tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNaked News Ch. 1: Carmen Russo

Naked News Ch. 1: Carmen Russo

byLove and Lust©

It is late one Friday night. All my usual buddies are busy with other things and there are no movies I want to see at the theater. Ah well, all nights can't be filled with excitement...or at least that's what I tell myself as I plop down in my living room recliner to watch TV. After channel surfing, I come across Naked News. My cock stirs a little as I think about my favorite female anchors...especially Carmen Russo. Those full tits, that auburn hair, and that impish smile make Carmen so alluring.

Ms. Russo is definitely my favorite and I don't have to wait long before her naked body pops up on the screen. It begins to rain as I take a sip of wine. I set the glass down to contemplate the water. Water... what is it about water that excites me? Turning back to the television, Carmen is now doing a piece about running with the bulls in Spain. Her tits are bouncing wonderfully in rhythm and she sends my thoughts spiraling into depths of sexual deviousness. Maybe it's the wine or the rhythm of the rain, but my eyelids start to droop with sleep. I gaze at Carmen, and I begin to fantasize about her as sleep takes me away.

In my dream, I arrive home to hear the drops of falling water. I look out the window to see if it is raining, but then a female voice brings my gaze towards the bathroom shower. I walk slowly towards the delightful voice and see that the door to the bathroom is open just a crack. Being the voyeur that I am I peer through, and there through the clear glass shower door I see her...the Naked News anchor of my dreams, Carmen Russo.

Carmen...seeing you standing there in the shower, with water cascading down your beautiful body, drives me wild as I quickly undress. The glass door hides little from my view as I watch your hands roam over your breasts, through your hair, washing away the last wisps of soap. I see you run one hand over your ass, carefully teasing your asshole, while the other hand passes over your pussy with one slender finger spreading your pink lips.

I am now naked as you are and I push against the bathroom door ever so slightly, letting it creak so you know I'm there. You look up, startled, but that sultry expression I love so much quickly returns to your face. Your mouth hangs open slightly as you quicken the pace on yourself, moving a finger or two inside yourself. My cock is now standing straight out towards you at attention, wanting me to get to you as fast as I can. You look down at my cock, standing straight out towards you and you point a finger at me to join you.

I open the door to the shower and you pull me in, Carmen, holding me close to your body in a tight embrace. Our tongues dance under the cascading water but I can still enjoy the taste of your saliva mixing with mine. Our hands move up and down each other's back, more holding than roaming as we begin to slow dance. I nibble on your neck as you run your hands through my hair, my hands dropping down to massage your ass. My cock still hangs free, pointing straight out underneath you, tickled by the water running off your pussy hair.

I start to move down your body now, kissing my way down your chest, pausing in between your lovely breasts. With my hands at your back, I pull one nipple to my waiting mouth, biting it carefully with my teeth. With one nipple lightly clenched in my teeth, I flick it with my tongue sending a shiver up your spine. I move to the other breast, kneading it with my hand, sucking on it as if ambrosia would be given from the gods themselves. My other hand reaches through your legs to steady you, forcing you to rub your pussy lips on my bicep and my shoulder.

I continue my way down to my ultimate destination...your pussy, your silken-haired cunt. Bringing the one hand down from your breasts, I pass over your pubic mound while circling your clit with my thumb. Even with all the hot water falling around us, I can still feel your juices as I insert one finger inside you. You shudder again and I insert a second as my tongue flirts across your clit. Planting my whole mouth on your cunt, my tongue swirls madly around your clit and I move my fingers in and out of you even faster. I remove my hand from your pussy and wiggle a finger inside your asshole...because my hungry mouth wants your pussy by itself.

I thrust my tongue deep inside your vagina, Carmen, and you can't take anymore. As you cum, your juices run down my face and my throat. Hardly able to recover, you stand up and kiss me...trying to devour what the water and I have left of your own juices. You raise your leg up to rub your thigh against my waist. Pushing me back against the wall behind me, you slowly kiss your way down my neck, spending a lot of time on my shoulders and teasing each nipple.

Grabbing my ass firmly, you plunge your mouth down over my cock, as if trying to swallow it whole. Keeping it inside your mouth, you swirl you tongue around its base, fondling my balls with one hand. Licking the shaft like an ice cream cone, you plant gentle kisses all down its length. Like a rising tide you can feel the wave of cum rising in me, and you pump the shaft furiously, sucking for all you're worth. I shoot my cum down your throat and I almost lose my balance but you steady me with your well-toned arms.

Shutting off the shower now, we don't even bother to dry off as we stumble into the bedroom and tear the sheets off the bed. We drop to the cushioned surface, our bodies entwined like so much ivy on ancient castle walls. Our mouths and tongues locked in a feverish embrace, our hands roaming anywhere we choose. Breaking our passionate embrace, I move down to your sweet pussy and begin lapping up your juices, flowing free of the water. You respond in kind, licking every inch of my rock hard shaft, pumping it to back to full strength. I pump two fingers in and out of your pussy while not letting up on your clit in the least. You clamp your legs around my head so hard I can hardly hear your moans and screams of delight as you cum again.

You pull me away from your pussy, and looking deep into my eyes, you demand I put my cock inside you. Pushing you onto your back, I am only too happy to oblige. Pressing my body close to yours, Carmen, pushing my tongue into your mouth, I pause with my cock at your pussy entrance. I tease your clit with my cock head, causing you to dig your nails into my thighs as if you are trying to force my cock inside you. I slip the head of my cock inside your pussy and stop again, wiggling from side to side in an attempt to drive you mad with ecstasy.

After a couple minutes of this, Carmen, you grab me by the back of my neck. With your wild brown eyes, you command me to fuck you now. I ram my cock inside you and your pussy muscles clamp down. God, your pussy walls feel so good! Locking your legs around my waist so I have no choice but to continue pounding your gushing pussy, you bite your bottom lip. Unable to withhold your screams, you let loose with an ear-splitting scream that almost made me cum right there. I continue to pump, but slower now, trying to drive you as mad as possible.

Leaning down close to your ear, I whisper for you to turn over onto your stomach. Perching your ass up in the air for me, I lick your exposed asshole clean of all the pussy juice that had run down between your beautiful legs. Making sure it is well lubricated, I tease your asshole with the tip of my cock and your moans of pleasure escalate. You beg for me to stop teasing you and I push the first inch of my cock inside your ass.

Inch by inch, I continue to slowly push my cock deep into your ass, Carmen. Gradually...slowly...my whole cock fits inside you and I leave it there for a moment, leaning down to kiss the back of your neck. I start to move myself in and out of your ass as you reach one hand back to play with my balls. Using your other hand to support you while I ram my pubic bone against your lovely ass, your hand on my balls leaves to play with your clit. I lean down again and reach one hand around to help. Two hands on your clit, my dick in your ass, it's too much for you to take and you explode in waves of orgasmic pleasure. Feeling you explode and shudder pushes me over the edge and I cum again, this time inside your ass, collapsing on top of you.

As we lay there in each other's arms, my stomach to your back, my cock is still inside your ass growing soft. Kissing you gently on your shoulders, I hold you tight as I can, not wanting to let you go. I lean forward to kiss you again...but I wind up kissing cotton. I wake up and realize you are not there with me. I am back in my apartment, sitting in my recliner. I have missed most of the program, but I do get to see your lovely body again, Carmen. I laugh quietly to myself and pick up my glass of wine. Raising the glass as the TV screen goes black, I salute you and all the anchors of Naked News. You are my fantasy, Carmen Russo. In my dreams, you...are always there for me!

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