tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaked in NY Ch. 01-03

Naked in NY Ch. 01-03



I was not sure where to fit this story. There is some public nudity, some spanking, and some NonConsent/Reluctance along with some form of BDSM... It's a bit twisted, so I figured that it fit best in the NonConsent/Reluctance section... Tell me if you want to know what happens next... I am still trying to figure it out.


Chapter 1

Nicole stepped out in the mild autumn air. On Saturday nights, Wall Street was a ghost town. For the past 3 years, she had been working seven days a week and today she was finally done and she could relax for the first time in a long time. Where could she go though? No one was waiting for her. The time that she had invested into that last project had come at a high personal cost. She was single again. Her last boyfriend had been patient for the first two years but he had left her a year ago now. "What is the point of this relationship if I never see you? I never touch you and my hand has become my only lover." Those were his last words as he carried the last suitcase out of her apartment and out of her life.

"It's a shame," she thought. As the fresh air filled her lungs, she was starting to relax. "I could really use a good man right now." The memories of him awakened desires that she had ignored since his departure. "How long had it been?" The poor guy was right and she could not blame him. She had ignored every other aspects of her life while working on this once in a lifetime opportunity. She had succeeded and could even retire tomorrow if she so desired.

"Get out of here!" Her boss had forced her to take the next month off. "You need to have a life... and because this firm owes much of its success to your hard work... I need to make sure that you will not burn out... I don't want to see you for now. We have it under control... Go live your life... you are young and you need to act your age for once... Go! Now!"

So there she was. Standing at the entrance of the building and looking lost; she did not know what to do or where to go. She did not feel like going straight home but she did not want to go get a drink by herself either. The cool breeze from Battery Park and the sound of the water beckoned her. A nice walk in the park seemed like a good idea.

Unbeknownst to her, she had been under observation from the minute she had stepped out of the building. Hidden in the shadows, they had been watching her while she stood. When she unexpectedly decided to head to the park they knew that they had the opening that they were waiting for. The five young men followed her at a distance and when she entered the park they spread out to get to her from all sides. She would soon be in their trap.

Nicole was leaning against the metal railing at the edge of the park. Feeling the wind in her face, she was deep in thought. She stood there until her face turned cold from the breeze; the lights from the buildings across the river had put her into a trance. She snapped out of it. It was time to head home. She needed to sleep and had decided that she would sleep until her eyes would pop open. There would not be any need for alarm clocks. What a strange notion.

When she turned around, a jolt of fear hit her. Five young men, their faces hidden by the shadows of their hoodies, were surrounding her. She was trapped with nowhere to go. She smiled and tried to walk past them but they clearly and firmly made her understand that she could not move.

"Strip!" The command came from the tallest man whose long blond hair was sticking out of his hood.

"Strip or we will tear your cloths off. Now!"

Fear had taken her voice and she looked at them in a state of shock. She stood there motionless with an ever-widening knot in her throat. The fear was suffocating and nauseating. She was a petite woman standing at 5'3" and the men towering over her seemed like giants.

They stepped closer to her when she did not move so she raised her arms.

They stepped back to give her room.

After a few seconds of hesitation, she lowered her arms and removed her jacket. No words were spoken but their body language told her that she should not stop. They were ready to pounce. She needed to buy time. Maybe someone would walk by and help her out of this situation. She removed one shoe and the next. She would stare at them as she proceeded looking for any small opening to escape. She had been an athlete in a past life and she felt confident about her capabilities to outrun them. She would not need to run for very long. The park was small and the police patrolled the streets regularly. The park was probably under camera surveillance too, she thought. She just needed more time.

"Move faster or else!" came the warning.

She was now barefoot in her pantsuit and short sleeve work shirt. She opened the pants first as she thought that the shirt would hide her forms better. Time! She needed more time. The pants were off and soon the shirt was also on the ground next to it. Despite her fear she was calculating her options. There was still no one around to help out and even if there was she did not know if she could have yelled for help as her throat felt dry and useless.

However, when it was down to her cotton slip and panties she could no longer move. The idea of being exposed outdoor froze her. She pulled her arms up, afraid that her nipples would show through the fabric. The cotton camisole that she wore that day was thin and did not leave much to the imagination. It was her last layer of protection and she did not have the courage to remove it in front of them.

The leader made a hand signal and before she could say or do anything ten pairs of hands grabbed her remaining clothing. As if choreographed, they all stepped back in unison and tore the fabric off her body. She was naked and the gust of wind coming of the water's surface sent shivers up her spine. It made her all to aware of her circumstance.

Nicole panicked and raised her arms in an attempt to cover up. Was this really happening? Bare as the day she was born in one of the biggest cities in the world? The young men were calm and confident. They did not seem rushed or threatened by the risk of police arriving anytime soon. They were in total control.

The leader spoke rapidly.

"This is our game and here are the rules: we give you a head start, you run and if we catch you then the fun really begins."

They stared at her for a few seconds letting it all sink in. They then started to step away from her leaving her completely exposed to the outside world. The circle that they formed around her was widening with every step back they took. They knew from experience that it would take a while for the situation to register. In some cases, there was no chase at all to this cat and mouse game. The prey would just stand still, paralyzed, and would give in to her fear.

