tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked in front of The Cleaning Lady

Naked in front of The Cleaning Lady


We had a cleaning lady come to our house every other Friday and she worked about 5 hours cleaning our house. Her routine was simple. She would arrive about 7:30 am, being dropped off from a full sized van that had about 6 other ladies that were driven to various locations in our suburban area. She had a key to our home so she let herself in and proceeded to do her chores in an orderly manor. She was plain looking and usually wore a gray house dress. She had an average figure at about 5 feet 5 inches tall. She spoke very little English and understood less. Her age was mid 40s.

At first I ignored her presence since I was getting ready to go to work about the same time. I had a pretty easy job schedule, I didn't punch a time clock and could keep my own hours. I was free to come and go to the office at any time.

One Friday morning I heard her open the front door and come in to start her cleaning routine. I had nothing at work scheduled until after lunch and having been out the night before for dinner I thought I'd sleep in and head for the office after lunch. My wife worked a normal schedule and was off to her job every morning by 8:30. Today was no exception. She rose from bed and began to get ready for work. By 8:25 she said goodbye drove off to her job.

The cleaning lady was still on the first floor of our house as I got up from our bed on the second floor. I slipped off my pajamas and put on my robe. This is not the long fluffy bathrobe, this is a flimsy short thin cloth robe that came down to my knees. It was also not big and barely fit around my waist. So completely naked, wearing only this flimsy robe I strode downstairs to the living room to sit and read the morning paper. The cleaning lady hardly noticed me because there were times when I didn't leave for work until she was completely done with her work.

As I settled in to a small chair in our living room and opened the paper, I spread my legs open which easily exposed my cock and balls through the open front of my robe. The chair was facing the kitchen and the cleaning lady was in the kitchen dusting and washing and cleaning. From time to time she would walk from the kitchen to the dining room. When she did this the first time, her eyes glanced in my direction. What she saw was me, in my robe reading the paper. In addition she saw my legs spread apart and my cock and balls at rest in full view. She froze in her tracks. I observed her expression from the edge of the paper I held up so it looked like I was reading the paper and not aware of my exposed nakedness. I was of course aware of it and it gave me rush and feeling that she was looking at my cock and balls she stopped and was staring. I began to have a small erection which she also noticed. I had a bit of pre-cum dripping out the head of my cock. She continued her cleaning duties, but would pause occasionally to observe my partial nudity. This was the first session and little became of it as I was just testing the waters and was looking forward the second session with advanced plans.

The next visit of the cleaning lady was two weeks after the first one and I was more prepared. I had a few plans to execute. First I did the same routine with the newspaper, sitting in the chair facing the kitchen, stark naked with a flimsy robe wide open exposing my cock and balls. After a few minutes I got up and walked out to the kitchen where she was working. I then let the robe open so I was providing her with a full frontal nudity view. I walked around the kitchen getting a glass of juice and piece of toast all the while providing her with glances of cock and balls swinging loosely from my open robe. When it came time for her to go upstairs to clean the bedrooms, I followed.

Her constant glances at my open robe assured me she was getting a good view. Whether she enjoyed it or not I don't know. I was enjoying the exposing and flashing. I was occasionally begin to have an erection, small but it was noticeable and she was aware of it.

At one point she was cleaning the bathroom and I decided it was time to shower. I took off the robe and wrapped a small towel around my waist. This towel was so small it couldn't hide my cock and balls and I put in on so my ass was also exposed. She was standing on a small stool when I went in to the bathroom and I made a gesture that I wanted to shower. She looked me up and down and was totally aware of my almost complete nakedness. She left the bathroom and I turned on the shower for a brief moment pretended to shower and then opened the door with the towel hanging from my waist making sure I was giving her a good view of cock, balls and ass. She indeed looked me over more than once. An erection rose almost immediately.

I decided to resume my pose in my flimsy robe on the chair in the living room. The excitement of the shower scene caused a good sized erection which I had to attend to. While the cleaning lady was in the kitchen I began stroking my cock and it rose to the occasion. It was interesting because at any moment she could walk into the dining room and see the activity of me stroking my cock. She didn't and shortly I let go with a huge load and relief from the sexual urgings. This caused me to retire to our upstairs bathroom and clean up. I decided to dress and head for the office. I came down in my suit and tie and walked out to the kitchen. The cleaning lady was a little startled seeing me in my work clothing since recently it had been various glances of my cock, balls and ass. I handed her a ten dollar bill, she replied with a thank you for the money in broken English.

Several Fridays later I stretched my exposure to the cleaning lady. On one occasion we had a new front door installed and that meant new locks and keys. The first Friday the cleaning lady came I made sure the door was open because I knew her key would not work. After she came in and started cleaning and after my wife went to work I went downstairs to the finished basement where she was vacuuming and presented her with a new key.

