tagIncest/TabooNaked Sara's Ch. 05: Social Calls

Naked Sara's Ch. 05: Social Calls


Richard and I hitched the horses to the wagon while Ma fixed a gift basket to take to Mrs. Hester. She was very excited; it had been quite awhile since she had the opportunity to make a social call. I could tell Ma was also very nervous, not sure how they would be received, naked, by the widow Hester. It had also been a long time since she'd been in "civilized society," but she remembered well how people tended to be judgmental, especially the women.

It was a little after eight in the morning when they left, planning to arrive at Mrs. Hester's between 9:30 and 10:00. They weren't in any hurry, and as always, the sun was shining in the desert.

The next time we saw them, we were tending to their injuries. This is how Ma told the story:


"Elizabeth and I had a nice talk on the way to Mrs. Hester's. We stopped when we got to the edge of her yard, still not sure how she would react to two naked women in a wagon. No one else was around; all the 'hands were out working," I explained.

"We pulled the wagon up in front of the big house, and an elegant lady came out on the porch, and said, 'Good morning, ladies, and welcome to my ranch.' We felt relieved right away. She called us ladies, even though we sat right there in front of her, bare-ass naked."

"We got down, and Elizabeth tied the horses to the post. We introduced ourselves, and Mrs. Hester invited us to sit in the shade with her on the large veranda. A black servant in a suit and white gloves brought coffee out and set it down between us. It was obvious he wasn't sure how to act around us; he kept his eyes down as he moved about the porch. Mrs. Hester noticed, too, and smiled at us as he hurried back in the house."

"My cowhands told me they'd never seen totally naked women until they went to your place. I'm pretty sure Chester hasn't either. The fact is, I can't recall ever seeing full-on naked ladies before, either. I was an only child, raised on a ranch. Then when I married Mr. Hester, we built this ranch together, and I haven't spent much time away from it for the past 36 years. We were never blessed with children. So I haven't seen much of anybody, except cowhands, and they don't run around naked. This is all new to me, too. I hope you'll excuse my curiosity, but there's so much I want to ask you both," Mrs. Hester put it in plain words right from the beginning. "Please, enjoy your coffee while we talk. You'll be able to stay for lunch, won't you? Chester's prepared roast chicken with potatoes and carrots."

"That sounds very nice, Mrs. Hester. We're in no hurry and glad you invited us for a visit. We don't get out much, either," I told her. "This is the first time Elizabeth and I have been off the ranch since, well, since the whole naked thing began. I wasn't sure how we'd be received, especially by another woman. It always seemed like they were more disapproving of such things than men."

"It seems silly to continue being formal under the circumstances. Please call me Evelyn. And help me get out of this confounded dress!" she ordered.

Elizabeth and I were stunned. We'd only been there a few minutes, and Mrs. Hester, Evelyn, wanted to sit there undressed, too! She saw the looks on our faces, and laughed politely. "It's quite alright, ladies. I've had plenty of time to think about this since I first heard Luther and Luke talking in the shed. I'm 54 years old and I've survived all this time in this god forsaken desert, with snakes and scorpions and Indians and Mexicans and outlaws. Somehow I managed not to get raped thus far. But you know as well as I that if they were going to rape me, I'd end up naked anyway. At my age, I reasoned that I have nothing left to be afraid of. I might as well be naked, too, and save them the effort of ruining a perfectly good dress."

She stood, turned around and lifted her hair above the clasp on her dress. "You might want to be quick about it," Evelyn chuckled. "I could still lose my nerve. I've certainly never done anything like this before. Although Mr. Hester and I were... what you would call 'active' he rarely saw me completely naked. At least, not in the daylight."

I reached up and undid the clasp and buttons down the back of her dress. Elizabeth stood in front and helped her remove her shoes and stockings. When the dress cleared the bustle, she stepped out of it and helped us remove the bustle. "I think I can take it from here," she offered.

Elizabeth and I sat back in our chairs while Evelyn turned back to face us. She hesitated, took a deep breath and lifted her chemise over her head. Evelyn had large but rather thick breasts. She stuck her thumbs in the sides of her pantaloons and yanked them to her feet. She smiled at us and said, "Now, we're on equal terms."

We all laughed at that; Evelyn took very little time to make us feel comfortable and welcome at her place. She stood in front of her chair so we could look at her body. Her tits sagged almost to her belly button, with large, very dark areoles and big nipples sticking straight out, easily thicker than the tip of my thumb.