Nicole was different. Her nudity bothered her profusely but her flight instinct was strong. She had analyzed the situation carefully and had decided on a series of movements that she should follow. The key was to act without hesitation. She would have to put her modesty aside for now and let the adrenaline rush kick in. She was ready.

Once the men had withdrawn enough for her to squeeze by them, she immediately put herself in motion.

She grabbed her handbag and, before anyone had time to react, she swung it with all her might into the black NYC water. There! They would not be able to get her name and address; now her identity was protected.

As she had predicted, this act surprised and distracted them.

She used the diversion to start her sprint. By the time they turned back their heads towards her, she had already run past them.

There was no delay in her actions and it took them a second or two to react.

The girl was fast. She did not waiver and did not show any sign of timidity.

The leader started panicking. This was not the plan. "Guys let's go or we'll lose her. She is too damn fast. MOVE!"

He was right.

The girl had bolted into the darkness and could not be seen.

Nicole was moving fast from shadow to shadow choosing her spots, hiding, and avoiding the light cast by the lamps above her. She had managed to stay hidden all the while staying close to the railing overlooking the pier. She had decided that her best bet was the water. She was a competitive swimmer once upon a time. As the men started looking for her in the park, she lowered her body slowly into the sea and avoided making any splash that could alert them of her position. By alternating cleverly between underwater swimming and by hiding in the nook and crannies of the peir that was surrounding the park Nicole was soon going to be out of their reach.

The leader and his gang were frantic. For the first time ever, they had lost their prey. Once it was clear that she would not be found, the leader took out his cell to call the client.

Mike answered the phone. Who could it be at this hour of the night?

"This is Jay and we lost the prey"

Jay? The prey? Holly Shit! He had completely forgotten about the set-up. It had all been arranged such a long time ago. Months before he broke it off with Nicole. Jay was the leader of a group that specialized in making women's fantasies come to life. In a safe environment, they would act out abduction and rape scenarios. Nicole had told him her wildest fantasy and he had arranged for it to happen. The problem was that he had never gotten around to revealing the present that he had planned for her while they were still together. In order for the set-up to work, the crew would not act for several months so as to surprise their "victim". They had not given him a time frame for the act, and they convinced him that the less he knew the better the effect of the surprise to the woman. It had been over a year and he simply had forgotten about it. He had wanted to forget everything about her. It was just too painful.

"Hold on... I need to cancel the order... she is no longer with me."

"What the fuck?! It's too fucking late!" Jay was furious. "So she is unaware and she thinks that she just got attacked?"


"Well, we have disabled all the cameras in the neighborhood and there is no trace of our dealings... so we are getting out of this fucking mess... FYI: there is a naked woman running around the city" Jay hung up and tossed the cell in the river. He then raised his hand and signaled his troup. In a matter of seconds, the crew disappeared in the shadows of the park.

Mike sat-up bewildered. Where was Nicole and how could he help her?

Chapter 2

Nicky was now out of the reach of her assailants. She had swum up the West Side of the island but due to the strong currents her progress was slow. Knowing that the waters around the City had been deemed safe for swimming comforted her somewhat. At least, she would not over think the fact that she was completely exposed in that regard.

Now, looking at the landmarks she realized that she was still well below Canal Street. The water felt cool on her skin. It was her first time skinny-dipping and what a strange sensations it was. The water caressed and stimulated her sensitive breasts in ways that she had never experienced. The gentle cool touch of the liquid made her nipples as hard as marbles as she swam. She was hyper sensitive to the liquid enveloping her and exciting her all over. Her sex was also exposed to the water and the feeling was not unpleasant at all. She felt as if she was floating and as if she was being lifted out of the nightmare that she had just experienced. Her body was responding to this relaxing situation and she was starting to let go of her fear. She was nude and completely excited by now.

Now that the danger was gone, her mind was spinning in all directions. She replayed the attack over and over. Something familiar was striking a chord. A loud, "What the fuck!" escaped her lips. Memories of an old fantasy rushed back from some parts within her. The similarities were too close for it to be a coincidence. Was this a bad joke?

She needed to get out of the water and get to a phone. How would she go about it? A pay phone, did they still exist? How about placing collect calls? The problem was phone numbers. She remembered the ones from long ago but all the ones that she dialed these days were only stored on her blackberry's memory. She drew a blank. She could not hope to reach her apartment by swimming all the way to the Upper West Side. She would have to chance it by walking along the riverbank. She could always dive back into the safety of the dark water if necessary.

She had swum her way up to TriBeCa, she thought. That neighborhood would not be as quiet and empty as Wall Street. The further uptown she would go the more people there would be. She would need to get past 57th street before the streets would quiet down again. She knew that the residential streets in the West 70's and 80's would be quiet. But her journey back home was just starting.

