tagLoving WivesNancy and the Produce Man Pt. 01

Nancy and the Produce Man Pt. 01


1. Shopping with Nancy

It was a Saturday in early September when Nancy and I decided to go shopping at a nearby mall called Stonestown Galleria. Fortunately, since it was fairly warm for San Francisco, she put on a pair of very short shorts, a low-necked peasant-style blouse, and sandals.

I say "unfortunately" because, though it may seem odd to some people, one of my greatest pleasures is watching the effect my beautiful thirty-two-year-old wife has on other guys. I love it when they leer at her, especially when they get to see more of her than what most people would consider decent. Nancy knows this, so when the weather allows it she wears quite revealing clothing and sometimes arranges "wardrobe failures" of various kinds.

Anyway, on this particular Saturday, while standing about thirty feet away from her, I noticed that she'd attracted the close attention of two rather nerdy-looking young guys.

We were in the Gap and this happened as she was holding several tops against her upper body to see how they fit. The guys noticed (or, to be more exact, one of them noticed and nudged his friend so he'd notice, too) that her slightly diaphanous blouse revealed that she was braless.

The bolder of the guys, slightly built and Middle Eastern-looking, walked over to Nancy and stood only four of five feet to right of her. Turning to his friend, standing about ten feet behind him, he simultaneously grinned and blushed. A few seconds later he said something to Nancy. Smiling, she answered him. Then, holding a green top up against her chest, she apparently asked him his opinion of it.

Noticing me looking at her from thirty feet away, my wife flashed the tiniest of smiles at me. She did this just over the Middle Eastern guy's left shoulder, and the smile was so slight that I'm sure he didn't notice it. But the signal was clear enough. I knew she was about to improvise a little show for me and her new admirers.

The more backward guy, tall and gawky, walked over and stood next to his friend.

Nancy put down one top and picked up another one. Facing the two of them, she held it up against her chest. Again, she seemed to be asking them what they thought of it. I couldn't quite hear what they said and was about to move closer to them when Nancy did something wonderful.

She let the top slip from her fingers and fall to the floor at her feet. I heard her say "Oh, damn it" as she bent down to retrieve it. At the same time, the Middle Eastern guy knelt down and made a weak effort to pick it up for her. So, briefly, my wife was leaning forward with the guy's eyes only about sixteen inches away from her perfect-though-smaller-than-average breasts, which, as her loose blouse fell open, were suddenly on full display.

From my angle I couldn't quite see her breasts, but I know the guys could. The kneeling one had a close-up and total view of at least one of them. From his vantage point he could easily see at least one of my wife's beautiful light-pink nipples. The taller guy, who was standing up, had a similar view but from a few feet farther away.

The gaping blouse spectacle would've only been a fleeting one had Nancy not prolonged it by letting the top slip from her fingers a second time as she was picking it up from the floor. So she had to bend forward again to retrieve it before straightening up.

The whole incident lasted only a few seconds. But, watching it, my cock began to stir in my briefs.

But that was all there was to it. This was a public place, after all, and there was only so far she could go without attracting the attention of store security.

Smiling, she picked up her purse from the floor (giving the two guys another quick view) and, flashing another quick smile at me, headed out of the store.

Watching her leave, her two voyeurs stood together for several seconds admiring the way her ass looked in her shorts and grinning sheepishly. Then there were a few seconds of rather childish swearing and laughing (I began to wonder if they were even out of high school) before they gave each other "high fives." I waited to see if they'd follow Nancy out of the Gap, but for some reason they decided not to.

A few minutes later I caught up with Nancy out in the mall and gave her a big hug. I whispered in her ear, "That was great! You made those poor guys' day."

"Too bad they were such geeks," she said, laughing.

We shopped a little more then left. As we drove home, I brought up the incident in the Gap: "I know those two guys were pretty nerdish," I said. "But did you have fun showing them your tits?"

"You know how I am, Cal. I'm into letting strange men see too much of me, especially while you're watching. But this wasn't going to go anywhere, beyond their just getting a quick look. Since it was just a tease and not part of a seduction, it was less interesting to me than it might've been."

