Naked Me


It was one of those early summer days that reaches deep down inside and stirs me. It was only the second summer I had experienced in Southern California after a lifetime in Pennsylvania. I could not believe how profoundly the almost constant 75 degree days, scented with jasmine and citrus, moved my loins. Most days I felt like I was living in Eden.

I lay in bed, sheets thrown back, naked and spread-eagle this fine California summer morning. To my right was a sliding screen door. It was wide open with only it between the outdoors and me, as it had been all night.

I stretched my petite, naked body to its fullest. I don't at all mind being small. At 5' 1" I've found certain advantages to being thus. For instance, I love the way my husband, more than a foot taller than me, manhandles me in bed. Men, all being taller than myself, are forever trying to look down my top, the joke being on them because there is next to nothing to see. But their efforts do make me feel desirable. My legs aren't long but they're shapely and the number of times my ass has been groped in my tight skirts and well fitted pants tells me all I need to know about that part of my anatomy.

Although I live in a house full of men, my husband and two college age sons, I seem to spend half of my life around the house nude. My men are also frequently naked but not nearly as much as me.

My penchant for nudity began at puberty. One day I found myself alone in the house. As I stepped out of the shower I noticed that my mother had not unloaded the dryer and all the towels were in it, downstairs. Knowing I was alone I ran, dripping wet and nakedness, to the laundry room. Covered in goose bumps I was so intent on finding a towel I didn't think about my nudity.

After I dug a towel out of the dryer and wiped myself down I realized my nakedness. In this part of the house I felt really naked.

I took some time to bask in the warm morning sunlight flooding the laundry room. The laundry room was a glassed in porch. It was almost like being outdoors with the large windows holding in the heat. The sun was just peeking over the twelve- foot hedge that separated us from the neighbors.

I don't recall seeing my Italian, naked, olive brown body in such bright light before this. I reveled in the sight of myself. Fine golden hairs swirled around my belly, my nipples that had shriveled to tiny dark raisins capping off my budding breasts (which never managed to grow and look exactly the same today), and the tuft of pubic hair glistening with blonde highlights.

It was a magical, life changing moment that literally thrilled me head to toe. Instead of wrapping the towel around my body I wrapped my wet hair in it and wandered through the house otherwise naked, experiencing every room on the first floor without clothes for the first time.

From that time on I spent as much time as possible nude. Home alone most of every day that summer I was naked. Even in the winter when I found myself alone, I would sometimes crank up the furnace so I could be bare my body.

In college I eventually lost my virginity. It was thrilling to finally let a boy see me naked and for me to be able to parade around a bit for him. I had a couple more lovers before meeting my husband, Casper. Even before we were married I seduced Casper into becoming less modest and he took to it surprisingly quick.

He lived in a house with three roommates. Being the BMOC he was ceded an attic room, the one single room in the house.

We quickly became sexually obsessed with each other. He loved my tiny body as much as I loved his large frame. It wasn't long before I had virtually moved in with him and was essentially living with four men.

There was no bathroom in the attic so I had to go down a floor to use the facilities. This led to my first accidental flash of a roommate as I descended the stairs while he was exiting the bathroom. His view of my pussy was clear and directly into my lips.

The buzz I got from that first truly accidentally peek of me descending the stairs wearing only one of Casper's shirts sent me flying back to our bedroom where I jumped Casper out of a dead sleep. After that the flashing was more frequent and often not so accidental.

I would tell Casper about these incidents, figuring it was better coming from me than from the roommates. His reaction surprised me. At first he would laugh and make jokes about his mates seeing my bits and later his responses became apathetic, on the surface. It took me a while to notice but whenever I told him that I may have flashed one of roommates or they had voyeured me, our lovemaking, later that night, became more intense.

