tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaked in the Mall

Naked in the Mall


She awoke slowly feeling her body tingling with an unusual sensation but at least she was warm and it was obviously the middle of the night. There was confusion, a lack of clarity, in her mind. The first things she became aware of; after recognising that she was lying on a very hard surface, was the foul smell of urine and stale beer. That's so disgusting; this thought was slow to enter her mind as she recovered from whatever it was that was affecting her mind. Then she reacted with real horror to the fact that she was naked. How could she have ended up naked in a place smelling of stale beer and urine?

God what was happening to her? As her mind began to function slightly better, and as she looked around she realised it must have been very early in the morning, and that she was in the Flinders Street Mall. How had she ended up in such a seedy place, full of perverts and drunks? And worse still, how was it possible that she was naked in such a place? It was such a sleazy place and how appalling that anyone could see her in her birthday suit. Just as she was slowly wondering how she'd managed to end up like a little tramp; naked and exposing herself in such a well known sleazy public place, she spotted to a group of dirty drunk men staring at her from across the mall.

How disgusting they looked! It was such a hot night and she was sweating profusely, and she knew it was no wonder she could smell their dirty bodies, all hairy unkept and uncared for in this horrid heat. She studied them, slowly taking in that they all had dirty torn clothes, all were unshaven, with acned faces, and it looked like they all needed a good wash. It seemed somehow appropriate that they were so unkept, for in this heat all these men would be sweating profusely and that their bodies would be slimy from the constant humidity and filth they lived in.

How horrible and pathetic they looked? Compared to her, they cared little for themselves, and just did so little to take care of themselves. She was glad they were so far away from her; she remembered showering and spraying her new perfume on herself before she went to bed in her air-conditioned bedroom. She was always so careful to keep clean and to look after herself so she remained pure and presentable.

A well kept, careful, clean, manicured, and fastidious young woman, naked in public who had ever heard of such a thing; especially in the prudishness of North Queensland. The question sat there, at the back of her mind, how had she ended up here, in the most filthy and disgusting part of Townsville, where all the drug addicts, drunks, and hopeless types hung out?

And as she sat still, observing the stinking men across the mall from her, the ones sitting on the bench seat began to notice that she was now awake. Yes these fithy men, with the lust showing on their dirty faces had quickly noticed the naked woman staring at them. Slowly a group of them made their way towards her vulnerable naked body. She knew what they were thinking, from the looks on their faces and the way their bodies moved seductively and entranced towards her. Yes, she knew they would be thinking to themselves, what sort of dirty little tramp sits naked in the mall in the middle of the night with no-one else around except horny dirty men wanting to fuck whatever they can get their hands on?

That burning desire she saw in their faces was scary, it meant they were thinking about her beautiful pure and seductive body, and wanting to have it for themselves. And she was worried by her own apparent complicity; for surely they would know she could only be after one thing if she was naked and alone in Flinders Street Mall at this time of night.

How could she deny, even as she experienced her own horror at the thought, that she was somehow responsible for her own situation; and what was about to happen to her own pure and delicate seductively naked body's quest for release. The unbearable heat and humidity had hold of her. She could feel her own body begin to sweat in this inferno of humidity that was so typical for this time of year in the North.

Looking at their movements, she knew they would be unable to contain their lust and that they would be feeling their filthy throbbing cocks hardening quickly in their pants; as they moved towards her naked luscious unprotected body. She couldn't help wondering what sort of horrible hairy disgusting cocks lay in their pants ready to spring forth and take pleasure wherever they could inside her.

Should she feel guilty that she had made no attempt to cover up any part of her nakeness? Was she really a goddess of loveliness that was about to be ravished by uncontrollable filthy men? How could they really resist her, when they saw how ravishingly beautiful she was in her nakeness, their own bodies filthy and dirty and compelled to spoil whatever innocents that lay before them.

