Namesake's Legacy


"It's ok honey. You did what you had to. Besides I am a sucker for strong men."

She reached back and gave my leg a tender squeeze. She then got up partially and pulled down her skirt. There in front of my face was a generous red bottom. She wore a lavender thong. "Please honey, rub it gently for me. It still stings".

I massaged her lovely ass. I heard her moan softly.

"I'm sorry I hurt you".

"No baby, don't be sorry. I guess I had it coming," She whispered.

I didn't know how to respond to that. Perhaps I was just too preoccupied with feeling her smooth, tender fleshy cheeks. Before I could think of anything to say, mom said,
"Oh Russ, we've had a terrible time haven't we?"

"Yeah mom, it's been pretty crappy. I mean, shit we've lost everything. But we still have each other right?"

Mom began to cry. It was soft at first but sobs followed shortly after.

"Russell honey, I am so sorry," she sobbed, "I didn't know Dan was such a crook."

"Mom, it's ok. I know it wasn't your fault." I continued to caress her scantily clad behind.

"I can't help it help it. I feel terrible for all you've been through," She declared, "Just so you know, it wasn't as it seemed with Rick Crandle. He was trying to date your sister, and I just wanted to put a stop to it. He agreed to meet me and I threatened to tell his wife after he wanted to give me money for sex. I just feel so rotten about everything."

"Mom, It will be alright."

"Russ honey, I just feel so bad. I can't help it I feel like I need to be punished. Please spank me again hard."

"What?" Ok call me dense to question an invitation like that, but I was nineteen and she was my own mother after all.

"I've done other bad things too," She sobbed, "The other night I was in you room looking for the car keys. You left your computer on. I saw all the pictures and videos you look at. I'm so sorry, but if it would make it up to you spank me. Please honey spank mommy, just like those dirty videos. Spank me please!"

"You looked at my computer?" I was incredulous. Yikes, did she see the incest stories? Privacy had always been a sacred practice in our household. I did not need any more prompting.

Slap! My hand against the bare flesh of her ass made completely different sound and had an incredibly fantastic feel to it. It was intoxicating.

"Ouch, I know I shouldn't have done that Russ," She hissed between sobs.

Now I was thinking that I'm glad she had done it. Slap! Slap! Slap! "You knew how much I hate having my privacy invaded".

"Ouch, "She cried, "I'm sorry honey I was wrong to do it. Ouch! Spank me harder".



I was really into it by then. Emulating the videos I'd watched, I rained down some pretty hard blows on her quivering ass. Mom squealed and cried.

"Oh honey that really hurts. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry. Really I am".

"Tell me you won't ever get into my computer again". Slap, slap, slap.

"I won't I promise honey, I wont. Ah, please stop it's really stinging now." She tearfully pleaded.

I spanked her a few more times and ended with a hard resonating slap.

"Ouch! OUCH!" She cried out.

I rubbed her inflamed flesh for awhile until her crying subsided. She just laid across my lap, sniffling. After what seemed as an eternity, she spoke up.

"Thank you. I really needed that. Whenever, I felt bad about something I did, I always felt better after a good spanking. You were quite good at it. My daddy spanked me like this well into my twenties."

She got up and stood in front me. Her back was turned to me and her ass was at face level. She looked over her shoulder, "Look at how red you made it."

She didn't really give me time to reply. "And look at you. You're quite inflamed yourself".

She kneeled down in between my knees, looking directly at my bulging crotch.

"That looks like it may need some attention." She whispered. She released my cock from my shorts, "Oh my that is so beautiful. Just sit back and let me take care it."

She first took off her blouse. She then ran a finger over the length of my shaft.

"Let mommy take care of you."

The sight of her tits mesmerized me. They bounced rhythmically in her brassiere as she stroked my throbbing member. It didn't take long at all until my whole body stiffened and I spurted. She caught my cum in her blouse as she moaned along with me.

Mom got up and kissed me on the cheek. "This should have never happened. Now you go to bed and we'll talk about this tomorrow. I love you honey. And know that I have no regrets".

"Mom, this was amazing", I stammered.

"Shush," She placed her finger over my mouth, "Tomorrow. Let's sleep on it for now".

She walked away and started up the stairs. Half way up she looked over her shoulder. With a sheepish smile she said "I enjoyed it too, honey."

