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Naked Reunion



Copyright Oggbashan July 2015

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


I walked into the crowded room wondering whether it had been a good idea to come. After all, it had been thirty years ago that the contractors building a new office block found significant archaeological remains. Now some of them were covered with a modern building with interactive displays and were visited by almost every school pupil from fifty miles around. It had been so different back then.

I couldn't stop thinking about that first summer thirty years ago. That wasn't surprising. That summer was the reason I was attending this event and wishing that Elaine would be here. She could have been mine, if only...

I had been a postgraduate student when the university's archaeological society appealed for unskilled volunteers to help them each weekend with the emergency dig. It was a hot dry summer and the idea of spending at least some of my time out of doors appealed. The management course wasn't stretching me. I thought I could pass it easily with minimal effort. I was right. I did.

The dig was certainly not minimal effort. It was hard, dirty and hot. The postgraduate students were living close to the dig while the undergraduate helpers were bussed back to the campus. I suppose they trusted us more.

There were only three men, two of them married, and a dozen or so women. I thought that the possibilities were interesting and I wasn't disappointed. I didn't know any of the women before the archaeological dig started because it was a large campus and I hadn't graduated there.

Apart from the management course, my bosses had insisted that I qualify in First Aid and also in Lifesaving. Why? I didn't know at the time. The First Aid had been easy. The lifesaving had been more difficult and I had failed the first examination on the recovery of a person from deep water. All I needed was practice before the repeat examination in two weeks time.

There was a river close to the barn that spread into an artificially dammed lake. Morning and evening, in that summer's hot weather, it would be great to swim in the lake. All I needed was a volunteer to help me practise lifesaving. That evening I asked the married men. They pleaded that their wives needed them. In desperation I asked the assembled group of women as we were sitting around the cooking fire after the evening meal.

"Why not?" replied Elaine.

"Because we haven't brought our swimming costumes," another woman replied.

"The lake water is fairly opaque and anyway, who would see? Apart from Ian there would only be us women..." Elaine continued.

"If he doesn't mind, I don't," someone else added. "A swim in the lake sounds wonderful. I would like to cool off."

That was it. Simple. I had asked and they had responded with a group of willing volunteers. None had been more willing than Elaine. Later that evening, in the twilight, she was the first to let me try tow her across the lake.

My first attempt was a disaster. I had been too diffident and too shy to grab her firmly. My legs tangled with hers. I sank, let go and surfaced spluttering.

"You have to hold my head close to yours," she said, "and hold me as if you meant it. Try again."

Elaine didn't tell me until weeks later that she had passed the lifesaving examination. For my second attempt she directed me firmly.

"Hold my arms. Pull my body against yours. Further up!"

Her wet hair was against my cheek. As I began to kick my legs her body floated upward. Her erect nipples cut through the murky water and I couldn't keep my eyes off her breasts gleaming whitely just under the surface. I swam hard until I hit the bottom at the lake's edge.

Elaine sat up, laughing at me. Her bare bottom was resting on my insistent erection. She pressed down on it with one hand as she levered herself up out of the water. She looked down at me, her breasts standing out proudly as the water streamed off her. She shook her long wet hair, spraying droplets over her watching friends who shrieked and shrank away.

I towed almost every woman from the middle of the lake during the next two weekends. The first weekend I had to restrain my natural urges at handing all the naked bodies. The second weekend wasn't so much fun because most of the women brought swimwear. I particularly remembered Helen who didn't have a costume for the second week. Her nipples were even more prominent than Elaine's as I towed her backwards.

I passed my Lifesaving certificate with ease.

Every weekend that summer started and ended with a swim in the lake with what was being called 'Ian's harem'. I started to pair up with Elaine and the rest of the women gave us a clear field. I had hoped...

My employers stopped our romance dead. They sent me to Sydney, Australia as a junior manager almost as soon as I had finished the summer school.