She hoisted herself out of the water in what seemed to be a secluded area of the park that trailed along the river. The air was mild for the season but getting out of the water was not easy. Her pert small nipples were still as hard as little rocks sticking out like the tips of pencil erasers. Once she was out of the water, she found refuge behind a trashcan. She wiped as much of the water from her body as possible. She needed to get dry fast if she did not want to be too cold. Her hands ran up and down her legs moving quickly. She jumped when one of her hands brushed the hairy patch between her legs. She was still as excited as she had been in the water. The hand lingered between her thighs. Her heart beat faster and, instantly, she no longer felt the cold. She pressed down applying more pressure on her mound. Time stood still. She could not breath and a feverish sensation was taking over her mind.


A dog startled her out of her reverie. The owner was a tall older woman sitting on a bench a few yards away. For the first time tonight, Nicole felt hopeful. This old lady would surely come to the rescue of a woman in distress. The dog got agitated as she got up resolved to ask for assistance. It growled and barked as Nicole made her way towards its master.

"Help me please," whispered Nicole.

The woman looked at her startled by the nude form. She bounced up from the bench and started screaming at the young woman.

"What is this? How dare you walk around like this? Do you have any shame? You slut! You are depraved and I am not going to take this sitting down!"

Nicky was startled by the violent reaction. She turned red with shame and tried to step back. Nicole's voice was failing her again and she was left mute for the second time that evening. The lady was actually not as old as she looked from afar and she was standing overlooking the petite frame of Nicole. She was fast and she was strong. She grabbed the young woman by the forearm and sat back down on the bench forcing Nicole to bend forward and down over her lap.

SPANK! The first slap came down fast and strong.

"This is what I did to my children when they misbehaved!"


Nicole felt the air come out of her lungs. This was happening to fast for her to process. She drew her hands up to her face in an attempt to hide. She had never felt this embarrassed in her entire life. She was kicking her legs in the air but the woman held her tight. Nicole felt like a little girl being punished. The woman was almost twice as big as Nicole and the contrast made her feel small and weak. She was being pushed down with the hand that held her while her rear was slapped with the other.

The problem was that Nicole was still aroused. She felt the friction of her mound of Venus against the woman's legs. Between the humiliation and the excitement she would soon reach a climax if the rubbing of her sex against the woman's leg did not stop. The slaps on her butt were pushing her down against the fabric.


The hits kept on coming as her excitement grew. Overstimulated and out of control, she started spreading her legs ever so slightly hoping that the woman's hand would touch her sex. She needed that extra contact on her pussy. She wanted to come. She needed the release. Sinking her face further into her hands, she suddenly moved her free leg as far off the bench as she could. She was stretching herself as wide as possible and the following slap hit her square on the sex. "Ooooooh," she moaned as she came close to her climax. Just one more slap and she would be experiencing pure bliss. Alas it was not to be.

Suddenly the woman pushed her to the ground.

"You whore! Have you no decency!"

It was the woman's turn to be shocked into silence.

Nicky got up and quickly sprinted away as the woman was about to reach for her cane.

Chapter 3

What had just happened? Nicole could not believe that she had almost reached an orgasm over that woman's knees. Her state of arousal had not diminished. She was now sprinting in the direction of the Village still following the park up the Hudson River. With each stride, the friction between her legs was driving her insane. She was on the edge of release but she could not reach the ultimate relief that she was craving. She was running fast hoping that the strain on her body would either help her reach the sexual summit or calm her down. But no! The heat in her loins remained constant as she went along. She was now zigzagging to avoid the light cast by the street lamps but honestly she did not care if she was seen. The park was not very full and whoever saw her would not really have time to react. If they managed to see her in the darkness, they would not see much, only a pinkish blur.

When she reached the edge of the West Village, Nicole remembered her old friend Lizzy. Lizzy was close enough to be one of a handful of people who could have known about Nicole's fantasy. Was she responsible for tonight's series of events? She definitely had a motive to plan such an attack and Nicole needed to find out. If she was, Nicole would confront her and apologize for the past and maybe Lizzy would help her out. If she was not, then maybe she would find it in her heart to help Nicole despite all the bad blood. Nicky was praying that she would not be punished for her past misbehavior. Lizzy lived in a brownstone close to the water. The streets in that part of town were small and quiet. Maybe she could find refuge there? It had been years since they had last seen each other. They had been really close until Nicole had betrayed her. She had seduced Dave, a boy that Lizzy really liked and Lizzy never forgave her. Back in those days, Nicole was a bad girl. She was at an age when she was discovering her powers over men and for a time she experimented with a lot of them. She had strung poor Dave along for months teasing him but never allowing him to touch her. He had fallen head over heels for her and she had broken his heart. She had behaved the same way with many others at the time. Nicole had deeply regretted her attitude of old but she had never found the courage to make amends. She had never apologized for her actions to any of the people who had fallen victim to her teasing.

She made her way to her old friend's house weaving from stoop to stoop, hiding whenever she thought she might be discovered. The street was quiet and she pressed the buzzer.

"Who is it?"

"Lizzy? It's Nicole... Remember me?"

"What do you want?" came abruptly.

"I am in trouble and I need your help... Do you have company tonight?" Nicole certainly did not want to be walking into a party naked as she was.

"I do have guests here tonight."

"Can you please come down for a minute to the street? Please!"


"Please bring me some cloths." But the buzzer had gone silent and Nicole did not know if the girl had heard the request.

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