tagBDSMNancy and Her Boss Ch. 01

Nancy and Her Boss Ch. 01


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Nancy got up Sunday morning and was making the coffee when she began to remember what was in store for her today and she felt both fear and erotic emotions. She remembered she had to go to work to see her boss today -- there was the fear that she might loose her job over her indiscreet dress at the office -- but she felt erotic over the fact that her boss had made her sit with her legs wide open Friday as he lectured her, plus the fact that he had as much as told her she was in for a spanking when she got there.

The coffee was finishing and she was just starting the bacon and eggs when her bedmate came into the kitchen. He came up behind her and kissed her neck as he rubbed up against her butt with his rising cock. He was still in his pajamas and she in her robe. As he kissed her his hand slipped inside her robe and caressed her nipple. She leaned back into his body and enjoyed the moment. They messed around a little more as she prepared breakfast. Her belt holding her robe was loose and he could reach inside to play with her breasts or run his hand up her thigh to her moist crotch. She was getting hornier as they played. He sat at the table, with his rock hard boner visible, as she put a plate of eggs, bacon and toast down for him. She had just let the belt on her robe loose and the robe came open to show she was nude under the robe. Her bedmate reached to play with her pussy as her son entered the kitchen.

She quickly closed her robe and tied it as she said, "good morning sleepy head."

Her son had gotten a good view and she knew it but he said nothing as he poured a cup of coffee and sat at the table across from her bedmate. He had just put on his jogging shorts and his chest was bear. She set a plate of food on the table leaning toward her son and flipping the back of her robe up so her bedmate could see her bare butt. She was in a horny teasing mood this morning.

After breakfast her bedmate went upstairs to take a shower to get ready for the rest of the day. There was silence as she finished loading the dishwasher. Her son said he was going out to the garage to do his morning workout so she decided to go upstairs to see if she could tease her bedmate as he showered.

She entered the bedroom and tossed her robe on the bed as she moved to the bathroom where she heard the shower running. She turned to look at her buttocks in the mirror to see how the bruises were coming along. She could see a few marks left from yesterday's visit to the Poop Deck but all in all the bruising she had gotten over the last week was well on the way to being gone. Her ass was becoming used to the punishment it was getting and it wasn't bruising as badly as when her bedmate spanked her last Thursday.

She entered the shower and playfully reached for his cock, surprised to find it soft. As she held it the life began to pump into it and she felt it begin to get hard. She grabbed the soap and began to soap his chest, then down to his cock and balls. He moaned in a display of pleasure at her playing with him. She got his cock rock hard and turned him towards her, letting the water run down his chest and wash the soap off. She funneled the water down on his cock and let her tongue lick the head. He leaned back against the wall of the shower as she did her magic on him. The fuck stick entered her mouth as she devoured all of it. His verbal gasp was all she needed to hear as his cock entered her throat, she began to bob up and down his cock making sure to wrap her tongue around his shaft. She could feel his balls begin to tighten, as he got ready to cum.

She turned away from him and leaned on the seat at the far end of the shower. She turned to him and begged, "fuck me, fuck me from behind. Take me now."

He moved towards her letting his dick slip between her legs and touch her cunt lips. Just as she was expecting him to fuck her she heard him say, "not yet, not until the bruises are gone." His cock began to soften as he continued; "I can't fuck you until those horrible bruises I caused are gone completely." He felt bad for having caused the bruises when he spanked her. Little did he know she had been spanked numerous times since then in order to maintain a well-bruised butt for her master. She was as frustrated with his decision to not fuck her, as she had been when he refused to continue to spank her last week when she needed it.

"Well, fuck you very much" she shouted to him as she left the shower. She grabbed a towel and dried herself as she stormed out of the bathroom. She would show him. She could get cock wherever she wanted. She was pretty sure she would get the cock and spanking she craved at work with her boss today so she set about getting ready to show up for work the way her boss expected her to. In her closet she found a flowered sundress that fit well over her breasts so there was no need for a bra and yet was long enough so she could go without panties. She bent over while looking in the mirror and the dress only showed about half her butt so as long as she didn't bend at the waist too much she would be ok. Her pussy was moist and she could feel the wetness on her thighs. The arousal was in part due to playing in the shower and in part due to the anticipation of what was going to happen at work. She no longer felt the pangs of fear at the thought she might loose her job she felt confident that her boss was going to save her job as long as she did her job for him. The question was what was her job for him -- certainly not what it used to be.

She arrived at work just before 3 pm and could park up close to the entrance. Hers was the only car in the parking lot but she knew her boss parked in the management lot so she could not tell if he was here yet. Exiting the car and walking towards the door she put a little extra swing into her stride showing she felt excited about the prospects for the day. As she walked briskly toward the door she could feel the cool breeze on her pussy.

At the entrance she used her badge to gain access to the building, quickly walking toward her work area. The air conditioning had the temperature quite cool and she felt her nipples pucker up in reponse. She also noticed a much cooler air on her naked twat. Finally reaching her desk she couldn't see if her boss was in his office, the door was open but it was dark inside. She decided to let him have his first show of the day if he was in there so she turned, bending more than necessary, to put her purse in her desk drawer. If her boss was looking he got a show of her bare butt flashing him as she prolonged the time spent putting her purse up. Finally she wiggled her butt, spread he legs a little and stood up. She could already feel the moisture her sex hole was generating.

