tagIncest/TabooNaked Sara's Ch. 02: The Family

Naked Sara's Ch. 02: The Family


Sanchez and most of his men each took one more turn with Ma the morning they left. She slept the rest of the day. A couple of hours before dusk, she woke up naked on her back on the front porch. Her legs were still spread wide, knees slightly raised. Ma rolled over, facing the yard, then up on her bottom elbow. Huge tits slid toward the ground; her top leg was up, calf perpendicular to the ground, with her lower leg lying flat, opening her crotch wide and clearly visible.

There were dried streaks of cum in patches all over her body; her blonde pubic hair was matted. She saw us staring, but did not move or try to hide anything. By that time, Pa and us boys all had our britches on; no shirts and barefoot.

"Water" was all she said at first. Dad brought her a full bucket. She took a long drink, then poured some over her head and spread the rest on her tits and crotch. Ma lay back down for a few minutes, then rolled over on her hands and knees and slowly stood up. It took a moment for her to walk to the edge of the porch and step off.

She stumbled down to the pond, waded in and sat down. Ma faced away from the cabin; the water was up to her shoulder blades. We watched to make sure she was alright. She dunked her head, then sat back up and remained in the same position for almost an hour.

It was still light out when she stood and stumbled back up to the front porch. Ma crumbled to the floor, and leaned with her back against the cabin wall by the front door. We watched as she massaged her tits, stretching them gently and pulling the nipples straight out. She slowly twirled them between her fingers, watching us staring at her the whole time. Then she reached down and began rubbing the inside of her thighs, then her pussy lips. Finally, she just leaned back with her head against the wall.

"I'm really, really sore. But we're all alive. I'm glad nobody did anything to provoke them; Sanchez was just waiting for an excuse to kill us," she said.

"I've been sitting in the water, thinking about everything that's happened, how our lives have all changed. Some things just don't seem as important as they were before." She looked at each of us, then at Pa. "It won't take more than a couple of weeks before everyone in Cochise County knows what those men did. I don't see why we need to be embarrassed or ashamed; we had no choice but to do what we were told or die."

"There's no reason for modesty anymore, either. You boys have seen everything, and... even tasted... my most private areas. So I've decided there's no sense in me bothering to getting dressed again. The few times it gets cold around here I'll just throw a shawl over my shoulders. The only other things I really need will be sandals and a hat when I'm outside for very long." Ma paused to look at the ground at her feet, and then back at us. She was looking straight at Pa, and her voice trembled as she spoke. Then we all followed her back into the cabin.

For the next three days Ma kind of just went through the motions of living. There was no emotion in her voice the few times she said anything. It was simply, "Get washed up to eat," or "Where did you leave the broom?" She went about her business as usual, except for being naked.

My brothers and I tried not to be rude by staring, but seeing her that way every day was not easy getting used to. I saw them do the same as me; watching Ma when she wasn't looking at us. When she was walking away from us, her large hips and ass swayed as she moved; the creases at the top of her thighs made an awkward smile. If she was coming in our direction, her huge tits would jiggle with each step, and we could see her pussy moving back and forth below her small gut roll.

She was usually looking at the ground when she was walking around, not really absorbing the world around her. But she'd occasionally glance at us and see us staring at her body. We would try to look busy with the shovel or the bridle or whatever we were working on at the time. Ma never said anything or acted upset or surprised.

Meals were unusually quiet since the men left. We tried to be discrete, but took opportunities to glance at her chest when we were around the table. The fourth night, she finished eating and slowly slid her plate toward the middle of the table. No one said anything, but tried to focus on our dinner.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ma put her hands underneath each tit, lean forward and dropped them right on the table! Now, we could not help but look.

"Can you see 'em a little better now?" she asked. "It's fine to look at them, you know. I've been walking around here with no clothes on for three days, so it's not like you haven't seen them. All of you saw them up close when those men were here. You even licked and sucked on them, remember? So it doesn't hurt anything for you to stare at them if you want. If I was worried about it, I'd cover 'em up, wouldn't I?"

