tagBDSMNaked Sara's Ch. 03: Apaches

Naked Sara's Ch. 03: Apaches


Elizabeth had been with us just over week. My brothers and I were a little surprised that nothing really changed after all. Ma still wanted us to do her a couple of times a day; she was just a bit more considerate about where we did it until Elizabeth got used to our routines, or decided to leave. The only exception was after dinner.

During the day, Ma would wait for us in her garden on the side of the cabin with no windows. She'd be bent over, or on her knees, tending to vegetables and we'd move in behind and do her that way. Or she'd motion for us to follow her to the far side of the corral, with horses in between us and the cabin, then lean forward and hold on to the fence post as she'd always done. After dinner, she would just close the cabin door so Elizabeth wouldn't have to watch while we did Ma on the porch. But I know for a fact she could hear us out there, especially Ma.

Elizabeth would rarely come out of the cabin. If she went to the outhouse, or to the pond to wash up, she would keep her eyes pointed toward the ground just in case we were doing Ma in the yard, I guess. She'd been able to get used to watching Ma go around naked. Elizabeth would talk to her on the porch or at the dinner table as though nothing was unusual. Only once in awhile would we catch her staring at Ma's big tits.

By the time she'd been there almost 2 weeks, Ma said Elizabeth asked her how she'd come to be that way; naked and letting her family do her right out in the open in front of everyone else. They sat down together on the edge of the porch. Ma told her about Miss Mary Jane at school, how she learned not to be afraid to show her body, how to please a man and get a man to please her. She told her stories about her and Pa; they'd always enjoyed fucking out in the open air.

They'd done it out in the desert, on large boulders at the top of the local mountains, on horseback, lying in a shallow creek, in the back of a wagon. Ma laughed and said, "Just about everywhere we could think of. But I'm sure we haven't run out of places, yet."

Ma also shared the experience with the outlaws, describing what happened in pretty complete detail. If her sons hadn't been around to see everything, it might have been different. But Ma was certain that Sanchez would kill them, especially if he and his men believed they didn't get what they wanted from her.

She told Elizabeth that's when she decided to just strip naked in the yard, right in front of all those strangers. She knew they were going to fuck her over and over, and told them they might as well get on with it. She said they were impressed by her huge titties, and played with her body in the yard before they got started. One of the gunmen even said the titties were bigger than a cow's udder. Ma recalled how they made her bend over and pull her ass cheeks apart so they could get a better look at her asshole and the underside of her cunt.

After that, Ma said, is when Sanchez made Pa and us boys strip down, too. He wanted Ma to watch our peckers get hard when we saw her getting fucked; he wanted the whole family to feel humiliated, especially Ma. Elizabeth also heard about when the other boys were told to suck on her tits while she lay flat on her back, and how I had to get down between her legs and start licking.

"They tied my wrists and elbows to the hitching post, so my ass was sticking out. That's when they started fucking me, one after another. I couldn't look back; I had no idea whose dick was in me, I just felt the constant pounding. But I liked it, a lot. I kept climaxing; couldn't help myself. Like he told Mr. Elson, I was 'howling like a coyote.' I didn't want it to stop."

Ma paused, and looked at Elizabeth. "When they were through fucking me, they'd come around front and have me lick them clean, their cum and mine. I sucked on 'em like a new born calf. The pounding in my cunt made me look for cocks to suck."

"If Sanchez and his men had just taken me when the boys were in town and not watching, I probably would still be wearing clothes. But the boys had already seen me naked from every angle. Pa and the boys where there, naked too, watching the men pumping me and sticking their peckers in my mouth. When Sanchez had them start doing things to me, too, I guess that's when I realized it didn't matter anymore."

Ma said, "I didn't care who saw me naked, and I didn't really care who was fucking me anymore. Sanchez was right about another thing. The boys had never seen a naked woman before; they grew up out here so there wasn't anyone else to show them. They didn't know anything about sex. At least I had Miss Mary Jane. Joseph and I discussed it and decided since the boys had already been forced to fuck me and watch me get fucked by all those men, and they'd sucked on my pussy and my ass, there was no reason they shouldn't keep doing it."