In her most demure manner she approached his office wanting to know if he was in there and had seen her little show. As she got to the doorway she could see he was at his desk working away so she put both hands on the door jam, leaned into it and moved her pelvis as if she was going to hump the door. Speaking softly, in a sexy tone she asked him, "I'm here sir to talk things over as you asked on Friday. Are you busy or should I come in and shut the door?"

Looking up from his desk her replied, "very nice show you put on at your desk Nancy, I hope it was for my benefit because I loved it. You don't have to shut the door but do come over here beside me and we can talk about you and your future here."

Nancy's stomach started to knot up as he said that. Her first thought was that he was indeed going to fire her so her nerves began to do a number on her body. Her knees started to weaken so she held tight to the door jam trying to recover. Slowly, with a lot less confidence than when she arrived, she walked over to him. Her body was tightening up and the cool temperature began to make her nipple ache, she even felt her crotch begin to tremble and her juices seemed to stop. Putting her hands behind her she stopped inches from his chair and managed to say a few words, "I am here to receive whatever punishment you feel is necessary sir."

"That's fine Nancy but let us have an honest talk before we decide on your punishment. Now go over there and pull that chair up next to my desk so we can talk," he said as he pointed to a metal chair over against the wall of his office.

She moved quickly to the chair but realized he had chosen it for a special reason. It was sitting there unfolded like a punishment chair, of the chairs in his office there were the stuffed executive chairs and the straight back padded chairs but this was the only solid metal folding kind with no padding on it. Already unfolded she realized that if she bent to pick it up her bare butt would be showing to him so clearly he wanted to make her show off getting the chair. She decided it best to give him the show he wanted so instead of bending slightly to grab the back of the chair and carry it over to his desk she bent fully at the waist giving him the best view of her butt. She continued the show by backing up towards his desk, making sure to spread her legs as wide as she could and still walk, this way not only did he get a good view of her butt but her shaved twat was on display also. Bringing the chair close to his put her buttocks almost in his face before she stood and turned to be seated. She began to feel her cunt juice begin to flow again as she sat down on the cold metal.

He was smiling as she looked up at him. She squirmed a little on the cold metal seat, part due to the cold, part due to the hardness of the seat and part due to her well-spanked bottom that was forced to endure the discomfort of the seat. She could feel the humiliation of this whole task she was performing. He interrupted her thoughts by saying, "Nancy we are here to talk about you're disgraceful dress last week, how it will improve and if I save your job what your new assignments will be. Do we understand each other?"

She could feel her face go flush with embarrassment as she began to fantasize about all the things that could be meant by her new assignments but she gathered up enough courage to firmly say, "yes sir."

"Now one other thing, and I want to make myself perfectly clear on this, so there is no misunderstanding as we continue. Nancy we both know what we are about to talk about is going to be embarrassing, possibly humiliating and defiantly very explicit. Much more so than our conversation in this office Friday when you tried very hard not to let me know your situation. I don't care what I ask you, I want the absolute and complete truth about the matter. If I catch you lying or not telling me the complete story it is going to go very hard on you. I will be asking some very intimate questions, some dealing with work and your personal relationships here at work, some dealing with your home life, your femininity, your sexuality and perhaps even your sex acts but regardless of what I ask I expect you to answer honestly even if it embarrasses you." He said looking into her eyes, even though he had to reach over and lift her head to make eye contact.

Her face must have been crimson red from the feel of her embarrassment as she stammered to say, "I understand sir. This is a serious matter and I promise to be truthful."

It was very serious to her but she also knew that while he was going to be serious with her he would still have some fun at her expense. She could already feel how embarrassed she was getting as he asked her some questions that were underlying her behavior and dress here at work lately. She knew it was a problem when she was ordered to do things at work by her master but she did them anyway and now she was going to have to pay her dues.

"Now Nancy suppose you begin by telling me the whole story about your getting involved with this man you call your master or mystery man." His eyes stared into hers letting her know she best tell the whole story.

"It all began back when I divorced my ex-husband and concentrated on raising my son alone. I was so busy working, taking care of my son and making sure we had everything we could afford that I didn't have time for a social life. For years I was sexually frustrated by not having time for male friends and that developed into fantasies that I could visualize in my mind as I took care of my own body needs. As my son got older and could take care of himself for hours at a time I conversed with a man online that had the same type of fantasies as I did. Online conversations get to be more open than talking person to person so we became very explicit and eventually agreed to meet for the sole purpose of experiencing some of those fantasies. I called him my mystery man. We both had a good time and I just knew we were headed for a wonderful sexual relationship when he got called out of town. About the same time I met my bedmate and he seemed to have similar kinky fantasies so he moved in with my son and I. Well we had and still have sex but the fantasies I was looking for just weren't in him so our life together has been dull to say the least. About the time my son turned 18 my I got another email from this mystery man. He knew all the words to say and had already figured out that my bedmate hadn't turned out the way I thought so he said things to push my buttons. Every email he sent got me aroused and excited until I agreed to meet him again. He made me stop wearing underwear and made me wear more revealing clothes each day. He made me dress obscenely last Friday. And that is how I came to be in your office last Friday for what I thought was going to be a reprimand for dressing so daringly." Her eyes were tearing as she told her story but she breathed a sigh of relief as she completed the tale.

