thrill of every touch...openly masturbating in front of Salena.

"Go on...please..." I said, still picturing the scene.

"So I caught up to Rodge and tried to give her clothes. But she didn't want them. She said that guy had pissed her off and she was going to walk home naked to prove a point."

Placing myself as an invisible point of view in the story, I followed along, picturing Jen's body from behind, watching her hot little ass wiggle as she made her way along the sidewalk, stark naked under the moonlight.

My hand moved faster on my shaft, and I tried not to moan.

"I walked with her carrying her clothes to make sure she made it home okay," Salena giggled...she sounded somewhat drunk.

"Then all of a sudden there was this guy..."

"What?" I said. "A guy?" My eyes were closed, I was right there with her, slowly moving my hand over my cock, pulling on it.

"Yeah, a guy was standing across the street...looking at Rodge like he couldn't believe it."

I sighed, breathing heavily.

"Rodge walks across the street, right up to the guy and asks for a cigarette. So here's this guy, fumbling through his pockets with this naked girl standing right in front of him..."

Seeing it in my mind, I stroked harder...stretching my legs out in front of me, I pointed my toes and moaned low...I couldn't help it.

Suddenly, Salena turned to face me. Smiling, she watched me masturbate.

"Then all of a sudden, Rodge runs her hands under her tits and lifts them up at the guy, and does this little dance in front of him...while I'm standing across the street holding her clothes."

Too far gone to stop now, I stroked myself right in front of my friend. The story, and the fact that I was actually masturbating while she watched pushed me to the point of no return. I was more excited than I could ever remember being...it was dirty, naughty and delicious. I was completely naked on the porch, stroking my cock at the street. The contrast between normality and what I was doing fueled the situation.

I beat my horny cock while Salena watched, and finished the story.

"Then, she actually opened herself with her hands right in front of the guy and said...see my pussy?"

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