Naked Vows Ch. 03


"May I continue?"

This time Sarah had no trouble with the question or her answer. "No. Turn around, face the door."

Laura faced the door and Sarah gasped in painful desire. Laura's hips were a little too wide and her thighs a little too heavy to be admirable by modern standards. The thong's thin strap accented that reality. Sarah realized Laura knew she wasn't wearing lingerie that flattered her shape. This wasn't something Laura would wear on her own, she wore it especially for Sarah. Knowing Laura wore that for her despite how it made her look bigger made Laura even more beautiful to the younger woman. It was a gift as precious as any person could give.

"You can turn back around now." Sarah's voice was husky with lust.

Laura's hands reached up to the slim waist band of her panties to push them down her thighs but Sarah stopped her.

"No. Leave them on. I'll tell you when you can take them off."

"You're so beautiful and young and vibrant." Laura parted her legs and put her hands behind her head which lifted her tits a little. "Do you know how vulnerable I feel? I have responsibilities I have to honor. Beyond that, I'm yours."

Sarah's confidence returned as Laura stripped. Laura somehow brought her confidence out. However that last phrase scared Sarah and shattered her confidence. It left her feeling afraid and safe at the same time. "What does that mean?" Something important was happening and it scared Sarah.

"I'm not sure." Laura's voice quavered and Sarah watched the older woman tremble. In fear? Did Laura, like Sarah, not know what her offer meant? "What do you want it to mean?"

Once again Laura gave Sarah all the power. More than that, Laura offered some kind of commitment, something binding. With that bond came a responsibility Sarah shouldn't accept but knew she would.

"I'll tell you what it means." Sarah licked her dry lips. If Laura wanted her to be in control then Sarah would take it. She wanted to have control the way Frank did, except without the manipulation and destruction of spirit. "It means you're mine. Mine to take care of, mine to take responsibility for. When we're together, my pleasure comes first, even if - no - especially if my pleasure is giving you pleasure."

Sarah took a deep breath. What she was about to do would either send Laura running or prove Laura was serious about their relationship. Better to know now. "Come over here and get across my knees. It's time for your spanking."

Laura's eyes went wide. "You're going to spank me?"

"Yes. You came when I specifically asked you not to. Remember?"

"I remember, but I didn't think you meant it."

The little spot in Sarah 's mind that didn't believe she could ever be happy thrilled at the prospect of Laura running away never to return. Better to be abandoned now before she fell into even deeper love. "It will please me." Sarah resolved to give Laura a real spanking, one she would feel for a day or so. If that didn't turn Laura away then nothing would. Sarah sat in the middle of the couch and patted her lap.

Laura, looking as apprehensive as she did the night they met, crawled on the couch. She positioned herself so her ass thrust up from Sarah's lap.


Laura couldn't believe she was about to get spanked like a naughty child. At first Laura worried about how much it would hurt. As Sarah's hand roamed all over Laura's back side, she began to think it wouldn't happen at all; that Sarah was playing a joke. That should have relieved her, but much to her surprise, it was disappointing. She knew Sarah wouldn't really hurt her so getting spanked kind of turned her on.

She started to relax as Sarah's hands stroked her bare behind. It felt good and she knew she was wet. Laura had started to lubricate when she undressed for Sarah. Taking her cloths off while being watched was the best foreplay she ever had.

Laying across Sarah's lap with her bottom in the air seemed a bit on the kinky side and Laura liked it. Tom never did anything like this but Laura thought he might have if they had had the time. Still, Laura couldn't quite believe she went from a straight business woman to a kinky lesbian in a day.

The sound of Sarah's hand slapping her bottom startled Laura into a yelp. It took a second for the sting to register.

"Wow." Sarah's hand rested on Laura's butt where it landed. "The way your ass moves when I hit it is so hot." Sarah rubbed her hand around a little, rubbing some of the sting out.

"Glad you liked it." Laura tried to sound annoyed, but the truth was she felt the slap deep in her core. Soon she'd be humping against Sarah's lap and not because she wanted to avoid the pain. "This is so humiliating."

"You sound like you aren't having a good time." Sarah lifted her hand and brought it down a little harder on Laura's other cheek.

