Naked Mother Ch. 09


Out of the bathroom, I served him dinner in skimpy lingerie. After he had finished eating, I ripped his clothes off. I tossed my bra away and began to rub my breasts against his penis. I removed my panties and gave them to Andy. As he masturbated in my panties on the sofa, I massaged him all over.

After he had ejaculated, he said, "Mom, I am really tired now. I want to sleep."

I kissed him and he moved over to his bedroom where he fell asleep. My plan of tiring my son out had worked. It was twelve o'clock at night. I picked up my mobile phone and sent an SMS to Harry--Waiting for you darling.

I was now waiting eagerly for more of the "mom and son" games that I had played with Harry. Ten minutes later, Harry sent me another SMS--Here honey.

I changed into a bikini that left too little to imagination and walked out to Harry's car who drove me to a secluded beach on the moonlit night. I just could not wait for the fun to begin. He placed one hand of his on my thighs.

"Do you find momma sexy in this bikini?" I asked him with a seductive smile. I just could not resist the urge to play mom to Harry.

"Off course mom"

Minutes later, we were at the moon-bathed beach. I walked hand in hand with him.

"Come Harry, take off momma's bikini."

Harry grabbed me, ripped my bra and panties off and the next thing I saw was my bikini flying in the air. I was naked now.

"Mummy, you look absolutely gorgeous naked."

"I am not your mom darling." I teased Harry.

"But you love it when the guy stripping you naked and fucking you calls you mom."

"Yeah, I don't know why but I love it."

I noticed the bulge in Harry's shorts. I undressed him naked. He took me in his arms and we kissed as our naked bodies came into an electrifying contact.

"Now fuck the hell out of your momma." I whispered in Harry's ears as I ran my finger over the head of his erect penis. I just could not wait for the incestuous role play to begin.

Harry drove his cock deep inside my pussy and whispered in my ears, "Mummy you are such a sexy slut."

"Fuck me you mother fucker. Fuck your mom." I screamed with joy as he stroked my pussy.

"Yes...yes you naked bitch, you naked slut, enjoy your son's cock in your naked pussy. Oh God I am fucking my mom naked. I am a mother fucker, a real mother fucker."

Harry's dirty talking was getting louder as his strokes were gaining in power. The cool wet sand on the moonlit beach was on fire as we fucked each other crazy.

"Mom, talk as dirty as you can. Just scream your heart out with dirty words for your son. Just be the slut mom you want to be and set the beach on fire by your lust."

Harry was talking to me as I enjoyed every stroke of his in my pussy. Now this was the most enjoyable sex I ever had. I felt the power of Harry's strong arms and body and his power-packed fucking deep in my honey pot. I was screaming like a maniac.

"Fuck me you mother fucker, fuck me like a whore, fuck me like a porn star you mother fucker, fuck me Andy, fuck me Andy, fuck me mother fucker."

It was incredibly pleasurable. In my moments of lust, I did not even realize that the hot stud with his thing in my pussy was Harry and not Andy. But Harry had realized what had happened.

"Mom, call me Andy again. Please me Andy while I cum in your pussy" Harry requested me.

By now I had realized what I had been saying. Soon I began to scream like a bitch in heat. "Yes, yes Andy, fuck your mom, you mother fucker Andy, fuck your mom, fill your mom with your cream."

As Harry's cock stroked my deep rhythmically, I felt transported to another world of pleasure I had never experienced before. Harry was pumping harder than ever before and I grabbed all the wet sand around me as he shot his load deep in my pussy.

Breathing heavy after all his effort, he lay naked next to me. In no time, Harry was erect again. I ran my finger over his cock.

"So what next mom"

"I am not your mom, honey."

"And I am not Andy either."

"I am ready to be your mom, Andy."

"A slut mom"

"Yes darling a slut mom."

"Then come mom ride your son's cock."

Now, I was sitting on top of Harry's cock and moving back and forth. Harry winked at me and asked me to scream.

"Fuck me, Andy...fuck your mom you mother fucker."

We fucked the brains out of each other for the next few hours. Then with all the sand on my body, I decided to take a bath in the ocean as Harry watched me getting wet and naked.

"Oh mom, you look so sexy, wet and naked and the way your beautiful wet hair, stick to the back of your wet neck and shoulders. The drops of water on your body make you look absolutely ravishing."

I wagged my finger at him with a slut like smile. Harry walked up to me and threw me down on the wet sand and was pumping me like the stud he was.

It was almost 4'o clock when we realized that our clothes had been washed away. We were both naked when Harry drove me back. Ten minutes later, I opened the door and entered my house. I went straight to Andy's room. He was fast asleep, naked.

I kissed him on the cheeks. He was still sleeping peacefully. But I was facing a dilemma. I now knew that I was lusting for my own son, after all the incestuous games I had played with Harry. I went back to my room, picked up one of my old panties and returned to my sleeping son. I dropped my panties near his erect cock. I knew that he would need them to masturbate early in the morning. I know how hard boys are early in the morning.

Then I walked back to my bedroom and fell asleep, naked. A couple of hours later, I woke up. I didn't bother to pick up any clothing. I moved naked into Andy's room and found him naked masturbating in my panties.

He was talking dirty about me, and masturbating. He noticed me as I walked naked in front of him. I went up to him and took the panties in my own hands and began to pump him up and down. I was masturbating my son with my own panties.

