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Naked Tease


I'm a very lucky man! I have a beautiful young wife who I love very much. She is a petite 24 year old hottie who turns heads wherever she goes. She stands only 5" 2" tall and weighs only 105 pounds, but it's all in the right places, presenting a very curvy figure. Her tight little buns packed in a pair of jeans are something to behold, and she fills out a sweater quite well. To top it off her light brown hair, highlighted with blond streaks, is bobbed to the shoulders, curled under and to the front to frame an innocent face with a wide inviting smile; all giving her a pixie look. She works as a bank teller and is so cute that strange guys have actually approached her at her window, rose in hand, to ask her out. I have learned to live with the attention she gets and I must admit it makes me both proud and excited.

I must be reading too much porno and became obsessed with the thought of sharing her with another guy. I'm not sure why, but the thought of watching her perform for a stranger just drove me crazy! Part of it was letting someone know what I get all the time. . . . like showing off, I guess.

I fantasized about it when we had sex and began to include her in the role playing. The playing was fun for both of us and she seemed to get off on it, but would have nothing to do with the idea of doing it for real. But I kept pestering her about it and she kept refusing. Then one day she came home from the health club obviously excited and told me that we needed to talk. When I questioned her about it she said that it would have to wait until later when she could have a couple of drinks to loosen her up. Of course I was intrigued at that point and anxiously awaited our talk.

After dinner we sat together of the sofa, had a couple of glasses of wine and shared a joint. We were very mellow when she began.

"Michael, ya know the fantasy that we have been sharing recently?"

"Well, this new personal trainer just started at the club..."

You didn't fuck some guys this afternoon, did you?" I interrupted.

"Oh no," she reassured me, "He just showed a lot of interest in me, and I think he is hot."

"Oh, ya do, do ya?" I teased, feeling a little more relaxed. "So does that mean you want to do him?" I continued.

"No, not do him, but it might be fun to play around with him a little." she admitted. "Are you serious about wanting to watch me or is that just part of the fantasy?"

I spoke quickly, "No, I think it would be really hot to see!"

"Are you serious?"

"You wouldn't be mad?"

"Wouldn't you be jealous?" I spoke as honestly as I could, "I wouldn't be mad unless you did it behind my back and yes, I would be jealous, but aroused too!"

"Well, he's just moved here from Chicago and doesn't know anyone here so, I could easily invite him to go out with us and see what happens."

"Are you really sure you want me to do it?"

She was smiling the sweetest little smile and I had a raging hardon, so how could I refuse?

On Thursday she came back from the club smiling from ear to ear. "I did it!"

"He said that he would be thrilled to go dancing with us Saturday night."

"He must have thanked me a dozen times before I left the gym."

"I told him that we would meet him at 9:00 at Jakes."

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

I assured her that it would be fun and exciting and that we could always back out if we didn't feel comfortable with it. I was a bundle of nerves for the next two days. What a funny feeling. I was very excited, nervous as hell, and a little jealous, but it certainly put a spark into our life! All I could think about was how hot Trish was. Over and over I pictured her flawless tits with their stiff dark upturned nipples, the way she tapers to a narrow waist before slightly flaring again to the most perfect little butt that you have ever seen.

She had already told me that there would be no intercourse, but that she would tease him and play a little in front of me. My pecker was stiff for two days. Trish is so fucking hot and he might get to see her goodies and . . . maybe, get to touch some! And I would get to watch her tease him. Watch her flaunt herself before him. Let him see what I have, let him want her . . . but know that she's mine!

Saturday finally arrived and I watched as Trish prepared to go out. She was obviously excited too, and took special care with her makeup and hair. As she buttoned her sundress I noticed that she wore only a white lace thong and her highest strappy heels. She really didn't need a bra because nothing showed and her breasts needed no support, but is was very sexy to know that she would be braless all night, with only those skimpy panties keeping her from being naked!

We arrived at the dance club first and were already seated at a table when Todd approached. Holy fucking shit! He was impeccably dressed in a dark blazer, white freshly starched button up shirt, and gray slacks. He was tall, and built like a line backer. Of course that didn't surprise me since I already knew he was a personal trainer . . . but he was black as coal! It's not that I had any objections or that it mattered to me, but Trish had grown up in a small town and as far as I knew had never known a black person in her life, so it came as quite a shock.

