Naked Sara's Ch. 04: The Cowboys


She decided to change the subject, so Ma told them, "Sanchez was right about one thing. My boys were just like you. They'd never seen a naked woman, and of course, never had sex before they were forced to do me. So I showed them the same things Elizabeth and I showed you today. They had already seen everything, and even tasted everything, by the time the outlaws left. What difference did it make if they saw me naked every day, or even if they got to fuck me every day?"

"It doesn't seem to bother your husband or your boys that you and Elizabeth are letting all of us do you. I mean, you just met us this morning, and we've already fucked you by lunch time." Billy was still curious about our family arrangement and our unique notions about sex.

"Sara found that she enjoys having sex with a lot of men. She likes to look up at them watching her get fucked. Sara enjoys having an audience," Pa explained to the cowboys. "Having sex with other men doesn't change the fact that we're married, or have a family or love each other. She's often said 'a pecker is a pecker.' When she fucks other men, she ain't giving her heart away; she's just letting 'em borrow her body for awhile. So, it doesn't bother me, and it doesn't bother our sons, either. You're welcome to do her anytime she invites you. Don't be shy about staring at her, either. She likes that just fine. After all the years I've been married to her, I still find myself staring at her naked body a lot, especially those queen-sized titties!"

We all got a big laugh out of that. Pa was openly admiring Ma's qualities to put the men at ease. He was well aware that they were in a completely different world than the ones they came from: women running around naked, outdoors and in front of strangers; women asking to be fucked, while their family looked on; and Ma openly talking about having sex with her sons.

That was the main reason Elizabeth and Ma finally decided not to let them do more than pussies today; it could be overwhelming all at once. They'd wait and see how many came back the next time before asking the cowhands to cum in their mouths or asses. Elizabeth did devise a way to give the men a hint of what else could happen when they came back.

"Sara, you said Apaches took you a few weeks ago? How come you're still alive? I didn't think they left white folks alive after they got what they wanted." Luke appeared timid asking the question; maybe it was none of his business.

Ma looked at Luke, then around at the rest of the group. She stared at Elizabeth briefly, then answered the question. "They saw Pa coming back with the others, I guess. There were seven of them, so I don't know why they ran away. I do believe they would have killed us if they hadn't been rushed. I heard they prefer to take their time and watch the victims die slowly."

"Did all of them do you, Miss Sara?" Little Billy asked.

She looked over at Elizabeth again; Ma got a slow nod and half a smile of reassurance from Elizabeth. "Yes, Billy, they all did me," Ma spoke softly. She took a deep breath before continuing.

"I heard Tommy yell, so I ran out of the cabin into the yard. I saw an Apache holding a knife at Tommy's throat. The first thing that came to mind was to distract them somehow. I held up my tits like this, jiggled them up and down, and offered them to the Apaches. They didn't seem to understand right away. So I turned around, got on my knees and pulled my butt cheeks apart to show them my cunt and asshole. I smiled at them, and gestured for them to come over and fuck me. They tied Tommy to a fence post with his pants down around his ankles, then took turns doing me."

Elizabeth carried on with the story from there. "By the time we got here, Aunt Sara was hanging by her tits from the front porch beams, her legs were tied out to either side. The Apaches whipped her ass, her tits and up between her legs. Uncle Joseph and Richard cut her down while Harold and I untied Tommy. While he was tied to the fence post, he got hard watching Aunt Sara, which is understandable; those things have an effect on men. Just like this story is getting some of your peckers worked up again." Elizabeth smirked as the guilty cowhands blushed.

"Harold and Richard helped me tend to Aunt Sara. They put salve on the cracked and bleeding parts of her tits. I daubed salve on her pussy; it was swollen and bright red. I also dug the splinters out of Tommy's penis. It was the first time I touched a man's pecker or another woman's cunt. It took almost a week for her to be able to walk normally again."

There was still enough prejudice among whites that some men wouldn't have anything to do with a woman who'd been raped by Indians, even though it wasn't her fault. Ma could see a few of the men had reservations about fucking her again after finding out Apaches had been in her cunt before they got to it.

Elizabeth quickly lightened the mood. She lay on her back and pulled her knees wide open. "Since you boys are already hard again, let's start fucking! Aunt Sara and I are ready when you are." Ma smiled at Elizabeth; she lay back and showed off her pussy, too.

