Naked Hot Tub Fun


"Yeah, it's cum swapping, right?" Tracy asked. Her eyes suddenly lit up with realization. "I always pictured it was a girl giving it to a guy after she blew him. But two girls... that's hot!"

Kristen and I laughed once more. "Your innocence is adorable! You haven't watched much porn have you?" Kristen asked tenderly. "It's alright; you'll have a lot of fun. And yes, girls cum swapping is hot, isn't it James?"

My cock leapt imagining my two hot friends swapping my load. "God yes!" I replied. "Although I've never seen it in person, nor with my cum," I added.

"There's a first time for everything," Kristen said, and without further delay she moved her mouth to my cock and opened her lips, taking my erection into her mouth and deep down her throat, so that she was taking almost all of it. Tracy gasped in surprise at how quickly and easily Kristen had taken it so deep.

Kristen slid her lips back up my dick, which was now slick with saliva, and wordlessly offered it to Tracy. Tracy looked nervous as she opened her little mouth widely and took me between her lips. She could only handle about half as much as Kristen had, but it still felt amazing and I groaned with pleasure.

Looking down and watching my two lovers swap my cock back and forth between them was an incredibly erotic sight, one that simultaneously made me want to blow my load and yet make it last as long as humanly possible.

When Kristen started tonguing my balls while Tracy sucked on me, using her delicate hand to assist her mouth in handling my length, it was too much for me. "I'm going to come!" I moaned loudly, only a split second before I began. With a euphoric moan I erupted into Tracy's mouth, shooting what felt like a gallon of semen into her mouth, most of which slipped past her lips and slowly dripped down my cock.

Kristen never was one to waste fresh cum, and quickly started lapping the escaped juices off my shaft while Tracy kept her lips around the head of my cock, licking the sensitive spot at the tip. Kristen then grabbed the smaller girl's face and kissed her, thrusting her tongue into the brunette's mouth. In my post orgasmic haze I watched their tongues dart back and forth, swapping my cum between the two of them before turning to me and swallowing their respective portions down with satisfied gulps.

"Mmmmm, tasty!" Kristen exclaimed, licking her lips. "What did you think?" she asked Tracy.

"Not too salty, a little sweet. I'd say it was Grade-A cum!" Tracy replied, giggling. She looked adorable when she laughed, especially after she'd just swallowed half of a load of my cum.

"You did a good job, sweetie," Kristen told her. "You deserve a reward for that," she added. Kristen flipped the smaller girl onto her back, and began trailing kisses down her firm tummy. Kristen looked at me and winked, knowing that I would be useless for at least a couple minutes after my climax but clearly not wanting the fun to slow down.

"You don't have to do that...oh!" Tracy exclaimed as Kristen made her way to Tracy's pussy and began licking it tenderly. "Oh my!" Tracy cooed.

For whatever reason, seeing Kristen kiss another girl and play with her tits, and even swap cum wasn't as surprising for me as seeing my ex-girlfriend eat Tracy's pussy. Kristen was always a passionate giver when it came to oral sex, the sort of woman who clearly loved making me feel good. It was obvious watching her eat Tracy's pussy that her passion also extended to pleasuring women as well.

I had recovered enough from my climax to roll onto my side and start teasing and licking Tracy's nipples as Kristen continued lapping at her pussy. Kristen and I made eye contact while we both pleasured our new, eager lover. Tracy was almost in her own little world, eyes closed tightly and hands clenching the sheets as she moaned, "Oh god... yes... please don't stop," to Kristen.

Suddenly, without too much warning, Tracy's body tensed up even more, and she cried out, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" thrashing in the bed, yet Kristen remained latched onto her pussy. It was a sight to behold, and I wish I could have known exactly what Kristen did to elicit that response. "Oh my fucking god!" Tracy exclaimed, her chest heaving fiercely, as she opened her eyes slowly and looked down at Kristen. "Thank you so much!" Tracy exclaimed.

Kristen gracefully slid up Tracy's body and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "We're just getting started baby," she whispered, glancing at my rock hard erection, which had never really gotten soft after coming thanks to the show I'd just witnessed. "If I promise not to make him cum before you get a turn, can I take first ride on that monster cock of James's?" she asked Tracy.

"After that orgasm you just gave me, you can have whatever you want," Tracy panted. Kristen wasted no time in pushing me back onto my back and straddling my hips. In one fluid motion she sat down on my cock, and I was completely buried within her hot, wet pussy.

