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Nancy Cameron's Prom Night


The characters in this story are all over 18.

All of Nancy Cameron's friends thought she was crazy for dumping her boyfriend two weeks before the prom. Partly it was a woman's fault so Nancy did feel a lot was happening fast and everything was exciting. She had a secret that she couldn't share with her girlfriends, at least not until after graduation. But thanks to Ruthy Ross her life was going to change forever.

She had gone with her boyfriend to see King Crimson playing at the Syria Mosque Theatre in Pittsburgh. This was his of idea of how to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. He wanted to go backstage and meet the band but there was a big crowd. While they were waiting by the stage door Nancy noticed a short but sexy girl watching her; the girl came over and introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Ruthy Ross. I've been doing some modeling for Playboy Magazine. Do you know it? This is my friend Paul who produces the concerts here. Anyway, I was wondering if you've done any modeling?" This is how the conversation went. It turned out that Ruthy was doing promotions for Playboy and scouting for playmate candidates. Nancy was intrigued to meet her because she had done some modeling and liked it; she was thrilled to think that she might get a chance to enter the big time. Meanwhile her boyfriend was excited to meet the concert promoter who helped him get back stage.

In a matter of moments Nancy had a business card from Ruthy with a number to call for a Playboy test and she had given her number to Paul the concert promoter without her boyfriend even noticing.

He called her the next night and a few nights later his Rolls Royce picked her up and they went to the movies. The next day she broke up with her boyfriend with a promise from Paul that he would take her to the prom. A few days later she went to Sacks in Pittsburgh and picked out a dress that Paul paid for; it was a low cut lacy number and Nancy couldn't believe that it cost almost $1,500.

Nancy didn't see Paul between that one short date and prom; they had talked on the phone a few times and each time Nancy found herself blushing. During their one date he had tried to put his hand under her skirt and she blurted out that she was a virgin. He was so kind about it and told her that he was going to give her the most memorable night of her life.

So it was arranged that since the prom was going to be held in the ritzy Hilton in downtown Pittsburgh she would spend the night with him at the hotel. Each night she dreamed about him and everyday she thought about the phone number Ruthy gave her and wondered if she had the courage to call Playboy. She liked modeling but the only real job waiting for her after graduation was as a dental assistant. Yuck!

The night of the prom Nancy stood before the mirror as her sisters gazed at her with admiration. The dress was black lace and low cut reveling her round and creamy bosom. It clung to her hips tightly and accentuated all her curves. The long skirt flowed out but through the lace you could see her well-toned skin. She wanted to be ready right away because the family wasn't sure about approving Paul; he was at least fifteen years older than Nancy. He was also almost a foot shorter.

Paul was very rich and he was always polite and Nancy seemed to adore him so the family was resigned to her being with him. Without saying so everybody understood where Nancy would be spending the night.

The girls squealed when the doorbell ran and her younger sister ran out to admire the Rolls. There were the usual awkward moments then Nancy came down the stairs like a queen. She seemed to float like a goddess as she descended; a black silk shawl with red embroidery completed her outfit. A thousand snapshots were taken and then the couple swept into the Rolls.

Because the prom was held about twenty miles away in Pittsburgh pretty much everybody arrived in limos but nobody could match the style and flash of the Rolls. But Nancy's revealing dress caused even more of a buzz. She wasn't sure she liked all the attention. But Paul was friendly and gracious and they had a good time dancing and in the end he had won over everybody. About an hour before the end Nancy could feel that she and Paul were the most popular in the room and she blushed realizing that they could wind up embarrassed by being picked prom queen and king. Besides she was really beginning to long for their time alone together. They were swaying with their bodies close in a slow dance when Nancy whispered, "I want to go upstairs now."

Paul quietly gathered her shawl and the dashing while silk scarf he was where and they disappeared from the ballroom. Nancy giggled girlishly as they crossed the lobby and got into the elevator.