The way I presented the key was interesting. This time I wore a different robe (naked underneath of course) which was longer and more fluffy like a bathroom robe should be. However I opened up the front of the robe about 8 or 9 inches and exposed my cock and balls with full frontal nudity. I was trying to explain the switch in keys so I could get the old key and she could have the new front door key. When I approached her it was obvious that she could now see the full frontal nudity and my cock and balls. She looked up and down and stopped and fixed her eyes directly on my cock Then as I got closer she smiled and as I explained the key switch I "accidentally" dropped the new key directly in front of me and it landed between my feet. It seems the tradition is Eastern Europe that a woman is somewhat subservient. Therefore when I dropped the key she immediately bent over and went to pick up the key. In so doing her head and eyes passed directly down the front of my body inches from my cock. I know she was looking as she bent over. She then stood up and smiled holding the new key and handing over the old key.

During the same visit I did the "shower" thing again but when I walked out of the bathroom I accidentally let the towel fall giving her the first full naked view of my body. The first thing she saw was my ass because she was standing behind me. The towel landed behind me and she picked it up and handed it to me as I swung around completely naked with my cock and balls swinging as I twirled around. I hesitated as she handed me the towel trying to look embarrassed but making sure she had a good long view.

This was in the middle of summer and we had the air and dehumidifier running constantly As was my habit after several naked exposures I would retire upstairs to my office and watch porn on my computer. I was dressed only in my tee shirt exposing my cock and balls with an angle that when the cleaning lady came up stairs she had an unobstructed view! Well I was pleased when she turned the corner coming up the stairs and turned my chair so she would have a full view of cock and balls. She walked in and said "electricity" in broken English. I wasn't sure what she meant but I got up and headed downstairs with her. Again, Eastern European women seem subservient and she followed me down to the basement and she had a full view of my ass as we went down the stairs. When we got to the washer I noticed it was not running and the dehumidifier was also not working. I knew that a circuit breaker had tripped because the washer, dryer, and dehumidifier overloaded the circuit. I looked puzzled and got up on the washer completely exposing my cock and balls. I then bent over with my ass facing her to give her a view of my open ass and balls from behind. I hesitated and then reset the breaker but not before extending my naked cock.

I went back upstairs and jerked a good load off to relieve the sexual tension that had built up. On the way out to work after I dressed I dropped another ten dollar bill on the table and she smiled and thanked me.

The next visit by the cleaning lady interested me more than ever. I was trying to think of what new exposure I could come up with. Then it hit me. I put on the same old tee shirt that was small on me that came down to my belly button and to the crack in my ass and no further. It was the same one I wore when the circuit breaker needed to be reset. I then put on a pair of shorts that were very small.

When it was time for her to arrive around 7:30 am I went down and took off the shorts and was standing by the front door naked from the belly button to my feet.

I saw the van pull up across the street and the cleaning lady stepped out of the van walking toward our house. I had combed my pubic hair and swung my body from side to side so my cock and balls were free. I then turned to the wall in front of the door which contained a full length mirror so when she walked in she would have view of my ass and I would see her in the mirror. I heard the key in the door and as it opened I saw her face in the mirror in front of me. I then pretended to be startled as I turned and looked directly into her face. She let out a gasp and immediately said "sorry" as if she scared me. I turned to give her a full frontal view of my now throbbing cock and hanging balls. She took the view in and just stood there staring. I turned to give her another view of my ass and then proceeded to walk up stairs putting on my shorts crawling in bed with my still sleeping wife.

After my wife got up and went to work I again took off my shorts and headed half naked down the stairs to see the cleaning lady. She was busy in the kitchen so I went there to have a glass of orange juice. We have a small kitchen so I had to maneuver around her almost touching her but not quite. My cock was growing ever so slightly and she surely noticed. As she continued to clean I followed her around making sure she got several views of my nakedness. I started to feel the throbbing in my cock and made sure she noticed it was growing in size. It was a sexual thrill to know she knew that I knew that she knew she was seeing my cock and balls and ass.

I had just recently cleaned the basement of a lot of junk and still in my half naked tee shirt only garb I went down and directed her to mop the newly cleaned up area. I stood there to supervise and she had the usual full view of cock and balls and sometimes as I turned to show her my ass. Again my cock began to grow and she was sure to notice its increasing size. I stayed the entire time until the pressure became too great and I went upstairs to watch more porn and eventually had to jerk my swelling cock with a huge pleasurable load.

It wasn't often that I displayed my cocks erection to her but one morning I was sitting in the chair in the living room with only my tee shirt on giving the cleaning lady a full view of my legs spread apart and cock and balls. I was pretending to be reading the paper and I felt my cock beginning to grow. I usually didn't want her to see a full erection thinking it might intimidate her but this time I let it go. My cock climbed straight up to my belly button and was at full attention. About this time she walked into the dining room and stopped abruptly staring at my throbbing member.