While Kristen was almost always well lubricated when she got aroused, I couldn't remember ever having felt her wetter than when she slipped down onto me after eating Tracy out. Having a thick cock, I'm used to having to go slow into a woman's pussy, and while Kristen was certainly tight, the raw amount of natural lubrication made penetrating her remarkably easy.

"Oh yes, that's nice," she cooed as she began riding me, hands resting lightly on my chest. I'd forgotten how nice her shaved pussy lips looked stretched around my cock. I placed my hands on her broad hips, gripping her slightly as she slid up and down my dick.

I noticed Tracy was watching us, her eyes glued to the juncture of Kristen's pussy and my cock as it disappeared and reappeared inside her. I pulled Tracy to me and kissed her. I did detect a slight taste of my semen on her lips, but considering the circumstances, I wasn't about to complain.

"God, that's so hot," Tracy moaned, slipping her hand between her legs to lightly rub her sensitive pussy. "I've never seen fucking up close before. It looks like his cock is splitting you in two!" She looked at me. "You're so lucky. I often wonder what it's like to have a cock and fuck a woman like that. How does it feel?"

"It... feels... good," I moaned. I was in no danger of coming too quickly after my double blowjob, but I still was quite distracted by Kristen's amazing pussy. She was using her kegel muscles to squeeze my cock, a skill of hers I missed at times with other lovers.

Kristen closed her eyes and I felt her really start grinding her clit down onto my pelvis. I tensed up my lower abdomen to give her a nice firm surface. After several frantic thrusts later, I heard a familiar gasp from her lips as her pussy clenched me tightly in orgasm, followed by her collapsing onto my chest, crushing her large tits between us.

"Mmmmm... I just wanted my turn to come," Kristen cooed to Tracy. "I think he's nice and ready for you." My cock was super hard, deeply red and shiny with Kristen's juices.

Tracy looked genuinely apprehensive. "That thing is... wow, it's big. I mean sucking on it is one thing, but doesn't it hurt?"

"I've been with small girls before," I reassured her. "I'll go slow, and only go as deep as you can handle.

Kristen extracted herself from me and padded off to the bathroom, presumably to give Tracy and me a brief moment of privacy. I rolled Tracy onto her back and positioned myself between her legs. I rubbed my cock, slick from Kristen, against Tracy's pussy.

"Are you on the pill?" I asked her quietly.

She nodded, and I pressed the head of my cock forward, just barely starting to penetrate her. Rocking back and forth, I gradually worked the head past her outer lips, staring deep into her eyes the whole time.

"How's that feel?" I asked tenderly.

"Big... good. I can't imagine what it will all feel like in me," she added.

I kissed her lips and whispered, "You'll find out soon."

I noticed Kristen standing against the bathroom doorframe, idly playing with her tits watching us. She flashed me a wink, and I pushed more of my manhood into Tracy's tight pussy.

"Yes, that feels good. Fuck me, James. I want to feel you inside of me," Tracy encouraged, grabbing my hips and pulling me towards her. I held back, continuing my very slow pace, knowing that despite her eagerness Tracy was going to need some time to adjust to my size.

Kristen walked back over to the bed and ran her palm across my back, squeezing my ass. She kissed me tenderly, and tasted clean from presumably rinsing her mouth out. She then kissed Tracy and asked, "How's he feel, sweetie?"

"Goooood," she groaned. "I want more!"

I smiled, and figured that enough of me was in her to give her what she wanted. I slipped back half an inch, and then pushed forward, so that most of my cock was imbedded within her tight pussy and I felt myself bottom out. She gasped sharply, and her firm stomach quivered.

"I won't go quite that far again," I whispered before she could say anything, and began thrusting into her slowly, only using about two-thirds of my cock.

Kristen's hands were all over both of Tracy and my bodies, caressing my ass, Tracy's hip, her nipple. I looked Tracy in the eye and asked, "How does it feel to get fucked while Kristen watches?"

"Freeing," she said. "Hot. Natural. Wonderful. Sharing something incredible with two people I care deeply about."

I took my time fucking her, enjoying her tightness, and wanting to give her time to build up a second orgasm. I reached over to tease Kristen's ass, dipping my fingers between her thighs to her freshly fucked pussy. Kristen leaned over to kiss me once more, my cock still buried in Tracy's tight wetness.

Kristen switched between kissing my lips and Tracy's. I leaned down, and soon the three of us were all kissing each other simultaneously. Kristen's hand continued caressing my ass, encouraging me as I fucked Tracy for the first time, slowly and deliberately.