Once to test my theory I told him about a flash exaggerating the amount of exposure that took place and the length of time I was watched. I told him two of the roommates came home to find me napping on the couch in one of Casper's shirts. The tail of the shirt was turned up exposing my pussy to them. I continued to pretend to be asleep as they stood at the foot of the couch watching. In reality it was only a bit of my ass that was exposed and I had quickly covered up. Sure enough, as I told him the story I "accidentally" bumped into his cock, which was rock hard. That night he was a wild man in bed. From that time on we never had any sexual doldrums, as I would use my storytelling talents to get him in the mood.

Nevertheless, by the time we were married we were glad for the privacy of our own apartment and took full advantage of it by going about naked as much as possible. I have to admit I did miss the tickle of being seen by others.

In warmer weather we rarely dressed until we had to leave home. When our boys were born, three years apart, our habits didn't change. Doors were never closed and the bathroom was shared without any modesty. My nudity was as common as theirs and as readily accepted.

Neither the boys nor Casper did anything to hide their morning erections. I have a vivid memory of the first time I found myself surrounded by three mature, jiggling, rock hard pricks while I bent over the sink brushing my teeth as they did the same. When I later thought about the sight of the cocks separated from the bodies they were attached to, I can't say I didn't have an urge to at least touch them all. But that was the closest I ever came to having any kind of incest fantasy.

Being nude among my men was more about the expression of freedom and sensuality. I knew they enjoyed looking and I enjoyed being the object of attention.

Casper's transfer to California saved our marriage. Trouble began between us a few years into our marriage when Casper began a meteoric rise through the ranks of the company and he felt a pressure to perform. Casper couldn't believe the jobs and advances he was getting and didn't feel worthy. Nothing I could say seemed to help and he took to the bottle every evening. He was never an out of control drunk but he was a mean drunk, with a mouth I had never heard before. It was something I could not tolerate.

I figured that if he was drinking at home he was certainly drinking on the road and I knew what that would lead to.

When I started looking for evidence of infidelity it didn't take long to find it in the form of condom wrappers and other traces of being with women. Faced with that evidence he readily confessed.

For several days after I got the admission out of him we didn't speak. However, I already knew what I was going to say. When he finally broke the silence by apologizing repeatedly I was ready for him. I told him that I wasn't sure that I could ever trust him again. We had taken our vows, he had violated them once, why wouldn't he again. After all we were only in our 30s there was still a long road to hoe.

Instead of clinging to the antiquated notion of monogamy, if we wanted to continue in our marriage, maybe it would be better if we simply acknowledged that we would be fucking other people along the way. Then, when it happened we wouldn't feel disappointed or betrayed.

"You mean you want to f..., er, have lovers too, I mean..."

"You want to have all the fun?"

"No. I mean..."

"Look Casper. What you told me the other day was hurtful. Very hurtful. But let's face facts. You are a very handsome, fit man and you still will be far into your old age. You are going to be tempted again and again, either by your own horniness or the women around you. Not only that but you're on the road a lot and I don't want to always be wondering what you're up to out there while I'm home sitting the boys.

"Up to now I don't think I've given you any reason to fuck around on me, yet you have. I mean, don't we fuck like bunnies every chance we get? Hell, I want it more often than you do. Even our boys at ages nine and five know what sex is thanks to the way you make me scream and the way I make you growl.

"But still you feel the need for, for what? Variety?"

"I don't know." He said submissively.

"Well I think I do. And since you don't seem to want to break up our family and neither do I, I'm willing to chalk it up to the fact maybe we aren't monogamous people. But it has to be a two way street.

"Look at me Casper. I've given birth to two boys and I can still fit into my college cheerleading uniform, I don't have a stretch mark on me and I am as horny as the day you met me. I know, my tits are small, tiny even, I but the rest of me is as tone and trim as the day you fell for me. And you knew about my tits.

"Look, hon, it's got nothing to do with you, your breasts, it just... I don't know..."

"I know it doesn't." I said calming down. "But it does have to do with temptation and variety. Look at the time we live in. All you read about is people just a few years younger than us having all the freedoms we just missed out on." Casper sighed, nodding his head.

