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Naked Souls


We died in 1980. Well, the most recent time, anyway. It was a house fire. Really terrible! Brrr! I shudder to even think about it. I can't even remember what number that was, though. You lose track over the centuries because it really doesn't matter when you're between lives.

In between, you're spirits—just naked souls awaiting your next suits of clothing, if you will, your next incarnations. Don't ask me to really explain the process. I don't have a clue. You're born and you spend your life either consciously or unconsciously searching for your soul-mate. If you find them at all, you're lucky, but whether you do or don't, you move on and the whole damn cycle starts over. What's the point? I don't know. Haven't found one yet. All I know is that I really, really want to get laid tonight...and I have a plan.

You see, I know who my soul-mate is: Esther, Amelia, Rene, Kimberly, Deanna, and a dozen other names that I am both blessed and cursed to still recall. We almost always find each other and recognize each other. Even now, between lives, we wait together to be reborn. For more than two decades of Earth time we've longed to touch each other in love but, as spirits, we cannot. Samhain, however, is the time of year when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and we spirits can influence the living...sometimes to the extreme. I've been patiently planning and practicing for ages. This year, I know my plan will work! Samhain. All Hallows Eve. Halloween. Tonight!

"Okay, so it's here," she said. "What makes you think this will work any better than your last twelve attempts?" We were working our way through the thick purple mists, heading toward the living world. It was like walking down a steep hill in fog so thick you really could cut it with a knife.

"Look, I know it works. Don't you remember all the stories they used to tell of ghosts possessing the living? There's too many. There just has to be some truth to them. We just never figured out how to do it before."

"Well, it HAS only been five centuries," she murmured cynically.

"Give or take. Now, listen. I honestly think the problem is that we've been trying to make the whole process too complicated. What we want to do is to just find a young couple in love, quickly insinuate ourselves into their lives and then WE share connubial bliss for at least one night while we wait to begin our chase again. We have a great time, they have a great time. Everybody wins."

"Sure, sure! You have a great time! You ever hear of foreplay?"

"Foreplay!? It's been two decades of their time since we've even been able to have sex! If it were even possible for me to have a hard-on, I would have one twenty four hours a day! And, I might add, the most raging case of blueballs in history! Foreplay! Geez! What kind of foreplay do you expect?"

"Awww, honey, women are different. You know. We need a little cuddling, a little stroking, a little..."

"Sweetheart, my fucking hand goes right through you," I said as I demonstrated by waving it wildly through what should have been her chest area. "Hell, technically I don't even have a fucking hand!"

"I know. I know. I guess we really shouldn't cling to the images we had in our last life but I didn't want to lose you again and I thought this would help."

"It does, baby. Oh, I'm sorry. We're just tense, that's all. But tonight, if you just stick with me, we will finally get to be together again!"


"What the hell is it with you and all of this negative talk? Not 'maybe', 'yes!'"

"Okay...yes,...maybe. Hey, look! Is that it? I think I see the real world! The mists are parting! Where are we? Oh my gosh, this is great!"

"Right on target, my love. A typical middle class American neighborhood filled with Halloween trick or treaters, partiers and, hopefully, young loving couples. It's the evening of Samhain, and the dead are about to meet the living!" We laughed as we kind of floated to the ground as if being dropped off by some great cosmic elevator.

We both stood there on the sidewalk, just taking it all in. There were big trees all up and down the street raining colorful leaves down onto the damp, cracked pavement. Even though we couldn't feel it, we could see the wind assaulting the colorfully clad revelers running up and down the street. I don't know how you can remember a smell, but I could almost smell the reality of Autumn and that smell was absolutely intoxicating! This was going to work!

"I can't believe it. Look!" she burst out, pointing at a young twenty-something couple on a porch across the street giving out candy. "They're perfect and they're right here! It's like we were drawn to them!" The man was blond with a close cut hairstyle. He wore glasses, was clean -shaven and reasonably well built. "See! He even looks like you...or rather like your current ghost."

"And she looks a lot like you once did!" I added excitedly. The young woman was also blonde, her hair long and full and blowing in the breeze. Her smile was aglow and her placid blue eyes clearly cloaked hidden passions. "This is meant to be!"