When they got close to her, she could smell them, those dirty men with their filthy bodies, wanting to touch her clean unadulterated body all over. She watched in a type of trance as their callused hands reached out for her translucently seductive flesh. She felt at least a dozen roughly textured hands touching her tenderly soft flesh and in so many parts of her body. Parts that not even she had felt capable to touch for fear of it making her feel like a little tramp, but these dirty filthy men knew no better and were unrestrained in their exploration of her angelic body and its exorbitant delights.

She knew she must feel revolted by what was happening to her purity? So why was it that she felt her body come alive as these disgusting hairy and smelly men took untold liberties with various parts of her body using their dirty hands to create an internal fire inside her naked body? She was powerless to stop the unbridled corruption of her passionate persona and her compulsion for ecstasy that was capturing her mind; how dare her body react this way with such unrestrained lust and passion. What kind of dirty little tramp would she become if she allowed all these filthy unkept men to continue to tease and tempt her body towards ecstasy?

She could see them smiling at their wonderful good fortune as she sat still, completely still, as they touched her in ways that they had always dreamt of, and she could not stop from happening. Their lust filled minds drove them to touch everything they could lay their hands on. Her face, tummy, breasts, legs, ankles, pussy, bottom, and arse, as they ran their hands through her pubic hair, she could see there was nothing off limits to these filthy lust consumed scoundrels.

As they stood around her, with their hands exploring her body, she looked at their pants, each of them had a huge bulge in the front of their pants. It was so ironic, like a little tramp, she wondered what sort of smelly filthy cocks lay behind their dirty torn pants. Just what kind of huge hairy balls were attached to the engorged throbbing cocks that lay hidden from her gaze? She panted in anticipation of what would happen next; she felt powerless to stop the invasion of her pure clean and uncorrupted body.

Her body felt on fire with anticipation of being taken like a little tramp. She felt that these disgustingly perverted men must be ready to invade her, and frustratingly how could she bring herself to even want them to stop? She could feel her body consumed by a passionate lust that was almost beyond herself; as thought she were another person trapped in her lust filled body. A victim of her own lust, she was so wet, so soaked through, that she knew she was totally ready for what lay ahead.

How enraged she was with herself, as a pure woman, like she was, yet she was allowing such thoughts to control her need to be taken and used by these horribly filthy men. She was starting to moan as she realised they were now using their foul smelling mouths to suck on her taunt and erect nipples; their disgusting mouth were licking her clean naked body and leaving their dribbling foul saliva all over her succulent breasts.

In her own clarity, as she looked upon herself, she was disgusted at herself, a pure woman betrayed by her own body's lust. Why was she unable to control her desire for these disgusting men; she knew her body was betraying her by its passionate response to her own lust for these men with their dirty hairy bodies and disgusting throbbing cocks?

As she looked on at what was unfolding, each of the dirty men slowly undid their pants to shows her what lay inside his foul smelling pants; this pure young woman was transforming herself into a little tramp by her complicit desire to be taken. This was a transformation into being the play thing of these disgusting smelly men and their ugly thick cocks, and it was to her own horror to acknowledge her resilience was non-existent. She was a simple sex toy of her own creation.

She knew at the back of her mind what lay in store for her delicate and willing body once these disgustingly distorted cocks entered her. She could see it in the eyes of these entranced filthy minds. They knew now that she was just a trashy little fuck toy for any dirty smelly man who wanted her to feast on her delicate and delightfully gorgeous body.

To create the pretence, she needed the pretence, that she remained the pure young woman that she wanted to be, so she yelled at them to stop; but it came out all wrong because her language was reflection of her corruption. She screamed at them, "don't you dare fucking touch me." But these horrible men, those she had seen with unrestrained lust in her eyes, they watch as she reached out to feel each of their dirty twisted and distortedly smelly cocks. They understood, at some level, her tearing conflicts of motivations, as disgust and lust were clawing their way through her mind and body.