As we were introduced and began to get to know each other, I understood why Trish had been attracted. He was a hell of a guy, very relaxed and easy going, with a great sense of humor and polished manners. He quickly put us all at ease and repeatedly thanked us for our invitation.

As it turned out he was as accomplished a dancer as he was a conversationalist, and soon he and Trish were out on the dance floor. I was content with sipping my beer and watching them as they moved gracefully across the floor. Trish was having a great time and since I was no where near her league when it came to dancing, it was fun to watch her "cut a rug" so to speak. They danced almost every dance, breaking only when the band did, or to down some drink and visit a bit. I never tired of watching them and began to notice that as the night wore on and the drink began to take effect, they danced more suggestively. Trish would shake her boobs at him as she thrashed her shoulders from side to side, turn and wiggle her ass against the front of his slacks. And she continually graced him with her dazzling smile. He seemed to hold her more closely, let his hands run down her side and back, or rest on her ass. I knew that he was be able to feel her naked tits flatten out against him and her bare ass cheeks beneath the thin fabric of her dress. They began to draw a crowd to watch the sexy dance of the tiny young white girl and her black stud. And what a show they put on! She would literally straddle his leg and hunch his thigh as they moved to the music. During fast songs Trish would dance in close and moving to the rhythm of the beat, slowly move into a squat position until her face was even with, and only inches from, his fly. I am sure he was as hard as a rock . . . I know I was!

As one song set ended, Trish rose on her tip toes and Todd leaned down so they could kiss. I lost my breath, my heart skipped a beat, my stomach got queasy, and my dick began to throb! My beautiful, sweet, innocent wife had just kissed a black stranger with a raging hardon on a lighted stage before scores of straining eyes! And that kiss was obviously one of passion and promise!

Todd and Trish returned to the table and in hand. Todd couldn't have been more flattering. He told me how beautiful and charming my wife was and how lucky I was that she had chosen me to spend her life with. He said that he could only hope that some day he might find another woman as wonderful as mine to marry.

Then, Todd excused himself to the restroom . . . I think to give us a chance to talk privately. I hadn't seen Trish so excited in a long time. She was aroused, flustered, and almost breathless.

"Michael, are you sure you want to do this?"

"I would never do anything to cause a problem between you and me."

"We can call it a night right now if you want."

"We've had an exciting night, and can end it now."

I confided that I was hornier than I had been in quite a while and that her teasing was driving both Todd me wild. I asked her what she wanted to do. She surprised me again by saying that she had already told Todd that I wanted to watch her play sexually with another guy. He said that he would love it, was pleased that we had chosen him and that, as I had guessed, he went to the restroom to give us time to decide. When Todd approached the table rather sheepishly, I stood, slapped him on the shoulder, and invited him to stop by the house for a night cap before he headed home. He broke into a huge smile and immediately agreed. Since I knew the "cat was out of the bag" and we lived so close to the club, I suggested that we all take our car and that I would take him back to his later.

The ride home took about fifteen minutes. Todd and Trish sat in the back and after a whole evening of teasing each other, it didn't take long before they moved together. I heard some rustling in the backseat and it became obvious that my wife had moved to sit on Todd's lap. They were directly behind me so I couldn't see, but Trish leaned forward to lay her forearms on the back of my seat so that her face was almost against my ear.

She began to whisper, "Oh my God, he's touching me . . . he's feeling my breasts. Her breath became short as she continued, "Oh, oh, you know what that does to me." A couple of pants later she cooed, "Michael, he unbuttoning my dress, and I'm going to let him." In a raspy voice I heard, "I can't believe we're doing this; he's playing with my bare tits and twisting my nipples!"

"He's pulling on them . . . oh!"

"Oh Michael!"

"Oh my God, Michael, I can feel his hard cock twitching underneath me."