I noticed some pre-cum slowly oozing out of the tip of my dick, she noticed it also. She turned to the kitchen where the remote hand held phone was but I had removed it and had on the table next to me, pretending to be waiting for a call.

She noticed the phone was gone and asked in broken English - telephone? I held it up and said me call, pretending to be waiting for a call. I think she was going to call her office. I figured this was enough so I went upstairs watched some porn after a short jerking session blasted one of the biggest loads in a long time. I dressed in my suit and tie, went downstairs (I still had the phone) and walked to the kitchen and offered her the phone. She looked me up and down at my well tailored suit and said no. I handed her a twenty dollar bill and got a nice thank you for the money!

Finally one Friday I stood half naked at the front door at the appointed time (7:30 am) and the door opened. The cleaning lady was getting used to the view that greeted her, my short tee shirt not quite down to the crack in my ass. My naked ass and cock and balls on display for her. I gave her a brief show swinging my body so my cock and balls would be swaying for her view. Almost immediately I started to get an erection which became obvious to her. I bent over with my ass facing her pretending to pick up an envelope on the floor giving her a view of my asshole and balls dangling from behind. Then I put on my shorts and went back to bed with my wife.

My wife left for work at 8:30 and I came down to the kitchen completely naked and I was already aroused with a firm erection pointed straight ahead and at an angle towards the ceiling. I walked right into the kitchen where the cleaning lady was washing dishes. She heard me walk in and turned and looked at me. She let out a large gasp and straightened up and her eyes fixed on my large throbbing cock. She never took her eyes of off it until I said in a normal voice, good morning. I sat down on a stool, legs spread apart erect cock and balls aimed in her direction. I had never been this bold and wasn't sure of her reaction. She had never seen my cock as hard, as long, and throbbing as it was this morning. Pre cum was visible and dripping ever so slightly on the kitchen floor.

I motioned her to come over to me, she did, never taking her eyes off of my cock. I had ten ten dollar bills in my hand and showed them to her. She looked puzzled when at the same time I brought her right hand over to my enlarged cock. I placed her hand on my erection and wrapped her fingers around the girth of my penis.

My cock was hot and hard and her hand was cold but I felt her fingers wrap tightly around my erection. She immediately began stroking, almost as if she had done this many times before, perhaps she had. She felt the head of my dick as she slid her hand the entire length. She stopped a few times and gave a slight squeeze when she got to the base of my dick.

Her stroking was divine, her rhythm was perfect. She also ran her index finger to the tip of my dick where the pre cum was now flowing. She took some of the pre cum and moistened the head of my cock. Watching her finger gently massaging the tip of my cock sent feelings of pleasure throughout my body. I could only think of those fingers that were playing with my cock and balls were the cleaning lady whose name I don't even know. As she fondled my balls I could see an expression of pleasure on her face. My balls must have felt like eggs in her hand and her hand started to feel warm and sensuous.

At one point I began to thrust my hips almost involuntarily as she stroked my cock with an even rhythm. As I was thrusting my hips she stopped stroking and just held my cock as I was now fucking her hand. Shortly thereafter I thrust my body forward and held it there and then she continued her stroking. She also took her other hand and felt my ass rubbing both ass cheeks as she stroked. I don't remember how many strokes it took but the feeling built and I approached the edge wanting to cum but wanting her stroking to last forever. The shaft of my penis would bounce up and down when she occasionally stopped stroking and patted the tip gently and she watched my cock bounce 5 or 6 inches and then settle back at a nearly 45 degree angle waiting for her hand to return. She then would again wrap her fingers around my dick and slowly began another series of strokes.

I couldn't hold back my head rolled back and my cock shuddered as I let out a huge groan and I began to spurt the largest, fullest load I ever remember. I can't remember the number of spurts of cum I shot but the spasms were uncontrollable. I felt tingling throughout my body. The hot load covered her hand and flowed out over the kitchen floor. As I groaned in pleasure her eyes were wide open viewing the head of my cock and it's flowing semen. As I was cumming she wrapped her other hand around my balls and gently squeezed them. She stopped and gave me a strange look then looked at her hand and the floor and finally back to my deflating cock. She managed a little smile and got some paper towels cleaning her hand, the floor, and finally my cock. Gently she wiped the head of my cock until it was almost dry but still oozing some fluid. She then reached over and grabbed my cock and balls and gave them a gentle squeeze with a smile on her face. I put the hundred dollars in her hand and muttered a mumbled thank you.

She put the money in her purse and continued her cleaning duties while I retired upstairs to shower and dress for work. Some time later I went downstairs fully dressed ready to go to work. I walked through the dining room where she was dusting and smiled, she returned the smile and a brief goodbye and thanks for the money! I had no idea what the next visit would entail.

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U deserve to die u fkng animal !! Flashing out ladies !! cheating on your waif !!

I hope that someday , you will be good , and if u wont be good , I hope you stop acting like a fkng animal

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