When Nancy stepped into the hotel room she was nervous. But she almost swooned when she saw all the candles flickering around the room; there must have been hundreds creating soft and romantic shadows on the wall and ceiling. The air was filled with the seductive scent of the candles and soft music playing quietly. The lamp near the bed was glowing softly. The bed was enormous and covered with a large fur throw; the fur looked like real mink and its sheen seemed to sparkle with the flames of the candles. A dozen satin pillows piled at the head. Nancy's pretty little pink tongue darted out for a second as she imaged the feel of the fur on her bare skin. Near the bed was a stand with a bottle of wine. Then Nancy gasped when she noticed two short loops of silk cord lying in the center of the fur. She couldn't imagine what they were for and pushed them out of her mind. She turned to Paul, "It all looks so beautiful." "So do you baby," he whispered as he pulled her face down and gave her a long, deep kiss. Nancy felt his hands grip her firm round rear and pull her pelvis into his crotch. His cock was rock hard against her and she squirmed a little both from excitement and fear. Her virgin body was trembling in his arms and her tongue wrapped around his, signaling her submission to his will.

Paul smiled at her and guided her to the center of the room. She looked luscious in her black lace dress; after all the dancing she was sweaty and the fabric clung to every curve of her statuesque body. She was blushing from her cheeks down to her magnificent breasts. Her eyes looked so innocent and eager; her moist lips parted as she waited anxiously for what would happen next.

Paul stood in front of her and smiled again. He rested his hands on the edge of the fabric on her chest and she sucked in her breathe. She knew what they were doing in the hotel room and she knew what was about to happen to her. She licked her lips savoring her last moments of virginity and anticipating the glorious agony of a cock piercing her for the first time. Still she was afraid.

Paul ran his thumb and forefinger on the fabric. Suddenly he gripped it firmly and ripped it apart. Nancy yelled with shock more at the thought of a $1,500 dress being ripped apart then standing before him helpless to his force. She trembled understanding the violence of the tearing was a sign of his hunger for her supple flesh.

The yielding fabric fell to her hips and her skin from the waist up glowed like a pearl against the deep black of the cloth. Her breasts heaved against the flimsy black bra and her nipples pushed out eager for his touch.

"Oh Paul," she moaned. She quivered standing there in front of him. She closed her eyes and sighed as he stepped behind her. His firm hands took hold of the fabric gathered at her slim waist and with once forceful pull tore it in half. The dress made a whispering sound as it slipped off her skin and to the floor. Her sheer black panties glistened in the candlelight and the black garter belt holding up the silk black stockings outlined the treasure of her shapely hips. Paul reached around and cupped her delectable breasts in his hands and whispered, "These are so fine Nancy; I just have to suck them." With that the quivering virgin felt a sharp jolt of spectacularly delicious pain as the bra was yanked away. He spun her around as her breasts swelled and her nipples reached out for his mouth. He paused for a moment taking the perfection of the two idyllic pillows of creamy flesh being offered to him; then he scooped them up in his hands and covered one of the large bright areolas with his mouth and began to suck greedily. Nancy felt like her entire being was being gobbled up by him and she moaned as her nipples swelled even more.

As he fondled and kissed her breasts she ripped open his shirt; the studs flew around the room; Nancy giggled sweetly then sighed as the sensation of her breasts being loved so passionately gripped her.

Her head dropped back in ecstasy and her honey sweet curls tumbled down covering her soft shoulders. She pushed forward to press her magnificent mounds deeper into his mouth. She pushed his tuxedo jacket and the ripped open shirt off his arms and they fell to the floor.

Her trembling hand dropped down and covered his throbbing shaft. She stiffened and shook with fear as she imagined the huge mass splitting her apart. She groaned and squeezed harder.

Paul spun her body around again and with one hand caressed her hot moist skin from her chin to her navel; the eager fingers tasted her skin as they ran up and down her shapely body.

"You're so smooth. so soft, sweetheart. I can't wait to take you."

"I want you to have me," she sighed trembling like a captive fawn in his embrace. She laid her head back on to his shoulder, surrendering herself to his power. Her left hand reached behind and encircled his neck; her right fondled his shaft again.

Paul continued to caress her with one hand as his other squeezed her plump and firm rear, each cheek in turn. Then he twisted the fabric of her flimsy panties and with one brutal pull ripped them away.

Nancy felt an electric shock as the panties seemed to explode off her skin as the thin gossamer threads were torn away. Her pussy was out in the open for a moment but then he covered it with his strong hands.