"Don't you think I've been tempted? You don't think the doctors at the hospital [where I worked in accounts] have hit on me? I've told you about the more laughable instances but there's been more, a lot more that weren't so laughable, that were actually quite serious. And some that involved hands. And in one or two instances, kisses I resisted but really didn't want to stop." Casper looked up with a confused expression.

"Look," I continued, "you've changed the game but I'm making the rules. First, we don't embarrass each other. We don't flaunt lovers in front of each other. Be discreet, especially with friends and family. And if I'm going to meet one of them, I want to know ahead of time.

"And as far as falling in love, I guess that's a chance we'll have to take. I love you, Casper and I love our boys but don't expect me to take this without me living my life too. Oh, and for godsakes be safe."

I guess it sounds pretty ballsy to lay down such a proposition after single act of infidelity but, in fact, it wasn't.

Casper's behavior had been the excuse I was looking for to relent to one doctor's insistent advances. It was a very hot affair that ended about a month earlier. The middle eastern doctor I was fucking at every opportunity (in my office, in cars, hotel rooms, and most exciting of all, in the night shadows outdoors) had to return his native country. It was just sex, very good sex. Casper never had a clue he was so distracted.

And when my doctor left I missed my lover so much I began another tryst almost immediately. The idea of an open marriage had become thrilling to me. It was the way I wanted to live.

Today, living in California the experience of our family nudity has been enhanced by the near year round sunlight and warm air. And there was a buzz of sexual excitement almost always running through me around the house.

James, my oldest son, was only able to enjoy one full California summer of skinny-dipping and near year round nudity before leaving for college. However, his brother, Robert lived with us for a couple years before leaving for school. I can't recall anyone ever wearing a suit in the pool unless we had company and we often skinny dipped as a family or just mother and son.

Our house was located on the outskirts of the town, population about 40,000. It sat on a hillside, terraced lot with other houses similarly located above and below us. Each house had a picture window facing the roof of the next house below and a small valley beyond. From one house to the other all that could be seen of the house directly below was the roof.

One day I came home to find James and three of his male friends all cavorting in the pool naked. The pool is easily seen from our living room. They had no idea I was home and I must have spent an hour comfortably seated in an easy chair I arranged by the window admiring the beauty of their naked masculinity at play. During that hour I imagined everything from stripping and going down to join them, to having them come up to the house and (minus my son) gangbanging me. I was so wishing for it happen I had even undressed and sat naked, masturbating to the fantasy. How I wished that some accident of fate would make my dream come true.

For years I had done yoga using a set of videotapes as a guide. Not surprisingly, I practiced yoga in the nude but in the semi-privacy of our bedroom when were in the east. I never shut the door and the boys were free to come and go. In the move the small portable TV I had used in the bedroom was broken and we were left with only a huge counsel model in the living room. So, I was forced to plug in the VCR there and practice there where our only other television was.

The whole family was now witnessing the full variety of asanas I practiced naked on a daily basis. It was not any different to me but I never quite felt the same about it after my husband casually commented one day, "I know the boys have seen you naked all their lives but now I think they're seeing parts of you not even the sun has seen". He then playfully goosed me as an indication of how clearly my pussy and ass were on display. We both laughed it off and I continued my routines. Only now I felt myself to me be more on display.

While I did salivate on occasion over the variety of pricks constantly on display before me I can truthfully say I never harbored any real incest fantasies. The idea of contorting my taut naked form with an audience was never without its erotic component. My exercises were frequently followed by sessions of self pleasuring in the shower to the idea of my exhibitionism.

So, this beautiful summer morning. I wandered into the kitchen still naked. From there I could here Casper rummaging around in the garage through the kitchen door. I remembered he had plans to go through some as yet unpacked boxes to find material for an upcoming presentation for work.

