Naked Sunning


There, I finally get some time to myself in the backyard. It's a great day. Nice and hot, about 24 degrees with a slight breeze. I know hubby and I have talked about me tanning in the backyard naked many times before. He doesn't mind me tanning but if I were going to tan naked he would like it that he is at least home. But today is different. He is out of town for the next couple of days. And since I am home alone with no one to bother me, I just can't resist the perfect weather.

So I threw my blanket out on the deck and set up the table top between the houses to block anyone's view into our backyard from the front street. For anyone to see anything, they would have to walk right up to the table to look over it or stand on something to look over our six-foot fence. I then poured my long island ice tea and sat down on the blanket.

Finally feeling like I have everything I pulled my tank top off and slide my shorts and panties down. Laying down on my front I start to read my book and enjoy the sun on my body. The warm sun feels great on my back. I start to get bored of reading and decide to turn over and get some sun on my front. I rolled over and pulled a small plastic side table over my head to shield my face from the sun. Putting my arms up over my head and spreading my legs to let the sun hit every part of my body, I closed my eyes.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I know is I hear noises from somewhere. I open my eyes and look and am very shocked and embarrassed as there is a meter reader standing over me. The table that was blocking the front yard was removed leaving me exposed to the front street. Either the drink or the sun or both must be affecting me because at this moment I still haven't even reacted to the guy standing over me. My arms are still up and my legs spread open giving him a complete unobstructed view of my naked body.

Seeing that I am awake now he kneels down beside me and tells me that I have a very nice body and that it isn't safe for a woman to be outside sleeping the way that I was. Finally I start to come back to reality and close my legs and with one arm cover my breasts. I don't know why are what came over me but I felt kind of coy and asked him oh, why, what could happen, as I grabbed my glass and took another sip of my drink. As soon as I finished my sip I again asked him please, what could happen to a woman sleeping outside naked as I lowered my hand from my breasts. I just laid back down pulling the small table over my face again.

He started to tell me that someone could sneak up on me and start to molest me. Oh really is all I said. He confirmed this with a yes mam. I then asked him and how would they molest me.

As I turned my face away from him I lifted my arms above my head again putting them under my head. And for some reason I felt really slutty and just opened my legs again. This time I opened them a bit further then when he showed up.

As he started to reach down with his hands he said maybe like this. As he placed one hand firmly but gently over my mouth his other hand was squeezing my breast and nipple. Telling me that someone could hold my mouth shut so no one would he my cries. He slowly removed his hand from my mouth and I asked him that what if I was to be a good girl and not scream. Would they hurt me? He told me that they wouldn't hurt me if I were a good girl. I told him that it would be best for me to behave and be a good girl.

He then slid his other hand onto my breast as he started to pinch my nipple again. I could feel the shiver as his other hand slid down my body closer to my shaven pussy. As his hand brushed my shaven mound electricity shot through my body and I shuttered. He hesitated for a split second then continued to slide his hand between my open legs. Probing my pussy with his fingers. Circling my clit with one finger, sliding up and down my lips. He told me that I was being a very good girl as he slipped a finger into me. I let out a little moan as his finger penetrated my depths.

Still keeping my face turned away I asked him what else would they do. He told me they might fuck me. I teased him with a little fain of fear as I said oh my, right here. He told me no they wouldn't do me right here. He said they would probable grab me and pull me up. As he said this he grabbed my arms and helped me to stand up. Once up he was holding my arms behind my back preventing me from covering up. Now I felt a lot more on display as someone could see me. As if it wasn't bad enough that I was letting this complete stranger have his way with me.

But I didn't resist as I let him guide me around my yard. No matter where we went I didn't fight or even complain. He walked me to the back of the yard first then said nope this won't do. Then he walked me to the other side of my house and pushed my back up to the wall. He looked around for a second then slid his finger into my pussy again and said nope this won't do either.

He then walked me back onto the deck and then into the garage, which was open the whole time.

Once in the garage he pushed my back up to the big door as his fingers again found there way into my pussy. As he was fingering me he pulled his hard cock out which I was quite surprised at its size. It had to be at least six inches long and two inches thick. He then pushed me towards the ground were he slapped his cock against my face gently. He said that the molester would probably force me to suck him as he slid his cock into my mouth.

Before he could thrust in my mouth I started to suck him and bob it in and out of my mouth. This was the first time I had tasted another man since being married. He tasted about the same as my hubby but maybe a bit saltier. Teasing his head with my teeth but still being a good girl. I could start to taste his pre-cum and knew he really was enjoying this. He finally pulled out and lifted me back up; grabbing my one leg he lifted it up. He told me that they would for sure fuck me now as he teased my clit with the head of his cock.

