Naming A Town


September 29, 1912
Sacred Assumption Convent
121 State Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

Your Excellency:

I write this in the hopes of persuading the Archdiocese of New Orleans to consider granting more monies to the Sacred Assumption Convent. We are in dire straits due to the recent season of storms that have ravaged not only our properties, but have also ravaged our foods sources.

In addition to the perils these storms have visited upon us, we have been implored to provide charity to our neighboring patrons and devotees. You have, no doubt, seen the effects on our Archdiocese; the storms themselves were catastrophic enough, but when the waters receded, the hordes of mosquitoes were quite maddening indeed. These mosquitoes, of course killed far more persons than any storm ever could have. We here at Sacred Assumption Convent are not excluded from these sufferings. We lost two of our caretakers to illness. Since they were Negroes, they will be scarcely missed, but it does present some strain to our upkeep.

We have also acquired nine more orphans the storms, and the ensuing illnesses have produced. This brings our current charge to forty two children, all under the age of eighteen years.

There were four infants of under one years of age, one male and three females. All females possessed the name Elizabeth Ann Bailey. To avoid duplication, if you will review your records, you will note that we already house two Elizabeth Ann Baileys of the ages of sixteen years of age and twelve years of age respectively, I have taken it upon myself to christen these girls with new names.

Please add the following names to your records for Sacred Assumption Convent, in ascending order of age.

Rachael Ann Baylor, formerly Elizabeth Ann Bailey, age four months.
Michael Thomas O’Brien, age four months.
Theresa Lucille Bailey, formerly Elizabeth Ann Bailey, age nine months.
Mary Catherine Baylor, formerly Elizabeth Ann Bailey, age ten months.

The following two are twin males.

Paul Robert O’Malley, age four years.
Thomas Richard O’Malley, age four years.
Margaret Ann O’Malley, age seven years, sister to Paul and Thomas O’Malley.
Samantha Nicole Hebert, age seven years.
Rebecca Lynne Broussard, age ten years.

Again, Your Excellency, I implore you to consider our needs; I implore that you be most generous and gracious in your consideration of our needs.

Yours in Christ,

Mother Lucille Baylor.


August 9, 1930
1 DeGarde Chateau
Lafayette, Louisiana

My Dearest Theresa:

How I miss you. We both knew that this day would come but I kept hoping and praying that somehow God would see fit that you and I would forever be together. But no matter how many novenas I offered or tears I shed, it was for naught.

Michael and I have arrived at our stead; he as groundskeeper and I as maid. I cannot help but snicker at the thought of Michael as groundskeeper for you and I both know that it has always been I to assist in keeping the grounds of Sacred Assumption Convent. But Lady Emily DeGarde deemed it more fitting for our sexes to be employed as such.

I cannot help but think, should she have seen how Michael Thomas O’Brien screamed, then fainted as we flew from the air field of New Orleans to the airfield of Lafayette, she would relegate our duties in a more fitting manner. But be assured, I shall do my duties to my fullest abilities.

Let me describe to you our employer, Lady Emily DeGarde. To my unknowing eyes, she appears to be of forty years of age. Her face has some lines and her hair has some strands of silver amongst the black. She stands a mere five feet in height, mot much taller than Mother Superior Agnes, and much more slender than Mother Superior Agnes.

Oddly enough, though, Lady Emily dresses in a manner that is somewhat disconcerting; she dresses as if she is still a child at her mother’s knee. She also participates in childish games.

I simply must tell you of our very first meeting.

When our aeroplane had come to a halt, Michael and I were met by a colored man driving an automobile. Our baggage was loaded, and we were taken to Lady Emily’s estate, Far East of Lafayette; I was sure we were to drive all the way back to New Orleans, we drove so far.

As the colored man bade us leave the automobile, I heard hard soled shoes striking the ground. I glanced and saw a small boy running toward us; head covered by cloth cap, shirt with no collar attached, and short pants. His small face was displaying all the charms of a youth engaging in mischief, so as he ran past, I did what I have done so many times in the past when the boys of Sacred Assumption misbehaved; I reached out and yanked the boy off his feet.

