tagFirst TimeNan Made Him a Man at 18 Ch. 01

Nan Made Him a Man at 18 Ch. 01


The summer that I turned eighteen followed my junior year in high school. It was the sixties, and my sexual experience was limited to, 'heavy petting' in the back seat of my mom's LTD.

Teenage sex in rural America in the early 60's; it was happening, but not openly, and few talked about it. There were true, 'bad' girls, who fucked often and with multiple partners and generally ended up pregnant, dropped out of school, and were seldom seen or heard from again. There were, 'steadies', and you knew they were doing it, and you were envious. The pill didn't exist, although there were rumors surfacing that the old local doctor was, on occasion, prescribing something for girls that had, irregular or difficult periods. That turned out to be true; in many cases, I'm not sure he told the girl or her parents that there was a wonderful side effect, i.e., pregnancy prevention.

We were all desperately afraid of pregnancy and an early shot gun wedding. In some cases, I think the old doc knew exactly what he was doing, knew from annual physicals that a particular girl was sexually active, and felt justified in preventing an unwanted pregnancy. If you were under 21, you could not buy condoms. They were kept behind the drug store counter, and you couldn't get to them. Only a handful of local gas stations had the, 'two for a quarter' cheap ones in the men's room. If your parents used them, you might get away with swiping one now and again, as long as you didn't get greedy. One kid in my class, the son of the local druggist, made a fortune selling contraband rubbers to eager teens. We all had to have them even if we knew, in our hearts, that we weren't going to get, 'lucky'; there was always that chance.

The condom of 'choice' became Saran wrap and a rubber band. It wasn't very comfortable, but properly applied was effective as long as you didn't get stupid and use a generic plastic wrap. A lot of guys wouldn't go down on a girl; almost none would even consider sex during menstruation, it was just too nasty, even though we all knew it was the ultimate, 'safe time'. The rhythm method just didn't work as the majority of young girls had irregular cycles. We knew a lot about sex, we were farm kids, but in general, we weren't getting any. Hand jobs were often the pinnacle of back seat teen sex in those days.

A few girls, very few, gave head; even fewer did it well. Some guys were, 'dry fucking' a steady, often with often disastrous results. Abortion was not legally available. Anal sex was far more prevalent than anyone knew. No one really talked about that form of, 'teenage birth control', but there were girls that took it in the ass. Most didn't enjoy it, but were willing to make the sacrifice to satisfy a boyfriend that they would, in all likelihood, marry soon after graduation.

My first experience was with a girl named Leanne. Her grand parents' farm adjoined ours. She was also going to be a senior in high school, just as I was. She was n a full year older than me; she had repeated a grade back in elementary school. She would stay with her grand parents often during the summer and occasionally on weekends during the school year. She was a skinny little blond, a tom boy when we first met when I was 11 and she was 12. We climbed trees together and swam together at the local swimming hole. When I was 14 and she was 15, she started looking sexy. She'd flirt and I'd steal a kiss when no one was looking .That's about as far as it went until a few days after my birthday at the beginning of summer vacation.

One day at the swimming hole, she showed me her little tits. That same day she stuck her tongue in my mouth. A few days later, she wanted to see my cock, jerked me off and showed me how to finger her pussy. Not long after, she sucked me off and encouraged me to return the favor. A week later, she let me fuck her in the ass. She had a steady back in the town where her parents lived and had been having oral and anal sex with him for a year.

During our senior year, her parents caught her getting boned on the living room couch by her brother in law. She got pregnant, and graduated at about the seven month mark, and Gary, her long time boyfriend, married her. So, I was, 'getting some', or at least 'one', but not with any of the girls I 'dated' and Leanne wasn't always available; I definitely wasn't getting any pussy.

An older woman, a friend of my parents, extended my sexual experience significantly. Her husband hadn't really made it as a farmer, and had returned overseas to work and earn some badly needed cash to keep the farm. Nan was in her late 30's, with an exotic, dark, willowy, middle-eastern aura. I don't recall actually lusting after her, but looking back she was hot. She couldn't have kids, my mom told me, having had a hysterectomy. They had two, young, adopted kids. My dad asked me to help her out with some work around her house, lawn mowing, weeding and such, and knowing she was short on cash, would supplement whatever she was able to give me for the work.

