tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNaked News Ch. 2: Devon Calwell

Naked News Ch. 2: Devon Calwell

byLove and Lust©

It's a blustery winter day as I walked in the front door of my local health club. I work out there regularly and pretty much know everyone who is a regular. So it was with some surprise that while signing in, I saw Naked News anchor Devon Calwell coming out of the aerobics room.

"When did she start working out here?" I asked the guy at the front desk.

"Couple weeks ago," he told me. "She wasn't happy with what her old club offered and joined here."

"Better for us!" I commented as I walked into the locker room to change. I thought she was one of the hottest anchors on the Naked News and thought how nice it would be to get a close-up, if somewhat concealed look at her body. I was there to work out, I reminded myself, and started on my circuit. At the end of the day, I always head for the StairMaster machines. I programmed my machine for 45 minutes and began stepping.

I had been on the machine for about 25 minutes when Ms. Calwell wandered over looking for a machine. All five were occupied, and I could see from the digital readouts that no one would be getting off for sometime. Ms. Calwell started to turn away and I sensed an opportunity. "I'm finishing up here," I lied.

"Well all right then!" she said turning around. I quickly reset the machine and stepped off. The space between the machines is non-existent so one person usually has wait while the other steps through it. Both of us were being polite waiting for the other before we finally moved at the same time. I turned front-ways and she turned back, so when we passed my cock passed ever so slightly against her rear end.

"Sorry!" I said as I started to turn.

"Don't be," she said. "It's a tight space."

Between the machines or between her cheeks I wanted to ask...but didn't, so I introduced myself. "I'm Drew."

"I'm Devon," she returned with a smile. That was all we said that day as she was not around when I came out from the locker room. Over the next couple weeks we did exchange a few more words in passing but nothing more than that. I would see her on the machines from time to time, and I did scan her body whenever I got the chance. I'd see her dripping with sweat, little veins popping out on her forehead as she strained hard on a chest cross-over Nautilus machine. I couldn't take my eyes off Devon's heaving chest, imagining taking each of her sweet nipples into my mouth.

Our polite notices changed a month after Devon came to our club. I had been doing more free weights and set up the bench with my usual level. The club was sparse with people that day, and the usual guys I ask to spot for me weren't around. I poked my head around the corner, and I saw Devon getting off the ab machine.

"Devon, I don't suppose you could spot me for a set on the bench?" I asked.

"Sure, just gimme a sec," she said. I still thought Devon was hot, but I wasn't really thinking anything other than about finishing my workout. I just don't like doing free-weights without a spotter. I lay down on the bench when she walked up. Each bench is up on a raised platform, so when Devon took her position behind me her crotch was only inches from my face. Yes, this is where I had occasionally imagined being...but now I had to concentrate about not dropping 175 pounds on my chest.

I went through my set without incident...until the end when Devon stepped of the platform. She stepped down at the same time my head came up, so my forehead got a tight brush against her pussy...covered with workout shorts though it was. I lay back down while she got out of the way and then I sat up. She had her hand over her mouth and laughed a little bit as I shook my head.

"I am so sorry," Devon said. "I thought you were going to stay down a bit longer."

I had a nasty thought go through my head as I stood up, and this time I didn't hold back. I looked right at her and said, "It's okay...it's a very tight space." Devon's right eyebrow went up and she laughed again.

"You going over to the StairMasters?" I asked.

"Yeah, let's go!" Devon said. Over the next hour we just talked...not about anything nasty, though such things were certainly going through my mind. During pauses in the conversation, I caught Devon checking out my form at the same time I was checking out hers. We chatted about her job at Naked News, how she got into it, what machines we each like to use at the gym, and so on. After the 45-minutes were up, I stepped off and Devon asked, "How come I never see you in the pool?"

Our health club has it's own pool, but I don't use it since my apartment building has it's own. "This one is usually very crowded, and the one in my apartment building isn't as high in chlorine."

"Ugh, I hate what chlorine does to my hair but I love what swimming does for my body," she agreed.

