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Naked Friends Compete


My friend Kar has been cutting my hair for almost 15 years now. She and her business partner, Susan, opened their salon right after undergraduate school with the idea that it would be a way to earn a living for a year or so before Kar went to film school and Susan entered law school.

The business, Scissors, became so successful that they've made it a career. They operated out of an old house that they've restored and decorated in a "Keep Austin Weird" kind of way. They pay the bills by keeping a small but loyal client base that pays a whopping twenty dollars per visit -- for women or men -- with most customers tipping at least that much. I go once a month a give Kar a fifty, which seems very fair to me.

My girlfriend, Leslie, is also a regular customer, and we've become social friends with Kar and her now-husband Marc. Every few weeks, we get together for drinks or dinner and have taken a few long-weekend trips together. Leslie and Kar go shopping together on weekends, and Marc and I play golf in the same group.

Kar is about 5'6 and probably weighs 105 pounds dripping wet. She has long straight brown hair, a deep tan and a "hippie" look. Leslie is 5'3 blonde who weighs about 125 lbs. While Kar is rail thin, Leslie has lots of curves -- big round tits, a flat stomach, ample hips and full, but not fat, legs. They both are very attractive in their own way.

When Marc and I became friends and became golfing buddies, Leslie and Kar become friends and shopping buddies. Leslie started inviting Kar over on weekends -- they jokingly refer to themselves as golf widows -- and more than a few times Marc and I have returned home from the course to find them enjoying our backyard pool topless and more than a little tipsy.

Another customer from Scissors started dating the third girl who works at the shop, Maria, who serves as the office manager/receptionist. They got engaged and decided to get married on the beach in Port Aransas. So we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it and rented a house there a few summers ago. We had an informal party after the rehearsal dinner, then Leslie, Kar, Marc and I had a private party afterward.

After the last of the guests left around midnight or so, Leslie and I took a quick walk on the beach. When we came back, Kar was practically attacking Marc on the couch in the main living room, so we joined them on the sofa in an effort (jokingly) to prove that we were every bit as hot a couple as they were. Kar tried to one up us by pulling down her sundress to expose her beautiful small breasts and unzipped Marc's slacks. She turned to us with a look that said, "I'm about to go down on him. What are you guys up to?"

Leslie slipped out of her skirt and yanked down her panties and casually walked in front of them and deposited the clothes on a big leather chair next to the couch. She walked back toward our end of the couch, swing her bare butt and pussy in an exaggerated fashion, then turned back around a unbuttoned her blouse, leaving her completely nude except for her jewelry.

Needless to say, Marc was more than a little amused. So was I. But it quickly became apparent that the girls were into a little friendly, sexy competition. Kar immediately started aggressively sucking Marc's dick, and Leslie place a big tit in my mouth and loudly demanded that I play with her clit. Hey, who am I to argue? It was simultaneously hot and funny.

Leslie unhooked my belt and started working on pulling my pants off, causing Kar to momentarily lose her lip-lock on Marc's cock while she pulled his pants off. This caused a chain reaction that resulted in Leslie telling me to take off my shirt while she got on all fours on the floor and removed my socks -- all why giving Kar and Marc a bottom-up look at her butt and pussy.

All four of us were completely naked with 30 seconds, and Leslie sat on my hard dick, facing me, and began riding me with reckless abandon. Kar stood on the couch and thrust her pussy in Marc's face while playing with her small nipples and demanding to be eaten.

I've always had a healthy sex life, but this kind of stuff doesn't usually happen to me. It was great.

Leslie was riding me hard and breaking our deep kissing every minute or so to instruct me to rub her button or play with her asshole and screaming that she wanted to come -- the sooner the better. Kar was still getting eaten by Marc and had, uh, taken matters into her own hands. It was like the girls were racing to see who could climax first.

Over the next five minutes or so, we would switch positions, and they would switch positions. Leslie would talk dirty, and Kar would up the ante. Finally, Leslie laid on her back and threw her legs straight up in the air and whispered for me to fuck her hard, which I did. She started moaning harder than I'd ever heard her. Not to be outdone, Kar got on all fours on the couch, with her face maybe 18 inches from us, and Marc started pounding her hard from behind.