Nan came after, but not long after, Leanne. I was a good looking kid at 18, just under six feet tall, involved in sports, tanned and muscular. I would do the heavy work in the yard, and she would help, usually wearing a shorts and halter outfit. I would often sneak a peak at the dark bushy pubic hair sneaking out of the side of her panties as I would steal a glance under her shorts or admire her small, tight, well formed ass as she bent over to pull weeds.

Often her little titties would be visible when she bent over to help me pick up a load of weeds. Her legs were long, tanned and shapely. I would usually wear shorts, the old fashioned, really short, athletic type, with no shirt. I was working on my tan. One day, one very hot day, we were both drenched with sweat, my shorts were sticking to my body, as were hers. I noticed her hard nipples under her top and couldn't take my eyes of her chest, except to gaze at her ass, which was perfectly defined as her sweat drenched shorts clung to her crack. I also noticed that the front of her shorts was plastered against her twat, clearly outlining her slit. I got a quick boner that she could not miss; I caught her stealing glances at my cock, which was probably bigger than average for my age, at just over eight inches and summer sausage thick.

She said that we should knock off for the day and suggested that I take a shower to clean off the dirt and grass before she drove me home. I agreed, went into the master bathroom, stripped off my shorts and began to enjoy a long, relaxing shower. She stuck her head in, took my shorts, underwear and shirt and said she was going to throw them in the washer, and she'd find something of her husband's for me to wear. I thought nothing of it, but as I began to have erotic fantasies about fucking her, decided that I had time to quickly beat off before I had to exit the shower.

So there I was, boner in hand, stroking my cock with some baby oil I'd found in the shower, when I heard the bathroom door open. Now she couldn't see me through the shower curtain, and I figured she was just dropping off something for me to wear. Seconds later, she parted the shower curtain and stepped in with me, stark naked, a nervous smile on her face, mumbling something about the damned house only having one shower.

She focused on my hard cock, stepped quickly to me, grabbed my dick softly and inserted her talented tongue in my mouth. She grabbed a wash cloth and a bar of soap and started lovingly washing my front from head to toe, giving extra special attention to my hard young cock. She turned me around, and gave my back half the same treatment, with lots of extra work on my ass, including sticking her soapy finger up my butt and ensuring that it, too, was squeaky clean. She knelt down, spread my cheeks with her hands, rimmed my ass hole and probed my sphincter with her tongue.

I knelt down and picked up the bar of soap and wash cloth which she had dropped and began to return the favor, also giving extra attention to her tight little ass, to include the obligatory soapy finger up the poop shoot. I stood her up, turned her around, and washed those small but hard little tits. I worked the washcloth up her legs from her feet, ending at her excessively hairy snatch, probing that orifice with a soapy finger.

The pubic hair was a bit of a turn off. I guessed that she just hadn't bothered to trim it in a while, since her hubby was away. I had noticed some barber scissors next to the sink, so sitting her down on the corner shower seat, I reach out for the scissors and began trimming her cunt hair. Lathering up her vee with the bar of soap, I very carefully shaved around her pussy, leaving just a little, 'soul patch' at the top. She had very dark, heavy hair on her ass; I turned her around and had her bend over, hold her cheeks open with her hands and gently shaved her delightful little ass. She really seemed to get off on being shaved.

I finished the job by rimming her brown eye and fucking her little stinky hole with my tongue. I turned her around with my hands, sitting her on the bench, pushed her legs up so that her knees were bent up against her little tits and went down on her. Now she had no idea that I knew how to eat pussy; well, that is to say, I had started doing so only a few weeks before with Leanne. Leanne had coached me a little, so I wasn't a complete novice. Over time, Nan would teach me to do it at the graduate level. But mine was the first tongue in her twat in a long time, and as inexperienced as I might have been, the tongue and lip action combined with a finger up her tail brought her off in seconds.

I kept at it, and she came again. I stood up; she bent over and simply engulfed my boner in her mouth. Not a lot of tickle and tease, just swallowed my cock, bobbed her head up and down a few times and I shot a massive load on her tonsils---and she swallowed every drop.