Elizabeth reached out and placed her hand on top of Ma's leg to show she was beginning to understand. Ma looked back at her, touching her hand, too. "So, the boys are learning how to please a woman, getting used to seeing a naked body, and I'm getting fucked several times a day. It's actually a very good arrangement. Joseph and I enjoy sex together more than ever. I'm usually sloppy and wet by the time he gets his turn, and he's hornier than a rooster most of the day just thinking about it."

"When those men were here, Joseph discovered he really liked seeing me getting fucked. And when I was lying on my back, with men on top, I looked up at the rest of them standing around watching me. Letting them see me cum over and over, and being loud and not holding anything back, that was the most incredible part of the whole thing. I found out I love to be watched when I'm fucking and cumming. I wanted them to watch me spread my legs, I wanted to pull my cheeks open wide so they could see my asshole. But most of all, I loved looking at their faces while they were watching me get fucked. It was like I was in control."

"I'm sure that's sounds strange to you. None of this would have happened if we were still in Baltimore. But we raised the boys out here where there really aren't any rules, just survival. Since we never know when life will end, there's no reason to worry about society's rules."

"Sanchez could have done what he done and killed us all anyway. I guess we're just lucky they seemed to have a good time. I have no doubt those men will be back some day; at least those that don't get themselves killed somewhere along the way. And I know there will be others that hear about what happened and come out here for the same reasons. But if I'm already naked and willing, they aren't as likely to feel like they have to force me and hurt my family." Ma smiled over at Elizabeth. "Besides, I want it anyway, so why not give it away with no fussing or struggling?" They got up, hugged each other, and went about their chores.

After that, Ma decided it would be alright to go ahead and keep fucking out in the open like we had been. At first, we'd occasionally see Elizabeth glancing out the window to watch us. Soon after, she would just stand in the open doorway of the cabin, and not try to hide the fact she was looking while we did it.

Two days after that, she told us at dinner that there would be no need to close the door when we went on the porch. The next night at dinner, Elizabeth brought up the subject at dinner table. "Uncle Joseph, I talked the other day with Aunt Sara. I think I understand why she decided to be, uh, nude. Perhaps she's right; maybe there is nothing wrong with that, especially out here. She also said no one should be ashamed for liking, or loving... sex, and letting that show. I've only had one experience with a man who was courting me back home. That one time didn't last very long."

She looked around the table at each of us, then down at her plate, and spoke softly: "I guess there's no harm in all of you knowing I am not a virgin. We were at a party at a friend's house. We went off by ourselves into the garden. He played with my breasts a little, and then I let him lift my dress, pull down my bloomers, and just, well... just stick it in. We were both standing up, it took only a minute or two, and he made a mess on me and left. I was embarrassed and scared he would talk about it. But he quit courting me, and never said a word about it."

Elizabeth was waiting until we were all looking back at her. "I know how Aunt Sara feels. But I'm interested to think what each of you think about this... arrangement. Do you feel strange or sorry all that happened to your Ma? Would you rather it went back to the way it was before she was... taken by all those men? How did it make you feel when she stood there naked in front of me and the man who drove me out here? Evidently he'd heard the story in town. But no one said anything to me, so I was very shocked when I saw this woman standing in the yard, bare-ass naked, with really large breasts, just talking to us like it was a church social! I'm not saying it was wrong, or right; I just wasn't prepared for it, that's all."

Richard glanced at Pa, and then responded to Elizabeth. "I think all of us like things the way they are, even Pa. Before those men came and... did Ma like they did, we'd never seen a woman without her clothes on. We never had sex before, and didn't really have any idea what it was like or how everything worked, at least on the woman anyway. Now we get to watch her every day, walking around with nothing on, and letting us do her pretty much anytime we feel like it. Ma's told us she really likes sex. She seems to enjoy doing it a lot, especially when people are watching her... get fucked."

"What about you, Harold?" Elizabeth asked. Harold told her, "I guess I like being able to just walk up and play with her titties or her... pussy whenever I want. Then she'll bend over or get on her back and let me do her right there. I don't have anything else to judge by. But I think Ma's right; there's nothing wrong with liking to fuck. It may not be ladylike, but Ma doesn't hold back when we're doing her. She moans and squeals and yells, and she humps her pussy or ass right back on us hard. You probably heard her when she's out on the porch with us at night."

