tagIncest/TabooNaked Mother Ch. 01

Naked Mother Ch. 01


My son Andy had just turned 18 and was about to leave for London for his higher studies. He had packed all his stuff. Me and my husband Greg, were with him at the airport to see him off. I was almost in tears when I kissed him goodbye. After all, he was to be away from us for 4years.

The day after he had left, I was cleaning his room when I came across a diary, hidden deep in the cupboard. It was in Andy's handwriting.

What he had noted down with great detail took me by complete surprise. This is what the diary contained.

May 16


For the first time in my life, I looked at my mom not as my mom but as an attractive woman. I just couldn't take my eyes off here cleavage. Oh God! What's happening to me!


May 18


Oh God, I saw mom in a bikini in the swimming pool. I tried hard to look the other way but could not. I could feel a strange sensation in my shorts. I am wondering if this is normal. I felt like touching my cock and playing with it. The urge to do so was getting irresistible. I am wondering if I'll be able to control myself for long.


May 19


Last night as I could not sleep as I moved from side to side. The image of my mom in bikini kept disturbing me. I could feel an unusual hardness in my cock. My cock was so hard; it was really getting sticky. Oh God, how can images of my own mom do this to me. Somehow I was able to sleep. An hour later, I saw mom in my dreams wearing the same bikini. A couple of minutes later, I felt my cock burst. I had never felt my penis explode like the way it did. My underwear was all wet and dirty.


I was enjoying what I was reading. It was no great literature. It was written in such simple style. But I was stuck by the truthful account of his dilemma.

I said, "How stupid and innocent? Oh Andy, you should have relieved yourself by masturbating, the way most teenaged boys do. There is no need to be guilty dear.....yes honey.....you can masturbate to momma.....you'd love masturbating to momma." If only I could've told him that.

May 20


I was so embarrassed all day. My mind was filled with guilt because of my beautiful mom.



May 21


Mom wore a sexy sleeveless top showing a lot of cleavage and her armpits. I was erect in no time. I went jogging. The running caused my erection to subside.



May 22


Oh God, late in the evening, I saw mom again clad in a bikini. I was feeling hard once again. I just ran to my bathroom. As I stood under the shower, my cock got wet. It was so hard.....like an iron rod.

A voice deep inside seemed to be controlling me "Come on Andy, masturbate and have some fun. In any case, how will mom know that I masturbated thinking of her."

I could no longer resist myself. I took my cock in my hand and began rubbing it. It was not the first time I was masturbating. But this time I was masturbating because of mom. I felt such incredible pleasure as I stroked my cock whispering.......oh mom you are so sexy, mummy you are yummy, you are so curvy mom, your breast line is absolutely gorgeous.....oh mom you are so sexyyyyyyyyyyy. Masturbating to mom was so damn pleasurable.

I had never enjoyed masturbating so much. Minutes later, I shot my load out. But just seconds later, I was gripped by guilt. Oh God! What have I done, I have spilled my own sperm aroused by sight of my own mom in bikini.


May 25


It's becoming a habit for me-I keep checking mom's cleavage and armpits—now even her buttocks. It's so much fun. At night, before I slept, I was thinking about mom again. She is just so sexy. I had seen her wearing that sexy nightie that shows off her cleavage, shoulder curves and armpits. I was hard again. I felt like masturbating. I took my cock out and began to play with it. I was whispering, "oh mom you are so sexy.....sexy....sexy.....sexy.....sexyyyyyyyyyy, " Oh my......I was masturbating to my sexy mom.


I was enjoying it. Wow...my son masturbated to me.

My own son finds me so hot that he masturbates thinking of me. He had written so lavishly in praise of my beauty.

I just loved the way he wrote...sexy.....sexy....sexy.....sexy.....sexyyyyyyyyyy for me. Wow am I that sexy. It just made me feel so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

He has the potential to be good erotica writer, I felt. Oh Andy....don't you wanna see momma naked.....I'm sure you'd love to...Oh Andy...my son...please write about it. I was talking to myself.

May 26


One of my friends lent me a magazine that had such hot pictures of beautiful women in it. Some were in bra and panties. A few were topless. And then there were a few pictures of a beautiful voluptuous model absolutely naked.

Yes....absolutely naked...every inch of her body was exposed to the camera and the readers of the magazine. I was enjoying the company of the magazine late at night alone in my room. I got a huge erection. I had never seen pictures of naked women before. I masturbated before I slept.



May 29


For the last 3 or 4 nights I have been masturbating to the pictures of the naked and topless beauties in the magazine. But today late in the evening I saw mom in her bra and panties only. Mom looked stunningly sexy. As I got down to masturbating at night, another hot idea gripped me. I began to wonder what momma would look like without her bra. I was fantasizing about mom's breasts. Soon I was thinking about how mom would look like without her panties. Oh God! I felt an urge to see my own mother naked.....as naked as the beautiful voluptuous model in the magazine.

I had already taken my mom's bra off in my fantasies. Now I was gonna take her panties off too. I had stripped my mom naked in my thoughts as I began to masturbate. I had become so shameless. I masturbated to thoughts of my mom's naked body.


All this was making me wet. My son had fantasies of taking off my bra.....and my panties. My own son had stripped me naked in his fantasies!! I couldn't believe I was reading my own son's diary. The diary was now my favorite work of erotica.


May 31


It was really very hot. I needed a shower before going to bed. I was erect as I stood naked under the shower. "Wow! Won't mom look sexy in her shower. Oh mom, you'd look so good naked. Yes mom....I wanna see you naked......naked...absolutely naked...oh mom you are so sexy...so curvy...so buxom." I was whispering as I stroked my cock and masturbated to mom.



June 02


Joe lent me the video of a Sophia Rossi movie with bathroom scenes in it. Sophia stepped into her bathroom. She removed her skirt and her top. She looked so sinfully appealing in her bra and panties. Then she removed her bra and slipped down her panties. Watching her masturbate naked in her shower gave me a huge erection. I began to masturbate too. Her lover joined her in her bathroom. They kissed each other. He sucked her boobs. Then I saw him put his rod in her hole. He was fucking her.

It was Friday night and I watched the video over and over again. I had never seen anything like that before. I masturbated at least 4 or 5 times that night.


Oh God, I was reading such a vivid description of my own son watching porn for the first time in his life. He must've had a blast masturbating to the hottie in the video.


June 03


It is night once again. I'm alone in the privacy of my room. I had seen mom in a sexy nightie in the evening. I was once again thinking about mom. "Oh mom, I wanaa take off your nightie, your bra, your panties, oh mummy, I`wanna see you naked in the shower.... oh mummy you are so sexy...Oh mom...I wanna see you bathing all naked." I was fantasizing and whispering as I masturbated once again.


It was clear from that diary that he had started writing it when he was just 15. Oh God.....my son was just 15 when he first masturbated to me. How pleasurable it must have been!

I have read that diary over and over again. It makes my juices flow in no time.

That evening I received an e-mail from my son. He's returning next week. I hit the gym soon after I had finished the e-mail. I want to look good in mini skirts and bikinis. I know my boy will be noticing, lusting....and masturbating. But I'm not starving myself. I just love my food. I need to gather some weight just at the right places. And I also know that my son likes curvy voluptuous women, not the thin skinny ones. I wanna be a real hot and sexy masturbation chick for my son.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/02/18

All for me you mom

It’s just a fantasy it’s sexy . I never thought about my mom that.i did think about this one girl and jerked myself off to her several times.

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by Rt3FarmerRedFord03/01/18

Anxiously waiting !

Pretty cool storyline. I wonder how, (Hopefully), you will continue.

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