tagNonHumanNaked Woman in the Forest Ch. 7

Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 7


Chapter 7: The Beastly Gangbang

After watching Judy twist and scream in sensual frenzy after putting a live mouse in her pussy, the creatures of the forest surrounded her, each of them anxious to have their way with her in a beastly gang bang.

Judy, still chained on her back across the flat wide rotting tree stump, the ants still biting and crawling all over her, found herself in a crazed kind of mental state, wanting to take them on.

The first "creature" to ravage her was the midget. This twisted little man, no more than three feet in height, surprised her when what she first perceived as a wrinkled snub cock began to expand into a very large organ.

He stood between her wide-spread legs, his crooked cock getting larger and larger in her hands as she fondled it. The other creatures circled them, all of watching with fascination and some of them gripping their own hardening cocks. All of this was especially erotic for Judy. She knew her nipples were erect, her vulva was wet and swollen and her clitoris was erect like a tiny penis.

The midget's cock was no more than seven inches in length, but it was unexpectedly wide. She would not have gotten not her hand around it. It was uncut, with heavy folds of foreskin hanging over the head even at full erection. A strong smelling fluid dripped from the folds as the creature moved into position, preparing to push it into her waiting pussy.

She laid back in the soft wood, raising her hips while his claw of a hand guided that thick rank cock into her. The midget drove it into her in one quick thrust. The thickness of his organ stretched her wide. She experienced a moment of pain…followed by unexpected pleasure. "Oh god yesssssss," she screamed. "Fuck me!!!"

The little creature was on top of her, his cock ramming deep into her, his little ass thrusting in quick little jerks. She had her hands on his ass, holding him in place, pulling him deeper as her legs pushed from the ground, raising her pussy to his great cock was penetrating her to the cervix. His head, just level with her swollen tits, was suddenly on her. His mouth sucked her left nipple so hard it hurt.

He came quickly…..his stubby cock suddenly exploding in violent jerks, the hot smelly spunk filling her. It triggered her to orgasm. She felt her body going stiff, her pussy going into strong muscular contractions. She was out of control, her chest now heaving, her head rolling, her eyes glazed, face flushed. Before it was over she realized she was screaming.

The midget was no sooner through with her and there was a large hairy creature towering over her. She could only describe him as a form of Bigfoot. He looked like a large hairy man, somewhat ape-like. And he had a distinct and unpleasant odor. His cock, a large hairy organ, also was hairy. It was more like an animal's cock than that of a man. Already erect, it stretched at least ten or eleven inches in length, was nearly as wide as the midget's cock, and also was uncut.

Still sensually aroused from the effects of her first orgasm, Judy opened her arms, inviting the beast to her. He fell upon her immediately, quickly sliding his massive cock into her dripping cum-filled cunt. This time she had her face on his chest…he was so large. His cock filled her, pushing deep. There was nothing she could do to help his creature. He simply had his way with her, fucking her hard as only a beast would do. His great cock filled her swollen, excited pussy. Judy had another orgasm….this one even more powerful than the first.

The muscular jerking and contractions of her pussy quickly forced the beast to climax. His massive hairy cock exploded in powerful bursts, his ejaculate gushing in hot spurts inside her. She tried to scream but her cries were muffled by the hairy folds of his chest pressing down on her face.

By the time he was finished with her, Judy was a jerking, still orgasmic wreck, her swollen pussy sore from the great size of the monster's cock. A flood of semen from the two creatures that had just fucked her was draining from her as she lay on the stump, her legs still parted, her hard-nippled tits still heaving.

The wolf man was the next one to come to her. He forced her up, turned her over on her knees, because he preferred this time to fuck her like a dog. That was his nature, since he was part canine. She got on her knees, raised her ass high, with her head on the ground, and felt him on her. His cock, also very large and powerful, surprised her when it first entered her pussy, then, well lubricated from the juices still in her, he penetrated her anus.

His entry was slow…..giving her anus muscles time to accept him. Once in her, however, he drove it deep into her. His hands gripping her tits, he now fucked her like a dog fucks a bitch. His long lanky cock reached right to her g-spot, triggering yet another powerful orgasm. She moaned, her fingers clawing the dirt as her body was overpowered by orgasmic ecstasy. She felt him exploding in her, his pulsating, throbbing cock pumping her ass full of his beastly seed.

Next to ravage Judy's swollen and dripping cunt was the creature. It was a twisted, distorted version of humanity, ugly beyond words. It had a face of a beast, with twisted brown protruding teeth, deep set eyes like black pools, and a lanky, hairless but very gnarly body. It's gender was clear since it had a cock that was probably the largest Judy had ever seen. Like that of a horse, it hung to the knees of the creature, and this monster was quite tall.

This thing came to her with caution…obviously because it had never known the touch of a woman before this. Judy took his massive organ in her hands and fondled it, letting him know that he was welcome. He fell to his knees between her legs, and she sat up, gently massaging and then masturbating his large cock, thrilling as it began to swell in front of her. It was not long before she was looking at a super cock . . . all of fourteen or fifteen feet in length, and thick as a man's fist, seeking release at the entrance to her already ravaged pussy.

Judy knew taking such a cock would be too much for her. "I will try to take some of it," she told the creature. "But don't push it too deep. You are like a horse."

The creature grunted and she wasn't sure it understood her. All she knew was that it was erect, and that animal instincts were driving it to want to fuck her. With a sigh she guided the massive head of the organ into her swollen, dripping vagina, gasping as she felt it pushing through her hands and deep into her. He was not to be stopped!!! A strange grin could be seen on his face as he fell on her, pushing that monster cock deeper and deeper.

Judy moaned as the pain of the massive thing pushed her pussy to its limits. And still it came. He did not stop until his great penis was buried in her. Then he fucked her, ramming her in hard, driving strokes. She screamed. She came to yet another orgasm and it was extreme. Her entire body jerked as she stiffened, her flushed face dripping in sweat, her tits heaving as she gasped for breath.

Still the creature fucked her, ramming her over and over again until suddenly, it too, stiffened, the cock began to pulsate and jerk, and then it began pumping its load of hot sticky spunk into her. She surrendered to the creature as the ecstasy of the moment overpowered her. The great cock gave her extreme pain and pleasure at the same time. She experienced what seemed to be an unending orgasm now…

And thus it went that day. All of the creatures of the forest had their turn with her. She went for hours in constant orgasm until at last…she passed into unconsciousness. Her naked body dripping with their cum, her ravaged pussy and asshole dripping with blood. All of the creatures knew fulfillment, some of them more than once, and they took it at her expense. It took her days to recover enough just to walk again.

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