tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked Girl's Public Night Walk

Naked Girl's Public Night Walk


I have always had a thing for being naked in public since I was a young girl and I'd sneak around the house naked when my family were out. I often travel for work and try to discover fun and new places to indulge in my hobby of masturbating in public when I do.

Sometimes deserted hotel stairwells, sometimes quiet streets at night, I have just one rule for my public masturbation missions: no item of clothing or anything which can be used for cover. No hats, towels, shoes or socks. It must be pure and completely natural nudity.

One time, I had to go to a small, rural town for work. I love these types of places as they have lots of opportunity for late night outdoor public nudity. It was summer and the days were hot and humid. After getting to know the place the last few days, on the last night, I set my alarm for 2:00am, waking up before quietly leaving my hotel room for a nude public mission.

Wearing just a tshirt, shorts and flip flops, I passed reception but nobody was there. It was summer and the night air was pleasant, warm and balmy after the hot day prior.

As I left the hotel and crossed the parking lot close to the street and adjacent to a cornfield, I went behind a dumpster. The street which was busy with trucks during the day was deserted now. I removed my tshirt, shorts and flip flops and hid them under the dumpster before setting off without a shred of cover or clothing on my way down the road alongside the cornfield. I was excited to do some nude exploring.

The warm night air against my pussy and tits and the hard asphalt street under my bare feet reminded me of how naked I was and the adrenaline from being naked in public started. I walked about 200 meters to a T junction where the road joined a larger highway. There were street lights but no cars about at this time and there was still the cornfield I could dive into if anyone came so I still didn't feel too exposed yet. I walked about a mile down the highway just enjoying the feeling of being naked outside. I only saw two cars in that time and had sufficient time to hide in the cornfield. After a mile, I reached a cycle path that went off into a wooden area and I decided to go down there.

Walking through the trees, I came to an area of housing with a small adjacent grass area. My adrenaline was running as I left the relative cover of the trees and went onto the grass near the homes and I sat and looked at the houses, then laid down staring at the stars, relaxing in the warm night air as I started slowly touching and playing with my now damp pussy. It felt good laying there, naked near the houses touching myself but I was far too early on my mission.

I got up and carefully looked to see if any of the houses had lights on but none of them did.

The street had about 20 homes and I passed by in front of them. As I was walking down the sidewalk, I heard a sound that terrified me. Thinking someone was there, I froze for a moment till I realised it was just a cat.

About half way down the street, my pussy was throbbing so I stopped and laid on someone's front lawn and started playing with my clit with the grass under my back and in full view of about 5 homes. With the excitement and danger, my peak approached fast and soon I felt myself coming but I was to be interrupted.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a car approaching around the corner so I got up and bolted into the cover of some nearby bushes and hid as the car passed and pulled into the driveway of the house whose garden I'd just been laid masturbating on! The owner got out and went inside and I waited for a couple of minutes before I knew the coast was clear and I continued on past the houses.

At the end of the street was another path through another wooded area that lead to a park with a playground. The park was a few hundred meters squared with a soccer field and a basketball court. An office building behind the hedgerow at the end had a digital clock indicating it was 2:50am and 73°. It was completely dark and the grass under my feet was a pleasant contrast to the hard asphalt. I crossed the park to the playground, feeling the change from grass to astroturf and sat on a swing, pushing myself and feeling the wind against my naked body.

My feet are a super erogenous zone which is partly why I won't wear shoes on my naked missions as I like feeling the ground under me. I love sucking my toes and having them worshipped during sex. They were black with dirt so I washed them in a nearby drinking fountain before climbing to the top of the jungle gym to practice the gymnastics I hadn't done since Elementary school, going for the splits, then hanging upside down before sitting up and putting my ankle behind my head. Here, I sat and started touching myself again, rubbing my hot clit against the cool, metal frame with my leg behind my head. I then brought my foot to my face and sucked on my toes while playing with my now soaking pussy.

Before long, I erupted with an orgasm and moan to myself as waves of pleasure rush through me. Fear of being spotted only made the orgasm more intense as I laid there at the top of the jungle gym, furiously pounding my pussy and sucking on each of my pedicured, red painted toes. After I came, I thought about going back but my adventure still wasn't over.

I climbed down and continued through the other side of the park where I joined another suburban street on the other side of some more trees. This street was more lit than the last and I felt more exposed. Creeping through cautiously, I passed the homes, carefully looking at each window. My heart was pounding. I was so turned on. Soon I reached the end of the street where it joined the highway I was on earlier.

I continued up the highway for about a mile and approached a 4 way intersection with traffic lights. I heard a car coming fast behind me so I hid in some nearby trees for it to pass. Then another came moments after. As soon as I was sure the coast was clear I continued, hiding again another couple of hundred meters down for a truck to fly past the other way.

Again, I walked out and onto the road. Before long I reached the intersection itself. It was fully lit and I stood, completely naked in the middle of it but then went to hide in the trees as another car came and passed, this time it was a police car.

My adrenaline rushed and heart was pounding at this point. What if one of the residents had seen me and had called to report a naked woman outside. What if the owner of the house was reporting a crazy lady masturbating on his lawn? While anxious, I was too horny to care.