"I... I want to taste you," Tracy whispered to Kristen. "You know... return the favor for earlier," she said shyly.

Kristen smiled, and hopped up onto the bed, facing Tracy, her ass pointing towards me. I had to sit up more to give her room, so I repositioned myself, lifting Tracy's hips slightly. Kristen lowered her pussy to Tracy's lips, and while I didn't have a great view, the pure eroticism of our activities thrilled me. I tweaked Tracy's hard nipples gently, and slid my hands up to cup Kristen's curvy hips and ass.

"Oh yes, that feels great, sweetie!" Kristen cooed to Tracy. Tracy could only grunt as I began thrusting faster into her tight pussy. Said pussy was clenching me tightly, as if begging for me to fill her with my cum.

I loved it, loved every second of it, and despite wanting it to last forever, my cock had other ideas. "I'm... close..." I moaned to my lovers.

"Fill her pussy, James!" Kristen cooed, her own pussy still rubbing against Tracy's lips and apparently talented tongue.

"Oh God!" I groaned, erupting into Tracy, filling her pussy with my cum. The orgasm was even more intense than my first, leaving me a sensitive ball of nerves, my still hard cock twitching inside of Tracy's cum-slick pussy.

Kristen lifted her hips, and turned all the way around before lowering her shaved pussy back down onto Tracy's tireless tongue. Kristen smiled at me, and leaned in to kiss me, groping my chest, my arms, everything. She trailed kisses down my body, and pushed my hips away, encouraging me to slide out of Tracy's pussy. I extracted myself from Tracy slowly.

Kristen grabbed my cock, and looked up at me, grinning wickedly. She opened her mouth and took my cock into it, slurping on it. She then released it for a moment, licking her lips. "You two taste great together," she observed. "I want more," she added, pushing me back further so she could start licking Tracy's freshly fucked pussy.

I stepped back, and watched the women together, who were now oblivious to my presence. It was amazing seeing my two friends engaged in a Sapphic 69. Kristen was always a little kinky, but I would have never expected her to be quite as wantonly lustful as she'd shown me tonight. And Tracy really shocked me. I'd always painted her as quiet and shy, but here she was, clearly uninhibited, and quite bisexual.

I left the girls alone for a moment to go to the bathroom, rinse off my dick, and recharge my battery. My cock was still mostly hard, although somewhat softer than it had been while I was inside Tracy. I could hear the girls moaning and giggling, and peeked in to see that they had rolled over, so the smaller Tracy was now on top of Kristen in their simultaneous oral sex act.

I watched Kristen lick Tracy, and the vision was enough to re-inspire me and my dick, and I confidently strode over to the bed. The height was perfect for me to come up behind Tracy and sink my dick back into her, while Kristen continued tonguing her clit, occasionally giving my shaft and balls some attention. "I can't believe you're still hard," Tracy gasped between licking Kristen. "Well hung and can fuck forever... Kristen, no offense, but how did you ever let this stud go?"

"It was mutual," Kristen said simply, and resumed licking my balls.

Tracy's ass was small and muscular, not quite as hippy or cushiony as my usual partners, but still immensely enjoyable. My body, while very willing to give me a raging hard on, definitely had no strong urge to come again, and I was able to fully enjoy fucking Tracy while my ex licked her. She was relaxed and accustomed to my size, so I was able to thrust into her quite fast and relatively deeply.

Tracy clearly loved that, and was soon shaking and crying out loudly as a long, powerful orgasm shook through her body, induced by the team of my hard cock and Kristen's tongue on her clit.

"It's... it's too much," she gasped. "I need a break," she informed us. I slipped my cock out of her, and Kristen rolled off. She turned around to kiss the other woman tenderly, and I reveled at the knowledge they were tasting their own pussy on each other's lips.

Kristen lifted her ass into the air, looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, saying "Guess that means it's my turn again, eh stud?" she asked me.

"Guess so," I replied, grinning and moving behind her. I gripped her ample hips and slid my dick into her for the second time of the evening.

We fucked hard and fast, and almost silently, except for our breathing. Kristen buried her face in the sheets, her hand thrust between her legs to rapidly rub her clit as I buried myself deeply within her. I enjoyed the view of my cock sinking into her and emerging once more, holding her hips tightly.

Tracy watched with an expression of blissful exhaustion. She was clearly done for the night, and fighting passing out to watch Kristen and I.