We just nodded at her, then looked around the table at each other. Ma wasn't angry or upset; just being factual, I guess. We did as she suggested; stared at her big tits sitting right there on the dinner table as they rolled slightly with every breath.

"I've decided that man, Sanchez, was right about a couple of things. They did make me 'howl like a coyote,' as he put it. It was just a normal response after all that was happening. It wouldn't have made any difference if I just lay there quietly while they took turns fucking me. They were still going to do me, no matter what. But if I didn't do anything but lay there with my legs spread, it might have caused them to get frustrated enough to hurt one of us. So I just let go; let things happen without trying to control the situation or my body, I guess." We still weren't used to Ma saying those kinds of words. I'm sure she noticed the expressions on our faces as she continued to talk.

"There's something else he was right about. It seems like you boys have been hiding squirrels in your britches ever since they left!" We looked at each other, then at her, not knowing what she was talking about. "Every time I walk across the yard or bend over or reach for anything, there's something in your front pockets that's wriggling to get out. I really don't think you have squirrels in there, do you? Sanchez said I've been neglecting your education about women and sex and such. So, we're going to get started tonight after you boys clean up after dinner. Pa, please bring a chair and follow me to the porch. We need to talk before the boys join us."

Pa picked up his chair and carried it out front. Ma stood and moved toward the door, then turned back to us. "You might as well look all you want; it doesn't bother me one way or the other."

My brothers and I finished eating quickly, and began cleaning off the table. We talked quietly among ourselves, not sure what to say or what to expect. Was she going to talk to us about what the men did to her and what it all meant? What caused her to want to stay naked all the time?

Did she decide to start wearing clothes again and wanted to discuss it with Pa? Richard led the way out to the porch; Ma was sitting on the chair facing Pa who was standing a few feet away in the yard. She glanced over her shoulder at us, then pointed to a spot on the ground in front of her near Pa. We noticed she wasn't making any effort to keep her knees together as she used to do.

"Come over here and stand in front of me," then she took a long pause. "Pa and I talked about this, and we agreed on what to do. In a civilized society, a mother would not be naked in front of her sons. In a civilized society, a mother wouldn't use words like fuck, or cunt or asshole. She wouldn't pee in front of strangers, or take their dicks in her mouth, or swallow their cum, and still want more. In a civilized society, there wouldn't be outlaws running around raping women in front of their families. There wouldn't be Mexican bandits or Apache renegades or scorpions or rattlesnakes or most of the things we have here in Cochise County."

She took a deep breath, then continued. "When I was a girl in Baltimore, most things were very prim and proper. My mother and father had separate bedrooms my whole life. I'm pretty sure they had sex at least once, or none of us would be here now," she smiled to get us to relax a little.

"But the finishing school I attended had a young teacher who was, well, quite progressive for the times. She was very open, showed us things we never would have discovered otherwise; she answered every question we could think up. Miss Mary Jane Johnstone. She used to take our whole class out for picnics on Saturdays; it was an all girls' school, of course. There were nine of us then, in our final year. We were all about 18, I guess." Ma shifted in her chair, and leaned back to tell a story. Her tits rolled to the sides of her chest. Her legs were spread wide, so we just stared right between her legs. She said it didn't matter, right?

"Miss Mary Jane started by asking us questions the first Saturday. 'What was love? What made babies? What did we know about s-e-x?' It was all very exciting, and we were curious and confused. I felt certain... urges at times, and I'm sure the others did, too. Miss Mary Jane would tell us all we needed to know, and a lot more perhaps than we were supposed to know."

"We were out in the country, on the backside of a farm belonging to family friends of hers. After we finished our lunches, she rose and stood on the grass in the center of our group. She removed her jacket, then her blouse and undergarments. She was standing in front of us, nude above the waist, out in an open field! Miss Mary Jane began by asking questions: 'Do you know what the tips, the nipples, are for? What are these dark circles around the nipples called? How does it feel when you touch your breasts? Has a boy ever touched your breasts? Was it enjoyable?'"