She was a tall but thin woman. Her belly had a very slight pooch to it; her hips and thighs were slender and tight. It was obvious she'd led an active life; there was no flab on this woman at all. Her pubic hair was brown and kind of wispy; not very thick. Evelyn saw us staring and lifted her tits then fluffed her pubic hair. "I was starting to sweat in that dress and it's not even noon yet. I never gave it any thought before, but it is much cooler with nothing on, isn't it?"

I agreed that was one of the advantages. "How do you think Chester and your hands are going to take to seeing you naked, Evelyn?" I asked her.

"Well, I suppose it's something they'll have to get used to. They've already seen both of you naked, and from what they've told me, very close views. Is it a fact they all... did each of you?" she asked.

I looked at Elizabeth before answering Evelyn. Being naked was one thing; inviting a bunch of cowhands to fuck us was something quite different. Before we came over, Luther and Luke encouraged us to be honest with their boss lady. The time had come to be candid about everything.

"Yes, Evelyn, what they told you is true. Elizabeth and I encouraged your boys to come back for a picnic and fuck us." I figured there would be no additional harm to using that term. I was pretty sure she must have overheard her hands say it more than once.

"I could tell when they got back something happened. They were all giddy as hell, and in great moods since. Luther's always been one of my favorites; loyal and honest as they come, so I had no reason to doubt his story. I just wanted to hear you say it, too, so I knew you would be honest with me as well."

"They did each of us, a couple of times." She wanted the truth, so I obliged.

"Luther and I had a long talk out here on the porch after they returned. I trust him without question. He told me you were both kind, fine ladies. Luther also said you took the time to teach them about a woman's body, all the parts, what felt good and so on. Before you, uh... fucked them, I understand you let them inspect and touch you... all over." Evelyn was indeed curious, but I saw no reason not to be completely blunt.

"We invited them to hold our tits, feel our asses and pussies, that's correct. We told them to squeeze our tits and nipples, and put fingers up inside of us to get us wet before they fucked us."

"I gathered from what Luther said they enjoyed that part almost as much as doing you. He said their peckers stayed hard most of the day. I've never had the opportunity to examine a woman's body. Would either of you object to me feeling your bodies, or, well... at least getting a really close look at... everything. I've always wondered what other women looked like, how different they might be from me."

I looked at Elizabeth; she nodded and smiled. "I don't see how that could be a problem. I've had dozens of men in and out of there, whether I wanted it or not," I said. We stood in front of our chairs and spread our legs a little as Evelyn walked in front of me. She looked in my eyes, to get a better sense of character I suppose, then down at my breasts.

"I'm sorry for staring, Sara. I never imagined a woman's breasts could get to be this size. Pardon me for saying so, but these are magnificent. Mine used to be a little fuller, rounder, but as you can see they've flattened with age." Evelyn put both hands around my left breast first, lifting and bouncing it while she giggled.

She switched to the right tit for a minute, then touched both nipples and watched them grow with the attention. Evelyn looked down at my crotch and back up to my face. I nodded, "Go ahead, it's fine."

Evelyn started by fondling my hair, then reaching between my legs, she rubbed her hand up and down my pussy. It felt really nice, so I squatted down a little and pulled my lips apart so she could get inside easier. Evelyn got on her knees and took time to touch my outer lips, then the inner ones before sticking a finger in. She felt the wetness on her finger increase before she stood up with a big grin. "That was fun. Thank you, Sara."

She did the same with Elizabeth, but left her finger inside a little longer because Elizabeth responded by moving her pelvis up and down on the finger. She didn't cum, but was really wet by the time Evelyn stood up. She asked Elizabeth, "What about the other side? I've never seen that, either."

We turned around and bent over, hands on knees. Evelyn came back to me, gently stroking both sides of my ass. She lightly placed a finger on my asshole, and circled around twice before moving down to the bottom side of my cunt. She pulled the lips apart and touched the hole where the pee comes out, which made me flinch.

Evelyn pulled back quickly and apologized. I told her it was fine, I just wasn't expecting it. "Go ahead and look again; I really don't mind, Evelyn." She finished studying my pussy before moving back to Elizabeth. We looked at each other and smiled while Evelyn was behind her. This was kind of new for us, too.