"Laps do have their benefits," I said as I toweled off. "I can get right to the pool without going outside, so I usually do laps as soon as I get home from here."

"I wish I had a pool to use like that," Devon told me.

"Hey, if you ever want to avoid the crowd here...let me know," I told her. "We're allowed guests every now and again."

"I'll keep that in mind," Devon said as she walked off towards the women's locker room. Watching her ample ass bounce as she moved away, I had hoped she would take me up on my offer today. I thought, oh well, time for a cold shower. Nothing happened over the next couple weeks, but Devon and I did speak on occasion in passing. She said nothing about my apartment pool...

...until two months after I met her. Temperatures had improved significantly outside, so I thought I had lost the cold weather angle. I was on my way out the door, when I heard my name called behind me. It was Devon.

"Drew, how about me taking you up on that pool offer today?" she said. "There's about four people per lane, and that's a bit crowded for me."

"Certainly," I said, trying to hide my glee. "Do you want to follow me back?"

"I have to run a couple errands first, so how about I meet you there?"

"Sounds fine to me," I said as I wrote out directions to my apartment building. "I'll leave her name at the front desk." We would be swimming early in the day, and since everyone in my building worked...and this was a rare weekday off for me...I knew we would be the only ones there. Plans began forming in my head.

Driving home in a dream-like state, I found myself still thinking about Devon's strained body, sweat trickling down her brow. An hour later, I was stretching by the pool. I was doing toe touches, and I must have been oblivious to the world around me because I didn't hear anyone come in. "Now, there's a sight," Devon purred, and I opened my eyes to see her in a red bikini...not too revealing yet one that perfectly accentuated her every curve.

Dropping her towel at her feet, Devon dove into the pool feet first, drenching me with the cool water. Now dripping wet, I dove in after Devon and chased her to the edge of the pool. I cornered her against one wall of the pool. We wrestled around, laughing, dunking each other in turn when I 'accidentally snagged' one of my hands on her top and it came loose. Feigning innocence, Devon proceeded to de-pants me.

Bare before her, I swam over to the diving board and hung on to the underside as Devon approached. Just when she was about to grab me on the arm, I slipped down into the water, taking her suit bottom with me. Pausing briefly to eye her neatly-trimmed pussy hair in the clear water, I popped back up while Devon was screaming foul. Before she could complete a sentence, I pulled Devon to me with one arm while holding onto the diving board with the other. I pressed my mouth tightly to hers in a passionate kiss, enjoying the feeling of her breasts on my chest, my free cock floating between her legs, feeling her pussy hairs caress the length of my shaft.

The pool area was completely deserted and has almost no echo, so I motioned for Devon to get out of the pool. Laying our towels down on a couple lounge chairs, I planted a soft kiss on Devon's lips and asked her to lie down so I can massage her wonderful body. Drying Devon carefully, I worked over each of her calves, moving up her things...her luscious, full thighs... and I spent a lot of time on her buttocks. Straddling Devon so my semi-hard cock rested on the crack of her ass, I worked my magic on her back, massaging the muscles, feeling the tension leave her supine body.

Devon moaned softly as I reached her shoulders, planting little kisses up her back. I nibbled on her left earlobe and lay sideways beside her. Devon rose up on one elbow to look at me, and before I knew what was happening she flipped me over on to my back and pressed her body hard to mine. "After that wonderful massage, I think I have to repay you in kind," Devon said quietly in my ear.

She rose up, allowing me to roll over, and Devon proceeded to massage my back with her perfect breasts. Let me just state this right now...there is almost nothing as erotic as getting a back massage from a woman who knows how to use her breasts. Paying the same close attention to my legs, my ass, my arms, my back, I understand what Devon meant by paying me back. Just when I thought I couldn't relax anymore, Devon leaned close to my ear and said she wanted me...now!