My heart was pounding. I couldn't breathe or swallow. I couldn't see anything, but her panting play by play was even sexier! I drove faster, hoping that we could get home before too much more happened. And then she whimpered, "His hand is under my dress and moving up my thigh." followed by a sharp inhale and a soft, "Ahh . . . oh, oh." I knew that he had reached her lace panty, probably had it pushed to the side and maybe had a finger in my wife's sweet pussy. How well I knew the touch of her tender distended lips and the moist core of the mouth of her sex . . . but it was his turn. My wife was sitting on a strangers lap, legs spread, allowing him to explore her wet aroused pussy! She had teased him all night, but finally he was getting his reward.

By the time we arrived at the apartment, Trish was already presentable and we walked on to our unit. I went to fix us a drink and get some prime smoke that I had put aside for a special occasion. When I returned to the living room I was pleased to see that although they had dimmed the lights, and were dancing to some soft music, they had not begun anything sexually while I was absent. Todd and Trish joined me on the couch and we visited again while we enjoyed our drinks and smoke. I began to complement them on their graceful dance movements at the club, and teased them that they had captivated the attention of the whole room.

Todd took that as an invitation to ask Trish to dance again. This time, dancing just a couple of feet from me they danced more sensually to the soft romantic music. Todd held her close and dipped his head to brush his face against her hair and nuzzle at her neck, and she swayed in his arms with both arms around his neck and her cheek against his chest. Todd slid his hand down the small of her back to come to rest on her firm ass. However this time he openly squeezed and fondled her ass as they danced while working the hem of her dress up inch by inch. She made no move to discourage him. I watched attentively as more thigh was revealed until the bottom of her globes peeked into the light and his fingers found bare skin. He suddenly pushed the back of her skirt to her waist and claimed the only intimate part of her body he had not explored. She allowed him to run his hands freely across her naked skin, dipping his long black fingers into the crack between her cheeks. To encourage his touch, she spread her legs slightly and rose to her tiptoes to allow his fingers to trace the satin string of the thong as it passed between her legs. I watched my fantasy come to life before my eyes as he openly pet my wife's most private places. Their actions were incredibly arousing, but the contrast of their skin tones made their contact appear even more naughty and daring.

He released her dress to allow the hem to drop back to its normal position as he moved his hands to the sides of her head. Holding her petite head in his massive hands, he tilted her face up to kiss her sweetly on her lips, before moving his hands to trace the back of his fingers across her cheek, neck shoulder and the sides of her breasts. Oh my God, it was about to happen! He was going to unbutton Trish's dress in front of me and she was going to let him. Trish back slightly to allow him space to unfasten her dress but continued to flutter sweet soft kisses on his lips and chin. She was definitely giving him the "green light" to continue.

Then it hit me like a tun of bricks. My darling beautiful wife had chosen to willingly give herself to her muscular buck. My mouth hung open and dry. I was barely breathing, and my stomach was doing flip flops. I could hardly sit still and wanted to scream for them to stop. My voice was caught in my throat when I began to see her through new eyes. I had forgotten how alluring, how seductive, how sexy she could be! It was all new to him and he was obviously captivated by her seductive appeal and was excited that she was about to bless him with her feminine charms. Her gift to me was an opportunity to observe her intimate contact with fresh eyes. Suddenly my anxiety and fear was replaced with pride, lust and a sense of awe.

As that perspective sunk into my brain, her dress fluttered to the floor and she stood gloriously naked except for her panties and heels before an admiring stranger. My trance was broken as he spoke for the first time, "My God, you're a goddess!"

"I've never seen a more spectacular woman."

"You're even more beautiful than I imagined!" She stood patiently, arms at her sides, shoulders back and allowed her partner to enjoy her naked tits. Trish remained motionless as he traced the contours of her breasts with his fingertips before lifting them to test their weight and firmness. He applied gentle pressure on her nipples, seeming enjoying the way they popped back into position, fully erect as his thumb passed over them proclaiming her arousal. Trish smiled and melted back into his arms. I beamed with pride at his complementary observations. They continued to dance with him fully dressed and her almost naked in his embrace. In a few moments Trish unbuttoned his shirt and pushed is over his shoulders, baring his heavily muscled chest to her touch. She sensuously stroked his pecks and fondled his abs until she reached and unfastened his belt buckle. Todd took her hint, stepped back a step, and dropped his shirt, shoes, socks and slacks to the floor. Now both in their underpants they stared at each other for a moment. Trish's eyes traveled down and back up his body before locking eyes with Todd. With a flash in her eyes and a mischievous smile on her face, she pushed her panties to her ankles and displayed her naked, perfectly manicured pussy to his view. Following suite, he removed his boxers and allowed his manhood to bounce fully erect from his loin.