Little Billy moved to Elizabeth right away. One of the black cowboys, Zeke, was the first to approach Ma. He was on his knees with Ma holding his penis, ready to pull him in to her. Zeke looked over his shoulder at the others. "This lady's been done by Mexican and Indian and black outlaws. Then she was done again by the Apaches. So what? She invited us here for a picnic, took the time to show us all about a woman. She let us feel her all over, and then let us fuck her. Miss Sara ain't been nothing but kind to us. If any of you got a problem with her being fucked by Indians, or anybody else for that matter, then get your britches on and ride on out of here. The rest of us won't have to wait in line so long. So make up your minds. Either you treat both of these nice ladies with respect, or I'll chase your sorry asses out of here myself!"

They all looked sheepish, but none of them moved to leave. Little Billy turned his attention back to fucking Elizabeth. Ma pulled Zeke into her pussy, then put her arms around him and hugged him tightly while he fucked her.

Pa and I took our turns along with the others. Little Billy took one last turn with Ma while the rest of us relaxed and chatted around them on the blanket.

Elizabeth whispered in Ma's ear. Ma just said yes; they both giggled. "Before you gentlemen leave, I'd like to kiss you all goodbye," Elizabeth said with a big grin.

The cowhands looked at each other, and Billy was first in line again. He bent over and puckered his lips. "No, silly, stand up straight. I'm going to kiss your peckers goodbye," Elizabeth said in a teasing tone.

Billy looked puzzled, but stood up. "You're going to kiss our... peckers even after they've been inside you and Miss Sara?"

"Sure, Billy, why not? You don't have to let me kiss it if you think that's nasty."

"No, you go right ahead, that would be real nice of you. I just never heard of such a thing, that's all. I guess there's nothing really wrong with it. At least I don't think there's anything wrong with it," he said. As the youngest of the cowboys, he was checking the reactions of the others to make sure he wasn't doing something objectionable.

Elizabeth took his penis in one hand and examined it while fondling his balls with the other. "Aunt Sara was right. You have a fine looking pecker, Billy. I'm going to miss it," she said before she leaned forward and planted a long kiss on the tip, right where the hole was. He shivered visibly, and I thought surely that Billy would unload on her again. But after cumming three times inside the women, he was out of ammunition I guess you could say.

The rest of the men waited their turns in line. Elizabeth took the time with each to examine their dicks and play with their ball sacks before kissing them goodbye. The cowhands got dressed; Ma and Elizabeth walked with them back to the front. Pa and us stood behind the women as the cowboys mounted up. Before they left, Ma invited them all back on their next Saturday off, a month away. "That is, if we didn't scare the hell out of ya when we were both 'howling like coyotes!' That just means we were enjoying it."

Elizabeth and Ma waved as they rode off, still dripping cum between their legs . Harold got on his knees in front of Elizabeth; she knew what he had in mind, and lay on the ground with her legs in the air. Harold began licking her clean, and sucking cum out of her pussy. I got in front of Ma, and did the same. I had already cleaned her when she had lots of other men's cum in her that time when the outlaws did her. I went slowly, hoping Ma would have another orgasm; that is, if she had any left in her today. She did.


That night we had dinner outside on the blankets, finishing what was left from the picnic. Elizabeth was bubbly and excited about her first experience with strangers, and anxious to talk about it. "That was fun, Aunt Sara. I feel good, I feel full even."

Harold gave her a big grin. "You're not as full as when they left."

"Alright, thank you for taking care of that, Harold." Elizabeth laughed with the rest of us. "I meant, it was wonderful to have that many men in a day. I love doing it with the family. But that was special. What I liked best was the same as you told us, Aunt Sara."

"Lying there, with my feet in the air, getting fucked while everyone else was staring. Every time I came, it seemed to make the orgasm even bigger when I looked up at them sitting around us. I must have cum at least a dozen times today." Elizabeth and Ma were massaging their breasts, slightly red from all the friction of men on top of them.

"It was actually seventeen, Elizabeth," Pa quipped. "Sara had you beat, but only by two. That's not counting when the boys were cleaning you up after the cowhands left."

Elizabeth told us night that she had only known a few blacks back in Baltimore; they were either servants or tradesmen or teachers. She couldn't help giggling; now she was asking them to fuck her. "Like you said, Aunt Sara, a pecker is a pecker.

"I was really impressed by what Zeke said," Ma told us. She was pretty sure he'd kill to protect them if the situation called for it. She called it "strength of character." Over the years, Zeke became one of her favorites, and a close friend of the family.

Everyone got up and headed toward the pond. We sat in the water, talking about lots of different things, including today, until just before dark. Then we cleaned up the picnic and took things into the cabin. We left a blanket on the front porch. The family wasn't ready to go to sleep yet.