Elizabeth nodded, and looked at me. I took a quick glance at Pa, then turned to Ma, talking directly to her in answer to Elizabeth's question. "Ma, I agree with the other boys. I like our lives this way. But since the first day I saw you naked, when Sanchez came, what I like best, other than... doing you, is watching your titties. I watch them jiggle when you walk or do chores. I can't help staring at them when somebody is doing you. When you're on your back with your legs spread, your titties roll around on your chest."

I made sure Elizabeth wasn't going to say I was being disrespectful, and continued. "When they do you from behind is best; I like to look at you from the side. Your titties hang down almost to your knees when you're bent over, and almost touch the ground when you're on your knees. Sometimes they swing back and forth like a bell. Sometimes they swirl around and around, and it looks like when you're mixing batter in a bowl. And sometimes, the tops where they connect to your chest go one way, and the nipples go the other way. They're so big; they pull down like a huge rock at the bottom of a sock, with the tops a little thinner than the bottoms, and the nipples bulging out and pointed."

"Thank you, boys. I think Elizabeth has a better insight to our lives from your points of view. Would you agree, Elizabeth?" Ma asked.

She blushed and smiled back at all of us. "Yes, thank you for being so frank with me. I'm still not ready to be naked or do the other things your Ma does. But I would like to sit on the other side of the porch after dinner tonight, and watch, if nobody minds."

Ma looked around the table, and saw nobody had any disagreements about that. "Certainly. Tommy, take another chair out on the porch while the other boys clean up. Set it on the other side, not too close to be uncomfortable, but close enough Elizabeth can see what she wants to."

Pa went out first, then Ma and me with the chair. I set it down across from where Ma was starting to lay down on her back. By the time Elizabeth sat down, Ma already had her knees apart, pointing straight at Elizabeth. She didn't say anything; just let Elizabeth stare at her floating tits and waiting cunt.

Ma motioned for Pa to put his face down and start licking her to get her ready. I was standing not far from Elizabeth, and we watched as Pa's head went up and down, and Ma's hips started going up and down, too. In a few minutes, she groaned and pulled her knees up higher so Pa could get in a little deeper.

When Pa was done, Ma was sloppy as usual. She waved me over. I didn't think about it much that Elizabeth was right there watching. I just pulled my britches down to my knees and crawled up between Ma's legs. She reached up and guided me in, with a soft moan I don't know whether Elizabeth heard or not. I started pumping away while I squeezed her tits below me. Since we'd been fucking on a regular basis for a couple of months, I learned how to hold out quite awhile. It seemed like Ma had two, maybe three, orgasms before I was finished.

By that time, Richard was ready to take my place. Then Harold, then Pa. After he pulled out, Ma lay there letting Elizabeth watch the ooze coming out of her crotch. Ma slowly rolled over, and pulled her butt cheeks apart. Elizabeth gasped a little, probably not expecting to see that yet.

Ma turned her head to the side, and said, "I want to have my ass fucked tonight, too. Might as well let Elizabeth see you do that to me before she changes her mind about being out here." Richard reached between her legs and scooped a load of cum up and worked it around and into her asshole. Ma just moaned like she was getting a massage or something. I guess in a way she was. Richard put his pecker at the hole, and slowly pushed until the head popped through. He and Ma moaned at the same time, and then he began pumping her ass.

Elizabeth had not said anything since coming out on the porch. When I glanced over at her, she saw me looking but did not take her hands away from her breasts or her crotch. She was massaging herself, I guess you could say.

The four of us finished filling Ma's ass. Harold volunteered to get down and clean her up, back and front. Before he started, he spread Ma's ass cheeks one more time so Elizabeth got a good look at the white goo coming out of her back hole. Ma moved her ass in a small circle; Harold's cue to get started. She had one more orgasm left in her.

