tagLoving WivesNancy and the Produce Man Pt. 02

Nancy and the Produce Man Pt. 02


3. I Meet Ben.

We woke up late on Sunday morning, got dressed, and went out to breakfast at a favorite coffee shop of ours. As we ate, Nancy teased me a little about posing with her new friend Ben later in the day (she knows that part of the thrill for me when she's with other men is jealousy), but I tried not to be too preoccupied with the thought of it.

After breakfast, we did some yard-work. I cut the lawn in the back and pruned a few branches while Nancy pulled out some weeds. I think both of us were just trying to keep busy so the early evening photo session would arrive sooner.

We went upstairs after lunch and took a shower together before lying down for a while. Fooling around in the shower with Nancy had given me an erection, but we decided not to fuck. Instead, she gave me a wonderful blow-job. I then drifted off to sleep for maybe thirty minutes.

When I woke up at a little after 2:00 p.m., I was treated to the sight of my gorgeous naked wife rummaging around in the closet trying to decide what she was going to wear for her pre-photo-session date with Ben later in the afternoon.

She had her back to me and looked absolutely gorgeous. Her shoulder-length blonde hair, her thin waist, and her perfectly shaped ass made her look like a Greek goddess.

After a few minutes, having chosen a dress, she turned around and noticed me looking at her. "You're awake," she said unnecessarily. "How do you like this dress? Do you think Ben will like me in it?"

She held up a dress I hadn't seen before. It was sort of raspberry-colored and looked fairly short.

"Put it on," I said.

She stepped into it and did a little spin to show me how it looked. The dress came to just above her knees. It was made of some light-weight material and flared.

"It looks great," I said, now sitting on the side of the bed. "What are you wearing underneath?"

"I think I'll just wear a pair of panties. I know we'll end up naked, but I want to give the guy something to do before we get there."

Saying this, she went over to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a practically nonexistent undergarment. It turned out to be a pair of g-string panties, which she adroitly stepped into. The garment was white and consisted of nothing but a very small panel and some strings. Turning her back to me, she pulled up her dress in the back to show me her ass. If I hadn't just watched her put on her panties, I'd have thought she was completely naked. The string completely disappeared in the crack of her ass.

Standing behind her, I zipped up the back of her dress and reached around to feel her breasts. As I did this, I kissed her neck and gently squeezed her nipples through the thin material of the dress. "He'll love this dress," I whispered to her.

Damn! I was about to send my wife out in this revealing dress to meet some guy in a bar. I knew he'd notice, unless he had terrible eye-sight, her nipples standing out under her dress. If Nancy had a drink or two in her, he'd probably also get a look or two up her dress at her barely-covered crotch.

What the fuck was I doing?

Nancy pulled away from me then and said she needed to finish getting ready. In the bottom of the closet, she located a pair of sandals with heels. She put them on then immediately took them off.

"I know these make my legs look good," she said, "but they're not very comfortable. I'll put them on just before we leave for the bar."

Then she disappeared into the bathroom to work on her hair and make-up.

So I got dressed (in a pair of cargo shorts and a T-shirt) and went downstairs. I watched television awhile and thought some more about the afternoon bar scene I wouldn't be able to watch. Could I sneak into the bar and see how her date with Ben was progressing? Not a good idea, I decided, since he'd meet me later in the guise of a photographer. It wouldn't do for him to have just seen me in the bar.

Looking absolutely beautiful, Nancy joined me in the living room at about 3:00 o'clock. She snuggled with me on the couch but asked me not to mess up her make-up.

"Would you like us to pose in here?" she asked.

"I think so. I'll sort of arrange the room while you're at the bar. I think I'll start you off here on the couch and gradually move you to the floor."

"That sounds doable to me," she said, gently teasing me cock, which had gotten hard again. "I can tell you're really looking forward to this. To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous about it."

I asked her why.

"I don't know. Ben's not used to modeling naked and sometimes he acts like he wants me to be his girlfriend or something. I just hope he doesn't freak out and get all jealous-boyfriendy on me."

"Maybe your job in the bar," I said, "is to get him horny enough that romantic ideas take a back seat. Do you think you can do that?"

"Well, I can try. But I don't know about your logic. Your hard dick shows that you're horny now. Does that mean you have no romantic feelings for me?"

