tagIllustratedNaked in My Neighborhood

Naked in My Neighborhood


I got the idea to try this from someone that read one of my stories.

Thanks to one of my reader's I decided to try something new. I live in the back of a cul-de-sac about six houses from the main road, near the Alderwood Mall. The mailboxes are out on the main street about an eighth mile away.

I started out kind of slow, just going out on my porch in a bathrobe in the evening, around 9:00 PM. I would sit down on the steps and spread my legs, letting the cool night air touch my moist hole. Then I untied the belt and let the robe start to open on it's own, eventually opening it completely. I would then play with my boobs and nipples. By the time I was through I had the robe off entirely and was fingering my pussy to orgasm.

The next night I didn't bother with the robe. I just walked out and sat down on my porch completely naked, masturbated, and went back inside. It was time to take things further.

I waited until around midnight when I figured all of my neighbors would be in bed, or at least not watching what was happening outside. Both of my sons were out for the night so I would have the house to myself. I drank two or three glasses of wine to calm my nerves. I stripped off all of my clothes and walked to the front door. I was quite nervous thinking about what I was about to do, in my own neighborhood even, but also had a little buzz going from the wine. It was now or never. I opened the front door and stepped outside.

I walked out onto my porch and closed the door behind me. I walked out to my steps and sat down for a minute. I wanted to make sure nobody was around. After a couple minutes I stood up and started down my walkway to the driveway. My heart was pounding, but I was also very excited just thinking about what I was doing. I walked to the end of my driveway, which just happened to be under a streetlight, and paused for a moment, still no signs of anyone about. God I was so turned on!

I could hear an occasional car drive past on the street around the corner, but nothing I could see. I started up the sidewalk toward the mailbox. I noticed a few lights on in a couple of my neighbor's houses, but I didn't see any movement.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," I said out loud.

I suddenly saw headlights nearing out on the main road. I thought about running back to the house, but froze instead. The car drove past the cul-de-sac without even slowing down. I started walking again. Once I reached the corner I stopped and looked back toward my house. It looked so far away. I figured I had made it halfway I may as well go the distance.

I looked up and down the main street, all clear. I started walking toward the mailboxes. Once I was away from the corner I realized I would have nowhere to hide if a car came down the street, as there is a fence next to the sidewalk in this spot to keep people out of the creek below. I kept walking toward the mailboxes. Just as I got near it, I saw headlights coming my way. I moved behind the boxes, but stayed upright. The car passed by, apparently without noticing me.

I was now so excited that I could feel my wetness starting to drip down my inner thigh. I stayed behind the mailboxes and started caressing my breasts and lightly pinching my nipples. I slid one hand down to my now soaked pussy and stroked my finger up and down my slit a few times. I needed to cum. I walked back to my house and sat down on my porch steps. I spread my knees wide apart and dove right in with three fingers in my soaking pussy. I came immediately, but finger fucked myself through two more orgasms. Now spent, I got up and walked into the house on wobbly legs.

The next night I started earlier, around 10:00, still nobody around. This time I walked straight out without pausing. I made it to the mailbox without even a car going past. I walked back to the corner and sat down on the curb. I spread my legs and started teasing my clit with one hand and pinching my nipples with the other. There was still no traffic in sight. I stood up and started back toward the house.

One of the neighbors near the corner hadn't mowed their lawn in a while and the grass was maybe eight inches tall. I stopped and lay down in the tall grass, rolling around a few times. The soft blades felt like tiny fingers on my bare skin. I sat up onto my knees, spreading my thighs as much as I could, opening my pussy lips to the tickling grass. I wiggled my butt around trying to get as much contact on my clit as possible. It was a nice tease, but left me wanting more.

I looked around and spotted a garden hose laying a few feet away toward the house. I bent over, grabbed the end of it, and returned to squatting on my knees. The hose didn't have a nozzle on it. I felt around the end for any sharp edges.

"This will work nicely," I said to myself.

I pulled the end of the hose a little to get some slack, licked the end real good and slid it down between my thighs. I pressed it into my waiting pussy about six inches and let out a little moan. This didn't feel half bad. Once I had it comfortably into my pussy as far as it would go, I tucked part of the hose under my leg to hold it in place, and started to move up and down. I must have been a real sight, bouncing up and down, fucking a garden hose in my neighbor's front yard. Unfortunately nobody was around to see, or so I thought. I humped the hose through a couple of orgasms and then laid back in the grass and relaxed for a little while, with the hose still hanging out of my pussy. After ten minutes or so, I got up and walked home.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/05/18

Beautiful Barb

If you were my women you wouldn't ever be allowed to wear clothes.
Your beautiful naked body would always be so that I could look at it or
play with it & give you the loving attention you deserve.

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by gbdare08/13/18

Would Love To Have You As My Neighbor!

I would love to see you out and about naked and fingering yourself! I too am an exhibitionist who gets very aroused from getting naked in public and I've done some late night walks naked myself. It'smore...

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