Elaine and I corresponded by snail-mail and e-mail but the feelings between us gradually cooled. It is difficult to maintain a relationship over such a distance for an indefinite time. After four years and eight months, when I finally announced that I was returning to England, she admitted that she was engaged to be married to Henry and had been for nearly a year. Would I like to come to her wedding?

I didn't know Henry, her husband-to-be, but Elaine told me that a few of 'Ian's harem' would be there and would like to meet me again. That decided me. I would go to the wedding and enjoy myself. I booked myself into the hotel where the reception was to be held for a couple of nights.

The wedding was on a Friday in the early afternoon. I had driven to the hotel that morning, booked in, and would stay Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday night.

I sat close to the back of the church being anonymous. I was at a table some way from the bride and groom during the reception. Ex-boyfriends don't get priority treatment.

I thought that Elaine and I were probably different people five years on from that summer. I was surprised how little she had actually changed. She was slightly more serious but otherwise the woman I had known, and, I have to admit, loved years ago.

I jpined the queue to offer my congratulations to the bride and groom.

"Henry, this is Ian," Elaine said.

"Pleased to meet you, Ian," Henry said, "but you have set me a hard task. Elaine thinks you are a perfect gentleman. Whenever I am tactless, your name comes up as an example of what I should be like..."

"But I've married you, Henry," Elaine interrupted. "Ian is a friend and always was, but you're the one I love. Tact you can learn. Love is what matters."

"And I went to Australia, Henry," I replied. "If I had seriously loved Elaine, or she had loved me, I would have changed my job. We were friends, no more."

"See, Henry? Ian's still tactful."

Elaine turned back to me.

"Ian? Please stay around when we've left. Some people want to meet you."

"I'm staying here overnight," I said.

"I know you are. Just stay here, in this room, please, when my husband and I have left. Promise?"

"If you want me to, Elaine, I will. A bride's commands on her wedding day should be obeyed."

"Hear that, husband? A bride's commands should be obeyed. You didn't promise to 'obey' me, nor I you, but tonight..."

I moved on. We had held up the reception line too long.

At the end of the reception, after the bride and groom had left, I was nursing a drink, looking round the room to see if I recognised anyone from the archaeological dig. I hadn't known many of Elaine's other friends five years ago and none of her relations. Now I wouldn't recognise any who had not been diggers, nor would they recognise me. Henry's friends and relations were complete strangers to me, although affable and friendly.

I wondered why Elaine had asked me to stay. I was feeling sorry for myself, wishing I hadn't come, when a hand touched my arm.

"Hello, Ian."

I turned and came face to face with Helen, my swimming companion from all those years ago. She slid her hand inside my arm and pulled gently.

"Come on, there are some people who want to meet you."

"Me, Helen?"

"Yes, Ian, you. I'm glad you remembered who I am."

"How could I forget?" I asked.

"Perhaps because you only had eyes for Elaine?"

"That might have been true at the end, but not that second weekend. I remember you very well, Helen."

She blushed slightly.

"So you should," she whispered, "you saw everything..."

"And a very nice everything it was and is..."

We went through a doorway into another room.

"Here he is!" Helen announced.

I was swamped with female bodies. It seemed as if my harem had assembled to meet me. I was kissed, hugged, cuddled and hands strayed over my crotch. I didn't notice that Helen had locked the door behind us and that the curtains were closed, until female hands started removing my jacket and tie.

"Hey," I protested, "someone will see..."

Helen's kiss stopped my mouth briefly. Her lips were still very close.

"No one will see, Ian." Helen said. "The door is locked, the curtains are shut. This is OUR room, not Elaine's. Elaine helped with the arrangements. She should have told you to wait around. She did, didn't she?"

I nodded.

"We wanted to see Ian, and we will." Another woman said.

Helen lips moved away but her hand covered my mouth. She spoke seriously.

"Ian. We four wanted to meet you again. This is your 'welcome back from Australia' party."