I laughed and said that I loved her eternally with feelings one might find described in an Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnet. But, I added, I loved fucking her incredibly sexy body as aggressively and unromantically as possible.

We talked a little more then went for a short drive in the neighborhood of bar where she was going to meet Ben. To kill time and relax, we stopped at a parking lot and shared a joint. It was very good stuff and by the time I dropped Nancy off at the bar at just after 4:00 o'clock I had a nice little buzz on.

Double-parking after letting her out of the car near the bar, I watched her walking toward the bar entrance. Just as she reached the door, a breeze blew her skirt up and she just barely managed, with a quick arm movement, to keep her ass covered. Knowing I'd seen this, she turned and flashed a broad smile at me. Then she opened the door and went inside. I knew that Ben would soon by envy of every other man in there.

I drove home to wait for them. It was only about 4:30. I'd have to find some way to pass the next hour and a half. So I arranged the two floor lamps in the living room so that they'd give maximal light to the carpeted area in front of the couch (which I pulled away from the wall about fourteen inches so I could stand behind it and take overhead shots of my models sitting on it).

It was still pretty light outside. But I knew the fog would roll in later and that I'd be pulling the blinds shut. I'd have to depend, in part at least, on artificial light.

Then I made sure my camera was ready, arranged and rearranged the pillows on the couch and floor, took a piss, drank a beer, experimented with various kinds of music CDs in the player, and just paced around.

Finally, at just before 6:00 o'clock, a small car pulled up in the driveway. Looking out the living room window, I watched the driver (Ben, of course) open his door and move quickly around to the passenger side to open the door for Nancy. Her description of him was pretty much right on – he was very good looking in an obvious sort of way. He appeared to be a little taller than I am, maybe six-feet-one, and was on the slender side. I guessed his weight at about 170 pounds.

Anyway, when he opened the door for her, Nancy appeared to struggle getting up and out of the car. She swung her legs out toward Ben, "accidentally" opening them rather wide as she did to make sure he got a good view of her crotch. I watched his eyes go down there a few seconds before he reached down to pull her to her feet. Since her g-string panties didn't cover much, he probably hadn't actually seen her pussy. I knew it wouldn't be much longer until he did.

When he pulled Nancy to her feet, Ben embraced her and she kissed him. It wasn't a passionate kiss, but it was a fairly intimate one, involving tongues and lasting about three seconds.

Holding her purse and sandals in her hands (I guess she'd found them too uncomfortable to keep on), Nancy preceded Ben up the stairs to our front door. I stepped away from the window so they couldn't see me watching them. Seconds later, the door bell rang.

I didn't answer it right away – no need to seem eager -- so one of them rang it a second time. Waiting another few seconds, I opened the door and invited them inside.

That's when I noticed that Nancy's dress, as she stood in the doorway backlit by the sun, was very transparent. Every contour of her body was temporarily on display. I wondered how many guys at the bar had enjoyed looking at her body. I'd have to insist that she wear this dress when we went out together in the future.

"Hi, Cal!" said Nancy, too loudly. "We're here. This is my friend Ben. He's the guy I got to pose with me, OK?" She set down her purse and sandals on a chair and put a hand around his waist.

I shook hands with Ben, who smiled broadly at me. It took me a few seconds to realize that he was drunk. Not fall-down drunk but legally drunk. I hadn't taken this into consideration. I'd let my wife ride with a drunk driver. In the future, I'd be more careful. Watching her with other men was great, but I didn't want her getting killed to make it happen.

I asked Ben and Nancy to sit down on the couch. I'd thought about getting them something to drink, but since they'd clearly had a few already I didn't. Maybe later.

"Did Nancy explain what I'm after today?" I asked Ben.

He looked at her as though waiting for her to do his talking for him. When she didn't say anything, he finally said, "Well, she said we'd pose together. And that it might mean getting naked."

"That's about right," I said. "I do erotic photography. And that usually means nudity. Nancy's been modeling for me for quite a while, but she's never posed with a partner before. You're very handsome. Have you ever modeled before?"

He looked at me with a flash of suspicion. The photographer thought he was handsome? What the fuck? Is he gay or something?

