tagErotic CouplingsNan Pays Off Debt

Nan Pays Off Debt

byShamus O Duffie©

Nan was our volunteer intern in the office, working with my social worker. She was about 50 years old, and overweight, and wore glasses. She had orange-red hair that looked real, but which I figured was a dye, cut in a short style that I, never-the-less, found attractive. She had a fair complexion, dressed fairly casually and big tits. I knew she was not married, but beyond that I had little contact with her.

It happened that my social worker was a big college football fan, and so was I . One Friday we were teasing each other and we made a bet on that weekend's game. Nan was in the office and heard us bet, and I saw her look up, with a sparkle in her eye. "Can I get in on this too?" She asked.

"Sure." I replied. My social worker and I had bet before, and the standard bet was that the loser bought lunch. Nan and I had not discussed the terms of the bet, but I assumed it would be the same.

My team won. On Monday my social worker took me out to lunch, and in the course of the meal she mentioned that Nan was worried about losing the bet. After I'd left last Friday, Nan had told my social worker how she was strapped for money, and that she sure hoped they won as she didn't think she could afford to buy me lunch if they lost. I hadn't really thought of that, and decided then that I would not hold Nan to a lunch.

Nan didn't come in until Tuesday, and she came into my office mid morning and asked to speak with me. She was dressed in a sort of sundress, no hose, and the tops of her freckled breasts were clear to see. I had her close the door, because I wanted some privacy.

"I guess you won the bet." She said, as she sat down in one of the chairs in front of my desk. She'd put her legs together and folded her hands in her lap, but there was something about her eyes that told me she was more available than her posture indicated.

I took the chance and walked around to the front of my desk, and leaned back against it, just a couple of feet away from where Nan sat before me. I had a good view of her chest."Yes, I did. Did you come in here to pay up?" I asked.

"I wanted to talk to you about that, and see if there's something we can work out. I thought maybe I could make you a lunch instead of buying you one. I don't live far from here, and I could have something ready by the time you got there. If that sounds alright to you?"

"That sounds great! Is today alright?" I was getting a little excited about the prospect of going to Nan's home. I wasn't sure if this was a straight meal, or if she had other things on her mind, but I could have sworn I saw her gaze drop to my crotch at least a time or two.

She gave me the address, and I agreed to meet her there at noon. I asked her what she'd be fixing, and she said she was sure I'd like it. When she left the office I had a hard-on from the sexual tension. I had a hard time getting any work done for the next hour and a half, I could barely wait until noon.

By the time noon arrived, I had convinced myself that I was going over not to get fed, but to get laid. I hurried to Nan's house. When I pulled up, the house was about what I expected. Nan was 50, and going to college, so she didn't have a lot of money. But the place was clean, and I could smell something good cooking as I walked up to the porch. Part of me was disappointed, because it sure smelled like Nan was going to feed me, not fuck me. I knocked on the door, and Nan answered the door wearing her work clothes, except that she'd taken off her shoes.

I stepped in and told her that it definitely smelled good in there. "I put on some stew." She said."It still needs to simmer some. It can wait until we're ready." She still had that look in her eye, and she was standing about three feet in front of me. I started getting horny again. "I'm glad you agreed to accept less than your usual bet. I know you normally would get more for winning."

The way she said that encouraged me, so I decided to go for it. "True. The loser usually has to put out for a pretty expensive meal. Winning is definitely worthwhile." Nan was looking at me, like she was expecting more, so I continued. "I really ought to be getting more than just a home cooked meal."

"Just, what did you have in mind?" She asked. I decided to go for broke. We weren't at the office, and she really wasn't my employee. I figured the worst thing that could happen was that she'd say no. And maybe slap the shit out of me.

"I think that you should be my slave for the lunch hour. Since time is money, just give me one hour of your time."

She looked at me, with that slight smile on her face, and said "Okay. Your hour starts right now. What do you want?"

I walked to her, put my hand under her chin, and raised her face. I removed her glasses, then I bent down and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth and, after a bit, feeling her tongue snaking back at me. "Take off your cloths" I said.

She stepped back a little, and pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor at her feet. She then began undoing the buttons of her blouse, and pulled it back off of her shoulders. She had on a lacy white bra, which was holding up two massive tits. The blouse also hit the floor and she reached behind her to remove the bra. She watched my face the whole time she undressed, and never showed any signs of hesitation, or embarrassment.

When she dropped the bra I stared at her gorgeous tits. They were quite pale, with a lot of freckles. The blue veins of her blood were clearly visible through the skin and they hung down her chest and rested on her pot belly. The areolas were huge, about three inches across, and her nipples stood out like little mesas. While she moved her hands down to remove her panties I reached out and pinched her nipples, feeling them harden even more in my grasp.

When she was naked I looked at her, and discovered I was wrong about her hair. Her pussy hair was sparser than I expected, but definitely red in color. "Take out my cock." I told her, and she promptly dropped to her knees in front of me and began unfastening my pants. She quickly had them undone, and pulled down to my knees, then she also pulled my briefs down and put both hands on my cock, which was quite hard. She stroked the shaft, and head, with one hand, while she fondled my balls with the other.

"Suck it." I ordered, and she eagerly took my cock into her mouth, where she began licking and sucking like a starved woman. She bobbed her head up and down the shaft, all the while stroking my balls. I loved it. But I didn't want to come yet, so after an all too brief time, I told her to stop.

I kicked off my shoes & socks, and my other clothes soon followed. I grabbed an afghan that she had laid on the back of the sofa, and spread it on her dining room table. "Get up there." I told her, and she quickly laid on the table."Spread your legs for me, I want to see your pussy."