"More of us wanted to come," the same voice said, "but they are now married and thought it wouldn't be appropriate..."

"Appropriate, Jane? That's one way of putting it. Ian! We four are here because we love you, all of us. When you went skinny-dipping with us you behaved perfectly despite this..."

Helen's hand stroked my erection through my trousers.

"...signalling that you found us, all of us, attractive. Even when Elaine claimed you, you still treated us as friends and women you'd like to..."

"Fuck!" Jane stated loudly.

"But you didn't. Not even Elaine. That took tact and control. Since you left all five of us have been in relationships but none of the men were as courteous, diplomatic or even just as nice as Ian..."

"Nor as well hung!"

"Shut up, Jane," Helen said, "but she is right. We all wanted to try the erection we felt in that murky water. We still do. If you agree, we will. Now. Tonight and tomorrow night. This room is part of a three bedroom interconnecting suite and your booking and luggage have been changed into one of the bedrooms. We four women share the other two bedrooms. We want to share you too. We know we have put you in an impossible situation. We have given you little choice. You could even say we have kidnapped you and intend to rape you. But if you are the Ian we remember, I think you will welcome the opportunity to accept our love."

Helen stopped talking a slowly removed her hand from my mouth. There was a silence as the four women waited for my response. I gently moved Helen so that she was standing beside me. I had my arm around her waist. I could see the four other women. They were nervous, excited, worried...

But they looked as wonderful as I had remembered them. They had taken a massive risk.

"Ladies," I said quietly, "I don't deserve you. This is an amazing welcome home, and I hope I won't be a disappointment..."

Anything else I could have said was lost in a group cuddle.

"First things first," said Jane. "Do you remember our names?"

"Of course I do, Jane. How could I forget? You're Jane. My arm is around Helen. The other two are Margaret, and Paula."

"Well done, Ian," Helen said. "The second thing is..."

"We all get naked," Paula squealed. "As we were when we were in skin to skin contact with you."

"And no mucky water to hide anything," Margaret added.

"You're sure?" I asked carefully.

"That's why we are here with you." Jane said. "We want a naked Ian to join us..."

"...in bed." Helen finished. "So... Start stripping after the count. One, two, three!"

They peeled off their wedding finery revealing scanty bras and panties. I was impeded because Helen was trying to help me. By the time I was completely nude, all the women were waiting for me.

"We don't want you wholly naked," Jane said, holding up a condom. "Wear this. Shall I fit it?"

Before I had a chance to answer, she had dropped to her knees in front of me and was expertly rolling the condom on my erection.

"Aren't you four ladies expecting too much of me?" I asked quietly. "I'm only one, and even one woman..."

"Ssh!" Helen hissed. "We are here to make your stay enjoyable, not wear you out. Come on!"

I was escorted in a huddle of women into the master bedroom. The bed was enormous, designed for an orgy. Helen directed the women's positions. She sat against the bed head, her legs draped over my shoulders and her breasts against the top of my head. Margaret and Paula were on either side of me. Their erect nipples pressed against my chest.

"Jane?" I asked.

"Jane is inclined to talk too much, so her role is silent," Helen said.

Jane crawled up the bed, gently spreading my legs apart. Margaret and Paula's legs snaked around mine as Jane lowered her face towards my erection. Her mouth opened and began to tease my condom-sheathed prick. This was too much. I arched my back in ecstasy, only for my face to meet Helen's breasts descending to smother me.

Somehow my hands were between Margaret and Paula's legs and my fingers reached inside their clefts. They pushed back. All I had to do was hold my fingers still as they slid up and down. Jane's attentions were exquisite. She brought me to the brink, again and again, only to let me relax before she started again.

Helen was humping the back of my neck and rubbing her breasts across my face. She must be really flexible I thought momentarily until Jane's mouth distracted me from anything except what she was doing.