But that thought, if it was there, passed quickly from his mind. He decided to answer the question. "No. I never modeled before. I'm not really the type."

Type? All that's required, jerk (I thought to myself), is a dick between your legs. I decided to change the subject. "I don't think we need to get too explicit today. I'm looking for some heavy petting, a lot of it while you're partially clothed. Think of it as first or second-date sex."

Nancy got up then and said she had to go to the bathroom. I told her where the downstairs toilet was (through the dining room and kitchen, in the guest room), as though she didn't know. When she left, I invited Ben into the dining room to show him some photos I'd laid out on the table. They were from of a shoot I'd done with her at a beach south of Half Moon Bay.

And they were very explicit. Several of them were taken of Nancy on all fours, spreading her legs and raising her butt in the air. They showed, close-up and in full detail, her cunt and asshole.

He didn't say anything at first. Then, studying them carefully, he said, "I didn't know she posed for shots like these. I thought she did, you know, artistic nudes."

"Well, art is in the eye of the beholder," I answered. "To me, all parts of Nancy's body, including the parts between her legs, are beautiful. They're suitable subjects for photography."

Then, ducking into the kitchen (from where I could hear the toilet flushing in the guest room bathroom), I got a beer for Ben and one for me. We carried them back into the living room to wait for my wife to return.

On her way back from the bathroom, I heard Nancy hesitate in the dining room. Then, seconds later, she yelled at me, "What are these photos doing here, Cal? I hope you didn't show them to Ben!"

Seconds later she was back in the living room, with a perplexed but not an angry expression on her face. "Those photos are pretty embarrassing, Cal. I hope Ben wasn't too shocked by them."

I looked at Ben, who was smiling self-consciously, and asked, "Were you shocked?"

Nancy sat down next to him again. She looked at him intently, waiting for his answer.

He chose his words carefully: "We, maybe. They were surprising. But, actually, I liked looking at them. Like Cal said, all parts of your body are beautiful."

She kissed him on the cheek and rubbed a hand over his chest. "Thank you," she said quietly.

4. The Posing Begins.

When Ben finished his beer, and didn't seem the drunker for it, I gave my two models their instructions. I asked them to begin fully clothed, on the couch where they were already sitting, and gradually get down to their underclothes. Then we'd see what happened. I asked them to be as natural as possible but told them I'd be asking them occasionally to hold poses.

I shut the living room blinds and turned on the floor lamps at either end of the couch. Then, pointing my camera at them, I said, "Let's get going. First, Ben, let's see a little necking."

He didn't move and looked at me with a very uncomfortable expression on his face. Sensing his hesitation, Nancy said, "Maybe, Cal, you can go away for a little bit. I think we can get into it better if you weren't here, at least right away. We're both new to posing with a partner, so we might need some rehearsal time."

She was lying, of course. But she was probably right about Ben.

"OK, guys," I said, "I'll cool it for a while upstairs while you get comfortable with each other."

Nancy laughed and said, "Well, actually, we already practiced some of the necking part in the car. But that's different than being looked at." Then she stood up and turned off one of the floor lamps. I guess it was wanted to soften the mood.

So I left them alone together and went upstairs to our bedroom. So Ben and my wife had been fooling around in his car. I'd guessed as much. I wondered how far it had gone. My guess was kissing and maybe some tit squeezing. A few minutes after I arrived upstairs, where I sat down at my computer to read my e-mail, I heard music coming from downstairs. Nancy must've put on one of the CDs I'd put in the carousel. It sounded like Norah Jones.

I killed ten or fifteen minutes in the bedroom. I couldn't hear anything except the music coming from the living room and, once or twice, the sound of Nancy laughing.

Finally, I went downstairs again. About halfway down the stairs I announced myself: "OK, guys. Ready or not, I'm coming down."

When I stepped into the living room the two of them, still on the couch, looked up at me. Nancy was lying on her back with her head in Ben's lap and her legs toward me. She had raised her right leg at the knee, and I was immediately given a view up her dress to her crotch, where I could just barely make out the little panel of her g-string panties.

Ben's left hand was resting on her breasts, but he wasn't caressing them (though I suspected that was what he'd been doing only seconds earlier). He looked a lot more relaxed and Nancy looked pretty pleased with herself.