Ma continued. "Over the course of probably a dozen Saturdays, we learned about many, many things. The second weekend, she got completely nude and encouraged the rest of us to go topless, with our breasts hanging loose and out in the open. She gathered us around in a small circle, then lay on her back and spread her knees really wide. She showed us the details of her vagina, explained what the various parts were for. Then she demonstrated masturbation, which brought her to a climax so loud it spooked the cows on the other side of the field. Miss Mary Jane let us all take a close look at her vagina so we could see how much wetter it was after her climax."

"The next weekend we were all completely nude, and unbelievably embarrassed, when Miss Mary Jane waved to one of the men from the farm, and beckoned him over to our group. We tried to cover ourselves, our breasts and vaginas, but Miss Mary Jane just laughed and told us to relax. She said we needed to become comfortable with our own bodies, and not troubled about showing it to men. We were told to put our hands to our sides and form a straight line. Then we watched as the farmer removed all his clothing."

Ma said, "We were speechless, but nonetheless very excited. I felt my own pussy getting wet down there without even being touched! Miss Mary Jane started at one end of the line, and introduced us to the naked farmer. He stood in front of each of us, one by one, and reached out to feel our tits, our nipples, then our inner thighs, to our vaginas and then inserted a finger in each of us! I'm pretty sure all of us flinched, but we remained in place."

Ma shifted in her chair, massaging her tits with her left hand while her right went to the slit between her legs. She chuckled, "I still get really wet just thinking about it. Miss Mary Jane lay on the ground and had us sit in a circle around her. She showed us everything; it took most of the afternoon. The farmer, I still don't know his name, licked her pussy until she climaxed several times; she was by no means shy about letting loose with her moans and screams! She was the one who taught me there's nothing wrong with a women who... well, 'howls like a coyote' during sex."

"The man got on his knees in front of her, and she reached out and guided his penis into her vagina, slowly so we could all observe. She lay there, in the middle of this field, with her feet spread wide and high in the air, letting this man fuck her in front of us."

"Before he was finished, he backed away while Miss Mary Jane rolled over on her stomach. We could not believe it when she reached back and spread her butt cheeks to show him, well, her asshole. And we all about fainted when he slowly slid it in and began fucking her there, too! She screamed and had another climax right before he did. As he stood up, thick white liquid dripped from his dick and out of her back hole. Miss Mary Jane rolled back over, up on her knees. She put his penis in her mouth and started sucking and licking on it, even after it had been in both of her other holes!"

Ma paused, then said "The rest of the Saturdays she showed us various positions and techniques to please ourselves as well as to please a man. We always watched while we were naked, but she never had us participate; most of us were still virgins at the time. The final Saturday, we left earlier, arriving a little after nine, I believe. We quickly stripped down; being naked was no longer a concern. In fact, we had come to enjoy the freedom of walking around outdoors with absolutely nothing on, chatting and giggling just as we did back in the classroom when we were fully dressed."

Ma laughed out loud. "But none of us were ready for what came next. That same farmer showed up with four of his friends. We watched as they stripped, not bothering to cover ourselves this time, and gathered in a circle around Miss Mary Jane. The rest of the day these men took turns fucking her in every which way, some of them a couple of times. While they waited their turn, the other men would talk casually with us. We'd been told that we could touch them anywhere, even their penises and testicles. The girls took the opportunity to study their private parts very closely; the penises were different shapes and lengths. But we were absolutely forbidden from kissing or licking them, and could not have sex under any circumstances. Since we were all together in the middle of this field, there was no way we could have gotten away with it even if we wanted to."

Ma looked around at the three of us. "Since you already saw what it's like to have a lot of men doing one woman, I won't bother with the details of her afternoon. But as a result of Miss Mary Jane's, uh, education, Pa and I have really enjoyed our times together. That's also the reason Pa isn't concerned about me teaching you three boys about sex. Sex is just sex; but it's your Pa I love, and that won't ever change. Besides, I had a very, very good teacher. So when the time comes for you to get married, you will know what you need to know to become fathers. But you'll also know how to please your wife, probably in ways that other men wouldn't know about. So, let's get started. Richard, you're the oldest, so come up here on the porch next to me."

