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Naked Souls Know No Color


Author's Note: The following is an interracial lesbian story. If you find this theme offensive, please find another story to enjoy. This is also my 2012 entry for the Literotica Nude Day contest; as always, please cast only one vote per reader, and comments are very much appreciated and enjoyed. I would also like to give a big thanks to BradBigBrain for editing and suggestions, and to estragon for copy editing. Thanks again ~ Red.


The pages of the journal were worn, though the script was less than a year old. Paige had read the entries repeatedly over the past several months; she wanted to commit every detail to memory, though in truth the memories had lived inside her from the first moment she and Valeria had met.

It had been a year ago today that she had arrived at the beautiful Palm Springs resort, Sons of the Desert. She was there to enjoy the week-long activities that focused on National Nude Day. Paige had grown up embracing her body, thanks to her make-love-not-war grandparents and parents. She had gone with them whenever there were family friendly events; when she reached her teen years she was allowed to make the decision to continue living as her parents had or stay home, clothed and content to join the mainstream.

Paige had opted to continue on the same path she'd grown accustomed to. When she graduated high school, she went on to college, graduated with a degree in Music, and began to teach within the community that she and her family had lived most of their lives. Over time she managed to take out a loan to purchase her own home. Years had taken their toll on her grandparents and when she was in her mid-twenties both passed, each within months of the other; Mom and Dad no longer traveled beyond their community, which is why Paige had been alone for the last several years, picking her own destinations.

The bus that she traveled on this particular day was again heading to the Resort; she and several other guests had been picked up at the airport; the occupants were talking and laughing. Many shared stories of their past experiences while others tried to ease the firsttimers with reassuring comments about safety, courtesy, and most of all security. Paige stared out the window and caught the reflections of some guest that had quickly removed their clothes, anxious to allow the air to caress their now free skin. She switched her focus back to the scenery that glided by in a blur. Her thoughts also shifted, traveling back to the first time she had seen Valerie.

A tall, willowy black woman was striding toward her, a clip board in one hand and a pencil tucked behind her ear. She had dark eyes and short cropped hair. Paige's heart had skipped a beat and her blue eyes locked onto Valerie's soft-beckoning stare. There had been a moment when the heavier set redhead felt her stomach twist in knots. She fought hard to remain courteous and not take a quick peek at the round small breasts, flat stomach and well trimmed sex of the resort employee. A lanyard with an ID badge hung from Valerie's neck; it stopped just under her neck and right above her breasts. It was hard to not take that inviting look at Valerie's nipples, but Paige refrained and was glad she had. She learned very quickly that Valerie was in charge of organizing the Resort's vast selection of week-long activities; to be caught ogling the woman would not have made a good first impression.

The week had started out very much like all the other weeks Paige had celebrated. She took part in the nature walks, as well as the volleyball tournaments, and managed to sign up for snorkeling as well as make an attempt at surfing. There had been Valerie sightings off and on those first three days, and each time she spotted her, she would catch the other woman's eye, smile and wave. Paige would then find one of Valerie's co-workers and gently pry some tidbit of personal information out of them about Valerie; was she single or married? Committed to someone?

Paige later learned that Valerie had been doing the same thing, although she had a head start on her investigation because Valerie was able to log in and out of the registry for hotel guests. The fourth night of the weeklong event had been the first time that she and Valerie really talked outside of resort activities. Valerie had just finished her work for the evening and was winding down at the beach bar. Paige had been walking the shoreline, thinking of how to approach the woman when she looked up at saw her walking toward her with a drink in her hand. Paige's palms began to sweat and her throat was suddenly parched. When Valerie gave her the drink, Paige thanked her with a squeaky voice, blushed and swallowed the first gulp without much class.

When she was done, she blushed, shrugged her shoulders and laughed at herself. The two women walked for a few minutes before coming across a pair of beach chairs, provided by the establishment. Next to the chairs were fresh towels and disinfectant spray. Valerie took care of wiping the chairs down before the two women sat on them. They talked for a long time. Valerie asked most of the questions, and Paige happily gave her the answers.

