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Nameetha – Getting into Stardom


Nameetha, 18, voluptuous and beautiful new face. One of my so called Directors brought her along with her parents. She was wearing a tight jeans and tank top. I told her parents that we need to take some test shoots, asked them to leave and return after four hours. They immediately left the place leaving the beauty for me. He made her to sign some of the documents (few of them are blank) as a part of contract.

Director explained her, the scene. Hero married her on compulsion. On First Night, the hero not even wants to see her face. So she has to somehow seduce him and make love. Nameetha was bit hesitant to do the scene. But she is so desperate to get the chance as heroine. It was her childhood dream to become a star.

First he asked her to change into traditional first night saree. To make the scene hotter, he asked her not to wear any undergarments. She went to the change room and peeled off her jeans and tops. I was watching her thro' hidden cameras, which covers her juicy body in various angles. Then slowly she removed her bra and panties as instructed. Now she is stark nude. My cock is tearing my shorts to screw her then and there. But I love to play the waiting game.

Nameetha put the blouse on, which could not hold her titties fully. More than half of her boobs are visible. Then she wore the petticoat & saree and finally came out. Director asked me to act as hero and he will handle the camera himself. I 'reluctantly' agreed for the arrangement.

I sat on my king size bed. Director asked Nameetha to approach me seductively and asked her to dance to a sexy song. She started dancing seductively. At one stage, Director asked her to drop the pallu. Nameetha refused it straight away saying it will expose too much and censor will object it anyway.

He told her that the camera will be covering her facial expressions only and to have that seductive look she has to do that. Nameetha finally agreed upon and dropped her pallu and continued her dance. He caught her pallu and disrobed her saree fully. Once the song is over, he asked me to lie down on the bed and told Nameetha to mount on me and seduce me.

She was very shy and it took lot of convincing, threatening from director to make Nameetha fall on me. Now her boobs are pressing against my bare chest and my cock is pressing hard against her petticoat. He asked her to kiss me passionately and aggressively. She planted a kiss on my lips and I started chewing hers. Even after all this hot action, the director seems to be not convinced with Nameetha's performance. So he asked me to help her to become more expressive. I started licking her earlobes and squeezing her ass. Slowly Nameetha getting aroused and I raised her petticoat exposing her milky white thighs to camera. I raised her and lay her on her back and started exploring her. Due to my tricks she got so aroused that she could be able to stop me anymore. I slowly unbuttoned Nameetha's blouse one by one. I opened her blouse from front. Wow! What a pair of globes. I placed my hands on her breasts and started kneading it. I crushed her nipples so hard, it became red. Then I took right breast in my mouth and started chewing it.

Meanwhile, director dutifully untied her petticoat and pulled it down exposing her lovely pussy to me. I inserted my right hand middle finger in her honey pot and slowly going into great depths. Suddenly my finger touched something very flimsy. I was shell shocked. This beauty is a virgin. How come guys left her alone, I wondered? This is my lucky day. I inserted my index finger also and started finger fuck her. Now Nameetha is breathing heavily and moaning. An orgasm was building in her and will explode anytime. Smelling the right opportunity, I pulled my shorts down and slowly started to mount her.

I took my 10" cock and placed it on her cunt opening. I slightly pushed it in and went up to two inches and then faced her hymen's resistance. I pulled my cock back and inserted up to her hymen. Like that, I was teasing her cunt. Nameetha is in ecstasy and literally begging to be fucked. Now I completely withdrew my cock and one hard thrust I penetrated her. My cock tore her hymen and broken her virginity.

Nameetha cried in pain. I started pumping her. Slowly I increased my speed and settled in good rhythm. Her pain became pleasure and she had her first orgasm in life. While screwing her I crushed her boobs with my chest and her whole body is beneath me. I was fucking her 15 more minutes rigorously and then unloaded my seeds deep inside her. It took full five minutes for both of us to regain.

Then only Nameetha realized what had happened to her. She started crying and accused me of raping her and she will go to the police. I threatened her with blank papers she signed and grabbed her to my side and asked the director to play the tape. Nameetha saw herself seducing me, dropping her pallu, mounting on me and planting a passionate kiss. And she saw in detail, her own deflowering almost with her consent. I told her that anybody who sees this video will think that she raped me and not otherwise.

I made it clear, what her fate is. I told her that I own her and she should not allow any other person to touch. She will be acting only in my banner. Finally she gave in and accepted me as her master. So another sexy slave added to my harem.

Then I asked the director to get out and thrown her on my bed again. This time Nameetha responded very well with full consent. I screwed passionately and thoroughly enjoyed her luscious body.

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