"Okay, Einstein, so what do we do now?"

"Well, I think...no, I know...we have to go up and touch them...or maybe step into them or something."

"Or something? Or WHAT smart guy?"

"Look, I have never done this before, sweetheart and they do not make an instruction book for it! Let's just try it, okay?"

"All right, all right. Will you listen to them? They even sound like us."

I heard the male bickering. "I told you we needed more candy to give out. This bag is nearly empty already and it's not even 7'o clock!"

"What do you mean, YOU told ME? Remember when we were at Wal-Mart and I said..."

"Wait a minute. 'Wal-Mart'? We didn't get these at Wal-Mart, we got them at..."

"Well, wherever! We didn't even get the kind I like at all."

"Not that there's any left which was my original point, dumbass!"

It was true. They did seem remarkably like us. This was right. It had to be. It was time. I walked up to him and stepped directly into his space. He shivered and I pulled him tightly around me like a sweater. In a matter of seconds, I felt solid again. The effect was disconcerting to say the least.

"What the hell is the matter with you?" said the female, grimacing from her porch chair at...well, me.

I waved my new arms in front of me, ran my new hands over my new face and grinned. "Do it! Honey, look! It worked! All this time it was so simple!"

"Do what? Have you gone..." Suddenly, the female stiffened up in mid-sentence as my love sat right down in the chair where she was sitting and wrapped herself snugly in the young lady's reality.

She smiled a most delighted smile at me. "It did work! I can't believe it! How long do we have?"

"My best guess would be until midnight. The worlds begin to move further apart again at the close of ..."

Suddenly, we were interrupted by a small child dressed as a ghost, white sheet and all. "Trickertreat!", he announced loudly. We both laughed and I tossed all of the remaining candy into his bag.

"Looks like a treat for all of us. Come on!" I said as the little beggar ran along to the next decorated house. We entered the home and turned off its porchlight to signal for others not to stop. It was a small house but nicely furnished, with a big stairwell off the living room. "Let's find the kitchen. One problem with being human again, even briefly, is that I'm suddenly starved!"

"Me, too. I'll cook you a meal like I used to in the old days."

My love prepared a sumptuous feast of condensed mushroom soup with oyster crackers and red wine. It may not sound like much but when you haven't eaten since the Carter Administration, it tasted great! Afterwards, we explored the house a bit until we came to the bathroom.

"Oh, a shower! A long, luxurious shower would be soooo great! With lots of oils and soaps and...Mmmmm. Yes!"

"Okay, but remember, honey," I whispered into her ear, "we're on a limited time budget here and I want to spend some time with you naked."

"Mmmm. So who did YOU think was gonna scrub my back?"

I held her close, my hands rubbing the sides of her cheeks. They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul and I just proved that because it was my love's familiar soul I saw within those deep pools. Slowly but intently, I leaned in toward her face and kissed her, my lips lingering on hers even as I pulled away.

"Undress me."

Doing as I was told, I reached out to unbutton the black sleeveless top she was wearing. Her eyes watched my fingers closely. She pulled it all the way off, leaving her body standing there in a purple bra and jeans. With one tug, the low-slung jeans were on the floor. She giggled almost with embarrassment as she stepped out of them. "Remember, I haven't seen this body before!"

"And you haven't seen this one either." It had had an erection almost since I touched it. As I unzipped the loose khaki pants it popped up handsomely.

"Oh, my! Is that big thing for me?" she asked with a playful laugh as she reached out to rub it softly. It wasn't really that big. I'd had bigger in my lifetimes. What is that old saying about beggars...?

Anyway, she was soon stroking it like a handjob queen and I could feel the long surpressed yearnings start to boil up inside me. "Oh, honey, you're too good at that! Not yet! Please! Slow down."

"I'm sorry, it just feels so...incredible to touch one of these again! I feel like I could just eat it up! In fact, I think I will!" Plopping to her knees, the skinny woman in the purple underwear took the cock into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it like she was bobbing for Halloween apples! Using her hand, she kept milking it with a wet, twisty motion as she licked and sucked on the head, occassionally bouncing it off the back wall of her throat.

