Naked Hike


Pine sap, maple sausage, and that new tent smell were what I awoke to that morning. My boyfriend was busy at the grill, humming a tune from a playlist I had shared with him on our trek along the plateau.

I was shaking the dirt out of my pants while listening to his voice above the hiss of propane, the spattering of grease, and the hungry noises my stomach was making.

"Fuck it," I said, deciding it was too warm for clothes. I unzipped the tent flap and emerged in just a bra and underwear, slipping into my shoes while watching Alex cook. He was so absorbed that he didn't even notice my state of dress until I sat down in the folding chair across from him.

He glanced at me, staring for just a moment before looking back at what he was doing. Then he frowned, turning the sausages with a pair of tongs and saying nothing.

"What?" I asked, crossing my arms and legs. Alex shook his head and shrugged. The trees rustled around us as a light breeze blew over the canyon, chilling my uncovered legs. It was still morning, but the heat was already making me sweat.

He sat next to me while we ate, his eyes occasionally settling on my bare thighs and cleavage. We were both horny as hell but Alex was too focused on beating our friends to the lookout to do anything about it.

We usually followed one path, all traveling together along the ridge overlooking the riverbed until we reached the scenic point. We would stop there, eat lunch, and then turn back, it was almost a ritual.

This time Jamie and Kimber had wanted to see the canyon from a different ridge, and said they would wait at the end of their walk to see us across the gorge. That's when Alex and Jamie decided to turn it into a contest.

"Hmm, you know, we could wait a bit to get started," I said, smiling suggestively as I placed a sausage on my tongue and gazed down at his groin.

He laughed, stuffing a whole egg in his mouth and getting yolk all over his chin.

"There are no sex breaks on the road to glory Cara," he said, his mouth full, scarfing his breakfast.

"Doesn't sound very glorious," I teased, biting the sausage in half. "Come on, you wouldn't fuck me last night because you were tired. I know you want to win, but it's time to pay the penis tax good sir," I said, looking down at the growing bulge along his inner thigh.

"Cara, you know Kimber is doing this exact same thing to Jamie right now," he replied, still chewing. "Which is why we're going to get there first."

"Hah," I laughed. "You think they don't have the power of the quickie on their side?"

"Sure they do," he said, "but an ass like Kimbers must demand a lot of quickies." I smacked his arm playfully.

We cleaned off our paper plates, folded them up and put them in our garbage baggie, feeling the sun beat down on us even though it wasn't even mid-day. That's when I got an idea.

Alex was putting away his miniature grill and I was looking at the mess of clothing on the tent floor. Instead of grabbing for my tank top I reached behind myself and unclasped my bra. I felt it go slack around my chest and let it slide over my shoulders.

I tossed it on the pile of clothes and slid two thumbs under the waistband of my underwear. I heard Alex stop moving as I drew my panties down my legs, stepping out of them and flinging them into the tent with everything else.

I turned around to face him, my pink nipples and the sparse red hair above my pussy out in the open for him to admire.

Alex pursed his lips in frustration as he looked me up and down. He let out a long sigh, distractedly putting the parts of his grill in the small tin box it came in.

I planted my fists on my hips, knowing that if he got a long enough look at me he was all mine. I could feel my clit begin to stiffen and my womanhood moisten just from thinking about it. We hadn't had sex in over two days, even though he'd been squeezing my butt, kissing me, and getting me all kinds of bothered during our walk.

I thought about Kimber and Jamie hiking up the other path.

"They're probably on quickie number three by now at least," I thought.

"Sooo, you gonna go all the way to the lookout dressed like that?" Alex asked.

"Ugh!" I groaned, throwing up my hands. He burst into laughter as I turned to gather my things.

I was rolling up my sleeping mat, giving my boyfriend ample opportunity to look at my naked ass and the gap between my legs, when another thought occurred.

I shoved my clothing into my pack with everything else and brought it out of the tent, setting it on the ground.

Alex seemed to take notice as I started breaking down the tent, folding the poles and putting away the stakes, totally nude except for my shoes.

"Wait, are you actually going like that?" he asked again as he came over to help me.