"Mom, thanks for the early morning treat. There is nothing like masturbating to an early morning erection."

"That's O.K. honey."

After he had cum, I cleaned up his cream with my panties. Then I went off to sleep again. I woke up again at around 9'o clock and after my showers prepared the breakfast for us.

As we were busy eating, Andy picked up his mobile phone. Andy showed it to me. It was an SMS.

"This is from Harry mom." The SMS read--Your sexy mom was naked in bed with me. She is fucking hot-the fuck of the century. Yes--I fucked your mom.

"Is that true mom?"

"No honey, Harry is a big liar. Some guys just can't resist bragging about their sexual adventures real or imaginary. This is all Harry's imagination, darling." I explained the situation. I knew that my lies would be caught once Andy got to watch the videos he had shot. I wanted the videos to surprise him. I was in no mood to confess and spoil the surprise for my son.

An hour later, I got an SMS from Harry--Home Alone Darling. I knew what it meant. I had by now got addicted to the incestuous "mom n son" games that I was playing with Harry. I could feel the electrifying excitement in my body. I changed into a sleeveless top and a matching mini skirt.

"Honey, I am going to meet my friend Cindy. Want to come along?" I asked my son. I knew that Andy would refuse because he needed some privacy to watch the videos he had shot through the cameras in my bathroom and bedroom. And that is exactly what happened.

"Mom, I'd rather stay at home and relax and watch some movies." Andy told me and jumped onto the sofa.

"That's all right honey."

I kissed him on his cheeks and left for Harry's place. Within minutes I was in Harry's arms. We kissed passionately and began to undress each other. He got rid of my top and groped my legs before tossing my mini skirt away.

"Take off momma's bra, darling." I whispered into his ears with a naughty smile.

He unhooked my bra and teasingly liberated my tits from the bra cup before throwing my bra away. I bent down and got rid of his shorts and pulled his erect cock out.

He took me in his arms and began to suck my tits. I could feel the hardness of his cock against my panties. Like an expert lover, he kissed me all over my belly. Soon he was licking my lower belly below my navel even as his hands felt my back. He drove me crazy with lust.

"Pull down momma's panties. Make your momma naked." I cried out as I moaned with delight.

He got rid of my panties, picked me up in his strong arms and gently threw me naked into bed.

"Mummy, there is no better sight than you completely naked in bed." Harry was talking to me.

"Really, you naughty boy, there is something better and momma will show you."

I spread my legs out to give him a complete view of my neatly trimmed hairy pussy and then wagged my finger at him like a slut.

"Oh are the slut of the century," said Harry as he joined me in bed and drove his cock into my pussy.

"Fuck me naked, you mother fucker, fuck me like a whore, fuck me like a slut, you mother fucker, fuck me my son, fuck me, fuck me...fuck your momma you mother fucker."

We lay naked in bed playing lustful incestuous games as our clothes lay in a heap by the side of the bed. Both Harry and me had got completely addicted to "mom n son" games.

In the next couple of hours, we fucked several times in the bedroom and the bathroom. The energetic sucking and fucking had left Harry completely exhausted and he went off to sleep. I picked up my clothes from the heap and put them on. As Harry slept naked, I walked out of his home and drove back home. I knew well that Andy must have watched my videos at home while I enjoyed sex with Harry. I wondered what he'd be thinking about me, his mom.

"So Andy, did you enjoy yourself at home?"

"Yeah, I watched some of the best porn I've ever seen."

"And masturbated to it?"

"Sure mom, I did."

"What was the porn all about?"

"It was a sexy MILF in her 40s fucking her son's best friend."

"Did you enjoy watching it?"

"Off course mom"

"Every damn scene in it; I'd give it 9/10."

"Why not 10/10 honey?"

"Well, the fucking was mind blowing. I loved the way the bloke undressed the bitch and fucked her. But I'd have loved it even more if she had been fucking her own son."

I knew that Andy was talking about my video.

"Andy, if you really want to watch a sexy mom fucking her own son, you can download a video from the net. Surely, there must be a few hot websites from where you can download such stuff." I reminded him. I knew that I had been caught in my sexual adventures with Harry. My son was reluctant to talk to me about it, directly. I chose not to talk about it too.

I now waited to read the next posts in Andy's diary.


July 11


My God, I just could not believe what I was watching. My mom was naked in bed with Harry fucking away like a slut. And they played "mom n son" games. My mom, the curvy, busty slut was enjoying playing out her incestuous fantasies. And she keeps saying, "Incest is sin but incestuous fantasies are not." Now, I know what it means. Nevertheless, this is the hottest video I've ever seen. My mom looks absolutely fantastic naked in bed fucking a stud. This is the best porn I've seen in my life. And my mom looks every inch a porn star. I just can't wait to watch it over and over again as I scream, "Yes, take off my momma's bra, take of my momma's panties, strip my mom naked and fuck her Harry." If only I was there in the video in place of Harry.

With this fucking hot porn video of mom in hand, I know well that I can blackmail my slut mom into fucking me. She deserves it. But I will not blackmail mom. I don't need to. My gut feel tells me that one day my sexy exhibitionist mom will be fucking me.


I read the post. A voice deep inside me whispered, "Yes darling, blackmail your momma and she will jump into bed naked with you for real hot mother fucking sex, yes darling, blackmail and fuck your momma." But another voice resisted the idea, "Just shut up, he is your own son." This was the delightful dilemma that had split me into two.

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