"So you're up for seducing some more attractive guy?" I asked. "It's been awhile."

It had been awhile since Nancy, with my enthusiastic approval of course, had seduced and had sex with another man or men. For the past nine months or so we'd been busy with our jobs and pretty content with monogamous married-couple sex.

Nancy smiled at me and asked, "Would you like to watch me with another man again? I was beginning to think you'd lost interest in it."

I told her I definitely hadn't lost interest.

"How about this weekend?" I asked. "Do you feel like getting into some sort of trouble?"

"Maybe. But I think I'd like to set up something that's especially erotic for me. I don't feel like just going to a bar and picking up some random guy."

I asked her what she had in mind. This weekend, she said, she might consider reprising a favorite role of hers: that of a financially desperate housewife trying to make fast money in order to bail her loser of a husband out of some kind of mess. For some reason, she found it quite arousing to play the part of a woman who only reluctantly does something sexual. The role allowed her to pretend to be at least somewhat innocent.

We'd played this game about a year ago when Nancy posed as a woman married to a student who'd threatened to drop out of college if she couldn't earn some money quickly. She'd explained to the several guys who joined her in the game that she couldn't earn enough money legitimately because of a poor job market. So, though she'd claimed that it mortified her, she'd had to resort to erotic modeling. She ended up fucking several guys while I (playing the part of a videographer who was paying her) filmed all the action. [My write-up of this in "My Wife's Costume Romp"].

"Maybe," said Nancy, "I can locate some nice guy interested in very discreetly helping a poor housewife with an erotic modeling project she's been hired for."

"I guess that means, despite what you said, you'll have to go to a bar. I can tag along and make sure no one takes immediate advantage of a poor but sexually hot martyr to her family. You know, I could be just another guy in the bar."

She laughed and said, "I know you, Cal. You like to tag along because you like watching me getting slavered over by strange guys."

Of course, she was right. She knows that I like observing the early stages of her contact with other men almost as much as what they end up doing together.

2. Nancy Puts on a Short Skirt

When we got home from the mall at about 3:00 o'clock, Nancy suddenly announced that she had to go food shopping at a nearby Safeway store. Before she left, though, she ran upstairs and changed out of her shorts and into a short denim skirt. I asked her why the emergency food trip since we were pretty well stocked and didn't really need anything.

She smiled at me a little wickedly and said, "Well, I actually do need to pick up a few things. But I have another reason for going now. It has to do with what we were talking about in the car. But please don't ask me about it right now, OK? I'm not sure it'll work out and if it does, I want it to be a surprise."

I asked her if she'd like me to come with her. She said she'd rather I didn't. She thought she could do what she needed to do better alone.

Giving me a quick kiss, Nancy grabbed her purse and started out the front door. She hesitated in the doorway, smiled over her shoulder at me, and flipped the back of her skirt up to show me how great her ass looked in a pair of tight-fitting white panties. She then closed the door behind her and walked down to our car.

That was it. No further explanation. I watched out the front window as she took off for the store.

Why had she changed into a short skirt? As we were driving home from the mall, talking about her connecting with some other guy, I'd gotten pretty aroused. In fact, I'd planned to fuck her as soon as we got home.

That would have to wait until later.

I got a can of beer from the kitchen and plopped down on the sofa in the living room. The short skirt was obviously meant to entice someone. On her way out the front door, she'd made a point of teasing me by showing me her ass. Did she plan to do this for somebody else? Did she have anyone particular in mind or was she just making herself ready in case something developed this afternoon?

At about 4:00 o'clock Nancy called to tell me she was about to have coffee with a guy who worked at the Safeway store where she was shopping. She said he worked in the produce section, had flirted with her several times, and might be a good candidate for our sort of fun.

Today, she continued, she'd spent a longer time than usual in his section talking to him. As usual, he flirted with her and she'd flirted back. His name was Ben. Also (she said with emphasis) he was very good looking. He was very athletic, too. He played in some sort of amateur soccer league. She'd also learned, because it was one of the first bits of information he'd volunteered, that he'd recently separated from his wife (with whom he'd had a child) and didn't have a steady girlfriend.