"My pussy demands freedom, give me liberty or give me dick," I joked. Alex raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Well, alright then," he said, standing up, his hands going to his belt. I watched him unbuckle his jeans and pull his shirt over his head, exposing his broad shoulders and lean but muscular torso. He pulled his pants and boxers down in a single motion and his cock bounced free, already half-erect. "I guess we're hiking naked."

I bit my lower lip and felt my cheeks redden, watching Alex's penis sway as he put away his clothes. We each eyeballed each other as we finished folding up the tent completely nude.

At nearly every moment I expected fingertips to brush against skin, setting in motion a chain of events that would keep us interlocked and gasping under the sun for the next hour. Instead we just grinned in silence, catching glimpses of bare flesh as we rolled up canvas and stuffed it into tight bags.

Finally I slung my pack over my shoulders and we stared at one-another, each of us daring the other to quit the game and admit defeat. Alex looked at my tits and then his gaze drifted slowly down to my bush. I licked my lips as my eyes followed the curves of his chest muscles to his abdomen, down to his tanned and circumcised penis, his balls hanging low beneath it.

"Alright then," he said, "off we go."

I felt my heart begin to race as we walked down the narrow trail to the main path. Alex looked back at me and grinned with amusement as we emerged from the camping spot to the wider walkway.

"Oh my god, we're actually doing this," I thought, seeing him step out of the trees and out into the open. It wasn't very crowded at the park that weekend, but we always saw other hikers on these excursions. Oddly the idea of some stranger seeing us made my juices flow abundantly.

"Damn," I thought, feeling my arousal drip and stick to the insides of my legs as I lugged the heavy pack, cautiously stepping over exposed roots. "If someone sees us I hope they don't notice how wet I am."

I glanced at my boyfriend's thighs and saw his cock standing fully erect between them, swaying from side to side as he walked.

"Geez Alex," I laughed, following its bell-shaped tip with my eyes. "You should let me help you with that."

"Oh trust me, you're helping plenty," he chuckled, staring at my boobs as we stepped cautiously over up jutting rocks.

"No I mean, ugh!" I groaned, covering my nipples with my hands. His eyes drifted to my crotch. I saw veins bulge along the surface of his erection as he ogled me.

"Are you really going to keep this up the whole the way?" I asked. "Kimber's gonna see your dick you know."

"Yeah," he said, strolling casually along as the path leveled out, "and Jamie will see your tits and your naked butt and your ... sexy bikini tanned pussy," he teased.

"Good," I said. Alex grinned, showing pearly white teeth through the corner of his mouth. "You really don't care if he sees me naked?"

"I want him to see you naked," he laughed. The statement made me blush. "Then there won't be any question of who has the hotter girlfriend." I rolled my eyes. Alex wasn't really an alpha male douchebag, but he acted that way when he wanted to avoid being serious. It didn't help that it actually turned me on a little.

We walked, nude, seeing no sign of any other park visitors for the first hour or so. Every time we stopped I wondered if Alex would give in to temptation, if the risk of being seen would seem too great or if his desire for me would overcome his will to beat our friends to the overlook.

The further we walked though, and the less trees there were to conceal us from the forested valleys around us, the more I fell in love with the danger. Maybe there were some bird watchers already spying on us through binoculars, or maybe there were some people fishing in the creek below that we couldn't see, just casually staring up at us.

Somehow just thinking about who might be looking at me, totally exposed in the wilderness, got me hot, and terrified me at the same time. Despite how much it was turning me on I wanted desperately to cover myself. I didn't give up though, I knew I could break Alex with the right temptations.

"I need more sunscreen," I said while watching him drink from his water bottle. He wiped his lips and screwed the top back on. Then he reached into a side pocket of his pack as I stood in front of him with my hands on my hips, my index fingers pointed at my bush. He produced the little bottle and held it out.

"I think I'm going to need help putting it on," I said with a smirk. He squirted a little bit of the stuff into his palm and rubbed his hands together to warm it. He did my neck and face first, grinning and looking into my eyes as he spread the cool creamy stuff across my skin. When he finally reached my chest I saw his cock begin to rise again.

After very thoroughly covering my tits with sunblock he moved on to my waist and the insides of my thighs. Finally he reached my crotch, covering my whole womanhood with his hand. My skin prickled and my nipples stiffened as his finger tips touched the opening of my sex, rubbing between my labia unnecessarily.