She backs up towards a bench seat to steady herself, and she sits down to gain some stability. But this just allows these horrid men to follow her to her bench seat and to wave their knobby ugly hard cocks at her. And, as if in a trance, she gently reaches out to hold and touch each of these cocks, and one by one she tells each of these horrible men how disgusting she finds their filthy knobby cocks.

Then when they see she is not going to yell or scream at them to go away but is unsure about what should happen next, the ugliest smelliest man of all these revolting men, asks her to open herself up for his fat tongue. He tells her she must lean back and lie quietly on her beach seat in full public view so that anyone who wants to can watch as these horrid dirty men who inhabit this filthy mall defile her.

And slowly her naked body moves as it has been asked to, and she spreads her beautifully refined legs apart to display the most wonderfully trimmed pussy that has been on public view. She is so careful with her body, and its treatment, she has so lovingly trimmed the hairs on her pussy to reflect her need to keep her body well presented for any lovely young man who she might eventually meet.

But instead tonight, circumstances have betrayed her, and she has found herself without any clothes, without any chance to protect herself, and is being pursued by a group of ugly smelly men who want to ravish her. Her own lust for the unknown filth of corrupted horniness has captured her will. And there she lies, as she watches as this man reaches out with his callused dirty hands to open up her unspoilt treasure chest which lies between her legs. She finds it hard to understand why she is wanting her clean and unadulterated pussy to be subjected to his foul and rotting mouth but she knows he will worship her body towards unrestrained blissful lust.

And when the other filthy men see him feasting on her body they understand what they must do for her; they see she is waiting for them to defile her completely with their mouths. They know they want to use their mouths to feast on her delightfully pure succulent body. To eat and consume her; she looks so delightful, never have they been presented with such an opportunity to feast of such a lovely morsel.

As their eyes feast on her body in the shadow light of the mall their mouths salivate at the thought of what they might get to suck and lick. They can know rather than see all the tasty treats, and they move into positions to lick and suck on her lips, neck, eyes, nipples, breast, belly button, thighs, fingers, ears, and feet. Once they are all attending to her body with their disgusting mouths, her body's senses are overwhelmed by the tongues and lips that attach themselves to her body's flesh; as they gorged themselves on her purest flesh.

She knows what is happening to her lust encrusted mind as she floats on the sexual tension she in experiencing by these disgusting men slobbering all over her body. Unable to control herself she get more and more turned on by the situation, and her wetness is now a flood, as she feels herself become covered in vile saliva; which combined with her own sweat in this hot humid night makes her feel like she was swimming in body fluids. And the tongue pushing its way inside her pussy is driving her wild with ecstasy. She can feel his saliva running all over her pussy as he feasts unreservedly on her tinglingly hot pussy, but surely he is holding back a little?

She knows he is teasing her pussy. How dare he, she doesn't deserve that? She grabs his ears roughly and cruelly pulls his dirty face into her now drenched pussy. Now she moves her hips to rub her pussy all over his dirty unshaven face which is now covered in her love fluid and his disgusting saliva. He now better understands her needs; by her direct action, and licks her with more gusto and intent, and she moans in blissful appreciation.

This group of smelly ugly men then start to gain more confidence and begin to nibble on her body; without any major damage to her delicate body. Yet they are cruel enough to leave welts and bruises all over her tortured lust-filled body. By now she had been totally corrupted by their filth, and her lust encrusted body is thrashing about on her flat bench seat.

The cheeky ugly man who is licking her pussy then stands up and waves his fat gross cock at her. "You're lucky, it's all yours now," he grunts. His cheek knows no bounds so he lies down between her legs on the bench seat. Now everything was as it should be, this little tramp was ready for her ultimate reward of corruption by this fat gross and throbbingly ugly cock.

He tells her, "you're a dirty tramp for letting me put this inside you, but don't worry you'll love it." She feels herself compelled by her lust to open up even more; so that he can easily slide his gigantic pulsating cock inside her now drenchingly horny pussy. It is unbelievable, she is so wet between her legs; a combination of pussy juice and saliva.