Ben then mentioned that it was nearly time for his break and invited her to have coffee with him. So, as she was speaking to me, she was waiting for him to join her at the Starbuck's in the Safeway store. She started to tell me something else but abruptly interrupted herself to say: "Bye, Cal. He's already here. I'll have to call you back."

I tried to imagine my beautiful wife, wearing a short skirt and a revealing blouse, sitting at a table with a guy I'd never met, a guy who was "very good looking." Knowing her so well, I knew she'd probably managed to show him a lot of leg and maybe even her crotch. And he would've been able to tell right away that she was braless. My head spun as I imagined several horny scenes that could be taking place, even in a grocery store.

Did she plan to bring him straight home? This wasn't likely to happen because we'd agreed earlier that we were never to let her (or our) conquests know where she lived. That's why, except once in a carefully planned encounter, she'd always pretended to be only a guest or visitor to our house.

At about 4:45 Nancy called to say she was just leaving the Safeway store and would be home soon. I asked her if she'd be alone and she said, "Of course I am. At least for now I'm alone. I'll tell you all about Ben when I get there."

At a little past 5:00 o'clock Nancy pulled up into the driveway. I opened the door and waited for her to carry her purse and a bag of groceries up the front steps and through our front door. She had a big grin on her face.

In the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of wine while I got another can of beer. Then we returned to the living room and sat down. I found myself getting very excited. I really needed for her to tell me what she and the produce guy had been up to.

"Well, first of all," she began, "Ben seems like a pretty nice guy. Despite being young and handsome – he's only twenty-two -- he doesn't seem arrogant or too full of himself. He made it pretty clear, though, that he's really attracted to me."

I wondered how long she'd known him. "You've seen him several times before, right?" I asked.

"Maybe six or seven times. It seems like he's working most times I've shopped there. He goes out of his way to say hello and make small talk with me. And he definitely makes of point of checking me out. He's not at all subtle about checking out my tits or my butt."

"But this was the first time you had coffee with him?"


"So, how did the conversation go?" I asked.

"Well, before we went for coffee, I let it drop that I had a job as an erotic model working for a photographer. I complained about how hard it was to keep my husband from finding out about it. I made it sound like I was on the verge of leaving him – I called him 'Bill' – but that I still needed to make money so he wouldn't have to drop out of college."

She paused to sip her wine and I said, "That must've really got his interest. It's probably not every day that a beautiful woman confides things like that to him."

"Well, he obviously wanted me to know that he was available if my husband 'Bill' was somehow not working out."

She paused to take another sip. "So by the time we sat down for coffee, I think he already had some idea that there might be chance for him with me. It wasn't just what I told him. It was how I'd been acting toward him. You know, standing a little too close to him, tossing my hair around a bit, making full eye contact, that sort of thing."

"So, while you were having coffee . . . ."

"You'll like this part. I told him I had a problem that I hoped he could help me with. I needed to find a male model to pose with me for a photographer. I meant you, of course. It wouldn't be exactly pornography, I said. I told him the photographer wanted to pose me with a good-looking man for some R-rated shots. I went on to say that, even though my husband and I weren't getting along very well, I wanted to stay faithful to him. The photographer I worked for knew my limits: I wouldn't have actual intercourse with anyone but my husband."

"What did he say to this?" I asked. She hadn't prepared me for the R-rated bit. I knew, of course, that our little game needn't stay at such a mild rating level. But it would be a good beginning.

"He jumped at the offer. When I said I might be able to get the photographer to pay him a little for it, he said it didn't matter. Maybe just a few bucks for gas money. That was all he said he needed."

"So he's willing to pose with you. That's great. When can this happen?"

"I said I'd get back to him after I phoned the photographer. But I asked him if he was available tomorrow. He said that would be fine if it could be after 5:00 o'clock when he gets off."

"We might as well do the photo shoot right here in our very own living room," I suggested. "You know the drill. I'm an unmarried guy, with some but not a lot of money, who specializes in erotic photography. You'll have to act like you don't know your way around the house very well. Should be a snap."