My lips parted and my clit bulged at the lightest touch of his fingers, and as he drew them across my pussy I hoped that he would pause to push his thick digits into me. Instead he circled around and began spreading sun lotion on my back and butt. I felt his penis bump against my leg and leaned forward resting my palms on my knees, looking over my shoulder, daring him without speaking to take me right there on the trail.

His hands followed the curves of my hips and his fingers slid up along my butt crack, spreading sun screen across my asshole. I stared back at him, my mouth agape and my cheeks hot, ready to fuck.

Alex backed away and put the plastic cap back on the bottle, his manhood looking painfully hard. I stood up straight and turned toward him, reaching out to take the bottle from him.

"Your turn," I said with a smile. Alex chuckled as I covered my palms with sunscreen and started rubbing it across his bare chest, following the contours of his muscles down and down. I got on my knees, rubbing the outsides of his strong thighs, watching his erection sway in front of my face.

I looked up at Alex, grinning as I brought my hands across his pelvis, through the coarse hair atop his pubic bone to grip the base of his penis, wrapping my fingers around his girth and stroking it slowly.

He placed his hands on his hips and frowned as I rubbed the lotion into the skin of his cock, feeling it throb with arousal against my palms, his balls bumping against my wrists as I protected every inch of him from harmful rays.

Then I stood up, reaching around his body to spread more of it across his firm buttocks. We stood nose to nose as I rubbed it in, feeling his hard-on ride against my cunt while I pressed my oily breasts against him, taunting him with my lips and my naked vagina. I gave his ass cheeks one final squeeze and backed away. His cock left a warm trail of precum across my inner thigh.

I dug around in my pack for my water bottle as Alex hoisted his bag up and put his arms through the straps once again. Facing him, I took a long swig and then pulled my lips away, spilling the cool liquid across my tits, feeling it run across my chest and dribble along the furrow of my womanhood.

"Ahh," I sighed, feeling it drip along the undersides of my breasts and off the tips of my nipples. "Damn," I said, "I've gotten myself all wet. Guess you'll need to apply more." Alex chuckled and took out the bottle again.

"Water proof," he said, pointing to a line of text on the label.

I scowled and lifted my pack onto my shoulders as he put the sun lotion away. Then as I was adjusting the straps I heard the rhythmic thump of feet against the trail ahead. We both stopped, going silent to listen and staring further down the path.

An older man with silver hair came sharply around the bend ahead of us, the front of his shirt soaked with sweat, panting as he ran. Neither me nor Alex bothered to hide our nudity we simply stood there, dumbstruck as the man trotted close, his head turning and his eyes widening as he passed us.

We waved awkwardly, blushing deep shades of red. The man looked over his shoulder as he jogged onward, getting one final, overindulgent look at my naked body and shaking his head as he traveled beyond our view.

When he was gone we each burst into fits of snickering laughter, turning and continuing up the path. My face burned and my heart beat rapidly from embarrassment and the excitement of being caught.

"Oh my god, I really hope that guy doesn't call the cops," I said, still laughing, but mortified all the same.

"I hope he does," Alex said, "I saw this squirrel earlier. Pfffsh, little guy wasn't even wearing pants. His nuts were bouncin' all over the place." I threw my head back and guffawed. "Nature has no sense of decency," he joked.

We traveled for another long stretch, seeing fewer and shorter trees, looking out into the canyon while skirting the ridge of the plateau. At some point we passed by a group of campers below. It didn't take them long to notice us. They hooted and waved and two of the girls with them them flashed their tits.

I wasn't going to acknowledge them at first, but then to my surprise Alex dropped his pack on the trail and faced them giving them his full attention. He gyrated his hips and beamed, putting his hands behind his head, letting his dick wave freely while the campers whistled and clapped.

"Come on Cara, our audience expects a show," he said. I giggled uncontrollably, my arms against my boobs, curled up in fear. I hesitated at first, then reluctantly dropped my backpack and got ready to give them what they wanted.

"Alright, here goes," I said, my heart racing and my body quivering. I leaned forward and spread my butt cheeks showing them everything. I blushed hotly, biting my lip as I peered between my knees, seeing them stare in amazement.

I heard distant cheers, and saw the girls among them pull their pants down to show off their hairy vaginas while their boyfriends stared in awe. I stood up and shook my ass, looking over my shoulder at the women who were getting an eyeful of my privates and giving us one in exchange.

