tagInterracial LoveNaked in New York

Naked in New York


August Cooper arrived a few minutes late to Anna Williams' studio, but in many ways, he was right on time.

August met Anna at the gym just a few months before, and they were pleased to learn that they shared the same interest in movies, music and the Mets. They also loved each other's accents-the lilt of Anna's Cairns voice pleased August's ears just as much as his distinct Brooklyn rhythm pleased hers. They had been to a few lunches and shared a few coffees, but they weren't dating per se.

Just a few days prior, Anna, who ran AW Photography on West Street, asked August to stop by for a few hours of work on a "special project." August, an assistant manager at the Black Chair Tavern on Ninth Avenue, would have to take the afternoon off, but for Anna, he didn't mind.

When he entered the studio, Anna was sitting on a chair next to a gray table, drinking coffee and reading the Times, wearing jeans, Adidas sneakers and a black sweatshirt. She had a vivid, unique look-ghostly white complexion, bright red hair, sharp blue eyes. August thought that she looked like an Australian Amy Adams-and he had a huge crush on Amy Adams.

"Hello," she greeted with a smile. "I didn't know you dressed this well on weekends!"

"I figured it was a special occasion," August sheepishly remarked.

"It might be."

Anna always thought August was hot, but he looked especially good today. He looked almost exactly like Shawn Wayans, from the famous comedy family-same moustache, same hairstyle, same intense brown eyes, same lovely chocolate skin. As she looked at his gorgeous face and his muscular body wrapped in a white shirt, blue tie, black pants and black dress shoes, she felt that she could go for a piece of this chocolate.

"Would you like some coffee? Help yourself to a cup. It's freshly brewed."

"Why, thank you."

"Hope you like some cream in your coffee," she replied, winking.

He smiled slightly. "I do, in fact."

After they finished coffee, Anna stood up and asked August to walk over to the main studio room.

"So this is what I had in mind-if you're not comfortable with it, you don't have to do it, and I won't be mad, OK?"


She paused and smiled.

"So, with everything that's going on, I wanted to do some photos that showed...how shall I put it...unity."


"You know...sort of like saying, we're more alike than we are different, we're all the same underneath, that sort of thing."

"I see."

"I thought the idea was too earnest, so I didn't want to do it at first. Then I read about this show they're doing in Australia. It's called 'First Contact,' and what they do is that they take a group of white Australians who've never met any Aboriginal Australians, and have them meet for the first time."


"I thought the concept was awful. It's like a sick form of tourism-they're not really trying to understand Aboriginal people or Aboriginal culture, or really dealing with how much they've been treated like shit."

August nodded.

"So I got this idea...what if I did some photographs showing people of different colors connecting to each other physically...showing that we were literally meant to be together, that we're not supposed to see each other as foreign, that we are all human and should literally embrace each other."

"Some people might not like that."

"Well, fuck them."

They both laughed.

"Now, the thing is...the photos will involve a bit of nudity. Our faces wouldn't be seen, but we'd be physically close to each other while naked-as close as we can possibly be."


"Would you be OK with this?"

"Sure-I don't see why not."

Anna sighed. "OK. Well, in that case, I'd like to do it while the sun's still out. I want some natural light in the photos-you know, to show that the sun shines down on all of us."


"There's a bathroom over there if you want some privacy."

"Uh, no. It's OK. I can strip down here."

"You're sure?"


"OK. Well, do you mind if I strip down in front of you, too?"

"No, not at all."

"I might blind you, being so pale!"

August laughed. "No, that's OK. There are a lot of cultures that consider pale skin a sign of beauty."

"Well, there are a lot of cultures that think the same way about dark skin."

"I see."

"Well, let's get started!"

August and Anna slowly began to remove their clothes in front of each other. In just a few minutes, they were completely naked-and visibly aroused by each other's bodies, Anna's nipples hardened by the sight of August's chocolate washboard abs, sculpted thighs and erect cock, made so by the image of Anna's lightly freckled alabaster skin, bright red bush and hourglass figure, which featured a "You Only Live Once" ribcage tattoo.

Digital camera in her right hand, Anna started off with shots of August holding her left hand, before positioning him behind her for a shot of his black left hand at the side of her white waist. His penis was so warm and firm against the crack of her ass, and the sensation almost made her swoon. As she took the photo, she imagined what it would feel like to have him cum all over her ass.

Anna then instructed August to move his left hand upward, in order to get a shot of him cupping her left breast, his fingers fanning out to expose her erect pink nipples. August wanted to desperately to place a sweet kiss on her freckled shoulder, to run his fingers through her beautifully scented red hair, to send as much pleasure and satisfaction as possible from his cock to her pussy. He remembered the old movie "Undercover Brother," in which a white woman was jokingly described as the "black man's kryptonite." In this moment, he thought that term described Anna perfectly.

For the next shot, Anna placed August's hand very high on her upper thigh, his pinky finger almost touching her red bush. After taking the photo, they both glanced at each other and knew that the day would not end without lovemaking.

"Can I get another shot?" Anna whispered. "This one won't be for the public-we can keep it between us."

"OK," August responded.

In just seconds, her pale, freckled hand wrapped around his hard, veiny black cock, and she took the shot. She continued to fondle his penis as she placed the digital camera on the floor.

Her blue eyes met his brown eyes.



"Do you want to?"


She knelt down to kiss his cockhead before summoning him to a worn red couch near the window; the sight of her asscrack as she walked to the couch made him surrender to seduction. He embraced her and laid her gently on the couch, enjoying her sweet smile as they began to make love.

As they fucked, she saw the cutest reflection in the window: his hips thrusting up and down into her, the dark skin of his ass looking so good in the afternoon sun's rays. For a brief moment, she wished she had a photo of this black man pounding her white pussy with frantic passion. Then, she realized that the photos in one's memory are sometimes the best shots of all.

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