The boy yelled for me to let him go and called me several quite hurtful names. Then the child had the cheek to bite me, quite hard, on my nose.

I was so shocked, both by the savage bite, and by the vile names I had been called that I relinquished my hold on the youth.

As he ran off, the colored man laughed and said to myself and Michael that we had now met our matron, Lady Emily DeGarde.

I stared at him n confusion; he could not have meant that Lady Emily DeGarde was, in fact, a boy. Then we heard more hard soled shoes running and a woman, dressed in the clothing of a young boy ran past us. This time, there was no mistaking the gender of the person; the male clothing did not suppress woman’s bosom or hips.

We were told that the woman was our superior, Miss Chloe Hebert.

We entered the front of the building, each carrying our own baggage and a colored woman dismissed the man, and then showed us to the third floor of the house.

My room was adjacent to Michael’s room and we shared a common washroom. In

Glancing out of my window, I could see Chloe; she had the small boy kneeling in front of her and seemed to be bouncing her belly against the posterior of the boy.

The colored woman shocked me tremendously when she too glanced out the window and declared that Chloe had found Lady Emily’s hiding place and was now exacting her punishment. I confessed that I may have hindered Lady Emily, but the colored woman just laughed all the harder and confided that Lady Emily always hides in the same place, hoping to be caught and then punished.

It was nearly dark by then so we were given our evening meal and bade good night’s rest. Our duties would be explained to us in the morning.

It grows late; I will close this letter for now, my dear Theresa. But know this; I still taste your lips, I still feel your flesh against mine. Time will never erase those memories from my heart, my dear Theresa.


Rachael Ann Baylor.


August 16, 1930
1 DeGarde Chateau
Lafayette, Louisiana

My dearest Theresa:

Once weekly, we are to take the automobile to Lafayette to procure our perishable goods, and to deliver the post. I do plan to write to you at least one letter a week now that I know of our schedule.

And of such, I must tell of our employ. Our very first morning, we were roused from our slumber by Chloe Hebert, our supervisor. She allowed us but little time to perform our morning constitutionals, and then measured us for our work costumes. To my utter embarrassment, she did this together. I had to stand, in my undergarments, in front of Michael. I am sure my face was nearly as red as a fresh tomato. To compound my discomfort, she said that we were to wear our costumes without the benefit of our undergarments.

This of course would be of no concern, if the costumes were of acceptable length and decorum, but they are not. My costume has a bodice that bares much of my bosom, which, as you may remember, is quite ample. The skirt of the costume barely reaches my knee, exposing my calf to whomever cares to look.

Michael, because he shall labor outdoors, is allowed a shirt and collar as well as full length trousers and hard soled boots. He also has a short cap to cover his fair head.

For myself, Chloe began to have me don a cap, but then tugged on my hair and said that she could not bear the thought of covering my beautiful locks

I promptly gave Michael a drubbing with my fist as he laughed at Chloe’s statement. But I must agree; none but this woman has ever space of my auburn locks as beautiful.

My duties are simple, really. I am the maid in charge of the second floor which contains the sleeping quarters, library, and billiards and card room of the house. There are two colored girls to care for the kitchen, dining area, and parlor of the first floor.

And it was while I was in the library that I had my second meeting with our employer, Lady Emily.

Theresa, as you may remember, I was a voracious reader, much enjoying the works of Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Byron and Keats. These tomes were available, lining the shelves of the east wall. The northern wall and western wall, however, had volumes of the like which have never graced, nay, disgraced the library of Sacred Assumption. I had stepped onto the ladder to dust the upper shelves and naturally skimmed along the titles of these books. Have you ever heard of ‘The Memoirs of Fanny Hill’ or ‘A Collection of Tales from The Pearl?’ No respectful woman should ever read such prurient, salacious filth!

But I was on the ladder, dusting the top shelf, nearly a dozen feet off the ground when I heard the rustle of clothing beneath me. I glanced over my shoulder and espied a girl standing directly behind me, peering quite intently up my skirt.

I clutched my skirt to myself and harshly told the child to run along. Instead of running, though, the child had the impertinence to comment on the color of the hair covering my cleft. She called it a coo instead of a cleft, though.