I stepped back out into the intersection and laid down, spread eagled just taking it in. I was fully naked on the asphalt in the middle of an intersection 3 miles from my clothes, looking up at the stars and feeling the warm night air on my pussy, tits and ass. I laid for a minute or two just enjoying myself and thinking of the risks. If a car came now I'd not only be busted but mostly likely dead!

I started to touch myself again slowly at first but then faster. I lifted my feet into the air and spread my legs wide, fingering my asshole with one hand, rubbing my clit as fast as I could with the other bringing myself to the point of no return.

I orgasmed so hard I moaned and shook. It was incredible and felt like forever. Then I laid back for just a few moments to catch my breath when I heard another car coming. I got up and ran back to the trees just in time for the car to fly over the spot where I was just laid masturbating seconds ago.

After the post orgasm euphoria wore off, I realised where I was, what I was doing and how far I was from my clothes. The highway was well lit and between the intersection and the cycle path about a mile and a half back down, there were concrete walls and nowhere to hide. If a car came, I would be done for so I had no choice but to go back the way I'd came through the residential area.

I felt anxious and exposed. What if people had come outside? What if someone had seen me? What if the police car came back or what if they were waiting at one of the houses to catch me coming back? These thoughts rushed through my head as I walked the half mile back down the highway and got back to the well lit suburban street. Then, taking a deep breath, I sprinted the 100 or so meters down it, not looking back to see if anyone was there till I reached the cover of the trees by the park. Thankfully, all the houses were still dark and silent. Then I crossed back through the wooded area to the playground and the park.

By this point, I felt at ease again so stopped in the soccer field and laid down on the grass to have a rest. The clock on the office building indicated it was 4:05 and 71°. Opening my legs and feeling the light breeze against my pussy and boobs felt good, as did the grass against my naked body. It was so dark nobody would see me even if they came. The grass felt so comfy and the tiredness plus the warm, humid air overcame me and I closed my eyes in the darkness for what felt just a couple of minutes.

I woke and to my horror, the sky was a pale shade of pink and blue. It was 6:30, I was still laid in the open in the middle of the soccer field totally naked, it was easily light enough to have been seen if an early morning dog walker or jogger had came, I'd been asleep for over 2 hours and I was still over a mile from my clothes! I didn't even know or want to know if anyone had come through and seen this dumb, naked girl passed out in the park. How would I get back without my cover of darkness?!

I got up and cursing myself, I sprinted across the field and through the woods to the first suburban street. I was terrified at this point, it was almost totally daylight and I sprinted back past the houses. No doubt at least some of them were awake and getting ready for work or school. Maybe someone was preparing breakfast in the kitchen or getting ready to take their kid to school, when they'd look out the window to see a butt naked girl sprinting down the street. I didn't care or stop to find out, running to the trees by the cycle path before stopping to catch my breath.

I reached the end of the woods where the cycle path joined the highway. I had about 100 meters of open road before I would reach the cornfield. A few cars, a truck and a yellow school bus passed and I waited for a few moments for the coast to clear then took a deep breath and ran.

I sprinted as fast as I could down the 100 or so meters of open road in complete daylight. I reached the cornfield just in time for a truck to roar past.

Once in the cornfield, I felt relatively safe and took a moment to catch my breath again. I had a painful stitch from all the running so I sat down in the dirt under the corn to nurse it.

I continued on the dirt through the cornfield staying 3 rows away from the road, making sure to be out of sight of the traffic. More cars passed and I crouched each time they did but thankfully none of them could see me.

Before I reached the dumpster with my clothes, I had 2 more obstacles to pass- a road between the 2 cornfields I had to cross and a 20 foot gap between the final cornfield and the dumpster where my clothes were. I approached the road and carefully looking both directions twice, I skipped across it unseen back into the cover of the second cornfield.

As I got close to the hotel, I stopped frozen. I could hear voices from the parking lot. I crept closer and saw a man and woman putting bags into their pickup which was just meters from the dumpser and my clothes. This was the final hurdle, I couldn't stop now! I waited a few minutes in the cover of the cover of the corn before they got into the truck and drove off. Go time and I sprinted out from my cover, behind the dumpster to my clothes where I slipped on my shirt and shorts as quickly as I could.

Stepping back into the hotel lobby, I couldn't imagine how I must have looked to the receptionist who greeted me. Sweaty, dirty, cuts on my feet and my hair a mess. I got back to my room and checked the time on my phone. It was nearly 8 o'clock! I had been out on my naked mission for nearly 6 hours!

I quickly showered and went back to bed for a couple of hours before checking out and never seeing that town again.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/10/19

Fun story!

Sounds exciting! Just wonder how many times some daring person has tried the same thing in some other neighborhoods. Enjoyed your story!

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by quadigy02/11/19

Great Suspense!

I really enjoyed reading your story. I love how you ventured further and further away from both the safety of your hotel and your clothing. Doing something so bold in an area you didn't know is crazy hot.more...

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by Anonymous12/03/18

Utterly brilliant

Superbly written, highly original... and tremendously sexy. 5 stars. We need to read more from this wonderful author.

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by Anonymous08/14/18

Loved it

Great story. Write more please. I often as I can take naked walks. Have all my life. Its exhilarating.

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by Anonymous08/11/18

suicidal is not sexy

"If a car came now I'd not only be busted but mostly likely dead!" indeed, clear turnoff to me.

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