"I see," he said as he thought for a second and then continued, "these fantasies of yours deal with Master/slave or Dominant/submissive?"

"Yes" she replied.

"Not Yes" he said, "do you fantasize yourself as a slave? Or do you fantasize yourself as a submissive?"

She looked at him, opened her mouth but no words would come out as she tried to discern the difference.

"OK, clearly you don't know the difference" he told her as she nodded in acknowledgment.

"Well then tell me why you liked to dress the way he said when you knew he couldn't see you"

She thought a moment and replied, "I think it is part his commanding me to do it and part because it make me feel excited to be doing such a naughty things." Then she thought a moment and said, "and since I am supposed to be telling the whole truth I have to admit that it make me so moist to think that if I move wrong someone will get a flash of my most intimate area."

He smiled as he asked, "so then even though you protested Friday, when I asked you to spread your legs and prove to me you were wearing panties, you got excited because you knew you had to expose yourself to me?"

Forgetting herself for a moment she blurted out, "oh yes sir. It was so embarrassing to be caught in a lie and so hot to have to show my hot twat to you, I almost came sitting there on the couch." A wave of embarrassment came over her as she realized she had revealed much more in that statement than she needed to. She also felt the juices leaking out of her pussy as she sat on that chair trying to hold her legs together so she was more lady like -- why she didn't know.

"I see," he replied. "So it is exciting to you to do things like bend over a chair showing me your bare butt and more but now you sit on this chair keeping your legs closed like a prim and proper lady. Doesn't that seem strange behavior to you?"

"Yes," she agreed. "But part of that is I don't know if you enjoy looking between my legs or not. After all this is supposed to be a discipline discussion and so far I have no idea what my discipline is going to be or how revealing you want me to be."

"Fair enough, I like your honesty in your answers so far. Let me say that you have a beautiful body Nancy and to me it seems a shame not to have it admired at every opportune moment. So Nancy I want you to stand up her in front of me."

Nancy stood immediately and looked at him for further instruction.

"Please remove your dress and toss it over there on the arm of the couch."

"But sir," she gasped, "but what if someone comes in here?"

He frowned a little but replied, "there really isn't anyone here at work today but if someone comes into the area I can see them coming long before they can see in the office. In that unlikely event we can move into the conference room here and lock the door. Now I don't want to have to ask you again, take off your dress."

She showed a little relief from his answer but also a little concern for the demanding way he told her to take off her dress. She pulled the sundress over her head and tossed it towards the arm of the couch. The dress landed on the arm but slipped to the floor by the couch, between the couch and the end table next to it. She turned to look at him, feeling excited standing totally nude a few inches from her boss.

"Please sit down again. If it excites you more and you want to remain excited you can spread your legs to allow me a good view of your twat. I know I certainly enjoy seeing it and the juices that are making you so moist."

She sat again but felt the cold of the metal again as it had cooled quickly while she stood. She squirmed a little on the cold seat but spread her legs to display her cunt for him but mostly because it excited her knowing he could look at it anytime. She looked him in the eyes and for the first time smiled because she was at ease with him.

"Thank you," he told her looking at her smile. "Now tell me why you let this man you call master make you do these inappropriate things. I understand having some sexual fun in private areas or clubs but when it comes to dress in the professional areas it is totally inappropriate and you used to understand that. Tell me what happened to make you disrespect that code." He reached over and placed his finger on her prominent clitoris, pressing hard enough to bring a moan from her lips as she thought about his question. Her eyes seemed to roll back as she enjoyed the moment. Then just as quickly as he had placed his finger on her he removed it. A sigh of sorrow came from her mouth as she began to focus on the question again.

"I guess it was just the erotic feeling that I got from following his commands. They always seemed to make me feel sexy and bold, they never failed to make me moist and horny. I know they were inappropriate at work but they excited me none the less so I just ignored the rules."

"And what did he do to you when you met him?" asked her boss.

"Anything he could to humiliate or degrade me but no matter how low he made me feel, the sex we had was earth shattering so everything was good again" she replied. Her story continued with, "Friday night I was late so he had the guard make me strip in my car and drive to meet him naked. Then I had to walk naked from my car to the motel room -- I was so humiliated thinking what if someone catches me. When I got to the room they wouldn't answer the door quickly so I stood naked as I am now but in the hallway waiting. Then when I got in the room they tied me to the bed and put two vibrators in me, one in the ass and the other in my fuck hole, they turned them on and went to the bar leaving me to have orgasm after orgasm. When they returned from the bar there were four of them and they fucked me in every hole until I was too sore to orgasm any more, then they made me walk naked to the far end of the motel, exit and walk the length of the building on the outside back to my car so I could go home."

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