Evelyn finished and invited us to sit back down. "That was something. At least I'm not curious about that anymore. But I still have much more to learn, I'm sure."

Just then, Chester appeared to clear the coffee service. He stopped in the doorway, not sure what to do or where to look. Evelyn caught his dazed look and chuckled. "It's quite alright, Chester. How did you explain it to my cowhands, Sara?"

I looked at Chester and said, "If I was worried about you looking at my body, I'd have clothes on. It seems that Mrs. Hester is of the same mind now as well." I stood up to give him a full view; Elizabeth and Evelyn followed suit.

"Go ahead and look, Chester. In fact, I don't believe the ladies would object if you wanted to touch them. You're welcome to touch me, too, if you have an interest," Evelyn told him.

Chester stepped out on the veranda, still unsure about the whole situation. Serving coffee to two naked strangers was certainly out of the ordinary. Seeing his boss lady standing outside stark naked would be even more intimidating. He removed his gloves and stepped in front of Elizabeth, who was closest to the door.

He just stood there and stared at her body until Elizabeth lifted a tit in each hand and offered them to Chester. "Feel them if you like, Chester. You can even squeeze them or pull on the nipples. They're not that delicate, really."

Chester reached out and cupped the front of her tits, squeezing gently. He let go and stood there, not sure what to do next. Elizabeth took his hand and placed it on her pubic hair. His eyes were huge! She rubbed it up and down between her legs. When she let go of his hand, he kept feeling her for a couple of minutes. He smiled and said, "Thank you, Miss," before stepping in front of me.

"Ma'am, I ain't seen anything like these before, least ways, not on a white woman. There was a couple of girls back home who had big titties, but I don't believe they was quite like this," he said.

I took his hands and placed them under my breasts, encouraging him to lift them and bounce them. Men seemed to have fun doing that. He'd lost some of his shyness by then. After juggling my tits for a minute or so, he took it upon himself to fondle my pussy without further encouragement. I spread my lips to give him better access. He took his time; one hand in my crotch with the other returning to squeeze my right tit. Evelyn's inspection left me quite wet, which Chester appeared to really appreciate.

When he stood and turned toward Evelyn, she was already bent over with her legs and cheeks spread wide for his convenience. He walked slowly over and put both hands on her cheeks, rubbing circles around them.

"Go ahead and touch my pussy, Chester. Please, I would like you to do that for me," Evelyn suggested as she wiggled her ass slightly. He quickly obliged, which brought a quick breath and a quiet moan from her. Chester continued stroking until she was very wet, and stood back so she could rise up and turn around. She put his hands on her tits, which he began squeezing like he'd done with us.

Elizabeth surprised all of us when she spoke up, "Chester, I know how this can affect a man. You're welcome to do me. I would enjoy that very much."

He looked back at Evelyn, who nodded her approval. "Right now, right out here, Miss? I mean in front of your aunt and Mrs. Hester?"

"Sure. Why not?" she said as she got on her knees and undid his pants. He had little time to respond before she had his semi-hard penis in her hand. "Very nice, Chester. Go ahead and put it inside me, please. I'll help guide you in."

Elizabeth turned around, and on her hands and knees, wriggled ass in invitation. He got on his knees behind her. She reached back between her legs, grasped his dick and slid it in her hole. It went all the way in the first try because she was wet already. Evelyn and I sat back down to observe the activity.

It must have been quite awhile since Chester had been with a woman. It took less than 10 pumps before he grunted and squeezed Elizabeth's ass. He plopped out and looked at us sheepishly, then down at Elizabeth. "That was mighty nice, Miss. I don't know quite what else to say," he mumbled.

"You don't need to say anything, Chester. And please just call me Elizabeth. I don't hold with formalities for the gentlemen who fuck me," she giggled.

"Yes, Miss... Elizabeth. Thank you." He pulled up his pants before removing the coffee service and going inside.

Evelyn turned to Elizabeth. "That was very considerate of you, Elizabeth. I wasn't sure how to deal with that situation. I guess I hadn't thought things through that far. I was focused on just getting comfortable running around naked."

That prompted me to ask, "What are you going to do about your cowhands, Evelyn? Seeing you naked will certainly have an effect on them as well, don't you think?"