Absurdly, she begs him to not drool all over her clean body, as he looks down at her with his cruel eyes. He starts to groan and curse as his uncontrollable filthy body began its ride on this grateful naked princess who has presented herself as a prize for a hot humid night of unrestrained debauchery in the mall of filthy men.

The other men's hands as well as their mouths are roaming all over her body. Teasing, tickling, nipping, and tasting her flesh. She can feel the pleasure washing over her as the fat throbbing cock pushes in and out of her pussy. He screams at her, telling her he's going to fill her up with his cum; she knows this horrid sour cream will not be the last fluid to enter her enticing pussy this night. Before she has a chance to cum herself, this ugly man yells out and she can feel him shotting load after load of his seed inside her. He immediately pulls his cock out of her and steps back; such a typical uncouth man.

The man next to man who has cum him pushes him aside. He is gangly twisted man much thinner than the ugly man who has cum, and he simply without any pretence lowers himself into the same position as the other man has just given up, and pushes his long thin cock with a thick knob into her pussy. She feels him slide inside her quickly. She knows now, they are using her as a tramp; gone is the pure young woman who began this day.

Consumed by her lust to be taken, she wants more and more of these filthy men to defile her horny body. The second man is barely inside her when he shoots his load of dirty cum and roughly drags his cock out of her delicate pussy; what a hopeless man! She looks up at him in disgust for his ineptitude, but the next filthy man is already moving into position to enter her, he is shorter and his muscles bulge.

This mans mammoth short thick cock is twisted into a horrible contorted shape; how disgusting and perverted it looks! But he is very careful to slowly push his mammoth thick short cock inside her, and he is watching her with his filthy uncared for face which is covered in acne, and he is observing her as he slowly works his organ in and out of her pussy.

She can't believe the feeling this bizarrely shaped cock is creating inside her pussy. This disgusting man really knows how to use his short thick cock. He towers over her body as he takes his pleasure from her gorgeous body. As she looks up at him and sees him leering at her she and feasting his eyes upon her beauty she can feel herself moving closer and closer to her busting orgasm of blissful peace.

Whatever else he wants from his experience of defiling her is there to be had, and in his quest to take maximum pleasure from his pumping of her pussy, he knows he can do whatever he wants to her. He knows she is seeking release from her own twisted state of frustrated lust. He is nothing to her but a means of her attaining the orgasmic release of her repressed lust filled body, and the tramp who has found her real self wants to cum and cum as she is entitled to.

As he continues to use his short thick cock on her, he can see within her face that it is driving her wild with blissful lust, and that she wants him to keep it going. Frustration is also evident because she also wants him to shot his load of disgusting sour cream of scum inside her. With two loads of cum inside her already, this newly discovered tramp knows she deserves to cum with loads of horrid cum inside her.

That filthy fat cock in her is driving her into a state of blissful surrender keeps working on her succulent pussy. She looks up into his ugly face, and he leans down and attaches his lips fiercely to her neck. He sucks her roughly on the soft flesh of her neck, and she knows the large red welts that he is leaving on her neck will be living proof that he was the one to make her cum; it proves beyond any doubt to those who will look upon her that she is a real tramp.

In her public disgrace from purity she has proven herself a creature of unimaginable lust. The boundaries that held her and locked her out of herself have been driven aside. Her pussy has been open and invitingly provided to every ugly filthy man who wants to empty his sneering seed inside of her.

As she releases herself to her own orgasm; by recognising her own right to grasp whatever pleasure she wishes, she feels herself crashing through her pleasure barrier and yes, she is cumming on a cloud of pure bliss. The tide of pleasure captures her mind, she can feel the hands and mouths all over her, as the disgusting cock inside her keeps fucking her relentlessly, and she just keeps on coming, and she never wants her orgasms to stop. For a tramp is free to go where ever she wants and rightfully can travel to a place where she can cum and cum without any reservation can't she?

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