They both learned that each one was single, never married and neither had children. Valerie had grown up much like Paige, though in a different part of the world. Valerie was from Jamaica and Paige a Californian. The two women both enjoyed attending events like this one, but Valerie admitted that she wasn't able to visit as many as she'd liked, due to her job keeping her grounded. Paige shared with her some of her experiences, especially those that related to the celebration of nudity.

By the end of the night, she had heard about Valerie's mother's journey to America, in hopes to make a better life for her kids, as well as how Valerie's mom had succeeded in that, gaining citizenship for her and her children. She opened her own jewelry business and had managed to get all her kids a college education. Paige quickly became a fan of the strong black woman and her daughter who simply drew a person in with just her smile.

The following morning she had made a point to rearrange her activities to those closer to the resort, where she hoped to see more of Valerie. The plan had worked and as the day progressed she was able to see more and more glimpses of the beautiful ebony woman. Paige's skin would become pinker whenever Valerie's gaze would lock on hers and though it was frowned upon, there were times the two women would allow their eyes to drift southward, each one taking in the curves and lines of the other.

The fifth night Valerie appeared at Paige's door. In her hand was a bottle of wine and two goblets. They laughed and drank and again shared stories, these touched on the antics of hotel guests as well as nudists that each woman had come across in their adventures. When Valerie left that night it had been hard for Paige not to call her back. Valerie must have sensed it, for she turned back, closed the distance between them and wrapped Paige in a warm, anything but platonic, embrace.

Valerie, the taller of the two, circled Paige with long arms and her fingers slid down her back. She nuzzled the top of her head and Paige felt her breasts pressing against the top of her chest. She too took a long deep breath and homed in on the scent of Valerie's sex. Her body shivered. Valerie tightened the hug. They remained like that, just inches away from the door being opened and so close to never experiencing the embrace. When Valerie pulled away, she looked down on Paige and they kissed. Two pink tongues slipped in to another's mouth and danced slowly, while hands began to slowly glide along smooth flesh. Paige whimpered when Valerie pulled away and Valerie sighed out loud. They parted that night, but each knew that tomorrow evening they wouldn't. Maybe not ever.

The sixth day, the actual day of celebration arrived and Paige was distracted. She couldn't focus on anything but Valerie and the kiss. She could still feel the woman's hands on her spine, in her hair.Her nails seemed to graze the curve of her ass whenever she closed her eyes and recalled the feelings that had swept through her. She didn't see much of Valerie that day, as there were more activities being celebrated because it was the official Nude Day, and so when she sat down for the evening meal, she was surprised to see Valerie claim the seat next to her. The idea of eating the succulent shrimp and tender vegetables that lay on a plate of al dente pasta was far from Paige's mind. There was something more inviting to dine on than the meal in front of her.

The women managed to eat some of their meal and drink some of their wine, but it was obvious not only to themselves, but to the guests at their table, that their hearts really weren't in the dinner, good as it was. Valerie was the first to make an excuse to leave the table, after giving Paige's thigh a soft gentle squeeze. Paige watched her leave and blushed when one of the men at the table discretely coughed. She wasn't aware that her mouth had been hanging slightly open as she stared at Valerie's retreating ass. She turned, lowered her head and excused herself, only to hear a soft chuckle from the man. She blushed brighter, but said nothing. It was obvious where she was going and she didn't need to draw further attention to herself by glaring hotly at the inconsiderate oaf.

Valerie was waiting in the lobby of the resort; she had been leaning against an elevator and when Paige appeared she pressed the arrow that would lead them up to one of the rooms Valerie used on the second floor. It was her residence when working over extended periods of time for the Sons of the Desert and though it was not as richly decorated as a hotel guest's room, Valerie had made it more her own by displaying pieces of artwork that came from her house. When Paige stepped over the threshold she felt as if she were seeing a side to Valerie that not many hotel guests or co-workers saw. The bright colors of the Jamaican heritage that Valerie identified with looked beautiful against the neutral tones that the hotel used to welcome their guests. Valerie had her own bedding as well as sculptures of various sizes displayed on the dresser, table and window sill.