"Yes, I'm sure it will. Perhaps being naked here alone with all these boys isn't such a good idea, huh? I should probably put my dress back on." Evelyn was puzzled now. We chatted for awhile, until we came up with a plan. When the cowhands returned to the ranch house that evening, Chester would gather them in front of the house without explaining why. Once everyone was there, Evelyn would walk out of the house, naked as she was now. She would give the reasons for her decision to remain undressed. She also informed them that the coming Saturday would be an unexpected day off for the whole ranch. Evelyn would accompany them to our ranch for a picnic and the other activities they enjoyed on their last visit. She told us she would not give specifics, but that she would let them know she would actively participate in what she termed the carousing.

By that time Chester brought lunch out on the veranda. The subject changed to life in Cochise County, the pleasures and hardships of living in the desert. This provoked the question I was sure Evelyn had held back thus far, not sure how to bring it up.

"Sara, do you mind talking about the times with the outlaws and the Apaches? Luke and Luther talked about it a little, but didn't offer any details. They were embarrassed to be very candid, I'm sure."

"Not at all, Evelyn. I don't mind talking about it. Those experiences changed my life in many ways, more than just being naked or fucking every day," I assured her.

We spent most of the next hour talking about the outlaws and being compelled to fuck in front of my family and having them forced to participate. "To be honest though, Evelyn, most of the time I did want it! I discovered I really like getting fucked, even when it's forced on me. I also loved being watched while they were doing me; I looked around at all of them when I was getting fucked and got even more excited."

I told her why I had no issues allowing my boys to fuck me now. I gave her a very detailed description of my encounter with the Apaches, how I turned their attention away from Tommy by enticing them with my tits and by wiggling my cunt at them. I also told her about being hung by my tits and whipped, and how, as odd as it may sound, I actually liked having my tits and cunt lashed harshly. Even then, Evelyn was curious but not judgmental. Elizabeth told her about tending to my injuries, mostly welts and bruises and a little bleeding from the tits. She giggled when she talked about touching a man's penis for the first time when she offered to remove splinters from Tommy.

We finished lunch and prepared to leave. Evelyn gave each of us a big hug, and took time to fondle us one more time. We climbed up into the wagon, and waved goodbye. "I'll see you on Saturday," she said as we drove away.

Ma paused in the middle of her story. She looked over at Elizabeth, both of them still too sore to move around much, before continuing with her tale of punishment at the hands of Mexican thugs heading north to rob banks.


We were driving back slowly, talking about the new experience and how surprised we were that Mrs. Hester not only accepted us but eagerly joined our choice to remain nude. Elizabeth and I were questioning how well Evelyn would be able to explain this radical change to her cowboys, and whether she could keep them distracted enough to wait for sex until they joined us for the picnic next Saturday. We wondered how "actively" involved she planned to be with the cowhands and the men in our family when they visited.

We were chatting and not paying much attention to the trail. A dark man jumped from the bushes and grabbed the harness of one of the horses, pulling us to a stop. We were immediately surrounded by others holding pistols. They were Mexicans; only one of them was able to speak some English.

"You Sara?" he asked me.

"Yes." I couldn't believe this man knew my name; I'd never set eyes on any of them before.

"Big titties. I hear about 'em. Very big, very big!" He said something in Spanish which made the others around us laugh and cheer. The leader apparently told the man holding our horses to take us off the trail; two other men used mesquite branches to wipe the trail clean behind us. It would be hard to find us.

They led us all the way across the desert down to the ravine next to the creek where you found us. On the way I whispered to Elizabeth, "Put your hands in your lap. Use one of your hands to get yourself wet. You know what's going to happen. Do not fight them, do not resist, just do what they want. It's our only chance to stay alive. Understand?"

She murmured something I couldn't quite hear at the time, but followed my instructions and began playing with her pussy. I did the same, trying to make sure none of the Mexicans noticed.

They had us jump down from the wagon once we were next to the creek. Right away they began grabbing and pinching us, pulling hard on our tits and squeezing our cunts. I heard Elizabeth cry out on the other side of the wagon, but she didn't try to stop them; neither did I. We knew they were going to rape us, and from the beginning, we knew it was going to be rough. Even though I survived the outlaws and the Apaches, I wasn't sure we would be able to make it through this. They were instantly cruel and seemed just as interested in hurting us as they were in fucking us. I wasn't sure Elizabeth would be able to handle it, either.

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