Then, the insolent urchin had the audacity to ask if I was literate; if I could read a story to her before her mid-day repose.

Again, I loudly demanded that she remove herself at once. I must have been quite loud because Chloe came in to see what the noise was about. Then she bade me to come down the ladder and be formerly introduced to my employer, Lady Emily DeGarde.

Theresa, Lady Emily DeGarde was the naughty child. I could hardly find my voice as Chloe introduced me to this woman. All I could do was staring in an impolite manner at this woman that dressed in the short dresses of a child. Her dark hair is cut quite short, and is held in place with the hair ribbons of a child. The dress itself was of a pale yellow and reached down to mid-thigh. I very nearly expected her to raise the hem and expose to me her diaper.

Again, she asked if I could read and I did admit that I am quite well versed in the classics, along with a few of the more modern literature.

Then this woman turned to Chloe and demanded that I be made to read to her.

She then curtsied, razing the hem of her short costume, and I saw that she did not have on any diaper, as I had feared. Much worse; she too was without undergarments.

The book which Chloe obtained was entitled ‘Risqué and Ribald Bedtime Tales.’ I dutifully followed the woman to Lady Emily’s bedchamber where Lady Emily was already in the sleeping garment of a child.

I asked which tale she would like read and she very quickly demanded Tale one hundred and twelve.

I was only three pages into the story when I heard Lady Emily’s deep rumbling snores. Very unladylike, I assure you. But I simply had to finish the tale; I was absolutely entranced by the very vulgarity of the words!

I shall do my best to tell you that the tale had to do with a dutiful daughter allowing her father the liberties of herself that only a husband should avail of his wife. The daughter did much more than gives her father the rights to her cleft, though. She also used her mouth on his manhood. But when the author hinted that the father would ask for the daughter to surrender her fundament, I shut the book forthwith.

So, my dearest Theresa that is my charge. I care for the home and possessions of a woman that regards herself as a child, surrounded by the staff that entertains her notions, and am forced to read the writings of depraved imaginations.

And of course, Michael is of no assistance. He must wake before I and is quite often late arriving to the third floor. I do not find myself lacking his uninspiring wit and conversation, though. I do find myself quite often thinking of you, of your sweet kisses and tender touches. Oh, Theresa, if only I were a man! I would then betroth myself to you!

But I cannot, so must contend myself with dreams of you.


Rachael Ann Baylor


August 30, 1930

1 DeGarde Chateau
Lafayette, Louisiana

My Dearest Theresa,

I have very exciting things to write to you in this post. Lucas, the colored man that drives Michael and myself to town once a week decided that Michael or I needed to learn to drive, for those days when he is unable to perform those duties.

Michael proved that he is incapable of this, very nearly striking a tree before we were even out of sight of DeGarde Chateau. He then proceeded to stall the automobile three times in a row. Lucas then showed me how to operate the motorcar and said that I managed quite well.

So, I am now the second floor maid and the only other person in the house to possess the rights to operate the motorcar.

Aside from this, though, my employ here at 1 DeGarde Chateau is quite disconcerting. Lady Emily seems to delight in tormenting me. She quite often hides in the linen closet, which is located in the wash room, springing out as I am relieving myself. She also enjoys peering through the keyhole as I bathe.

When I am seated, reading to her from her quite lewd tomes, she attempts to peer up my skirt, or down my bodice. She makes no attempts to be discrete and will quite often comment on the loveliness of my form and coloring.

She also avails herself of spirits and will become greatly intoxicated. I do not know where she has procured the spirits as the Volstead Act makes possession of, or consumption of such illegal. Chloe has said to me, though, that when one has the amount of monies that Lady Emily possesses, there are very few laws that govern.

But it is when she is intoxicated that I fear fro my virtue and my very life. When she is of the mood, she will display to me her father’s collection of rifles, pistols, swords, daggers and knives. It would seem that Captain DeGarde was in the employ of the Army and even rode with Theodore Roosevelt. Lady Emily makes the claim that she is quite proficient with Captain DeGarde’s entire arsenal.

The first time she showed me the collection, which is on prominent display in the billiards room, she took down a vicious looking sword, hefted it, and swiped at me with it. I screamed as the blade very nearly striking me. She then ordered me to remove my costume.