She then continued her climb. She rubbed her thong framed red bottom with her hand.

I couldn't sleep. I paced the small floor space of my room, mulling over what had happened. I wanted to talk to her, to see her, to feel her. I was hard again, the memory of what happened teased me to no end.

After about an hour that seemed like a millennium, I padded down the hall towards mom's room. I listened at the door, nothing. How I wanted to knock, to just barge in, crawl into bed with her. Something about the way she said goodnight, told me that would not be the right thing to do. Go figure, a nineteen-year-old who listened to something other than his prick. Back in my room however, my prick demanded relief and I furiously complied a couple more times before I was able to fall into fitful sleep.


I awoke mid morning to a quiet house. It was Saturday both our day off. There was no note from mom as to her plans for the day. I tried to occupy my self as best as I could as the day dragged on. I thought of countless scenarios and what I would tell her. I had to convey to her how much I wanted her. In a million ways I justified my incestuous desires. I hoped to no end that she would want me too.

I tried to restrain myself from jerking off. Hell, I knew that my sexual stamina had limits. I was hoping that I would get another turn with her.

I played my bass. I surfed the net, no porn. I went running, dodging puddles from last night's storm. Endlessly and compulsively, I rehearsed what I was going to say to her. Nothing sounded right in my churning mind. The day dragged on and on. I took a cool shower. It didn't help. I always hated cold ones.

After drying myself I wore some lounge pants and a tank top. I went downstairs. In the kitchen I grabbed a can of soda from the fridge. Her voice startled me. I spun to see her standing in the door-way.

"I don't suppose we can just pretend that nothing happened last night." She said softly with averted eyes.

"Mom, I…". I stammered. Damn it, nothing intelligent came out. That was not how I rehearsed what I wanted to say. Then again, what could have I possibly or even plausibly said. If this were one of those incest stories I'd read, the son would just forcibly tear her clothes off, spank and humiliate his mom before fucking her. While that image was quite sexy, I was not about to force myself on her. It just wasn't who I was.

"Russ, please sit down we must talk."

She motioned me to the kitchen table. We both sat opposite each other. She rested her chin in both her hands. Her elbows were on the table. With a sigh she began.

"First I would like you to know that I am fully responsible for what happened last night…"

"Mom, hold on a minute…" I wanted to protest. I wanted to let her know that it was all right.

"Hush, please honey" She reached across the table and put a finger on lip, "I've thought long and hard about what I am going to say. So please just let me go on without interruption

"As I said what happened was all my doing. I am responsible. So I just hope that what happened has not offended you and scared you or creeped you out. And if it has made you feel bad in any way I sincerely apologize. I'll do anything to make amends."

Again, I took a deep breath mustering the effort tell her its ok. She sensed my intent and stayed me with a gentle pat on my arm.

"Russ, you and your sister are all I have. We are all we have. I don't want anything to get in the way of that. We have been through so much. And you have been a rock for the both of us. Please I don't want to ruin that. I love you and respect you so much. Also I beg you to be completely honest with me as you always have been and I'll do the same."

She placed both hands on my hands. She bit her lip and looked at me with an expression that I understood to say, 'Well?'

"Ok mom, here goes," Now it was my turn to take a deep breath, "There is nothing to apologize for. I can't imagine that our mutual love and respect will ever change. Not for this or anything. I will always be there for you. So please whatever you do, don't feel bad.

"Besides, mom, it's not like you forced me," I chuckled triumphantly at the memory, "I mean I could have stopped it at anytime".

"Don't bullshit me Russ," She said with a hint of smile, "I know how guys think and nineteen year old guys at that. You could not have stopped that any more than you could have stopped the sun rising this morning."

"Ok you've got a point there. But you still don't need to apologize ok"?

"Against my better judgment I am inclined to believe you Russ." She smiled briefly, before her brow furrowed, "God I was so vulnerable and weak. Do you feel what we did was wrong"?

"Aw come on mom!" I cried out, "Its only wrong if you beat your self up about it. It did me no damage. I still love you like I always have. And besides if you want honesty, well I enjoyed it. In fact if I get the chance…"

"Russ, it was very clear you enjoyed it," She smiled fondly, interrupting me, "I meant what I said last night I enjoyed it too. I want you understand where I'm coming form, how I let this happen. Just listen, please.