Nancy moaned and squeezed his shaft again. "It's so big," she sighed meekly.

"It's all for you baby. Take it out."

Nancy slowly turned around brushing her warm skin against his. She looked into his eyes and parted her lips again. "I'll all yours," she gasped and bent to kiss him. She fed her tongue to him as she draped her arms around his neck. Her tongue wrapped around his and pulled it into her hungry mouth, another sign of her submission.

After the kiss she lightly rested her lips on his neck and pressed herself against him. Her lips caressed his body as she slowly bent her legs and finally knelt before him.

She rested her cheek against his thighs and looked up at him with yielding eyes. Her fingers trembled as they struggled to undo the buckle of the belt. The sound of the metal clasp sounded like a bell in the hush of the young girl's desperate breathing.

As Nancy began to edge the zipper down she stared straight ahead taking in the massive bulk of his rod under the material. She slid a slender hand in and held her breath for a moment as she felt the heat of the shaft and the pulse of blood pounding through his veins. Once again she quivered at the thought of this brutal monster piercing her virgin body.

Keeping a firm but tender grip on the cock she used her other hand to unbutton the trousers; then she pulled the fabric off his legs and the pants dropped below his knees.

Nancy's beautiful eyes widened when she finally saw his sex naked and angry before her. She froze and looked up at him with her large eyes glowing in the candlelight. She gave him an innocent and surrendering look. She looked so pure and sexy that he almost let loose into her face.

"Do you like it baby?" he moaned. "It's so big." "Do you want to kiss it?"

Nancy's pretty pink tongue darted out again and she gave him an angelic smile. She nodded and pushed her tongue all the way out. It slowly approached the cock and as the hot moist tips of the two organs met there seemed to be a spark and the two lovers shuddered.

The quivering tongue flicked a drop of him into her mouth and she gulped down the sweet taste. It reached out again and licked along a throbbing vein until she reached the base of the shaft. Nancy ran her tongue rapidly over his balls then slowly licked up the rod again.

"Suck it baby."

Her lips covered the head and tightened around the shaft. Inside her delicious mouth her tongue continued its wild dance over the head, digging its tip in the hole at the tip of his shaft. At the same time she began to suck causing him to shake with pleasure.

Paul had his fingers in her soft hair and was trying to pull her head in but she was resisting. He pulled her off his cock and her lips gave way with a loud smack. He lifted her up and took both her hands and walked backwards leading her to the inviting large round bed.

He pulled her down and laid her on the warm fur; it seemed to reach up and kiss her skin; she felt like she was floating on a pile of warm feathers. She squirmed and snuggled like a kitten, reveling in the sensuality of the fur on her bare body and she felt a thrilling tingle in her thighs. But he rolled her around until she was on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. He stood at her head with his feet on the floor.

Nancy could feel his commanding gaze on her helpless naked body. He looked at her long athletic legs slowly rubbing together; she still had on her stiletto heels and the silk of her stocking made a shushing sound that matched her heavy breathing. Her pussy was radiant in the flame of the candles. Her flat taut belly went in and out with each desperate breath and her juicy round breasts shook slightly with dread and anticipation.

Paul lightly brushed the tip of his shaft over her lips. "Open your mouth," he commanded. "It's too big," she whined. "You can do it honey; I want you to open your mouth."

Reluctantly the virgin's soft moist lips parted and her tongue slipped out to rest on her teeth and lip. He let his cockhead glide along her pink tongue as he gently caressed her lovely long neck. He rested his hands under her chin. Suddenly, as the tip touched the back of her throat, he tightened his grip and pulled her face into his crotch.

The helpless virgin gasped and gulped and gagged, pushing her hands against his hips but she was speared onto his body. She wriggled and writhed her beautiful bare body before him as she struggled to escape.

Even in her panic she could feel the excitement of his cock throbbing inside her. Her innocent tongue tingled as it soaked up the taste of his overpowering sex. Slowly her hands stopped pushing against him and began to glide along his thighs and clutching his rear she pulled him in deeper.