Laura sucked in her breath, that one hurt a little more and simultaneously sent a shock wave straight to her pussy. If Sarah wasn't careful, she might make Laura orgasm from this "punishment." "I'm being spanked like a naughty little girl, of course I'm not enjoying it."

"Then you wont mind if I check it out for myself." Sarah hooked a finger under the thong and tugged the material tight against Laura's pussy. She tugged at it a few times until Laura felt it slip between her lips. It felt so good. Laura bit into the cushion to keep from moaning out loud. Then Sarah slid her finger under the thin strap of fabric between Laura's butt cheeks. If she went much further, she would see just how much Laura did enjoy it.

"Get on with it." Laura had trouble with the words and doubted she sounded as board or annoyed as she wanted to.

"Patience, my naughty little girl." Sarah's finger slid over Laura's anus. Laura bucked and her whole body went tense. Being touched there was not supposed to feel so good. She never even considered anal sex before. It seemed dirty and uncomfortable at best, but Sarah's gentle caress made a lie of it all. She found herself wanting Sarah to touch her there again. "Oh, you liked that, didn't you?"

"No!" Laura answered too fast and too violently to be anything but a lie. "I hated it, didn't you see how I moved?"

"Oh, I saw, all right." Sarah's finger stopped between Laura's entrance and her anus. "If you hated it so much, this won't get a reaction." Sarah slid her finger over Laura's anus again. Laura never expected to orgasm without stimulating her sex, but Sarah pushed her to the edge.

"You have to stop." Laura practically screamed into the couch cushion. "Please, stop now." This was wrong, Laura wasn't an actress in a porn flick who enjoyed whatever perverted thing happened to her. She wasn't a pervert and she refused to enjoy it.

"I do, do I? You don't find this pleasing? I hope you aren't lying to me." Sarah's finger continued its journey to Laura's vagina. "Looks like you lied." Sarah moved her finger deep inside Laura's vagina. "You're so wet I bet you're about to come." Sarah moved her finger in circles pushing against every wall of Laura's channel she could reach.

Laura was beyond speech. She grabbed the couch cushion in her fists and moaned into it.

"I want to know one thing, You can answer one little question for me, can't you?" Sarah asked as her finger slipped out of Laura's sex.

"Yes!" The word exploded out of Laura's mouth but she didn't know if it was an answer to Sarah's question or a release from her intense pleasure.

"Are you turned on because you're laying over my lap in your underwear?" Sarah's hand caressed Laura from her garter belt down to her stocking tops. "Or is it the spanking, the slap of flesh against flesh that makes your pussy so wet?" Sarah brought her hand down on Laura's butt again with the hardest swat yet. Laura let out a squeal and almost came again. "Or is it this?" Sarah's finger found her sex again. Once she lubricated her finger she brought it back up and traced little circles over her anus.

Laura's body went ridged as she tried to hold off her orgasm. She couldn't come from those things, it was so very wrong. Her breath came in ragged gasps; she was too breathless to moan.

"You don't like any of this, do you?"

Laura shook her head frantically from side to side.

"I give you permission to like it. In fact I insist you like it. I want you to like it. If you understand me, come now." Sarah continued stroking Laura's anus as she brought her other hand down hard on Laura's bottom.

Laura came. Her sex flooded her panties and Sarah's lap in time with her convulsions. As the crashing wave of her orgasm began to subside, Laura realized she was crying into the couch.

Sarah stroked Laura's back and made soothing noises. "Was that a little too intense for you?" Laura nodded her head, unable to manage any more. "It was intense for me too, the first time Frank did it to me. Not as intense as it was for you, though. Give yourself a few minutes to calm down so we can finish your punishment."

"F-finish? Aren't you done?"

"No, my sweet. You're about to get a proper spanking." Sarah ran a slow, gentle finger up and down Laura's spine. "Honestly, I didn't think you'd come so hard and fast. I had no idea what a kinky little minx you are."

"I'm not kinky." Laura felt a little tingle of pride despite her words. Straight laced business owner Laura Westover was kinky!

"Then why did you come? I barely touched your pussy."

"I don't know."

"You squirted again. Somehow I imagine a woman has to be seriously turned on to do that."

"I... I'm not a pervert."