"A snap? Well, I hope you don't mean I've been slacking off around here," she said, laughing.

I grabbed her and kissed her. She has a quick wit as well as being incredibly sexy.

Breaking away from my embrace, she said, "I'll call Ben and see if he can come over tomorrow at about 6:00 o'clock."

As she picked up her cell to call him, I added, "Tell him to clean up and shave. I'm going for the clean-cut-lovers look here."

Nancy walked into the dining room to make the call. Sitting in the living room, I listened to her leave a message for him: "Call me back, Ben, and let me know if tomorrow is all right for you. Bye."

Then she returned to the living room and sat down next to me. Noticing right away that I had an erection, she sat down next to me, kissed me, and began stroking my cock through my trousers.

"I see you're already looking forward to this," she whispered in my ear. "You're thinking of me with Ben right now, aren't you?"

"You guessed it," I answered. We then necked on the couch for several minutes. As we kissed, I reached under her blouse and fondled her high, firm breasts. Very gently, the way I know she likes it, I squeezed each nipple until it was fully erect.

She continued stroking my hard cock through my pants. Then she asked, "Would you like me to suck your cock, Cal?"

I didn't answer. I didn't have to. She knew how much I wanted her to do it. She stood up and quickly pulled her blouse over her head. Topless and wearing only her skirt and sandals, she knelt on the carpet in front of me and watched as I took off my shoes and wriggled out of my trousers and briefs.

"What a wonderful cock you have," she said, looking at it as though for the first time. And, slumping back in the couch and spreading my legs to accommodate Nancy as she leaned forward, I had to admit that, in the cock department, I was no slouch. It's an honest six and a half inches long and fairly thick.

Soon she was running her tongue all over the head of my cock, which she gripped firmly in her right hand. Then she took the head of it into her mouth and began sucking and running her tongue all over it. She took about two inches of my cock into her mouth and began bobbing her head slowly up and down it. She kept this up for some time. It felt wonderful and, because it was so quiet in our house, the slurping fellatio sound seemed almost loud.

"Do you think Ben has a bigger one than mine?" I asked her.

She didn't answer but kept moving her head up and down. I was close to cumming when, after another thirty seconds or so, she took my cock out of her mouth and asked teasingly, "Do you hope it is? Do you like the idea of watching me suck a cock that's bigger than yours?"

I started to answer when her cell phone rang. Still on her knees between my legs, she reached up beside me where she'd set it down and answered it. It was Ben. As she spoke to him for the next few minutes, she stroked my cock gently with her left hand.

I listened as she said (among others things that don't matter), "Yes, tomorrow. That would be fine. I'll meet you at the photographer's house. At around 6:00 o'clock, OK?"

They talked a minute or so more. Then, after saying she'd call him later tonight to confirm their appointment, she gave him our address. She told him she might be a little late but that she was sure I (er, the photographer) would be there when he arrived.

Beaming at me, she asked, "Could you hear what he was saying? Did you hear him say how he was really looking forward to tomorrow? He seems really eager."

I thought I'd overheard him saying something like that, but I wasn't sure.

Nancy, meanwhile, resumed sucking my cock. It felt wonderful, especially as I let my mind wander to the image of her doing this to another younger, more athletic man. After another minute or so I had to cum. Gripping the back of her head, I shot semen deep into her throat. She coughed once but swallowed all but a little of it that dribbled out of the side of her mouth.

Wiping her lips with the back of her hand, she smiled at me and said, "Cal, that was really a load! Maybe it's because we haven't fucked in several days." This sounded a little bit like criticism.

"I meant to fuck you this afternoon," I said. "Sorry I couldn't wait. Your mouth just felt too damned good."

I stood up, pulled her to her feet, and led her upstairs where we took a shower together. Then, remaining naked, we lay down on our bed and necked for a little while before being interrupted again by her cell phone ringing.

It was Ben again. He told Nancy that his schedule had changed and he'd be off at noon on Sunday. Could he meet her at the photographer's house earlier than 6:00 o'clock if it could be arranged? Lying next to Nancy on the bed, I could hear much of what he was saying. He was certainly eager.

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