When the door closed behind her, Paige turned and looked at the woman who would become her lover and best friend. They moved as one, each stepping toward the other with arms open and eyes hungrily drinking in the perfection before them. Valerie's fingers slid alongside Paige's neck; they traveled, splayed open, into Paige's red curls. She cupped the back of the woman's head and Paige felt her sex tighten. She reached out and placed one hand on Valerie's hip, the other on her shoulder and the two women pulled at each other until the space between them collapsed.

The kiss was deeper and full of the promises that their first kiss had been. Valerie tilted back Paige's head and pushed her tongue fully into the woman's mouth. Paige's fingers caressed the dark flesh that lay under her ivory palm. They were in communion with each other. Every moment made; every breath taken; every touch was calculated to bring forth the maximum effect on the other. Valerie's mouth moved from Paige's and her lips trailed small nips and licks down the column of her white lover's throat. Paige shivered, lowered her head and placed kisses on the tops of Valerie's bosom.

Kisses were given and received as the two of them slowly made their way to the bed. Paige's legs hit the mattress and she moved to sit, but Valerie stopped her. She turned, and Valerie climbed on the bed first, she then opened her arms for Paige to join her. When she crawled onto the firm bedding, she felt the muscles of her sex tighten. She licked her lips as her gaze traveled over the lithe form of her chocolate candy girl. Paige's gaze stopped at the hard points of her breasts. They were smaller than Paige's erect buttons, yet no less appealing. She looked up at Valerie while dropping her head to the right jewel.

Paige swept her tongue across the point, before circling the darker skin of her areola. The ridges and bumps seemed to have their own taste as well as texture. Paige lapped at them, until she heard Valerie moan, then she opened her lips wide and captured the entire areola and pearl into the sweet hot recess of her mouth. Paige suckled Valerie while rolling her tongue back and forth across the bead. Her other hand moved down the woman's torso. Her nails dragged lazily across Valerie's abdomen and then further to the junction between the woman's legs.

Moaning and whimpers were easily identified coming from Valerie's parted lips and her body shifted to better accommodate the touches of white chocolate that danced lazily across her flesh. Paige continued the assault on Valerie, but did it on the opposite round globe that had been waiting patiently for its own warm bathing. She drew in the left nipple, much like she had the right, but instead of licking and sucking, she chewed gently, only increasing the strength when Valerie begged her to.

Valerie's hands were not idle as Paige loved her. She would sweep the redhead's curls away from her face and watch as the pink lips wrapped themselves around her flesh. Her other hand caressed the freckled shoulders of her new lover, swept down her arm and trailed along her skin. There was a slight pressure to Valerie's touch, a coaxing that could only be felt as pleading, not forceful. Paige understood and she turned her body so that Valerie could feast on the pink hued lips of her aroused sex, while Paige's face came within inches of Valerie's trimmed pussy.

The scent of arousal intoxicated Paige. She balanced herself on her elbows, felt Valerie position her legs so they werespread wide, and her pussy open for Valerie's touch; and only when she felt the first puff of her lover's breath on her swollen lips did Paige descend on the captivating woman beneath her. She opened the outer lips and lowered her head. Her tongue swept the full length of Valerie's dark pussy, and now exposed pink walls. She moaned as the same delivery was given to her shaved mound. Both of them seemed to understand how to feed off the other and did so with teasing touches until each had abandoned the need to move slow and simply dived in.

Paige used her tongue to explore the depths of Valerie's pussy. She added two fingers and alternated between finger pumps and the twisting wet muscle of her mouth. Valerie's hips lifted and fell, trying to match the rhythm that Paige was setting. Paige would shift on her knees and grind her pelvis against Valerie's face. She would feel the woman's nose on her clit and grunt with approval whenever Valerie would tug on it with her teeth. The sound of their mating bounced off the solid walls of the room. Valerie pushed three long slim fingers into Paige's sex, curled them and began to rub and caress the fleshy rigid walls that were thick-laden with moisture. The same process was repeated on Valerie by Paige and when both women cried out they were coming, each was ready for the erupting fluids that splashed against their faces and hungry tongues.