At this point I wanted and needed his cock in me. I was so hot and horny I couldn't wait any longer. I told him that I would still be a good girl for him as he started to slip his cock into me. He started slowly stopping every inch as he went in, then he would pull it back out. As he slipped back in he would go an inch deeper. Soon I could feel him all the way in. Once he felt like he was all the way in he gave it one more little push, just to make sure. My head shot upwards. With his hands he guided my hands upwards. Once there he held them with one hand and started to pinch my nipples again.

He told to be a very good girl now and not to scream as he slid his cock out. I could feel his head was just inside my lips. I nodded that I would be a good girl as he gave a hard push all the way in. Again I shot my head up as I could feel myself almost explode. I wanted to cum but I also wanted to hold on longer. I could feel the electricity flowing through me. The urge to cum was so strong. I'm sure he could feel my body twitching, ready to explode with an orgasm. He pulled out only half way this time as he slowly slid it back in. He was now teasing me. He would slip in and out slowly a couple of times then pull almost all the way out then slam it in me hard.

I was biting my lips trying to hold on as long as I could. Finally he said you have been a very good girl and deserve to cum. As he said this he started to find a nice steady pace with deep long thrusts. Sure enough after what felt like an eternity, which was only about a minute, I had the largest orgasm I had ever had. As I started my orgasm he held himself firmly in me.

I finally stopped shuddering and started to regain my composure as he slid out of me.

He was still holding my hands above my head. I asked him if they would do anything else seeing as they are still holding my hands up. He said they would turn me around facing the door. As he did this he placed his free hand on my back and gentle pushed me tight to the door. Feeling my hard nipples on the rough wood hurt a bit, but what hurt more was when I slipped and my nipples caught a rough edge.

It felt like a knife just cut into them. I let out a little yelp. He didn't know what had happened and had let go of me. Which didn't help. As I pulled away from the door the edge held my nipples firm. Again I let a little cry out as I grabbed my now bruised nipples.

He asked me what happened. I told him that it was ok. I told him he didn't do anything and that it was just my luck that the door wanted the get a grab of my nipples too. I then put my hands back up and pushed myself back against the door trying to ignore the pain in my nipples. As I did this I told him that I'm still being a good girl.

He placed his one hand on my back and the other hand grabbed my hands. This time he didn't push on my back. I told him that if they didn't hold me tight against the door I might try to fight them. He didn't get the hint at first so I tried to slip to the side. He got the message this time and pushed on my back the way he had before. As he did this I could feel the bite of the wood on my now soar nipples. It hurt a lot but I seemed to like it.

He asked me if I liked the pain on my nipples. I guess he could see my wincing from it. I asked him if I was supposed to like it or not. He told me that all depends on what you want to happen next. I wasn't sure what he meant or more so what he would do depending on my answer. So being the woman that I am I asked him, what would they do if I said I didn't like it. He said they would probably continue to do it. I then asked him what if I did like it. Again he said they probably would continue to do it but just harder.

I wasn't sure if I wanted my nipples dragged across the door any harder then this. So I told him that I don't think I would like it if they continued to do it harder. He said I guess then it's too bad for you. I turned my head to face him as much as possible and gave him a little smile and said I guess so. With that he forced me to slide to the one side. It felt like little daggers digging into my nipples and breasts. Then he pushed me the other way.

Once he got me there he said now they would probably tell me that if I moved from this door they would hurt me. As he slowly let go of me, I asked him how would they hurt me as I started to turn around from the door? He quickly pushed me back onto the door making sure that he slid my nipples across the door again. I let out a sharp cry as little daggers shot thru my nipples. Finally he said that they would now let go and disappear.

Once he was standing back from me I slowly turned and said that I would have been a good girl and would not have moved from that door till I heard no more sounds. And hearing as there are no more sounds I have turned. I asked him so then, have they ran away. He said yes they did. Well in that case you need a little relief. I walked forward and grabbed his cock in my hand and started to jerk him off. Before he could say anything I told him that it would only be fair. If I had cum he deserved to cum as well.

I started to flick the end of his cock with my tongue as I was still jerking him. I would slowly dip his head into my mouth keeping my mouth nice and tight. I could feel him starting to twitch. I gave him one last pop in my mouth and started to jerk him faster over my breasts. Within seconds he let out a big sigh and he let his load of hot cum fly all over my breasts. I continued to jerk him till every last drop had shot out of his cock.

Once he was done I stood up and told him that I don't think there is any molester out there; that wouldn't want to shoot there load before running away. He nodded his head. I then said but your not a molester are you. With that he zipped up his cock and said no mam I am not. I didn't think so I told him as he walked out of my garage and down the street to continue his work.

I got cleaned up in the garage and decided that I still wanted more sun. So I went back onto the deck and didn't care if anyone saw me now. I walked around the yard to make sure there were no problems, and then laid back down and enjoyed the rest of the day in the sun naked.

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