My brother stumbled, but caught himself on Ma's outstretched nude leg. He stood quickly, pulled back his hands like he'd grabbed a hot pan, and it was still light enough outside to watch him blush!

Pa and Ma started laughing. The three of us boys had no idea what to expect, or how much she intended to show us. She began with Richard's lesson, and told Harold and me to pay attention because each of us would get a turn to do the same things to her.

Ma told Richard to hold the breast closest to him, then to start squeezing and playing with, bouncing it up and down like a small grain sack. Ma took one of his fingers, and showed him how to circle the dark part of her nipple, then roll and pinch the tip between his fingers.

"You boys need to know that these tits are much, much bigger than most women's. Just something I inherited from my mother's side of the family. But Pa's sure had a lot of fun with them over the years." I looked and Pa was smiling back at her. She had Richard go around to her other side, and repeat the process with the other tit. Then she moved his hand slowly down her stomach to the inside of her thighs. Ma moved his hand back and forth until he got the idea and started doing on his own. From where I was standing, it looked like he only grazed the outside of her pussy so far.

Ma got up and took Richard over to the blanket Pa brought out and spread on the porch. She lay on her back, feet wide and knees high. "Come on over boys so you can see what you're supposed to do when it's your turn." Harold and I sat on opposite sides next to Ma, close enough to study the details but not get in the way.

"Richard, reach down and start rubbing my pussy, slowly, in large circles." We watched Richard follow her directions. Next she wanted him to guide one finger up and down the slit in the middle, until he could feel wetness on his finger. Then she had him pull back and kneel in front of her. Ma reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips wide open. She showed us where the pee came out, where the clitoris was and what it did for her. We watched her display the inner and outer lips. And finally, she pulled her butt cheeks apart and used her fingers to show us where the sensitive spots were around her asshole.

"Now, Richard. I'm going to teach you how to lick a woman's pussy to make her climax without even sticking your dick into her. This works on most women, but not all. Some women don't want you down there because they think it's 'dirty' or 'shameful.' So you might have to take time to convince them otherwise. Richard, put your face down here between my legs and start licking, from the outside toward the inside, from the bottom up to the clitoris. Swirl your tongue around my clitoris in small circles. Then suck on it hard and nip on it very gently with your teeth. When I start to respond, and you'll know when that is, stick your tongue in as deep as it will go inside my vagina and push it in and out until I cum. Every woman is a little different in what she wants, but this is the way I like it. After I cum, it's going to be real sensitive, but keep licking gently until I tell you to stop. And you should know, it will be a lot wetter, and sloppier, than it is now."

Richard did as he was told. Soon, Ma's hips started to rise up and down off the porch, which made her tits wobble nicely on her chest. She also began moaning, louder and louder, looking back and forth from Harold to me to make sure we were learning what to do, and to watch how she responded.

She finally reached down and gently pushed Richard's face a little deeper into her crotch, while at the same time lifting her feet high and wide in the air. She moaned louder for a few seconds, and then started to squeal. Not a scary scream, just really loud. Her hips were bouncing up and down; her tits were swirling around on her chest. Ma got really stiff for a moment, then just went limp, apparently relaxed. She looked over at Pa: "What do you think?"

Pa smiled and replied, "Judging from the way you acted, I'd say the boy done just fine. Are you ready for Harold, or you want to wait awhile?" "No, we don't need to wait. Richard, change places with Harold. Harold, start rubbing my cunt in large circles, and do just like I showed Richard. He did a good job. Did you enjoy it, too, Richard?" He just showed a big grin and nodded his head.

Harold made her cum again, and then it was my turn. She was really wet and slippery by that time. But I spread her cum all around the pussy lips; it felt odd, but very nice, very soft. I was at the point where I was sucking on her clit, when Ma started really fucking my face. It was a wild ride, but well worth it. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go just before she exploded again, this time all over my face.

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