They had continued to feast from each other off and on throughout the night, drifting in and out of sleep, and often finding themselves entwined and needy. In the morning Valerie insisted on Paige staying in bed and arranged for them both to take breakfast in her residence. They fed each other fruit and toast, as well as shared a few teasing licks of well placed syrup and cream. When breakfast was over, they had both come again and had left the room feeling satiated and full. The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent again away from each other as Valerie returned to work and began to say farewell to the guests that were leaving.

When it was time for Paige's shuttle back to the airport, she felt as if she were leaving a piece of herself behind. Valerie had managed to wrestle a break from her duties and pulled Paige into a back room that was normally off limits to guests. The two of them shared a heated exchange of kisses and touches while whispering promises to meet again.

A hard bump from the bus driver hitting a pothole brought Paige back to the present. She took a deep breath and turned to another page in her journal. There was a picture there of Valerie and her mother; it had been taken a month after the week in Palm Springs. Paige had taken the picture and had cherished it the most; it showed the love of her life standing next to the love of her life. How more perfect could life get?

She turned a few more pages, and read about the winter trip the two of them had taken to Jamaica and Valerie had showed her where her family had originally hailed from. The photo that represented their trip was not something ripped from an erotic photo shoot or anything overtly sexual at all. It was a childhood print of Valerie, her mother and her siblings. They were standing outside of a small house that looked as if a strong wind could easily topple its sides. Valerie's mother was an inspiration to many, including Paige.

The bus ride continued, as did the memories. Paige read the entry that focused on an event that had just taken place two months ago. There was a picture of Valerie digging a hole for some grape vines that she and her brother were planting. It was May 14th, World Naked Gardening Day, and Valerie had invited Paige to visit and help out with placing the new seedlings. Paige had agreed and arranged for vacation time. Eventually she was happily digging holes and playing in the dirt alongside her second family. That evening, when work was done and everyone returned to the main house, Paige was happily and willingly coaxed into a shower with Valerie.

The two women washed each other. Valerie's hands were full of thick bubbly soap and she rubbed the soft textured foam along Paige's sweat clad and dusty frame. Paige reciprocated and just like Valerie she did so without hesitating to arouse her lover. Their ministrations gave each one the desired effect and soon Valerie had Paige pressed against the bathroom wall. Their kisses were full of passion. Each woman battled the other for dominance with the wet muscles of their mouths.

The shower water sprayed over them, rinsing away soap, and before long Valerie was on her knees renewing her friendship with Paige's sex. They tumbled into bed together, both wet and slick not only from the shower but from the arousal both had knowingly cultivated. The rest of the week was spent much like the first day. The women's bond grew as did their love for each other. They agreed that they would both fly out to a resort in Oregon, in June, for Naked Bike Ride Day; on June 11th another snapshot was taken for Paige's journal. She ran her hand over the image of Valerie on a bike, her legs spread and her pussy pressed against the seat. She could still taste the sweat and cum that had mingled with the scent of the vinyl-covered seat. There had never been a fragrance so breathtakingly beautiful as one that was mixed with Valerie.

Paige looked up and noticed they were drawing nearer to the resort and so she quickly thumbed to the back of her journal and noticed the photo of her and Valerie walking hand in hand through the streets of a small New Zealand town. They had opted to go the country where it had all started: the first celebration of nudity and streaking. June 19th the two of them, along with many others, opted to streak through various cities, villages, and towns. It was a way to honor those that had done so, in front of the country's Prime Minister, many years ago, at the urging of a notable rugby star and TV presenter. They had spent the rest of the week locked up in their room, ignoring the beauty of the country and choosing instead to focus on the beauty of each other.

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