Their shouts of approval didn't make me feel any less awkward, but knowing they had seen my pussy made me extra moist. I looked at Alex again and saw his cock standing firm between his thighs, his face and chest rosy.

When we finally lifted our bags onto our shoulders and continued up the trail our desire to be seen by strangers had, if anything, only been stoked. From that point on I walked with pride in my step, still blushing shamefully, but at the same time unapologetically flaunting my nudity.

Whenever someone passed us, whether they whistled or glared I would give them special show, shaking my titties and bending over to flash my cunt if they looked back.

We were still laughing and enjoying ourselves when we saw the sign, "lookout ahead," and somehow I was less elated knowing that our naked hike was almost over. The path opened up and we came to a large flat platform. Peeking over the edge we could see a vast system of forested ridges that got narrower and narrower as they descended, white rapids rushing violently, but quietly along the bottom.

"Whooooo!" Alex yelled, dropping his pack in the dirt. I stared at his slim, naked ass as he held his fists in the air and shouted at the sky like some kind of animal. I let my own pack slide off my shoulders and hit the ground as I approached him.

"Well," I said, scoping out the opposite lookout and not seeing anyone, "looks like we did it. Soo, how should we celebrate our victory?"

Alex put a hand on my cheek and another on my side and I let him pull me close. He put his lips against mine and his tongue slid into my mouth, tickling my palette as we kissed passionately. In just moments my clitoris was hard and my juices were flowing.

Alex's big hands surrounded my breasts, my nipples firm against his palms as he squished and kneaded them like soft dough.

"Finally," I thought, my heart beating quicker and quicker. His hands traveled down my sides and I watched him go slowly to his knees, planting kisses on my neck and between my boobs. I felt his mouth touch my wet labia and gasped as his tongue struck across my clitoris.

"Ahhhhh!" I moaned as he buried his face in my pussy, his nose digging into my pubic bone as he licked the opening of my vagina. I thought about Jamie and Kimber coming up the other trail and wondered how long we had make love. For a moment I felt the need to panic, but the thrill turned my panic into pleasure.

"Let them see," I decided, sitting down on the warm rocks and spreading my legs, feeling him suck my labia into his mouth and wrap his lips around my clitoris.

Alex's fingers dug into my thighs as he ate out my pussy, the sides of his face slimy with my juices within moments, his tongue sending bolts of shuddering pleasure shooting up from my groin.

"Ahhhhh ahhhh!" I cried out sharply, hoping others would hear and know that I was getting laid. I wrapped my hands around Alex's face and pulled his mouth hard against my cunt, my hips bucking wildly, feeling his saliva trickle across my butthole as I rode his face to climax.

"Ahhh ahhh ahhh ...!" I gasped, my mouth gaping, my face and chest burning as I came. I peered down between my naked breasts at Alex, his head between my thighs, his lips pressed firmly against my pussy despite all of my squirming. "Ahhhhahh!" I shuddered as the aftershock of my orgasm made my limbs quiver.

Alex lifted his head as my pleasure spasms ebbed. I sat up, pressing my mouth to his, kissing him hungrily and tasting my own arousal on his lips and tongue. I felt his cock against my leg, smearing precum across my skin.

Then Alex turned his attention toward something in the distance. I followed his gaze and sure enough on the far side of the canyon I could see our friends. Jamie held a pair of binoculars to Kimbers face.

We both waved, our faces getting redder. I reached down and put my hand on Alex's penis. My wrist shook nervously as I placed the head of his manhood against my lips, kissing and licking its tip and tasting the sweet slime that oozed from inside of him.

"This is crazy," I thought as I got ready to suck my boyfriend's cock in front of my best friend. I turned to look at the two of them on the opposite side of the canyon. "I guess I'd better make it look good," I decided.

I opened my mouth, letting Alex's thick member slide across my tongue and poke against the inside of my cheek. The heat of shame flashed across my face as they watched us, taking turns at the binoculars while my lips moved along Alex's length.

I heard him let out a sigh and felt his erection bulge against the roof of my mouth. I stared up at him, bobbing my head and stroking his shaft, sucking on his drooling tip. My saliva was already thick with the taste of his arousal, the mixture of spit and precum slimy against my palm.

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