Devon smacked me hard on the ass, startling me, and I rose to her in a bear hug. Kissing Devon deeply, I broke our kiss with the suggestion we should return to my apartment before our fun was ruined here. Devon nodded, somewhat unconsciously, as we covered up with our towels and grabbed out things. We all but ran through the hallway towards my apartment door. My key hit the lock, and as soon as the door shut behind us the towels dropped and we went at each other with animalistic ferocity.

Devon led me right to the bedroom and we jumped on the bed. Still kneeling, we began to devour each other's body with a hunger I've never known. I could not believe that I was about to fuck a woman I had been lusting over for months. I pushed Devon backwards, massaging her breasts as I flicked each of her nipples in my mouth, teasing, nibbling. Kneading her ass as I worked my way down, I could smell Devon's heat and pussy juices.

I nibbled on Devon's ear and told her I needed to taste her. I began planting kisses across her arms, her stomach, gently tonguing her belly button. Just as I stroked my tongue across the top of her pubic hair, I dropped down to her feet. Devon whimpered in protest and tried to force my head to her pussy. "Not yet," I said as I licked her ankles and trailed my tongue up her thigh. I wanted to taste her juices bad, but I wanted to make Devon want me. I licked one finger and began to play with her clit. Devon was starting to groan, crying out when I wiggled one finger inside her pussy.

I had apparently driven Devon past the point of being able to control her desire, and she all but grabbed my head and forced me into her pussy. I hungrily acquiesced, plunging my tongue into her sweet folds of velvet. Devon screamed with delight and locked her legs around my head as I swirled my tongue around her clit. God, I love eating pussy! I was rubbing my whole face against her pussy, trying to lick every bit of pussy juice off her vagina walls. My head felt like it was caught in a vice as Devon's hips started to shake. She came so hard that I had trouble swallowing all her sweet cunt juice.

Like a woman possessed, Devon pushed me onto my back and began to ravage my hard cock. She licked my shaft from one end to the other. Devon smiled up at me as she pumped my shaft with one hand while her tongue danced across my balls, the other hand fondling my ass. She inserted one finger inside my asshole, and I tensed up with pleasure. Devon could sense I would have cum quickly had she continued with her present course and she backed off slightly, not wanting to waste my cum on her mouth.

Devon moved back up to my mouth to kiss me, and as our tongues fought their sensual battle, I can taste her juice and my pre-cum intermingling. I can see the look in her eyes that said she wanted my cock inside her. I rolled her over into missionary position and grabbed a pillow to put under her hips. As Devon stared deeply into my eyes, I teased her pussy opening with the head of my cock. That bought a sexy snarl from Devon, followed by a hand on the back of my head. She pulled my lips to hers and demanded I put my cock inside her now. I jammed my rod into her waiting tunnel, and Devon scratched her nails down my back in extreme pleasure.

My cock was in heaven, moving in and out of her silken pussy, her pubic hairs caressing each pump. My hips were moving slowly, wanting to enjoy each and every thrust. I stopped my thrusts at one point while keeping my cock inside her, and I sat back while rotating my hips. Devon was now pulling at the covers of my bed, writhing around like a woman possessed. Her feet came up at my sides and I grabbed them and started tonguing her toes. I started thrusting again while keeping the soles of her feet on my chest.

Devon and I had developed a great rhythm now, as if we had been fucking for years. I separated her feet and put my arms on either side of her legs and leaned forward. I basically had her knees pinned behind her head as I leaned down to tongue Devon's sensuous mouth. Driving hard now, I rammed my body against her pubic bone. Devon's juices were flowing freely and I could no longer hold off. I exploded inside Devon, spraying my cum deep inside her vagina while continuing to pump my cock into her pussy.

As we lay there sweating, Devon and I held each other's body for all we were worth, our hearts beating in synchronicity. I kissed Devon tenderly, as my cock grew soft inside her pussy. I whispered into her ear that I hoped this was just the beginning, that we would have many more opportunities to explore each other's desire. Devon started to snicker, and I asked her why. Devon said, "I guess we forgot about our laps!"

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