A month later, the cowboys' visit brought two surprises. There were three additional men, to Elizabeth's delight. Luke also carried with him a written invitation. The widow who owned the ranch where they worked wanted Elizabeth and Sara to come for lunch sometime next week.

"Mrs. Hester heard me and Luther talking when she passed by the tack shed. We were inspecting the gear, picking out things that needed mending. She came in the shed, sat on a bucket and started asking us lots of questions." Luke explained.

"She's always been honest with us, and we've always been honest with her. She treats us all real good, she's generous and kind-hearted, just like you, Miss Sara," Luther added. "You, too, Miss Elizabeth. You're all fine ladies. Mrs. Hester told us she'd like to meet you. Since Mr. Hester passed away, she hardly ever goes anywhere, and she doesn't have any other ladies to talk with. Just us cowhands, and we probably aren't good company for a widow woman. We don't always know what to talk about, what to say."

"Did you tell her we live naked every day?" Ma asked Luther.

"Yes, Ma'am. She knows," he replied.

"Did you explain to her what happened the last Saturday all of you were here? That each of you fucked us while the rest watched? That we also have sex every day with my sons? We aren't exactly normal, at least not in terms of what 'polite society' considers normal." Ma sounded very skeptical.

"Yes, Ma'am. Me and Luke told her everything. Mrs. Hester is a good person, a fine lady. We knew we could tell her the truth. She doesn't judge people that way. She hired me and Zeke on when there weren't too many around that wanted black cowhands." Luther was emotional when talking about his boss.

"I remember she told us, 'The color of your hearts is what matters, not the color of your skins.' That's what she said, and she meant it. Mrs. Hester treats all of us the same, with respect and honesty," Luther said, gaining more confidence. "That's why we knew we could tell her about you and Miss Elizabeth. Me and Luke knew she wouldn't judge you just because you're... you walk around naked, and she wouldn't judge you 'cause... just because you did all of us. We told her you were kind, that you took the time to show us about women, and you treated us all the same. We told her you and your family was good people, fine people. That's why she wants to visit with you."

Ma had met a few neighbors, but not many of them. She knew of the Hester ranch from passers-by, and knew the cowhands they invited to fuck them last month worked there.

She was pleasantly dumbfounded. Having been raised in 'polite society' in Baltimore, Ma and Elizabeth naturally assumed other women would consider them whores, or worse. Even whores didn't run around naked all the time, or fuck their own family members every day. And Ma had talked to us before about how she might be received, if at all, after being gang raped by Apaches and the outlaws. She would especially be scorned if they found out she enjoyed it, even when the Apaches hung her by her tits and whipped them and her cunt.

"When you get back tonight, Luther, you and Luke can tell Mrs. Hester we'd be honored to meet her. Elizabeth and I will drive the wagon over next Wednesday; we'll plan on being there by mid-morning and be pleased stay for lunch. Be sure she knows we'll still be naked." That got a laugh from the group.

"Yes, Ma'am. We're pretty sure she's expecting you to come just as you are. I don't know how much time she's spent with naked women, but you both should hit it off with her just fine," Luther beamed. "You're gonna really like each other, I just know it."

Ma put one arm behind Luke, the other behind Luther, and guided them around back to the grassy area. "Well, let's not waste the day talking, then!" She couldn't hide the fact she was a little choked up; her eyes were watery and her voice quivered. I'm sure she doubted she and Elizabeth would ever be accepted by others, especially other women.

"We should start with a refresher course so you boys remember where all the parts are and what they're for. It will help the three new boys get used to things around here a lot faster. Might as well start with everybody getting naked and washing the dust off in the pond." The cowhands that had been here the last time were in the water in no time at all. The three new fellows were shy, and covered their crotches with their hats as they tip-toed into the pond.

Elizabeth shared a giggle with Ma, and then told her, "I'll bet they're not nearly that bashful when they leave tonight! Let's see what they do when I kiss their peckers goodbye."

They decided ahead of time to just let the cowhands fuck their pussies again this visit. If the men seemed really relaxed and comfortable with everything by the time they left, Ma and Elizabeth would offer to do more than just kiss their penises. We were all curious how they would react when the women offered to suck them and swallow their cum on the next visit. We were also very interested to find out how Mrs. Hester really felt about having lunch with two naked women; the same two women who had spread their legs and welcomed cowhands from the Hester ranch to fuck them.

Wednesday also held another surprise for the family; this one was not as pleasant.

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