Remembering something Kristen had really liked, and feeling very lustful, I reached down to grip her hair, holding it firmly near the roots, and pulling back slightly. Kristen gasped, lifting her head to accommodate my firm tugging. I felt her hand move faster on her clit.

"Yes... Yes.... Oh god YES!" she cried out, her pussy clenching me like a hot, slick vise a she came.

It felt amazing, and I knew that she would likely be in a state like Tracy after she came, so I would need to finish if I didn't want to use my hand. Luckily, her tight, clenching pussy was helpful. I looked at both the nude women in bed with me, processing the fact that I'd fucked both of them. I'd had a threesome with two of my female friends. That thought set me off, and I gripped Kristen's hips tightly, thrust forward, and came inside her.

I didn't move for several minutes. After blowing my third load of the night deep inside Kristen, combined with the alcohol I'd consumed I felt pretty drained. I also felt sticky with chlorine from the hot tub and the efforts of fucking two women. I excused myself back to the bedroom's private bath, slipping out of bed and crossing the room naked. I turned on the shower and stepped inside, enjoying the soothing, cleansing flow of the warm water against my body.

Back in the room, I heard a knock on the bedroom door, followed by the somewhat muffled sound of conversation between Kristen and Mike, which got louder and angrier as it progressed. Moments later the bathroom door opened, and petite Tracy joined me in the shower, pressing her slender body against mine in a tight embrace.

"The consequences of impulsive decisions are playing out in the bedroom," she remarked, kissing my chest. "But I want you to know I have zero regrets about tonight. It was truly incredible sharing that passion with two of my best friends in the world."

"It was incredible for me too," I said. "I admit I never saw you in a sexual way before tonight," I said, kissing her forehead.

She grabbed my cock affectionately. "That happens when you're little and small-chested like me. It seems the great guys are always drawn to playboy bunny types like Kristen, and I get the closet pedophiles," she remarked, her bitter tone showing that she wasn't totally joking.

"You're definitely not a little girl. I had a great time with you, and I'd be happy to do this again with you sometime, just the two of us, if you wanted?" I suggested.

She hugged me tightly and softly said, "I'd love that." She added impishly, "After all, I still need to show you all the ways I can bend this flexible little body of mine!"

Our conversation had distracted me, and I hadn't noticed that I could no longer hear Mike and Kristen's fight.

"It sounds like things have calmed down out there, and I'm done showering. I'm going to head to bed," I said.

Tracy kissed my lips and said, "Sounds good. I still need to clean up more in here. Maybe you should sleep in your own bed tonight, just to limit the drama in the morning."

I nodded in agreement. Tracy and I were friends, but sleeping in her bed could have given the wrong impression about my long term intentions with her.

Wrapping a towel around my waist, I entered the bedroom and found Mike and Kristen were gone. I stepped into the hall, and could hear the unmistakable sound of loud, furious sex coming from their room. I shook my head and laughed, and stepped into my own room...

...And discovered a fully naked Carmen on my bed. She lifted her eyebrow and smiled at me, and said, "I was hoping you'd come back tonight."

I dropped the towel and slid into bed next to her, not touching her yet, but acutely aware of her bare body next to mine. "It's been a crazy night. How was yours?" I asked.

"Interesting. Fucking Mike was nice, even if he's not quite as good as he thinks he is, it was still fun. Kind of quick the first time, and then he started thinking about you and Kristen. It took everything in my power to get him to come back to my room and give me a good, long, proper fucking, but after we came he only wanted to go find Kristen," she said, clearly a little annoyed.

"Did you hear their fight?" I asked.

"Enough of it. So why were you two in Tracy's room?" she asked, teasingly.

"Tracy had extended an invitation to the two of us that I decided to take her up on, and Kristen was game," I replied, smiling.

"Oh my, I imagine that didn't thrill Mike at all. I'm sure he would have rather had it be him, Kristen and another woman if she was going to have a ménage a trios. I'm sure you enjoyed it though," she said, reaching out to stroke my thigh.

"Oh yes," I said, my soft cock jumping and swelling slightly at her touch. "It was an incredible experience. Tracy is... she's a fun girl."

"I've been told I'm a fun girl too, if you're interested and capable of finding out tonight," she said, looking down at my cock. It instantly hardened at her suggestion. "Oh yes, you're starting to look VERY capable," she added, sliding her body down and taking my cock into her mouth, her long, beautiful dark hair cascading around her face and my dick.

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