We played a little post cum fondle and probe in the shower, oiling each other's bodies with the baby oil, fingering ass holes, rubbing cunts and stroking cocks. The hot water ran out, and we exited, drying each other off in the bathroom, coupled with more kissing and touching and stroking. She led me to the marital bed.

"I was sure you were a virgin, but you're not, are you?" Nan said, lasciviously, as she leaned back on the headboard and obscenely spread her legs and touched her newly shaved pussy.

Actually, at that moment, my sexual experience was limited. Leanne had been my prime trainer; in reality I had never had my dick in any woman's cunt, let alone a mature and experienced one. I had gotten my cock sucked and fucked one girl in the ass---a number of times---but technically, had never gotten, 'laid'.

I quickly gave Nan a complete run down of my very limited sexual history without embarrassment, knowing it made no difference if I was, 'sort of' a virgin, since she was going to change that momentarily. In reality, it seemed to turn her on.

"Come here." Nan cooed, and I shuffled up between her legs, kneeling in front of her. She simply took my cock, separated her pussy lips and inserted the tip at the entrance to her well lubed and nicely trimmed little fuck hole.

She said, "Go ahead, shove it in. I want to feel your cock in my pussy"

Oh my God. So tight, so wet, so damned hot! Female ass is great, and in later years, particular with women who had gotten loose after a few kids, I often preferred it. But this was pussy, tight, but softer than the anal road. She had two kids but they were adopted; she was still tight and elastic. She couldn't get pregnant. She sure as hell wasn't going to tell anyone about this and was already married. Guilt free, first time vaginal fucking---it doesn't get any better.

I didn't last long. I was eighteen. I wouldn't have lasted as long as I did, but she had sucked my nuts dry a few minutes earlier. I felt guilty at cumming too quickly, so went down on her again, enjoying the taste of my own cum in her freshly fucked pussy. I massaged her tight anal ring and brought her off quickly with my mouth.

We snuggled together and Nan began to whisper in my ear. "Very good for your first time, Jimmy. Don't feel bad about cumming too quickly. You more than made up for it by eating my pussy. I can help you learn to last longer, but at your age you'll be hard in no time."

She guaranteed that outcome by working her mouth and tongue down my chest and abdomen, fondling my balls, teasing my cock with her lips and tongue, and in no time, as predicted, I was rock hard.

"Let's try something different." Nan stated, rolling up on her knees, and lewdly wiggling her ass in my face. "This is called doggie style, and I really like it, you can really go deep, although as nice and long as that cock of yours is, I hope I can take all of it. Go slow at first, but when I get used to the length, you can fuck me real hard. You can 'bang' me."

The second time was even better than the first. It took no time for her to accommodate all of my cock. It turned out that her hubby was pretty well hung. Being able to watch the full length of my young fuck tool sink into her pussy, watching that cute little brown eye winking at me, I started slow, but soon was slamming into her with all the force I could muster.

She felt me start to harden, knew I was about to come, reached back between her legs with the hand she had been diddling her clit with, grabbed my cock, pulled it out of her steamy twat and wrapped her finger and thumb around the crease just below the head, and squeezed hard. My urge to cum vanished. She released her grip.

"You can do that to yourself, when you feel yourself starting to shoot your load, just don't wait too long." She laughed.

I plunged back into her, and as she had taught me, as I felt the juices rising, withdrew from her fuck canal and squeezed as she had shown me. It worked. I repeated this several times, one time, holding back from shooting my load by just waiting for the feeling to subside. Being young, my dick stayed hard, but I began to sense that I could will myself not to cum with a little focus.

Finally I sensed that she was moving toward a peak and I increased the pace as she came with a howl, twisting her tight little butt around my cock and gasping for breath. I wanted to cum, but initially was having difficulty undoing the hold back routine as I continued to jam my dick in her cunt. Thank God for the stamina of youth. Sensing my frustration, she took her hand and began to softly fondle my nuts; I came almost instantly.

"It works every time." Nan chuckled as she languorously rolled over on her back, inserted a finger in her pussy and sucked it off in her mouth. "I really like the taste of young cum."