"Ben's ready to go and so am I," she said with a little laugh. "I think he's already got a hard-on." As she said this she rolled her head back and forth teasingly over his crotch area. He was wearing a pair of loose trousers, so his erection wasn't visible to me.

"That's to be expected," I said, readying my camera. "Maybe, Nancy, you can start us off by sitting up next to Ben and doing a little necking."

When she sat up I noticed that the back of her dress had been unzipped all the way down to her lower back. This meant, as she turned toward Ben, that the top of her dress was resting pretty precariously on her shoulders.

Soon they were clutching each other, kissing. Her unzipped dress kept slipping off her shoulders even though she made a weak effort to keep it up. Moving over behind the couch, I took six or seven shots of them in the early stages of their sex scene. After several minutes of necking with each other, Nancy looked up at me and laughed.

"This dress doesn't want to stay on, especially since Ben unzipped me," she said.

What she said was true but misleading. The main reason the dress didn't want to stay up was that Ben kept tugging it down. I got an especially nice shot of Ben kissing her as, using his right hand, he pulled the front of her dress away from her body enough to reveal most of her left breast.

"I think you can take the dress off. You're right. It's not covering much," I said.

Nancy broke away from Ben and stood up. She started to pull her dress over her head, but I stopped her. "Let's have Ben take it off for you," I suggested.

Ben stood up then and, yes, he definitely had an erection. He adjusted it under his trousers so it was slightly less conspicuous, but it showed anyway. Facing Nancy, he bent down to the hem of her dress and immediately began raising it. When he'd lifted the dress almost to her waist, I stopped him.

"Let me take some shots of the dress coming off in several stages. Just hold there for a few seconds," I said.

I knelt down in front of Nancy and took several shots of Ben's hands lifting the dress to expose her crotch. I asked her spread her legs slightly so I could get a better shot of the panel of her panties. A few tufts of reddish-brown pubic hair stuck out at either side.

Then I told Ben to raise the dress up all the way over her head.

"Hold it there for a second," I said, backing away to take several longer shots. The dress now completely hid Nancy's upper body, including her head, as she stood with her arms in the air. But her breasts were fully on display and I saw that her nipples were quite erect. Despite the artificiality of the sexual posing, she'd become aroused.

"OK, pull it all the way off her now," I said. Ben did this quickly and tossed the dress on a chair near the couch. Nancy, naked except for her ridiculously skimpy panties, stood smiling at me. Looking at her slender, rather pale body, I was incredibly proud to be her husband and have sexual access to her at virtually any time.

"You look really great in those panties, Nancy. But don't look at me," I said. "I need to you relate to Ben as though I weren't here."

Ben, wearing a short-sleeved shirt, slacks, and tennis shoes, stood next to her wondering what to do next. For a few seconds I was at a loss for ideas, too.

Finally, I decided to move the two of them down to the carpet: "I think, Ben, that you can get down to your briefs now. I'd like to get some shots of the two of you making out in your underwear."

As Ben began undressing, Nancy picked up her cell phone and stepped into the dining room. She stood in there, virtually naked with her back to Ben and me, and made a pretend phone call. I heard her leave a message for "Bill" that she'd be home late. She said she was doing something with some friends (or something – I couldn't hear too well).

When she returned to the living room a minute or so later, Ben was down to his briefs. I hadn't realized before that his erect cock was so large. But now, looking at it bulging and stretching to the side his briefs as though trying to escape through a leg hole, I was really impressed.

And so was Nancy. "Gosh, that's a really big one you've got there. Does it hurt to have it bound up like that in your underpants?"

Ben looked embarrassed and unsure what to say to her.

"Is it bigger that your husband's?" I asked her.

"Oh, my God, yes," she said. "Bill's is way smaller. I haven't been with very many men before, but, honestly, that's the biggest one I've ever seen! It's a good thing we're not going all the way. I'm not sure I'm ready for anything that size."

I had to admit that Ben's cock was quite a lot bigger than mine. And he was still in his briefs. I wondered how big it would look when he took them off. I'd know soon enough, I guessed.

I asked them to lie down together on the floor and resume necking. I then moved one of the floor lamps further toward them and turned it on. The fog rolling in had made it quite a lot darker.

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