"Though I've had several lovers over the past couple of decades or so, only two have been totally fulfilling sexually. Those two have been the two men I've stayed with the longest. Dan was one of them. Looking back at the first several years he was a good choice. But something happened to him later, its like he changed or got bored, greedy. Who knows? What a sonofabitch!

"The first one, hmm, well he moved me the most. He died and broke my heart. He was my first true love. And that's a story for another time. I will tell you this, I'm not talking about your father, sorry to say.

"What they had in common was how we clicked together sexually. I'm not sure that I should be telling you this at all. But I don't think that telling is anymore drastic than what happened last night. I do want you to understand ok?"

"Mom, its fine," I said in soothing voice, my curiosity getting the best of me, "I want to hear about this".

"You see they were both into spanking. And sometimes they liked being somewhat forceful. Don't get me wrong, I am not into severe pain, humiliation or abuse. They knew how to use just the right amount of force to make it edgy. We were so uninhibited and obscene. And unlike some of my other failed relationships, these guys could also be gentle and passionate lovers. Though sometimes the balance of power seemed to tip in their direction in bed, they knew how to read me and fulfill my needs. It just turned me on so much when they gently asserted themselves. Yet, they treated me as an equal and true partner in and out of bed. It is a rare man that can be that versatile".

She gently stroked my forearms across the table. She continued, "So last night Russ. I was feeling so vulnerable and tired. When you and I argued it escalated. It's that notorious O'Hern temper that we both have. But then, I don't know, something happened. I mean I wasn't drunk. You just reminded me of my first love, so much it practically hurt. I could somehow see him in the way you acted, in the way you looked at me"

"You know what we did last night is considered wrong by many people?"

"Mom, I don't think that spanking is wrong if both parties agree to it."

"What we did last night is INCEST Russ! Not some hot story off the Internet. The real thing".

"What we did last night was incredible mom. It felt awesome, beyond words".

"I know honey, I enjoyed it as well." She said softly before her tone changed, "But what we did is considered wrong. No matter what happens you can't tell a soul, not your sister, your best friend, no one".

"Mom, you should already know I wouldn't".

"Russ, what happened last night felt very loving to me. Do you understand what I am saying?" A single tear streaked down her cheek.

"Mom, I still love you so much. I always have and always will. You know that don't you?" I held her hands.

"No matter what, promise me we won't lose that." She squeezed my hands.

"I would be able to stand it if we ever lost it mom. I'll always love you".

Mom stood up and released my hand with a final squeeze. "Russell baby, I am glad we had this talk. I am so relieved that we see things eye to eye. If you ever want anything from me, all you have to do is take it. Remember, I can't resist my man when he is forceful. Anything honey and anytime…"

With a seductive smirk and throaty chuckle she turned and walked down the hall. The swaying of her hips mesmerized me. It took a few seconds for it to register. She actually offered herself to me. The one thing I had been obsessing about all of last night was offered to me!

Our talk though, had brought me back to earth. I realized a higher level of purpose and responsibility about my lust. And I recognized that my fantasies held a deeper meaning. Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, mom had transformed into a sexual and spiritual being. I just wanted to commune with her.

I caught up to her half way down the hall. My mind must have been racing at light speed, as she wasn't that far away. She turned to me as I embraced her. Our mouths locked and our tongues danced furiously with each other.

We stood there kissing and groping each other. Her back was pressed against the wall. Our breath was frantic and hungry. It seemed like an eternity, a wonderful visit to nirvana. I kissed her neck, nibbling on her soft flesh.

She moaned passionately as I fondled her breasts. She wore a crew neck cotton shirt. I could not feel a bra. The more I squeezed the more passionate her moans became.

"Mom I want you so bad," I whispered kissing her ear.

"Then take me baby," She exhaled. She squeezed my stiff member, "Mmm, hard."

I put my lips on hers wanting to kiss her. As my tongue probed for hers she bit down on my lip. At first it felt pleasant almost exciting. Then it began to sting. I pulled away. I tried again. And again she bit my lips. This time I was afraid she might have drawn blood. The skin was definitely broken.

"Ouch," I pulled my mouth back.

"How bad do you want me, Russ?" She hissed, "Take me, take me!"