Nancy was still squirming and gulping, enjoying the sensation so deep down her throat. Her body went rigid for a moment as he shot a hot load into her. Then she began to roll her hips from side to side and as the hot sweet juices flowed down her throat she arched her back and lifted her rear into the air, using her entire body to pump his juices out of him.

The beautiful young girl continued swallowing and gulping even as she struggled to keep from gagging. After he emptied completely she clutched him, reluctant to let him loose.

Finally he slid out and poured them some wine as she continued to writhe on the bed. She was catching her breath and swallowing all of his seed and taking pleasure as it oozed down into her stomach.

When he sat on the bed she slithered into his lap and put her arms around his neck. "Thank you; that was incredible," she giggled.

Paul held the wine to her lips and she slurped it up greedily and licked her lips with a devilish grin. "Delicious," she smiled wickedly, "Both you and the wine."

The lovers toasted each other and he leaned in to suck her nipples again. She gulped some more wine and swayed to the music. The tempo picked up and she breathed into his ear. "Let me dance for you."

She placed a wooden armchair in front of the bed and holding the arms lifted her magnificent torso into the air and with perfect balance stretched herself out in the air before him. She began to go through her gymnastic routine never taking her eyes off of his.

Paul was speechless watching her limbs stretch and bend in ways he never imagined. With each pose she would pause and blow him a kiss and smile seductively. The most stunning pose was with her arms held straight lifting her whole body above the chair; her head was bent back and her torso was curved so that her rear was directly above her head and her feet even with her head. She beamed at him proudly. Paul couldn't wait to have those well toned limbs wrapped around his body.

Nancy lowered herself into the chair and lay with her back on the seat and her legs in the air. She still kept her eager eyes on him as she unhooked her stockings and slowly eased the garter belt along the supple flesh of her thighs. She tossed it away and then rolled up each stocking revealing the perfection of her smooth and muscular legs. In another stunning acrobatic move she dropped her legs over her head and twisted around so she was suddenly sitting up with her legs tucked under her.

She looked at him demurely and with her thumb pressed against her lower lip she whispered, "I think I'm ready now. I want you inside me now."

He reached over and took her hands and pulled her onto the bed; in one flowing motion she slithered over the fur and stretched her yielding virginal body along his. They kissed warmly as his hand ran up and down touching every inch of her trembling form.

Finally he pushed her onto her back and sat up and looked down at the quivering treasure being offered to him.

"Will this hurt?" she muttered softly. "Yes, baby, it'll hurt but you'll love it too. The pain goes away fast and all you'll feel is pleasure. It's ok if you scream. I want you to scream." "I'm afraid." "You need to trust me, Nancy. I've been waiting for this. You are so fine."

As he spoke he took her wrist and tied it with a soft silk cord, then he bent her leg so her foot was near her bottom and tied the wrist to her ankle. All Nancy could do was watch submissively as he did the knots and then did the same to her other side.

The innocent girl was now on her back with her feet lat on the bed but her knees in the air. She was completely helpless, a virgin on a sacrificial altar. He could see she was straining against the bonds and her whole body was quaking.

Paul put three fingers in her mouth and she sucked them avidly but her eyes stayed on his cock as it stood up looking larger than ever. Paul took away his fingers and reached between her thighs. She sobbed and began to cry as his fingers spread open her pussy. He paused for a moment.

"No, don't stop," she pleaded.

He spread her thighs apart and she grimaced as the cords pulled on her limbs. She saw the beast of his sex resting in the dewy bush between her legs. Now he was tickling her pussy lips with its tip. She shook again as she felt his fingers spread her pussy a bit more and the cockhead was positioned just at the edge, just enough to hold it in place as he braced himself over her trembling body.

"Oh baby take me now." she gasped. And then she felt the immense shaft plunge into her like a fiery pike. Her head snapped back and her arms were in glorious agony as they pulled against the bonds. An ecstasy of throbbing pain shot through her body and she felt the cock ripping her like a saw. She was howling wildly and sobbing too. She looked down and groaned to see that he wasn't even half way in. She thrust her hips up as he plunged down and the noise coming out of her was a constant scream of, "Oh, oh, oh fuck, oh christ, oh, oh, oh..." Her virgin body melted onto his shaft.

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