Naked Revenge

bysadie dark©

Act 1.

Jane has fucked me. I gave her myself, my love, my respect and she pissed on it all. She betrayed me with Jennifer and she's cost me my job and my reputation.

Act 2.

Before she leaves me and my shattered reputation, I must punish her. And it must be a revenge that is unforgettable, painful and utterly satisfying for me. So I'm visiting her as usual, pretending I don't know about her betrayal. But before I arrive I call on Julie. We talk, she understands, we survey her equipment and make our choice.

Act 3.

I ring Jane's bell, it's Sunday as usual. She opens the door, smiling like the false untrustworthy cunt that she is. She wears a gown and she leans forward for my kiss. I meet her judas lips and we step into her bedroom. Minutes later she's naked, bent over her frame, her wrists and ankles bound.

I look at her lying face. It's relaxed, looking forward to what she believes is about to happen. I walk around her. Her big tits hang down. I loved her full breasts and would caress their generous, female fleshiness and kiss the pouting nipples. Now they look like a cow's udders, to be milked and ignored. I move around her, her back is tanned and taut, the backbone leading my eyes to the crack of her arse.

Her arse is prominent, but then that is the reason for the frame. I stand behind her, cooly surveying the view. I used to love what I can see but now I despise it. Her fat arse cheeks stand out and her tied legs spread them provocatively. But now I just see plump pink cunt lips thrusting between her arse crack and a dirty brown arsehole. She's animal-like and that is how I'm going to treat her. I put my hand on her arse and she wriggles at the prospect of pleasure.

I walk in front of her and strip. Off comes my shirt, down comes my jeans and I'm ready. I stand before her in a latex corset and thong and their tightness and exposure rouses both my sexuality and thirst for revenge. Her eyes look hungrily at my body as I bend to take something from my bag.

I take out a ball gag and, in seconds, it's in her mouth. She's puzzled, as her cries and moans are usually part of our play. I bend again, giving her a full view of my bum as I reach into the bag. I take out two nipple clips and move towards her.

The jaws bite into her fleshy nipples and her eyes bulge with the pain. She wasn't expecting this and her whole body jerks in response. Last week I would have cared but now I'm immune to her suffering.

I go back to the bag and take out a long thin cane. I usually spank her before we fuck but tonight I've got something special in mind. I walk round behind her, sweat is breaking out on her body through fear and pain, but it merely encourages me in my intentions.

I study her pig-like arse. It's tanned except for the white patches where Jane's bikini shaded her from the sun. I flick back my arm and strike. The cane slashes at her fat arse cheeks leaving a red line through her white bits. It makes a satisfying fleshy crack against her skin and pain ricochets through her body.

I slash again and again. She fights against her bonds, her body arching with every blow. She's losing control and she farts as I strike her for a sixth time. I lean forward and whisper in her ear, telling her, that because of this, she's now going to get six more. I carefully build up a pattern of red stripes across her quivering arse and then I'm done.

Sweat runs over my black latex and drips onto the floor. The doorbell rings, giving her a few moments to come to terms with her pain and humiliation. Julie walks in, smiling at me, and looking lasciviously at the naked body stretched over the frame.

Julie's brought the interesting stuff. She slips off her coat revealing a latex leotard and thigh high leggings. She walks towards me and places her hand on my latex covered cunt. She fondles it, just inches from our victims' face. Julie slips her hand down my thong and fingers me. I'm already excited through punishing this naked cow and I moan with pleasure.

Julie slips my thong down. She slides two fingers into my slippery hole and fucks me before Jane's pleading eyes. Minutes later, she smears the juice over Jane's mouth. Julie pushes my arse propelling me towards my former lover's face. I straddle Jane, forcing her into my soaking cunt, piling on the humiliation.

Julie stops me and indicates the belt in her hand. She straps it around my hips and the ten inch rubber cock hangs between my thighs. I go behind Jane.

Her arse still bears the red wheals but I unfeelingly spread her cheeks. The cock is glistening with lube and I target her puckered arsehole. I place the cock head on the hole and push. Her anus resists for seconds then I'm in, the cock sliding, inch by inch as her arse cheeks twist and buck.

Anal play was a no-go with Jane so the satisfaction is doubled. The cock slips in and in, finally bumping against an obstruction. I slide it out then ram it in...out and in...out and in! Her arse jerks and spasms but I just laugh and slap it. The cock makes loud wet sounds on its journey in and out, as it travels deep into her body.

Then I'm finished. I'm soaked with sweat in my exertions and excitement. Julie is by the door and I put my coat on. I lean close to Jane's face. She's crying but, for the only time ever, I don't care.

"You cunt" I whisper, " you've got just what you deserve...what's Jennifer going to think of a dirty little cunt like you?"

I leave her there. Sobbing, naked, exposed, smeared with cum and with an arse both cruelly punished and penetrated.

She looked at me and her mouth twists.

Final Act.

I'm driving away when I see Jennifer's car arrive. I gloatingly imagine the scene when Jennifer discovers Jane. But, then it happens. Through the mists of my emotions I see Jane's final expression. What I took to have been shame could actually have been a thin smile. I'd stripped her, thrashed her and fucked her arse...but...but then she was a submissive by nature.

What if what I thought was a punishment for her treachery had actually been an intense pleasure for her?

My exhilaration died instantly, my world grew dark. Oh, God, revenge can be cruel!

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