She laid back, and brought her knees up, then she spread her legs. I could smell her wetness, but I still couldn't see well enough."Put your hands down there and spread your pussy open for me." She quickly complied, and I could now see her wetness too. "Rub your clit, get it hard for me." I got the feeling that's exactly what she wanted to do anyway, because she went right to it. It was a big one too. She seemed to know just the right way to manipulate it so that it was quickly swollen and tender.

I grabbed her feet and pulled her to the edge of the table. She was forced to put her legs over my shoulders for support, and I encouraged her to do just that. Then I bent forward and got ready to lick her pussy."I'm going to lick your pussy for you, and I want you to come. Tell me what you want me to do to make you come quickly, talk to me." With that I leaned forward and tasted the tanginess of her cunt. I began spitting a lot of saliva into her pussy to help with the taste, and to make it all that much more lubricated. I licked her clit, and began using little butterfly tongue strokes on her clit, which she seemed to like.

"Oh, God! Yes!" She cried."That feels so good. Can you suck on it too? Suck my clit into your mouth. Oh Yeah! Like that! Harder. Oh, God!" I could feel her pushing her cunt up into my face, and her hands were now on the back of my head. I could feel her digging her heels into my back too. She was really enjoying me eating her out. "Now, stick your tongue inside of me. Oh Yes! Harder, further! Oh, Oh, I'm going to come! Oh, Oh, Oh!!!"

I pulled my tongue out of her cunt and began great long licks on her clit. At the same time I stuck my index finger into her juicy twat, curling the finger upwards to stroke her G-Spot. Very quickly I added a second, then a third finger. She was humping my face like a wild bronc, and I started sucking that big clit of hers again. I could tell she was right on the verge of coming, but every time she'd get too close, I'd change my tactic, keeping her right on the edge.

I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and slid them down to her little puckered asshole. The pussy juice and saliva were running down the crack of her ass, and she was really slick. I pushed one finger into her asshole, about an inch, and waited for her hole to relax and get used to the invader. I kept up constant licking of her cunt, and she was now merely babbling about how good it felt, and how she was so close to coming. Soon I was sliding my finger in, and out, nearly to the knuckle, with no protest from her. I started pushing my tongue into her pussy, tongue fucking her, in the same rhythm as my finger in her ass. "Rub your clit." I commanded. "Come now!"

Her hands dropped to her her clit and she was really working it as I continued my assault on her cunt and asshole. Within seconds she screamed out "I'm coming!!!" and convulsed, her big thighs squeezing against the side of my head. She must have come for thirty seconds. I backed away, removing my finger too, and looked down at her. Her face was flushed, and her big titties were all covered with sweat. I wanted to stick my face right between them. But I had to do something about my stiff-as-a-board cock first.

I stood up, lifting her legs with me as I rose. She rocked further onto her back, one hand still slowly stroking her clit. I moved up and grabbed my cock, rubbing the head all over her pussy. Her hand reached up to lovingly stroke it, and soon she was smearing her juices all over it while I rubbed the head over her clit."That feels so good." She said, looking up at me. I couldn't resist any longer and leaned forward, over her, taking her big right tit into my mouth. I stuffed as much of that tit into my mouth with my hand as I could, and I as I did, she pulled my cock right into her pussy.

I was leaning over her, our pelvic bones grinding together, stroking in, and out, of her nice and slow. I had most of my weight on her, and I was pinching and pulling that left nipple until I was sure she was ready to cry out. I leaned further up, and started to kiss her, smearing her own juices all over her face in the process. She accepted it greedily. I began pinching, and pulling, both nipples, as I ground into her with all my force. Soon I could tell she was coming again, as I felt her legs wrap around me and a wave of heat flow through her. I could feel her cry out into my mouth as she came.

I was close. Real close. But my hour wasn't up yet, and I wanted to use it all. I stood again, and grabbed her ankles, lifting her feet up over my shoulders. I reached down and grasped my come covered dick, and placed the head against her asshole. I saw her eyes get a little bigger, but there was no protest, so I started to push against her rosebud. There was resistance at first, but she opened to let the head in, and I stopped and let her get adjusted. Then I slowly started working my cock deeper into her ass. I could feel the slick, tight, walls of her rectum as I pushed in further. Finally I was in to the balls, and I saw her smile when she realized I was all the way in.

I began to stroke in, and out, of her ass. "Oh God! It feels so big! I've never felt anything like it. I love it! " She said as I fucked her ass. "C'mon baby. It's time for you to come. Come in my ass, I want to feel you come." I started getting to the point of no return, and I began to pick up the pace, despite my desire to hold back. Then I was pumping faster, and faster, pounding myself into her ass. I could feel my balls banging against her as I hit bottom, and I was thrusting so hard I was moving her on the table." That's it! Pound me! C'mon. Harder. Oh, yes! Great! Great! Oh, fuck me! Just fuck me!"

Then I was there. I felt the come start to shoot its way out and, despite the fact I would not have thought I could, I started thrusting even harder. I was pounding her ass with everything I had, trying to shoot my come as deeply into her as possible. Then I started coming. Every muscle in my body convulsed at once as I became a human sperm canon, firing my load with all the power I had. I felt three, four, five, maybe more, jets shoot out of my dick. It was great!

I was exhausted, and barely had the strength to pull my expended pecker from her ass. I saw a stream of come, trickling out of her asshole after I withdrew, and I found the sight to be extremely exciting. I knew that this was something I'd want to try again.

Nan slowly lowered her legs, and stood beside me. "That was wonderful." She said." I'll have to lose a bet to you more often."

"Anytime. I thought it was great too." I replied. "But, you could always win next time, you know." I suggested.

She looked at me with those ornery eyes and said "Even better!"

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