I held on as long as I could but four women physically surrounding me was too much. I came into that condom that was surrounded by Jane's mouth. I slumped slightly but the other three women didn't notice. Jane's hands were gently stroking my chest as Margaret and Paula squeezed my fingers. Helen's breasts were cutting off the air to my nose and mouth until Jane eased them slightly away to let me breathe.

For the next ten minutes I was three women's toy as Jane helped me to survive. Her body was over mine, her breasts against my stomach, her arms either side of my head, and her hands supporting Helen's breasts just clear of my face.

Margaret eased to a stop first, soon followed by Paula. Helen was still pounding the back of my neck. I slid down, helped by Jane's hands, before tilting my head back and pushing my tongue into Helen's cleft. Within seconds Helen reached her peak before starting to pound again, this time pushing my tongue deeper inside her. Margaret and Paula were supporting some of Helen's weight.

Jane slid down my body and her weight lifted off me. I barely noticed because I was concentrating too hard on pleasing Helen. I felt her return to the bed.

"Ready?" Jane said quietly. She stripped the used condom off me, wiped me, and fitted a new one.


Jane pulled on my legs. I slid out from under Helen. Margaret and Paula swung Helen's body so that her legs were behind my head. They lowered Helen's face towards my crotch. We were in a sixty-nine position. I could reach Helen's cleft much easier. I flinched as her mouth slid down beyond the head of my prick. Surely it was too soon? Helen demonstrated that it wasn't. I lost myself in Helen. Whether any of the others were beside me? I didn't know. Helen had my full attention until I came into the new condom.

Half an hour later we were sitting on the edge of the bed drinking coffee. The clothes that had been abandoned in the main room had been retrieved and put away. Jane was sitting on my lap. Paula and Margaret were on either side of me. Helen was replenishing the coffee if needed. I watched her as she walked in and out of the bedroom. All four of them were fit, healthy and very attractive but I was too spent to respond yet.

The rest of that weekend passed in a blur. I remember that I made love to all four of them individually and had several sessions with two or more women loving me. They left on Sunday evening. That night I slept alone but my dreams were filled with four women's bodies writhing around me.

We never repeated that foursome. Eventually, when I had re-established myself in the UK, Helen became my girlfriend, then my fiancée, and a year later we married. Her bridesmaids were Jane, Margaret and Paula. Elaine was the matron of honour.


Now, thirty years after those women taught me how to lifesave in a muddy river, we were back for an event celebrating the relaunch of the archaeological site we had uncovered then. The building that had been above it had been demolished. The remains would now be in a purpose built interpretation centre. All of us who had been on that rescue dig had been invited but we had dispersed around the world.

I am here. My wife, Helen, will be here in a couple of hours. Would there be any others? Would I recognise them? Would they recognise me?

A pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind. A familiar voice whispered in my ear.

"Ian," Elaine said. "Sorry I couldn't join you twenty-five years ago. It was my first night as Henry's wife. But I'm here now."

I turned around in her arms. Elaine still looked wonderful. I didn't get much of a chance to see her face. She kissed me fiercely. I responded, even though we had been married to others for twenty five years.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"I'm cutting in."

Elaine released me into Jane's arms and kiss. Standing behind Jane were Margaret and Paula. I had to kiss and be kissed by them too.

I was embarrassed as I stood in the reception area of the new building with four women hugging me as much as they could. Over Elaine's shoulder I saw my wife Helen approaching. Would she understand?

Helen was smiling broadly.

"I see they've found you, Ian. They wanted to come, just to meet you again. After the ceremony and dinner, we have a surprise for you."

"I hope you are still fit enough, Ian," Jane said.

"That sort of surprise?" I asked.

"I've booked the suite again," my wife replied. "This time for six of us, not five."

She had. That evening and all night I tried to live up to my reputation. I think they were kind to me but they seemed satisfied. Helen wants this surprise repeated annually.

Will I survive to three score years and ten? If not, I'll die with a smile on my face, loved and fucked by five women.

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