"Ohhhhhhhh! I'm....I'm not gonna be able to keep from....Ungh! I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna....COME! Ohhhhhh! Baby! Oh, yes! Mmmmmm, sweetheart! Swallow it, baby! That's it! Ohhhh, MY! That is amazing to watch!"

She had taken it all, pumping it directly into her mouth with her hand and swallowing it down without incident. A certain look of pride was on her face as she rose from her knees, wiping her mouth just a bit. Giggling like a schoolgirl, she turned on the water in the shower and doffed her underwear. After admiring her temporary body in the mirror for just a second, she climbed on in and wiggled her finger to invite me.

The hot water did feel incredible as I climbed in. We rubbed and scrubbed each other's bodies for what seemed like hours, sandwiching a lot of wet kisses and sticky finger play in there, too. Afterward, we headed straight to the bedroom. I towelled off my love and myself and she turned back the bedclothes.

"I can't believe how good this feels," she stated as we both climbed under the covers.

" I know what you mean. Just the feeling of snuggling under the covers is great!" And it was, too but I wasn't about to settle for that. I pulled my body close to hers and held her tightly as I rubbed her back.

"Mmmmmmm. That feels fantastic, too!" she moaned.

"Hey, I may be out of practice but I was always good at backrubs." I used my balled up hands to run little circles around the pressure points in her back, working my way lower and lower until my hands were finally massaging the cheeks of her ass. I opened my hands up and squeezed. She reciprocated by shivering just a little. I raised my head over her neck and found her lips. I may never have kissed these lips before but the woman behind them kissed back with a kiss for the ages. She rolled around and grabbed my head, holding me to her face as her tongue forced its way into my mouth. All the while, she moaned in both excitement and anticipation. When she finally pulled away, my eyes locked on hers and saw a new lust with the deep love I expected to find there. "Whoa! What happened to foreplay?"

"Shut up and fuck me...please fuck me! It's been more than twenty years. I need to feel you inside me. Pleeaassee? Right now!" With that, she grabbed at my body's erection and aimed it squarely between her clean shaven legs. It was an unusual sight for me but tastes change. Since she had no hair down there, I could see her lips glistening in the dim light, waiting for my cock to enter, which it happily did.

For a moment, it all felt new again. The wetness, the squishiness, the smooth fit. The feeling that I couldn't possibly last long. My love began bucking her hips only as I just held myself inside her, afraid of ending it all too soon. I was kissing her gently all the while, balancing myself on my hands and just drinking in her eyes. "Sweetheart, don't do that...I'm too close. I...I...slow down, baby. I don't want to..."

"Yes! Ooooooohhh, yes you do!" She grinned a wicked looking grin and then bucked under me some more until I was teetering right on the edge. "Give me a present. It's been soooooo long! Let me have it right now, honey! Come for me!"

I didn't know why she was doing it this way but I did know she was in total control. She ground her hips just once more and thick, ropy bursts of semen shot up into the pussy she was using and fireworks seemed to go off inside my head. I grunted and groaned like a crazy man for a good few minutes, figuring that now that the edge was off, we could take our time and go slower.

Ah, but that was not the case. Suddenly, the glow left her eyes and I realized she was no longer there!

"What the fuck?" replied the blonde with my penis inside her as she grabbed her head as if feeling for bumps. "One minute we were outside and the next we're screwing and I missed it. Did that kid dressed as Cal Ripken hit me with that baseball bat?"

Confused, I didn't know how to answer so I stepped out of the man's body, leaving the two lovers alone and very mixed up in their bed. The grandfather clock in the hallway started to chime midnight and I felt some strange force pulling me back into the shadows and away from the real world. But what happened to my love? Where was she? Was she okay? Why had she acted the way she did?

Reality was fading fast but before it did, I detected a new glow around the woman in the bed. That was it! Oh, how funny! What a great cosmic joke! She was now pregnant! My love was no longer with me because the cycle was finally beginning anew! Her soul had been implanted in that woman's body...and we had done it ourselves! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! As the man pulled out of her, she touched her stomach as if she somehow knew. The veil was falling. Samhain was over and eternity beckoned me back. We had had our one night and now she was on her way again. I'll remember her always and when it's my turn, I'll find her again. I always have. I love her so much! I can't wait to meet her someday.

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