"Pervert?" Sarah stopped stroking Laura's back and patted her side. "Set up so we can talk. You need to understand something."

Laura got up but when she felt the cool air hit her thighs she hesitated. "I can't set, I'll ruin your couch."

"Go get a towel from the bathroom." Sarah stood and shrugged the robe off then tossed it to Laura. "Put that in there too."

Laura caught the robe, barely, distracted by Sarah's nude body. Sarah reclined on the couch, spreading her arms across the back and crossing her legs.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer."

Laura thought about it and realized Sarah was right, a picture of her posed like that was an excellent idea. "Do you have a camera?" Her arms were wide showing off her breasts and her crossed legs showed a hint of her pubic hair.

"Hurry up." The smirk vanished from Sarah's face and she brought her arms down to cover her breasts.

Sarah's spell wasn't broken, but Laura took the hint and walked her sexy walk to the bathroom. She intended to get a painting of Sarah in that pose on the couch. That kind of beauty shouldn't be wasted.

After Laura toweled herself off, she walked back to Sarah making sure her breasts jiggled the way Sarah liked. She laid a towel out on the couch bending at the waist to provide Sarah an excellent view of her swaying breasts. When she sat, she folded her arms under her breasts to better display her dark nipples. As she expected Sarah never stopped staring at her breasts.

"Now, about this spanking you want to give me. I think we can find better things to do with our time."

"You're supposed to be a little kinky." Sarah licked her lips as her hand drifted toward Laura's breasts. She checked the motion and forced herself to look at Laura's face. "Just because you enjoy something doesn't make you a bad person. If a little anal play turns you on, then it turns you on. We are willing adults. We aren't hurting anyone. If you have a problem with the things I like to do to you, you better speak up now. You gave yourself to me and I told you what it meant. I like touching you like that. In fact, I'm going to touch you like that a lot more."

"Well, if you like it, then . . . " Laura lost track of the conversation. For some reason Sarah never gained the confidence most adults took for granted. Less than half an hour ago Sarah could barely speak. Now she was laying down rules and insisting they be followed. Laura realized she gave Sarah that confidence. Sarah felt safe ordering Laura around and didn't worry about her walking out. Something about Laura completed Sarah the same way Sarah's desire to be in charge fulfilled Laura. Her heart skipped a couple beats in pure joy.

"If I like it, then what?" Sarah's confident voice brought Laura back to the moment.

"Then you'll do it. Like you said, I gave myself to you so there's nothing I can do about it now."

"I'm glad you understand. Now stand up and strip off those panties. You have an ass I want to turn red."

Laura didn't hesitate. She jumped to her feet and pushed her panties down her legs. She knew Sarah would spank her bottom red, but she also anticipated another mind-blowing orgasm. When Sarah finished spanking her, Laura had a little surprise of her own.

"This time when you crawl across my lap keep one leg on the floor. I want easy access to your pussy. I want to make sure you're actually being punished, not rubbing against whatever you can find to get off."

Laura moved on her hands and knees over Sarah's lap. "Before we get started my breast itches. Think you can scratch it for me real quick?"

Sarah's hand found Laura's breast and kneaded it. Laura felt her nipple harden between Sarah's fingers. She closed her eyes in bliss.

"Is this better?"

"Yes. You really know how to scratch my itch."

Sarah giggled and slapped Laura's rump. "Get down, I don't have all night, I have other things to do."

"Like what?"

"Like work on your vocabulary. I'm holding your tit, not your breast. I also want you to make me come. I like it when you make me come."

"Oh, I'll make you come all right." Laura settled down onto Sarah's naked lap. Sarah adjusted her position until Laura had one leg on the floor and her pussy exposed.

"There, that's how I want you. I can play with your pussy." Sarah cupped Laura's damp sex. "Or I can play with your asshole." Her finger caressed Laura's tight little rosebud. "But I won't do that. You're not going to distract me with another orgasm. Best of all, I can feel your pussy hair on my leg. Every time you wiggle I'll feel those little hairs tickle me."

Sarah gave Laura a good swat that made her damp pussy wetter and vibrated her clit. Sarah rubbed the pain out then brought her other hand down on the other cheek and rubbed the pain out again. Then she made Laura's butt sting in earnest with a flurry of blows. Although Sarah spent a lot of time rubbing Laura's bottom and pussy, Laura didn't enjoy it.