Ma rolled back over so Harold could clean her front. When he was all through, she looked up between her spread legs and asked, "Are you alright, Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth gave a shy smile, and said "Yes. Thank you for letting me watch. I learned some things, and I need time to think about it all. Thank you." She got up and went back inside.

Ma lay her head back down, then looked over at me and laughed. "I told her I like being watched, didn't I?" We laughed together.

Elizabeth sat out on the porch again the next night. She fondled herself again, was breathing kind of hard, but I don't think she had an orgasm.

The next morning Pa said he was going into town for supplies, and taking Richard and Harold to help load the wagon. He invited Elizabeth to join them.

"Go ahead. It might do you some good to get a change of scenery for a few hours," Ma told her. "But I doubt there's any naked people there," giving us all a good laugh.

She climbed up in the front seat next to Pa; Richard and Harold jumped in and sat in the back seat. Ma and I waved as they left the yard, and went about our chores.


I was over by the corral mending tack, when I was grabbed from behind. I was able to yell for Ma before a hand covered my mouth and the other held a knife to my throat. I couldn't see who was behind, holding me. But I did see the rest of the Apaches circling the yard. I was sure Ma and I were as good as dead.

Ma ran to the door of the cabin, and stepped carefully off the porch. She stood there for a moment, then waved her hands in the air and said, "No. Please wait. Please, just wait." I didn't think they understood English, so I was hoping they were getting her hand signals!

She reached down and lifted a tit in each hand, moving them up and down like she was weighing them or something. Then she held them out to the Apaches, just like if she were offering them a pan of cornbread or biscuits.

"These," she said. "Do you like these? You can touch them if you want, play with them, suck on them, whatever you want. Just don't hurt us."

Then she carefully lifted her hands in the air, turned about a quarter of the way around and eased down on her knees. Ma leaned forward while at the same time reaching back to pull her ass cheeks apart. It occurred to me that might be taken as an insult to the Indians. But then she went down on hands and knees, and beckoned them forward with one hand while displaying the underside of her pussy with the other. "Come," she said. "Please, you can fuck me or anything you want. Just don't hurt us. Let him go and I will fuck you as much as you want. Please, just let him go."

By now I realized they did not speak English, but her gestures were clear in any language. The one holding me pushed me to one side, and said something to the one who grabbed me. I was taken to the fence post, had my pants yanked down to my ankles, and had rope wrapped tightly around me with my hands at my sides. My pecker was pushed up against the wood. I knew as soon as I watched them start on Ma, I was going to get splinters. I'm sure that's what they had in mind.

Ma continued to urge the one who released me to come forward, to see and feel her pussy. She smiled nodded her head. "Yes, come on. It's alright. Yes, keep coming. Please."

He got on his knees behind her, reached his hand up onto her pussy and squeezed. I could see clearly from where I was tied. Ma gasped and clenched her teeth, but managed to push her ass back on him and encourage him to do more. He slapped her pussy hard. She gasped again, but this time put her hands between her legs and spread her cunt lips and wiggled her ass a little. Just put it in, I thought.

The Apache pulled his pecker out of his loincloth, and shoved it in, thinking it would hurt her because she would be dry. But three of us had already fucked her before Pa and the others left, so she was wet and ready. Ma began pumping back and forth on his dick for all she was worth. At the same time, she was looking up at the others gathering around and smiling. Ma started moaning and breathing hard, which made the Apaches point at her and start talking.

She squealed and shook as she came, which made the guy inside her cum at the same time. He pulled out and put his pecker away. Ma was already inviting the next one to take his place.

I was getting splinters watching all seven of them do her. What especially did me in was watching those tits wildly flopping around. Ma wanted to give them a good show as well as a good fuck. Our lives depended on it.

After the last one pulled out and packed it away, Ma went down to her elbows and knees. Her tits were on the ground, rolling a little in the dirt as she was trying to catch her breath and waiting for whatever they wanted to fuck next.

One of them ran up and pointed to dust on the horizon; someone was coming, but it would probably be an hour or more before they got here. Whoever it was didn't realize what was going on or that we were in danger, so they wouldn't be in a hurry to get to us.

Apparently Ma had just fucked a scouting party. They didn't want to stick around to battle; they preferred to wait until they had the advantage.

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