I made myself a cup of tea and stood by the kitchen table randomly reading newspaper articles. I always read the paper randomly since Casper usually got to it first. He never left the paper in any kind of order. Something I found kind of charming because he was usually so anal about organization that the mess he made of the paper was an insight into the chaos going on in his brilliant mind that I loved him for.

Suddenly the word "NUDE" popped out at me in. It was a word not usually found in our humble hometown newspaper. Then I read that today was National Nude Day and that thousands were expected at Black's Beach about a hundred miles from where I was standing. "Well, I'm dressed for that." I thought. It crossed my mind to throw on a caftan and take the long drive to Black's.

One of the first things I did when I heard we were moving to California was to look up our city and learn of the location of this world famous beach in relation to where we would be living. I had long heard of it and often saw myself strolling through its surf in the buff. I was disappointed to find it was a long drive to Black's but certainly doable in a day. I even went so far as to plot my route and burned the directions into my mind so that at any moment I got up the courage I could take off. I had many opportunities to go, with the traveling required by Casper's job, but it was just too daring a thing to do by myself though that is how I always imagined it.

But today could be different. I could invite Casper? Or should I go alone? I'd be anonymous among the anticipated crowds. Was I that brave? Either way it was going to complicate something that should be simple and beautiful, so I decided to celebrate Nude Day right here at home by spending my first ever day and night nude. As much as I was naked around the house (certainly more than any of my men) I always ended up getting dressed at some point during the day.

Then I saw another upside to celebrating Nude Day at home. Maybe seeing me naked all day might spark a conversation with Casper about the two of us going on a nude day trip or even vacation.

Fixed on my declaration to remain nude I headed for the garage to see what Casper was up to.

As I reached for the door that opened from the kitchen to the garage my heart skipped a beat. It occurred to me that this being a warm day Casper probably had the garage door open. With it open there was a clear view to the street about ten yards away. Then I said to myself "Screw it! That's part of what the Nude Day commitment is about. Besides," I thought, "maybe it will give Casper a thrill." I could still never get him to admit to getting turned on by me flashing or getting hit on (a story for another time). I took a breath, opened the door and stepped naked into the garage. Sure enough, the first thing I saw was the length of our driveway lined in oleanders leading all the way to the public street.

I froze for a second trying to determine what I could see and if I could be seen. A car flashed by and I started. Then I realized that cars going downhill always go by too fast to comprehend what they might see in the depths of the garage.

When he finally looked up Casper did a double take at my nudity but didn't seem to realize that I could be seen from the street at the end of the driveway.

I offered to help but he declined, saying he knew where everything was it was just a matter of not making a mess getting to it.

"In that case, I'm going to take a swim." No time to join me?" I offered but he declined.

I grabbed a towel from the cupboard and left for the pool by the side door of the garage making it clear that I was leaving the house naked. I would usually wear my bikini down to the pool.

At the top of the stairs I could see the houses across the narrow valley and knew that I was fully visible to anyone in their yard but really, as no more than a speck. Clearly a naked speck. Still the descent to the pool was wonderfully sensual and something of a thrill. Another victory for Nude Day.

It was near mid-day and the breezes had died down. We had just bought new outdoor furniture for the pool including a redwood picnic table and benches. I started to drop my towel on the cement where I usually laid out when I got the idea to lay on the table instead. It looked much more comfortable than the hard cement not to mention it gave me better exposure to the sun.

Since I wouldn't need my towel to lay on I folded it into a pillow. I looked up the hillside and scanned the level the house sat on. Still, no sign of Casper. But seeing our living room window reminded me of the day I spied on my son's friends and got a tingle of excitement.

I stretched out on my back. It was much more comfortable than laying on the deck. I decided to do a few more yoga poses. This was something else new for me today. I had never done nude yoga outside. Feeling the breezes blowing parts of me the sun had rarely seen was erotic as hell. It made me feel exposed anew. I also recalled what my husband had said about what the boys could see of me.

Finishing, I thought about how much I loved my California home. In all respects it was everything I had hoped it would be with a garden, a view, and a pool.

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