Laura gritted her teeth in pain. Sarah's hands covered her whole backside and went as low as mid thigh. Every time Laura decided to end this she remembered how distraught Sarah was when Laura came back. It didn't take someone with Laura's experience in reading people to figure out Sarah wanted to push Laura away to avoid being heartbroken later. For Sarah this wasn't about being in charge, sexual play, or even about punishment. It was about finding a way to deal with her fear.

Sarah wanted to be in charge but the way Laura left this morning showed how little control Sarah had. Knowing how frightened Sarah was is the only reason Laura didn't put a stop to the spanking. If the best way to help was to get her bottom spanked raw then so be it.

"You can get up now." Sarah sounded subdued instead of in control.

"I didn't think you were ever going to stop." Laura moved slow, her bottom felt on fire. She expected to remember this every time she sat for the next little while. "Am I forgiven?"

"There's nothing to forgive, it was supposed to be a game. I should have stopped when you came."

"Why didn't you?" Laura kept her voice casual, she didn't want Sarah to think she was angry.

"Why did you let me do that to you?"

"Why do you think?"

"I don't know, that's why I asked."

"Don't you remember?"

"Stop answering my questions with questions!" Sarah worked her thumbnail between her two top front teeth. "Why did you let me spank you for so long?"

"I gave myself to you. You said that meant you're in control. If I stopped you, it would be the same as saying you aren't in control."

"Not that much control. You're a strong woman, a leader. You shouldn't have sat there and taken it."

"I won't be setting down for a while." Laura smiled and gave Sarah a playful poke in her side to lighten the mood.

"Stop it. I'm serious." Sarah stopped biting her thumbnail and covered her breasts with her arm. "You were supposed to stop me, to fight back."

Laura frowned. This wasn't the conversation she expected to have. "Why was I supposed to fight back? I gave myself to you, I thought I wasn't supposed to fight back."

"Just because I get to call the shots doesn't mean you have to stop being a person."

"I want to relax when I'm with you which means I don't have to make decisions. I'm not going to stop being a person."

"I did." Sarah got up and went to the bathroom for her robe. Laura followed her.

"What are you talking about? You're still a person."

"I'm trying to be." Sarah pulled the robe on.

"This is about Frank." Laura knew when frank left it wounded Sarah to her core. Something Laura did this morning reminded Sarah of how frank treated her. "He did things like that to you, only it wasn't a game."

"He never spanked me or got remotely violent. Frank took charge and I let him until it became a habit to do what he said. I thought I had to so he would keep loving me."

"Only it didn't work." Laura pulled Sarah into a hug.

"He left me anyway. It destroyed me. I was helpless and pathetic. I don't want you to be that way."

"Don't worry about it." Laura chuckled. "It will never happen to me."

"How do you know?"

"My life doesn't revolve only around you. I'm sorry if that hurts, but it's true. I have my children and my job which give me plenty of balance. On the other hand I doubt you have any balance at all."

"I don't. Someday you'll get board and leave me like Frank did."

"No, I won't. Want to know why?"

Sarah nodded her head on Laura's shoulder.

"Because you're going to get balance too. Once you get a hobby or a job, your life will expand and you'll get balance. You might even get board with me."

"I don't have hobbies or even any skills to get a job."

"Then go to school or share my hobbies with me. See? Problem solved. Now you don't have to worry about me getting board and leaving or turning me into a weak minded woman."

"Are you sure?"

"I'd bet my company on it. If fact, I am betting my company on it. Do you feel better?"

"Yes, I think I do."

"Good, I only wish we had this talk before you decided to turn my bottom red. I don't think I'll be walking sexy for a bit."

"I won't do it again."

"I'm not saying that. If you'll recall, I got into it at the beginning. Next time don't get so carried away. Lets go take a shower." They both worked up a sweat while Sarah slapped Laura's bottom. "I've got a little surprise for you."

"Lead the way." Sarah grinned and Laura felt a little tension leave. Sarah was fine now. "I want to watch your ass, see how red it is."

"Red enough." Laura winced as she zipped her bag closed. She didn't want Sarah to get a peek at her surprise as they went up stairs.

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