Leslie usually doesn't come from regular fucking, but she came hard quickly -- and made sure our friends knew it. Kar had a hand working on her clit and Marc was screwing her like a piston and she, too, came quickly. Leslie basically collapsed on me, with my hard dick still in her. Kar, on the other hand, dismounted herself and started walking her thin, dark-skinned body toward the wet bar, casually asking if anyone wanted a glass of wine. Which, naturally, we all did.

Kar made a point of bringing one glass at a time to the end tables by the couch so that she could show off her body in a very deliberative manner. Marc gulped his down in about two swallows, and Kar made yet another round trip for us to enjoy her thin build and completely hairless pussy.

Leslie took this opportunity to stand up right in front of Marc and ask him what he thought of HER pussy. At that time, she kept it nice and trim but it wasn't the bald look that Kar sported. Marc kind of stutter and said it looked very nice to him. Kar re-entered the scene and stood right in the front of me and said something along the lines of, "Don't you think it looks better totally bare?" I reached around her to grab my wine and chugged it down, and Kar made of point of placing the empty glass back on the table, then turning around with her business just inches from my face and announcing that she would go get the wine so everyone could have a re-fill.

The flagrant exhibitionism slowed down for a few minutes while we drank wine -- nude -- on the couch together and regained the buzz that the hard-core sex had killed. Then Kar said, "Let's go skinny dipping in the Gulf." Everyone said "yeah" and Marc headed toward their bedroom to get trunks to wear on the walk down to the beach.

"Where are you going," Leslie asked. He explained, and Leslie told him we should all walk down the trail through the dunes and to the beach as we were. After all, we WERE going skinny dipping. On the one hand, it was about a 100 yard trek to the shoreline and it was a public beach that is patrolled. On the other hand, no one was going to get prudish at this point, so we walked out to the deck, grabbed some towels and started walking our naked selves down to the beach.

The two houses closest to us seemed to be dead for the night. But we could hear music playing and voices coming from a deck two houses over. And we didn't give a shit.

We played around in the water for a short while, then Leslie wrapped her legs around me and my dick entered her. After a few minutes, she whispered that the salt water was making her uncomfortable and asked me to walk -- with her still attached to me -- back to the shore and our towels. We started getting after it on somewhat dry land, and apparently that got Kar's competitive juices flowing. She and Marc spread out a few towels a few feet away from us, and she announced in a loud voice, "I've changed my mind about ass fucking. I want your cock in my butt, and I want it now "

This threw our rythym off a little (Leslie later told me that anal sex was the one thing that Kar wouldn't usually go for) but quickly we got back into a groove and so did Marc and Kar. I told Leslie that I needed to come, and she released herself from me and moved our towels right next to Kar's face. She then started licking and stroking my prick and begging me to come on her face (something that we almost never do). I spurted all over Leslie's face, and she moaned and rubbed it all over her cheeks, nose and mouth.

Kar then announced that she wanted Marc to come on her tiny butt and instructed Leslie to get up and watch as Marc dumped his load on her ass. Leslie obliged, and in no time at all Marc was squirting on his girlfriends back and butt.

After a minute spent catching our collective breaths, Kar suggested we head back to the house and clean up. The main master bedroom has a giant shower made of Mexican tile, and we ended up all getting in it together. Even though the night's exploits seemed like group sex, the fact is that we had simply had sex with our respective girlfriends -- albeit in VERY close proximity to each other. In the shower, I did soap up Kar and little and Leslie made sure that Marc's balls were clean as a whistle and so on and so on -- but nothing sexual happened between the couples.

We did all sleep -- nude -- in the same bed that night. And had morning sex with our partners in the same bed the next morning. We even ate breakfast naked together in the morning. Hell, Kar even suggested we show up at the wedding nude that evening. But, of course, that didn't happen.

Nevertheless, that was one great weekend at Port Aransas.

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