Even at an athletic eighteen, I was pretty well spent. "I need to get you home before your folks think something is going on here." She said with a nasty smile. "You know this has to stay just between us, that you can't tell anyone about it, don't you?" I nodded. "I love my husband, but I'm so damned horny when he's gone. There's so much work that needs to be done here. I hope you can come over more often to help me with it." I nodded again, speechless at the specter of enjoying this real woman's treasures again.

When she dropped me off at our farm, I was walking on air. Now I don't know anything about what my mother and father did in the bedroom, and don't want to know. Actually he was my step father; my dad had died when I was eight. I called him by his first name, I was a pretty good kid and he never had to discipline me.We got along more like buddies or brothers than father and son. He never wanted to replace my dad, but worked hard at building a relationship with me. I did what he told me to do, most of the time, and when I didn't agree with him, I didn't get shitty about it, and we'd talk, and I'd usually end up doing exactly what he wanted me to, although, occasionally I changed his mind.

I don't think my mother and step dad were doing a lot of fucking, based only on how seldom they closed and locked their bedroom door. I think he was tapping a little young strange, now and again. Farming was part time for him, his main source of income was teaching at a college about an hour away, three days a week. He took me with him a few times, and the way the little coeds flirted with him, I was sure he was doing a few of them.

We'd had the obligatory, father-son talk about a year earlier. Being a college professor, before we had that talk he handed me this massive college level text---with pictures---entitled, 'Human Sexuality'.

"Read this, cover to cover, and study it as if there was a test at the end, because there will be." He intoned, very seriously.

It took me about two weeks to get through it, with some lapses to beat off while viewing the very detailed and explicit pictures. When I felt I was ready, I told him I was prepared for our little chat.

He gave me a pretty detailed oral interrogation, asking detailed questions about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy and contraception. When he was satisfied that I had absorbed the academic material, he started to educate me on the fun stuff. He was so comfortable talking to me about it that it became a very enjoyable conversation.

Ultimately, we talked about everything, right down to some excellent tips about getting a woman into bed and ensuring that she'd come back for seconds. We talked about rubbers breaking and unwanted pregnancy, a far bigger fear in those days than disease. He gave me the finer points of eating pussy, and suggested that with questionable quality control in the condom industry, getting blown or doing a girl in the ass was the only true form of birth control. He told me that the rhythm method was not worth much with young girls with irregular periods, but that fucking a girl during the first couple of days was totally safe, albeit messy, but that most women were pretty horny at that time.

Instead of fatherly bull shit about sex, he gave me stuff I could use. He said he would be happy to provide me with condoms, and even spermicidal foam, which had just come on the market, and strongly suggested that I use both. He explained that he had had a vasectomy, and what that meant. He asked me about what I had done and I shared my very limited experience with him, which at that time, was little more than, 'heavy petting'.

"Just be careful." He solemnly stated. "Fucking is the best human endeavor ever invented. Stay away from the skanky ones, and watch out for the impressionable little ones that need to get away from home and would cherish that shotgun wedding. Jerk off before you go out with the little hotties, it will help keep you brains in your head and not in your dick, at least initially. Stay away from virgins; they're not that much fun. You're a good looking kid and will have no trouble getting laid. Last time we were down at the college, any number of those little cuties would have jumped in the sack with you---they always ask about you---and some of them have diaphragms or are taking a pill which prevents pregnancy, but learn to wear a condom. Hell it will help you last longer and it's just not worth the risk."

We had many more, shorter talks about sex and I often shared my experiences with him, and to some degree I think he vicariously got off on it. He was fifty, tall, handsome and muscular and I seriously doubted that he was celibate.

So, when Nan dropped me off, he knew instantly that I had just gotten laid. He made humorous little, inside, teasing comments at dinner, which went right over my mom's head. After dinner, he asked me to walk up to the high pasture and check on the fence. We didn't have any cattle up their and the fence was fine; we both knew those facts.

"She fucked you, didn't she?" He asked, with a grin from ear to ear. "I knew she was horny last time I saw her, she damned near jumped me, and while I wouldn't mind tapping that tight little body, she's just a little too close to being family and she's friends with your mother."

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