tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked in the Office Ch. 01

Naked in the Office Ch. 01


Have you ever had one of those days where you end up naked in an unusual place and wonder how it happened? That happened to me recently although on reflection it is all fairly straightforward.

I was going to a job interview in a town near to where I live. The job itself was to work as the secretary / PA to Sally who had started a small company dealing in vitamin pills. I was to be her first employee.

I decided to take the train as it is much easier to find places on foot rather than try to drive and then find somewhere to park and it gives me time to relax and prepare myself. To set the scene, I am 5 feet 4 inches tall, 8 stone 7 pounds (119 pounds according to my calculator), 34B, brunette with shoulder length hair and brown eyes. I was wearing a red tailored jacket, white top, black calf-length A-line skirt, black tights and black shoes.

I had just bought a cup of coffee on the train and was carrying back to my seat when there was a sudden jolt and the coffee went over my top. Well, I didn't have time to buy another top and I couldn't go to an interview with coffee over my front so I went into the toilets with the intention of taking off my top and closing my jacket to cover for it. But when I tried, I couldn't hide my bra so that had to go as well. Luckily, I am one of those women who always has a big bag and carries her life around in it so there was easily enough room in it for my top and bra. I returned to my seat wearing slightly less clothing but looking decent enough anyway.

I got off the train and walked to the building where the interview was due to be held. It was a small office block made for start-up businesses but it looked smart enough and the area was nice. I searched for the Sally's company on the list and rang the buzzer.

"Hello" replied a pleasant sounding woman's voice.

"Hi. I'm Helena. I'm here for the interview."

"OK. I'll buzz you in. I'm on the third floor."

I went through the door was walking towards the lift when I noticed a ladder in my tights. I didn't want to go into the interview looking like that so they had to go as well. I nipped into the Ladies and quickly took them off. Luckily, my legs were smooth enough so that I could get away without any covering and besides which, I had no choice.

I threw the tights away and checked myself in the mirror.

I left the lavatory and headed for the lift. As I got closer, I felt a strange sensation around by bottom. It seems the elastic in my knickers was looser than I thought that it was and that the tights were the only thing holding them up. I reached the Ladies just as my knickers reached the bottom of my bum and I whipped them off and stuffed them in my bag.

I walked up to the lift and pressed the button for the third floor. Now my clothing seemed to be having some kind of rebellion today because as I got into the lift, I caught the heel of one of my shoes in the gap between the lift and the floor and it snapped so my shoes had to come off as well. I had started wearing eight items and I was now down to two.

I found the office and knocked on the door. The woman who answered it was in her late 30's with short blonde hair. She had the slim build and tan of someone who is both rich and healthy with a perfect smile to match. She was dressed in a pink vest top and white cropped trousers. This was Sally.

"Hello." she said as I walked in carrying my shoes "You must be Helena."

"Yes." I replied "Sorry, I don't normally arrive to interviews barefoot and carrying my shoes but I've not been all that lucky today. I laddered my tights and broke my shoes."

Sally smiled an easy smile. "That's OK. Some days are just like that. Hopefully your luck will improve."

I smiled and she gestured for me to sit down.

"Can I get you anything? A cup of coffee or a glass of water perhaps?"

"Water would be lovely." I replied. I was hot and flustered now and I wanted to look around and calm down before the interview started. The room itself was small with a wooden desk at one end opposite the door; the place you expect to work if you were a receptionist or secretary. There was a wooden door on one side and a window on the other. It was carpeted in red and painted in white. All in all, quite a nice little office.

She came back with the water. "You look hot. Would you like to take your jacket off?"

"Thank you" I said. I unbuttoned my jacket and started to slip it off my shoulders. It was then that I remembered that I was topless underneath.

What should I do?

If I put my jacket back on then I would look like I was so disorganised that I didn't know what clothes I was wearing but if I took it off then I would have to do an interview with my boobs out.

Sally laughed sympathetically. "You must be having a bad day." she said "Don't worry about being topless. You see a lot of naked women at the gym and you kind of become desensitised. Feel free to take your jacket off"

Well now I had to or I would look like a prude. Sally took it from me and hung it up. I sat there nervously. I was topless in front of a prospective employer and I was trying not to look shy.

As we talked, I found that this became easier. Sally was as nice as she had first seemed and soon I forgot about being nearly naked. We talked for a while and everything was going fine until I went to put my water down and knocked some papers onto the floor.

"I'm sorry" I said and bent down to pick them up.

Now, if you have been following closely, you will have noticed that by this point, the only clothing I was wearing was a skirt. The skirt I was wearing has an elasticated waist which, although it is comfortable, has slight drawback. If you accidentally stand on it while bending down and then stand up, the skirt comes off.

To put it another way, I must have stood on the skirt because I stood up and it stayed where it was.

I was now naked in a job interview in front of a very nice woman who I really wanted to work for and who was very relaxed about the whole thing. As I went to pick up my skirt, Sally smiled at me again and said "Don't worry about it."

That remark can be taken two ways. The first way is "Don't worry about the accident and I realise you are embarrassed but we will pretend it didn't happen". That is probably what she meant.

The other way is "I have now seen you naked and I like it so don't worry about getting dressed." which is what I thought she meant so I sat back down again stark naked.

It was at about this point that I started to be a little turned on by my predicament. There I was sitting in front of an attractive woman who I believed was being turned on by seeing me naked. The more she talked, the more I thought about it and the moister I became.

After a while, the phone rang and Sally answered it.

"Hello..........Yes...........Uh huh"

She covered the mouthpiece with her hand and pointed to a different door to the one I had come in through.

"Would you mind?" she mouthed.

I smiled and walked naked through the door which, when you consider that I had no idea what was the other side, was an odd decision. The room itself was small and almost empty. There were a couple of office chairs in it, a desk and some computer equipment in boxes on the floor. I guessed it would be Sally's office when it had been set up.

But I didn't dwell on it too long.

Now away from prying eyes, I could relieve some of the tension which had been building up in me. I sat down on one of the chairs and slid a finger into my wet pussy, massaging slowly and quietly at first and then harder and more quickly until finally I climaxed. I sat there enjoying the sensation for a couple of moments when Sally opened the door.

She smiled at me again. "I thought that I should wait until you'd finished."


She pointed to a CCTV camera in the corner of the room. "I enjoyed the show. I love watching when somebody else is being turned on and when I noticed how aroused you were becoming being naked in the office I thought you may need to do something about it. I take it exhibitionism is your thing."

So I had been set up so she could watch me. Worse than that, I had been caught masturbating on the boss's chair and I hadn't even started work yet. I didn't know what to feel until I figured that she may have been doing more than just watching. I started to moisten up again.

"Yes" I replied sheepishly

"You can start in the morning." she said "Wear what you like, knowing your luck you will probably lose your clothes anyway."

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