Then, each completely naked, they moved into each other's embrace. Trish reached forward to grasp the end of Todd's cock. With the underside of his ebony pole lying in the palm of her right hand and her fingers wrapped firmly around its girth, she pulled it slightly up and away from his body, cupping his balls in her left hand. She didn't stroke him but held it in reverence as if she had picked up a precious but heavy trophy from a low shelf. She tilted her face back in invitation for him to kiss her. He bent at the neck as he caressed the side of her face with one hand and they began to trade soft, teasing, lingering kisses while his other hand tenderly explored the folds of her pussy. They held that pose for what seemed minutes and I'll never forget it. She stood poised and still on tip toes in her heels, sharing tender "butterfly" kisses, cradling his black cock as if it were valuable Vencian glass, allowing him to play freely in the downy fur between her legs. With light circular caresses of her clit he soon had her audibly whimpering at his touch. Before long she was hunching at his finger as it disappeared between her distended lips, stroking his dick and literally licking and sucking on his tongue as if it were a miniature cock!

I was overwhelmed with lust. Because to them I had faded into the woodwork as if I was no longer in the room, I was free to release my own cock and began to frantically beat my meat as I watched my wife perform in a live sex show just feet from my position! Oh my God . . . She was so beautiful and sexy!

It was like Trish was in another world, parting her legs, and wildly hunching his fingers; releasing his tongue from her lips only long enough to babble incoherently, moan and whimper. He whispered something to her and then pushed on her shoulders to direct her to her knees. In her kneeling position his swollen ebony cock hung just inches over her upturned face. There was an undeniable submission in her eyes that I had never seen as she stared at his meat. He gave her a long look and then to my surprise turned abruptly and stepped to the couch with his cock bobbing before him.

He sat on the edge of the couch next to me and lay back against the cushions with his legs widely parted. What happened next just blew my mind. He locked eyes with her and ordered, "Come here!" I had never seen anything like it. Never loosing eye contact she began to crawl, breasts hanging, the muscles on her ass and flanks rippling like a cheetah stalking her prey. Upon reaching her goal she used the flat of her tongue to lick, ever so slowly, across his dangling black ball sack, up the length of his shaft to kiss him tenderly on the tip.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, "lick my nuts."

I was worrying about how far she was going to let things go, but also so aroused that I could not speak. I sat there stroking my cock and stared as she dipped down deeper between his legs and began to paint his scrotum with soft strokes of her tongue.

"That's it, baby . . . lick them all over . . . lick them good!"

"You like licking my balls, don't you baby?"

"I know you like it."

When his balls were shiny with her saliva, she again licked back to the crown. This time he pushed against the back of her head in encouragement and directed,

"Suck it down, baby."

"Suck it all the way down!"

I watched in amazement as his cock disappeared down her throat. Pangs of jealousy wracked my mind as he inserted his black dick to the hilt. With her lips stretched to accommodate the girth of its base, he instructed, "Look at me, Trish." With her mouth stuffed with cock and his balls pressed against her chin she flashed open those pleading baby blues. I had never seen anything so sexy and so decadent in my life. In one more test of trust, he reached forward and squeezed her nostrils shut. Her eyes grew wider but she waited breathlessly, her mouth and throat stuffed with cock, her eyes tearing.

After what seemed like an eternity, he released both her nose and the back of her head. She popped off is cock, gagging and gasping for air. Tears were running down her angelic face, her mouth gaped open to show ribbons of saliva and precum clinging from the roof of her mouth and tongue. I thought she would be pissed and started to go to her rescue, when she gasped, "Give it to me!"

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