I tried to pull her skirt down and ended up ripping it off her. Mom's breathing and her moans told me I was on the right track. Reaching behind her I fumbled a bit before I was able to snake my hand through the strap of her thong. She renewed her struggle as I ripped them off. I thought they my have been light blue. I did not care about their color. I threw back the taters of her skirt and panties. I managed to slap her ass a couple of times. She yelped, moaning.

"Is this what you want mother?" It came out as a growl.

"Yes baby, yes," She pleaded, "Take me Russ. Take me hard".

I released my cock. I picked her up by upper thighs pinning her back to the wall. My hands cupped the globes of her ass. I was amazed how easy I was able to bury cock completely into her pussy. She was wet and wonderfully snug.

Gradually building up momentum I thrust into her. I kneaded her ass. I was fucking my own mother and I was delirious with lust. Our thighs collided with sucking sounds.

"OH, Russ, fuck me baby, fuck me hard." She screamed, "Cum with me, now please cum".

I was already thrusting furiously. It did not take me long to feel that momentary weakness in my legs, the skip of heart's beat that preceded a mind blowing orgasm.

"Oh shit mom. I'm cumming…right…now".

"Russell-l, ba-by-y, I can feel you cuming inside me, this is incredible!"

I just held her up against the wall. Her body was limp but she held on tight with her arms wrapped around my neck. Our staccato breathing echoed in the hall. Slowly my mind came back to the present. I opened my eyes to see my mom beautiful green eyes smiling back at me. We kissed slowly and passionately.

Slowly she got down. With her eyes locked onto mine, mom removed her shirt. She looked spectacular, naked. Her breasts were medium sized and pendulous. Her nipples were still hard. She had a trimmed bush that exposed her smoothly shaved lips.

"You are so beautiful mom".

"Russ, I'm nude before you. Naked in front of my own son," She smiled, "Now its your turn honey".

It didn't take long to take my shirt off and step out my lounge pants. My penis however, was coming back to life. Mom noticed it. With an exaggerated flourish she curtsied before it.

"Thank you kind sir for your most timely and kind compliment". She giggled, "I hear by declare the beginning of naked day. No clothes allowed for the next twenty four hours".

We embraced and kissed again. "Mom, lets go upstairs, we have so much more to do and we have less than twenty four naked hours to do it in".

I followed her upstairs, leering at her nude form. My cock grew harder with every rung I climbed.

Mom's bed was spacious. We cuddled and kissed. We explored each other's bodies with our hands, our mouths and just by pressing our flesh into each other. She smelled wonderful and tasted better. Her attention to my body sent shivers through my soul. I hoped that my touch and my kisses were doing the same for her. We moved with each other, like an intricate tango that injected me with confidence that we were on a path of mutual bliss.

I tasted her. Licked her shaved pussy lips. Tickling her clit with my tongue, she shuddered and squealed as she came. My face was drenched with her sweet juice. I was quite a turn-on to have eaten my own mom to climax.

My turn was next. She stroked my cock. She pushed it between her tits. I came in her mouth as she lovingly licked and sucked me dry.

I lost track of time. We stayed in her bedroom for most of the day. We talked, laughed, touched and kissed. She prepared some food mostly stuff you could eat with your fingers. In her room bathed in candlelight, sipping wine, we fed each other with care.

"Russ, honey?" She head rested on my chest. Her arms cradled her head. I stroked her hair as we looked into each other's eyes, "Are you ok with this?"

"It's perfectly fine your head is not that heavy and I can still breath" The playful sarcasm was obvious.

"Come on silly you know what I mean. We spent a good part of the day naked, making love and fucking. Do you any problem with this? I am your mom, still."

"Mom this is incredible and you know I feel this way. You are still my mom and I still love you."

"Russ, this is not what typical mom's do with their sons."

"Well too bad for them. I guess then we are lucky and special," I scrutinized her face to read her expression, "Are you ok with this mom?"

"Hey, I'm still lying here naked with my own handsome son, aren't I?" she chuckled and nudged me with an elbow, "But you know what this is?"

"Incest!" I interrupted, "It's just another word. It can mean a lot of things."

"Hmm, incest, such an interesting word. It can be so many things...not like say the word murder or theft, those can be so final and clear. But incest, can be such a hot word, don't you think?"

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