Chloe ran into the room to see why I had screamed, thus saving me from having to disrobe. I do avoid that room, particularly when I hear Lady Emily going into the room. But if summoned, I do go; it is my position, after all.

Theresa, how I miss you, how I long for you, long to have you in my arms. I shall dream of you, my set, lovely Theresa.


Rachael Ann Baylor


October 19, 1930

1813 Good Children
New Orleans, Louisiana

My dearest Rachael,

I too miss you and do pray that God Himself deem it so that we can be together again. I still remember that one night that you so brazenly slipped into my cot and gave me such wanton pleasure with your mouth. At night, the loneliness and the longing grow so great that I do touch my own cleft and imagine it is your hand.

Rachael, I am quite dissatisfied with my position here as Dr. Kimble’s governess. He is quite the surgeon, or so the staff tell me, but he is rarely home to mind his own children. The children, an eight year old boy and a five year old girl, are intolerable creatures that believe themselves the better of me. They do not mind my requests, are often ill-tongued, quite disrespectful to myself and to the other staff. They seem to delight in reminding us that we are not their father or their mother and therefore cannot tell them how to conduct themselves.

The father? He is so cowed by his own children that he will not tell them to mind us. As I said, I am told that he is a brilliant surgeon. I wish that he would perform a surgery on his children and remove their impertinent tongues. Perhaps he could perform a surgery upon himself and give himself a backbone with which to stand up to these cretins he has sired.

I did not wish to spend my time writing this letter in spiteful complaints but I simply must tell someone or I shall burst.

And I do have a query; in your earlier correspondence, you stated that ‘The Town Bull’ penned by the infamous John Cleland is no prose that any respectful woman would ever read. My dear Rachael, how would you know this? Unless you have done what no respectful woman would do and actually read the book?

I am sure your lovely freckles are all but obscured by your profound blush!

Oh my dear Rachael, I do remember a time or two that I caused your blush and laugh now, remembering those times.

Alas, I must end this letter; Earl is loudly demanding that I accompany him to the park so that he may ride his bicycle.

With Love,

Theresa Lucille Bailey


October 26, 1930

1 DeGarde Chateau
Lafayette, Louisiana

My dearest Theresa,

I find myself falling deeper and deeper into the chasm; the people of DeGarde Chateau are completely mad. I fear for my very sanity.

Last evening, as is her wont, I arrived at Lady Emily’s bedchambers to read to her from that most vile of books. She seems to favor those stories numbered from one hundred and one to one hundred and twenty. These are the stories of fathers taking their daughters virtue. From time to time, she will have me read a selection from those numbered eighty one to one hundred, which are stories of young maidens learning the pleasures of carnality from one another. She never has me read anything from one hundred and eighty to two hundred and one, the recounting of young men enjoying the sins of the flesh with one another. And I am most grateful that I do not have to read any of the tales numbered two hundred and forty one to two hundred and sixty. I had to consult the large unabridged dictionary Lady Emily DeGarde has to see what bestiality actually means. Believe me; you have no desire to learn. The good sisters of Sacred Assumption would faint dead away, I can assure you of that.

But I am rambling, am I not? I entered after being bade to do so, and Lady Emily was, as usual, in a state of undress. But so too was Chloe. I did offer to leave to return at a later time and was told that I could sit and begin reading one hundred and six, which is one of Lady Emily’s favorite. In this particular tale, the father impregnates his dither, then at a suitable time, impregnates are again.

The entirety of my reading, Lady Emily and Chloe kissed and fondled each other, with lights on, and with myself in the room, observing.

When I finished the tale, which ends when the father decides to impregnate his daughter’s daughter, just as the girl has reached the age of majority, Lady Emily ordered me to read one hundred, a tale of an older woman being awarded charge of a young niece, and teaching the young niece the beauty of the kind of love that women can so easily share.

Just as I completed that reading, Lady Emily grasped my hand and said that she would like to be my ‘Aunt’ and would like to teach me. I confessed that I was already familiar with the carnal pleasures, but was only familiar with immature fumbling in a dark dormitory, with the fear of being discovered ever present.

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